Swasan:The other mummy ts part 2

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Hey guys I’m sorry for last update and I couldn’t reply to your comments but I’ve REad all and they really mean a lot to me thank you sooo much sweethearts

Its begin
Sanskar got up and saw Swara is in kitchen as usual and khushi is waiting for her
Swara brings khushi ‘s breakfast
Khushi:swara aunty it is yummy
Swara serves Sanskar his breakfast and drops khushi to bus and comes back home when she sees sujata sitting and talking with Sanskar
Sujata sees her
Swara:I’ll bring water
Saying this she goes to the kitchen
Sujata:Sanskar you don’t know what your wife is doing behind your back she is having and affair
Sanskar:what rubbish mom
Sujata:this is the truth I’ve got the news that a man named sahil comes to meet her every afternoon from 2 to 4 pm
Sanskar:mom now you’ve started spying on my house
Mom:I’m doing it for your good beta she isn’t good
Swara comes there and says
Swara:sorry mam but I’ve heard your conversation and that jatin comes to meet my not kavita mam
Sujata:this isn’t your house to call your bf
Swara:sorry now I won’t call him
Sujata goes from there
Swara looks confused
Sanskar:for lieing about jatin I know he comes to meet kavita
Swara looks shocked
He goes to change while she gets busy in work

At afternoon
Khushi comes home and tells sankar
Khushi:papa papa I’ve won first prize in speech competition
Sanskar gets very happy and kisses her forehead
Sanskar:very good khushi I’m proud of you
Khushi:thank you
Swara:wow khushi congrats baby
Khushi hugs her
Swara:celebration time
In evening
The house us decorated with balloons and it’s written congrats khushi on the wall
Khushi is wearing a pretty dress
Swara:wow khushi you are looking very pretty
Khushi:thank you
Sanskar:khushi see I brought your gift
Khushi opens the gift and finds a pretty doll
Khushi:wow papa I wanted this only thanks
She sits to play

Sanskar:Swara if you wouldn’t tell then I won’t know only that what she wanted
Swara:if I wouldn’t tell then you would know bcoz you are her father
Khushi:let’s cut the cake
Swara:no khushi let mumma come
Khusi :ok let’s play cards till then
She brings cards
Swara:but I don’t know to play
Khushi:papa wil teach you
Sanskar:yeah sure
They pay cards
Time passes it late now bad kavita comes home drunk
She sees the decorations
Kavitq:oh khushi hits your birthday happy birth day
She come so kiss her
She is doing all this in drunken state
Khushi hugs Swara in fear
Sanskar signals swara to take her in
Swara does so
Sanskar shouts
Sanskar:enough kavita it’s not her birthday you don’t even remember that she got prize today and we are celebrating but how would you know coz you are busy with your sahil
Kavita:he didn’t come today he made me to wait for 4 hours and told sorry can’t come he thinks me a fool
She throws her purse in anger
Kavita:enough now I can’t stand it
Sanskar:I also

Next morning
Sanskar gives divorce papers to kaviat she signs it without hesitation as if she wanted this only
Kaviat begins to leave
Swara:mam don’t go khushi is your daughter has needs you and how can you do ghat to sit he is such a nice man
Kavita:oh really then you be with him and his khushi I can’t waste my time on him and khushi
She leaves.
And swara stand there quietly
Then she sends Kyushu to school

In school
Swara is sitting in principle office
Princi:plz call her parents we don’t talk to Nanny’s
Swara:plz try and understand they can’t come you tell me I’ll tell them
Princi:OK so tell me what you give her in breakfast does she get proper proportion of energy from them
Princi:talk in English
Swara sits with a tense face
Sanskar is rushing inside the schools and went to princi office where Swara is speaking fluent English
Then they come out
Sanskar:wow you speak well how much have
Then one Sunday they go for a picnic
Khushi:Swara aunty come here no
Swara helps her
A photographer comes
Pho:hello sir hello mam can I click your few pics I’m finding happy families
Swasan looks at eo awkwardly and nod
They click some pics with khushi then she goes and then both click few pics
In evening they reach home and see sujata sitting there
Swara takes khushi to her room bcoz she was asleep
Sanskar:mom u here
Sujata:don’t you think you are too friendly with that nanny
Sanskar:mom her name is swara
Sujata:Sanskar she is not of our standard and your type
Sanskar:no mom she is exactly my type and I like her
Sujata:what have you gone mad you will marry a nanny chi what will people say they will spit on us
Sanskar:I do t care about people
Sujata goes from there angrily
Swara heard everything and had Tera’s in her eyes
She goe so khush and kisses her and covers her with blanket
Swara:bye bye khushi

Precap:Swara leaves job

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