Swasan:love of my life epi 10

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Let’s begin

After sometime swara and nisha went for shopping
Swara :nishu I and sanky are going to Australia after 2 days
Nisha:for honeymoon
Nisha teased while Swara slightly blushed
Swara:shut up he has a business meeting
Nisha:boring well you are going to Australia so you should buy some western clothes
They shop and nisha goes to banerjee mansion while Swara goes to swasan mansion

2 days pass and it’s time for swasan flight they are sitting in the airport
Swara:sanky I’m feeling bored
Swara:arre what hmm I’m talking to u and u
Sanskar:sorry shona actually I’ve some work so I was
Swara:so do your work only no why you are taking me also
She pouts while Sanskar smiled
Sanskar:sorry shona
Swara:hmm it’s OK
They were sitting suddenly Sanskar saw Swara smiling widely seeing someone
SANSKAR:what happen shona why are you smiling
Then a man comes to them and swara immediately hugs him shocking Sanskar and making him feel little jealous
They broke the hug
Man:sweetheart what are you doing here
Swara:I’m going to Australia what are you doing here
Man:same here
Sanskar(monologue):huh first she hugged him then she is talking with him ignoring me as if I don’t exist only
So Sanskar coughs to get attention but Swara and the man are busy in their talks
Sanskar frets irritated and says
Swara and the man look at him
Sanskar:I’m going to make a call you be here only
Man:and who are you to tell her what she should do and what not
SANSKAR got irritated
Swaracomes near Sanskar
Swara:he is my husband Sanskar
She said proudly making Sanskar smile and the man shocked
Swara:and sanky he is nikhil my childhood friend
Sanik shakes hands
Nik:swara you married how can you do this to me
He said dramatically
Swara laughed
Swara:nik you also no anyways why are you going to Australia
Nik:actually I’ve a meeting there so and why r u going
Sanskar:we r also going for meeting
Then the boarded the flight
Surprisingly(for swanik)and shockingly (for Sanskar)their seats were together
Again Sanskar was irritated
Sanskar(monologue):what now this nikhil will again sit with my shona and shona is not even looking at me here I came Australia with shona so that we can spend some time and understand one another and shona will be away from tension but no if this nikhil will be here then shona won’t give me a damn wait why am I feeling bad
Swara:sanky what r u thinking isn’t it good that nik is also sitting with us
Sanskar:yes great
They settle down and the flight takes off
Swanik talk to eo and Sanskar feels left alone
Swanik laugh making Sanskar jealous
After sometime Sanskar felt weight on his shoulder and saw his wife sleeping peacefully on his shoulder and a smile crept on his face

Nik was reading something whereas swasan were sleeping
The flight landed and season were about to go when they heard nik
Nik:listen in which hotel r you’ll staying
Swara:xyz hotel
Nik:woah what a coincidence I’m also staying there
Sanskar:god knows what all coincidence is gonna happen now
He murmers
Then they go to the hotel and rest
At night swasan come down for dinner
Swara all the time talks about nikhil and Sanskar got irritated
Sanskar:swara you go and talk with nikhil I’ve down important work
He told rudely and went leaving a confused and sad swara alone
Swara(monologue):what happen to sanky he never does like that and he called me swara instead of shona
Her thoughts were broken by nik
Nik:hi swara where is your hubby
Swara smiles fakely
Swara:he had some work so he went
Nik:well very rude how can he leave you and go
Swara:no no he isn’t rude I’m sure it must be something urgent otherwise my sanky would never do this
She defends Sanskar
Nik:my sanky and all haa looks like someone is in love
Swara:what no
Nik:how much ever u deny but the truth will remain the same
Swara blushed
Swara:stop it now tell me about your love life
Nik:hmm nothing good my love’s family is very strict and won’t allow love marriage
Swara keeps her hand on his to console him
Swara:don’t worry they’ll surely agree

Sanskar saw all this and fumes in jealous
Sanskar:here I thought that I behaved rudely and came to apologize but here I think she is happy with her nik
He went back to his room and slept
Swara came to the room after sometime and saw Sanskar sleeping
Swara:he never sleeps so early I do t know what happen to him
She goes near him and takes his hand in her hand and talks to a sleeping Sanskar
Swara:sanky I don’t know why you behaved rudely bit I’m sure you didn’t do it knowingly you gave me new life you supported me when no one trusted me if you don’t talk to me then I won’t be able to live
She said this with tears in her eyes
Sanskar also felt immense pain in his heart he got up shocking Swara
Swara:u were awake
Sanskar:I’m sorry shona I shouldn’t have
Swara:it’s OK Sanky
Sanskar hugs her sideways and tells her that he’ll always trust her and never leave her swara felt very good in his arms
Both slept in that position only


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