swasan: what is this feeling called (two shot)

One shot

On terrace we can see two children are playing. We can see a boy taking chocolate from girl’s hand and running to other connected terrace. He climbs the ladder fastly and goes back of tank. As the girl is scared to climb the ladder, she gets disappointed and goes down where all are chit- chatting.


swara: daughter of shomi and shekar. Innocent. Doesn’t have good opinion on love.

Sanskar: son of ram and sujatha. Prankster. Waiting to meet his love.

Laksh: swara’s bro. Prankster, believes in love.

Uttara, adarsh, pari: cousins of sanskar.

Suju: what happened shona, why are you looking dull?

Swara: nothing aunty.

Suju: where is sanskar?

Swara: Aunty he went near that tank.

Suju: (shocked) what? Thos boy os becoming naughty day by day….

Shomi: (cutting her) suju don’t get angry. They are kids. If not now when will they do all these.

Swara Slowly went to her mom and told, mom he took my choco.

Shomi: don’t worry beta after going to home I’ll give you big chocolate.
Shomi: shona lucky now tell bye to everyone.

They leave.


a boy is shown talking to himself… I’m coming back. Do you remember me? How are you looking now?

suju: sanky did you pack everything?


a girl is shown sleeping lazily on her bed. Her mother is trying to wake up her.

Swara: mom I want to sleep for some more time.

Shomi: no. Get up you are becoming lazy day by day.

Rajiv Gandhi International airport:

Adarsh goes and hugs sanskar: welcome back to India bhai. How are you?

San: I’m fine. How are you?

After some emotional talks they all go to home.

Dp: I’m planning to arrange a party as children returned to India after long. I want to introduce them to our family and friends.

Ram: as your wish bhai.

Uttu: dad family and friends means everyone will come?

Ram: no. Only closed one’s.

Sanskar sat in his room worriedly.

San(thinking): will they come? Will i meet her? How will she react? God my head is bursting thinking of all these…..

After 2 days:

In short time, they arranged a grand party.

Dp and ram are welcoming guests.

Ap and suju are talking to women.

Ram: shekar how are you?

Shekar: I’m fine. How are you? Its long I have seen you.

Ram: where are kids and bhabi?

They are on way.
Soon they also join.

Swara: mom why did you bring me to this party. You know I don’t like them.

Shomi: Shona they are our family friends. It’s important to attend. Or else you know right I won’t force you to come. Now i don’t want to hear any complaints from you.

They go and meet anu and suju.

Lucky went and joined his friends.

Suju hugs shomi.

Suju: shomi how are you? Sees swara and asks, she is shona na

Shomi: yes.

Suju: how are you shona?

Swara: I’m fine aunty.

Suju: what are you studying?

Swara: I completed my intermediate aunty (equal to 12th).

Suju: what are you planning then, I mean what next?

Swara: I wrote some exams aunty… Waiting for results.

Shomi: where is Jay?

Suju: he is here only, wait I’ll call him.

After 2 min sanskar comes.

Suju:he is my son sanskar. Jay they are our family friends. ( Guys don’t get confused. Sanskar’s nickname is Jay. As shomi met him in childhood she remembers his nickname)

Suju: when you were small you used to play with her( showing shona).

Sanskar: yes maa.

Swara: (in mind) I can’t remember whom I saw yesterday, how can we remember with whom we used to play in childhood. This is too much.

Sanskar to swara: hi.

Swara: hello.

Swara in mind: this lucky nicely escaped… Where is he? To shomi, mom where is lucky.

Shomi: he went to meet his friends.

Suju: arey shomi call your son and tell him to show his face.

San: so what are you doing?

Swara: nothing.

Sanskar: I mean study?

Swara: (in mind) pouting… aaaaaaa…. What next, what next… All are torturing with this question… (To him) I completed my intermediate and waiting for results.

He smiles Seeing her cute expressions.

Laksh: maa why did you call me.

Shomi: Lucky aunty wanted to see you, so I called you.

Lucky and sanky started talking. Soon they became good friends. Swara is talking to his cousins. Lucky and sanky also joined them. He observed she is speaking less.

Sanskar: lucky, did your sister keep any challenge to be silent.

Lucky: no, actually she won’t speak much.

Sanskar: but I remember she used to speak a lot when we were small.

Lucky: even now she speaks, but only with her close friends… One min.
Di, your friend called.

Swara: who?

Laksh: the one who is studying in Manila.

Swara: oh siya, Give me. She attends the call and keeps on speaking to her friend.

Lucky: did u see, she is completely a chatter box with her friends.

Sanskar: hmmm

After sometime:

Swara is sitting in a corner and doing something in her mobile.

Sanskar: hi

Swara: hello

Sanskar: what are you doing?

Swara: reading story.

Sanskar: oh good. So you like to read books.

Swara: yes

Sanskar: man what happened to you. Speak something. Seriously, you are a dumb head. Speak… Speak…..

When he was busy in talking to himself, swara started to move from there. Sanskar saw this.

Sanskar: hey shona wait. She gets shocked and turns. No one of her age people called her like this in family party. She silently goes with her mother and comes back.

Swara: (nervously): what.

Sanskar to himself: man you again scared her. (To her) can we be friends again?

Swara: again??

Sanskar: actually we were friends in childhood na.. so…

Swara smiles: ok friends.

Both smiling looking at each other.

For the first time I tried to to write one shot. But it became so long. So I divided it into two parts. Hope you will like it.

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