Swasan – We are enough for each other (Season -2) Part-2

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It has been a month Sumi gone to clg everything is going smoothly but one day all farmer of Swara’s village got notice that maheshwari builders has purchased
All farmers goes to panchayat regarding notice but no solution came later they goes to police station and fill a case ….
One day a BMW stops outside a panchayat and a handsome man comes out
Man-listen I am Sanskar maheshwari I don’t have time. .so listen I want your lands in return take what you want
Swara-we are not interested in selling it
Sanskar -(lustly )you want something more
Swara-what u mean
Sanskar -my money or spend a night with me
Swara gives tight slap to sanskar. Sanskar angrily holds her hairs Swara shout in pain. ..villagers try to save Swara but sanskar show gun to them. ..and bring her near to his face and place his lips on her and kissing her wildly. .Swara hit him with her hands but he is more stronger than her …villagers close there eyes…Sanskar break the kiss ..Swara eyes are filled with tears she push him and run to her house and continuously wash her lips. ..villagers tried to console her but she didn’t listen anyone
In mm
Sanskar room
He is going to make out with a girl but he remember swara’s teary face so he send the girl back. ..by his behaviour every one in mm shocks

In court
Farmer submit property papers even sanskar submit property papers so court gives 3 months time to farmer to prove the field us their
One month is going to end but farmers didn’t find any proof
In Swara house
In night
Swara is making food when her door bell rings she goes to open the door as she opens the door. …she shocks
Swara-sanskar maheshwari
Before she could say anything Sanskar get inside and close the door
Swara panics and fear sanskar hugs her tightly and rub her back to make her to make her calm Swara push him
Swara-what are u doing here get hello out of her
Sanskar -i don’t know what happen to me the day I kissed u ..I couldn’t concentrate on anything I want you ..I know it only
Swara-u lustly man get the hell out of my life …I will never be urs
Sanskar holds her and pin her to wall and lock her hand with his hands
Sanskar -your only mine only I have the right on u
Swara-leave me otherwise I will shout
Sanskar -do what ever you want
Sanskar is caring her face Swara opens her mouth to shout but sanskar kiss her Swara is struggling to free herself but it goes in vain sanskar break the kiss tears are flowing from her eyes Sanskar kissing her eyes and kiss her neck but Swara some how push him and give tight slap to sanskar. ..
Sanskar angrily twist her hand remove her shawl but he stops himself
Sanskar rub his hairs to control his anger
Sanskar -okay make a deal …if u won the case I will go from your life if I win that you have to marry me and accept me as your husband
Swara-marriage is a joke for you but for me marriage is a great thing
Sanskar -what happen confidence  gone
Sanskar goes ……after that sanskar create many hurdles one day Sanskar brought media
Sanskar -they are some farmers who are standing barriers to my project ..if these projects start they will get job there standard of living develop. ..there children didn’t get feel shame in class
Media-madam don’t you feel shame to be farmer. If u stop farming u all get some fixed amount
Media-what u get by farming. ..always face loss ..doing suicide and trouble government
Media-always do some March
All where quite media goes sanskar comes to Swara
Sanskar -get ready to become Swara sanskar maheshwari
Swara break downs
Farmer -beta if u break down then what we will do
Voice -kaka she is not my daughter she is some loser
Sumi-swara ….it’s golden opportunity leave this farming  what is kept in it..u have a degree u can get best jobs ..nothing is kept in farming..every day u work as an animal in farm get nothing but pay tax….goes
Swara suddenly start laughing
Kaka -what happens beta
Swara-got solution ..prove to court that this our land
Kaka-what….then what aerial you waiting for
Swara-whats the use kaka all nation think we snatch the jobs and development of this village. ..Sanskar said is right no one respect us
Kaka-then what you want to do
Swara-too earn respect. .I only want your support. ..I want to show the world what will happen farmer stop farming
Next day
Swara called media
Swara-we farmers thought very deeply and decided we will leave farming and we have 2 months to learn something new. …all farmers we don’t have any value we are useless in every one eyes so please stop selling our vegetables …..we should do something respectable job
In panchayat
From different regions farmers came
Swara-i know what you want to say …
Man-daughter we don’t know anything accept farming
Man 2-we are happy with farming
Man 3-how we can leave it
Swara-who told u too leave it’s time to know people our  importance ..people should respect the farmer
All agrees
In clg
Ragini-swara Ji has accepted her defeat
Sumi-i know my daughter. ..she is not the one who back out ..something is cooking in her mind
One month passed there problems started to increase as there is no supply of agricultural goods many agro based industry is facing loss price increase of vegetables and other agro products. ..shortage increasing people are facing problem. ..whole economic system effected …in last government directly involved in but
Farmers didn’t agree …in 2 month situation become more worse all started cursing sanskar
Before two before hearing …Swara called media
Swara-hello everyone 2 months before everyone said I was standing BTW people and employment. ..we are trouble maker …what we do by growing some vegetables
Swara -here is the answer …u said if we give our land they can give thousands of people jobs…in that case we are the one who fill the stomach of that thousands people so they can earn for their family
Swara-if industrialist are filling the bank accounts of the people we are filling there stomach. …people can leave without luxurious but couldn’t live without food ..we are giving stamina energy to people to run after there dreams
Swara-the day when farmers  stop farming the world will due to starvation …if u can’t respect us please don’t abuse us…no need to worry from tomorrow onwards supply will start…jai kissan
In court
Swara shows tax paying receipts of the years for which sanskar has no solution
Sanskar -sorry for everything
Swara-sanskar u know what is fear…when a girl fears for her dignity when she is forced. ..if u have a sister go and ask her what she feels when someone forcefully kiss in public. ..forcefully enter her room and try to intimate with her
Sanskar -swaraaa
Swara-u know what the problem is u dont know that fear which a girl face when she is forced. ..the day when this world men feel  that fear that people like u will never dare to keep fingure on girls


Guys I have posted it in wattpad …and my username is shrutisurendran3

Recap-sanky punish himself …and…..last part

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