swasan – a vampire love story (Chapter 4)

Life is not a heaven…..
It’s hell….
A pure hell……

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The screen starts with swara’s smiling face and Aditya’s shocked face.

Adi’s pov
What was that?
What’s happening here?
I blinked my eyes at her…
I just registered her words in my mind…
She just smiles at me
. I thought she will get bore, being alone. So i took her out… but she is telling I acted the way she want….
I just stand there like a idiot…..
I know she is sweet, but this much devilish….. I m just out of word….. whatever….. she is my sister and I will be with her…. in every situation…..

As per plan, shona introduced in night world as swara Bose…. but the thing I wonder was no one remember swara… it’s kind of strange….. may be they forgot her face after being years in the grave……

Or did this also happened because of her???? Huhhhhh….. so much happening in my life…. it’s so confusing…. but i just know one thing… our plan will get success soon….
Ohhh shit… I forgot to say shona about our meeting with kavya…
Adi’s pov ended
Adi ” shona, we have to go and meet kavya”
” hmmm, where is diya ” swara asked.

Adi ” she went to execute our plan ”
Swara nodded.
And they left to meet kavya

At office
Sanskar entered with smiling face…
Everyone in office got confused seeing their arrogant boss smiling….
He just smiling and smiling and only smiling…
Atul sees like what’s going on?
And he thinks laksh also happy… may be something good happened in their family…
Thinking this he left to see his work…
Here sanskar is still lost in his thoughts….. his girl…. his swara….
He sees his mobile and stare at swara’s picture….
Suddenly he thought something and called someone….

Inext call
Other side : hello…
O.S: yes sir
San : I want information about swara Bose. she is Aditya Bose’s sister. I will send her photo. U have just two hours time. I want to know everything…
And he cut the call without waiting for reply. Hey send swara’s picture.
After that he just smiles thinking about swara…
Here Atul goes to Laksh’s cabin.
Atul knocked laksh cabin….
Lak : come in….

Atul : Sir, these are the list of candidates….
Lak : who is going to handle this interview?
Atul : Sir, that I don’t know. May be sanskar Sir will handle or he will tell GM to handle it..
Lak : why GM? Why not sanskar?
Atul: Sir, actually sanskar Sir is behaving weirdly.
Laksh looks on…

Atul continues, ” sanskar Sir is smiling from morning… he is just sitting in his cabin and continue to smiling… it’s quite weird… ”
Laksh told Atul to leave.

After he left laksh lost in his thoughts.
Laksh ( to himself ): what’s happening? Why sanskar is smiling…. I think there is something…. may be i m missing something.. I m wasting the time… I should do something…..
Suddenly his mind ” come on laksh, he wants to marry kavita. Now it’s going to happen. So he can be happy ”
His heart ” if it’s so, then why he isn’thappy in the morning when mom told this. I think he is hiding something ”
Laksh just listening both of them. Then he decides to wait for the next weird thing to conform his doubt…

Swadi side ;
Adi and swara reached the meeting place.
It was a shopping mall.
They came into ladies section.
There adi shows kavya to swara…
Then he just follow swara. Swara select dresses for her and moves towards kavya..
Swa : so kavya
Kav : yes highness

Swa : call me swara.
Kav : okay swara.
Swa : I think you know what to do ? Right?
Kav : yeah swara, I know and i m happy to be in your side.

Swa : did diya told you everything?
Kav : yeah swara….
Swa : okay, then executeour plan. And I want complete information about gupta’s.
Kavya just hummed and left with her dresses.
Swara selected some more dresses for her. Later swadi also left from there….

Sanskar’s cabin

Sanskar just want to know about his girl completely. He is impatiently waiting for a person. He even ignore about his work. The interview also started half an hour ago. But still he is waiting for a person.
Soon his waiting got over.
A person entered in his cabin with a knock.

San : come in
The person who talked with sanskar in phone is the one entered.
Person : Sir
San : yeah jai. What you got to know about her?

Jai : she is Swara Bose. She isaw from Aditya Bose’s pack. She was the youngest one in their pack. And her family is very protective about her. Coming to her family… she is the daughter of sanjay Bose and priya Bose. Aditya Bose is her elder brother. They want to keep her safe from night world. So they send her abroad, reasoning about her studies. She completed architecture course with first class. And she is very much interested in designing. She is planning to open the designer shop.
San : designer shop?
Jai : yeah, as I told she is interested in designing. So she wants to open a shop for all kinds of designs. I mean all in one. That’s it Sir.
Sanskar nodded and ask him to leave.
Jai left….

San ( to himself ) : My girl is interested in designing. Wow… now our company needed interior designer. And my love finished architecture, so why not my swara come here as a designer. And she will be in front of me everyday….

Sanskar said dreamingly and smiling…..
Ohhh shit, I forgot that interview got started and lucky is handling….
He thinks something and left from there….

Laksh’s cabin
Laksh handling the interview. And he done with half of the candidates. And pissed off with their designs.
At last he got satisfied with one, that time sanskar entered into his cabin.
Lak : okay, you can leave now, results will be announced in a minute.
Candidate nodded and left.
Lak : so you got remember that today we have an interview for designer.
San : yeah, I know. Now… tell me. .. anyone got selected?
Lak : yeah, the last one is best for our company.

San : just reject everyone.
Laksh looks on shockingly…..
Lak : What the hell sanky, till yesterday you are frustrating about the designer… Now, when we get such a good designer , you simply said to reject.
San ( smilingly ) : Just do it. I know a wonderful designer….. just do what I say…
Saying this he left…
Atul came inside for results.
Lak : just inform everyone that better luck for next time.

Atul : Sir…..
Lak : all are rejected Atul. Just do what I say.
Atul : okay Sir.
Atul left and goes towards the waiting hall. And he informed what laksh told.
Everyone left from there sadly. Because maheshwari’s are best platform. And they missed it.
Lak : what happened to sanskar, actually it’s good. The next weird thing happened. Then i can start my work…

After talking with laksh, he left towards the entrance of the office.
There someone is going to fall….
And sanskar grab her hand and pull her from falling. And make make her stand. Then only he noticed, it’s his girl, his love…. his SWARA….
He lost in his thoughts. And came into sense when swara thanked him…
Swa : thank you so much
San : your welcome

And swara just see behind sanskar and left towards a person.
Swa : hey, what happened?
Person : not at all good.
San : ( to himself ) this girl is the last candidate, right…. the one who lucky selected… my love is with her… how?
Swa : it’s okay Bhabhi, this company isn’t good for you. Okay. Leave it…. now let’s go for a coffee….what say…

Diya : okay, let’s go shona…..
And they left……
San : ( to himself ) what the hell….. what I did…. her bhabhi, that girl is her Bhabhi…. now she got rejected….. then how will my girl accept to work here… no problem…. I will make her work with me and most importantly I will make her to marry me….
Thinking this only he remembered about kavita. But that time, he thinks kavita is not at all a problem….he can handle her…. and soon he thinks about his swara….and the feel ofamily her wrist….
Thinking this he left with smiling face. And swara smiles devilishly….

Precap : ragini introduction and kavita’s reaction

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