Swasan TS (Now FS) – Made for each other (Part 7)

San: I am not mad swara… I know u are feeling betrayed. But I had to do this drama.. I wanted to say this before but ur accident had happened.  So I couldn’t… If u want to leave me..(interrupted by a burning sensation on his cheek) SWARA??

Sw: (Angrily)  Don’t u dare to utter any word Mr. Maheshwari..??.. What do u think think about me?  I don’t know anything… U r wrong Mr. Maheshwari. May be ur agent told you everything about me.  But there is one thing no one knows about me as I’m a msc psychology holder and I’m working as a psychiatrist.. Because no-one knows about this even maa or dida.. ( sanskar’s eyes get widened) I can understand who is mad and who is doing drama…

San: th.. tha.. that means.. U… U know everything.

Sw: yes Mr. Maheshwari… I know everything… You taught me how to fall in love, how to trust, how to fight.. You did everything to me to fall in love with u. Now u  r saying me to leave u.   Ohh now I understood whatever you told yesterday is also a drama na.. Ur love is a dra….

Next moment she is pinned to the wall by sanskar. He is dangerously looking at her

San: stop it swara.. Don’t you dare to say my love is a drama. This sanskar Maheshwari is crazily deeply madly in love with u.. I really love you. Without you I can’t even breathe.. But I can’t force you swara.  I’m ur culprit and u have the whole right to punish you…

Sw: yes Mr. Maheshwari I have the whole right to punish you. But I won’t leave you.  I will tell this to everyone… Mom dad and everyone…

san: no swara.. U don’t..  Try to understand… I have to do this drama some more time…

Sw: I will see about it.. But I want whole truth…

san: I am here to say that to u swara… Do u know swara I didn’t get more attention from my parents.. They loves me, I know that. But they failed to express it.. Till I became 12, I got everyone attention towards me.. Then slowly it changed to laksh. Even if uttara was there, then also they pamper laksh.. I also thought he was a little boy and youngest among us… U know swara whenever I was with  my family, he will always intrude between us…  Then their attention went towards him.. I became an outsider.. That time I thought it was my childish thoughts… After 12, I got to know that it’s not my childish jealous … No swara it’s not like.. He hates me like.. He doesn’t I get love from my parents… My sister or anyone… He intrude our family meeting.. That time I get my dad with me.. But he took him with him… I didn’t have courage to tell dad.. Because he is not friendly with me.. He is strict.. Then my mom she always says that he is child and I have to behave like an Elder brother… I have experienced ignorance from parents so I could easily understand ur feelings so I did everything to stay you happy.. In that year Raksha Bandhan day he snatched my sister from me..


Sanskar is waiting for uttara.. She came to him and did the Pooja hurriedly..

San: uttu why r u doing fastly?

Utt: because laksh bhai is waiting for me..

He gets hurt… She did the Pooja..

Utt: now give me the gift..

He looks here and there. But couldn’t find the gift..

Utt: oh bhai.. I have no time for you.. Laksh bhai will give the expensive gifts.. I’m going..

She went.. The gift is slipped from his hand. He silently went from there.. A pair of eyes looking at him with tears in eyes..  He went from there and sat on park.. Heavy tears fell down from his eyes.. But someone wipe that tears.. He looks up.. A girl is standing there with a sweet smile…

Girl : hey sanskar why r u crying?

San: nothing kavi… Just thinking some past moments..  You know kavi I did this gift by my own hands. But my sister like his expensive gifts..

Kavi: she is child na.. Laksh also younger to you…

Sanskar smiles sarcastically.

San: but just 5 months na… OK bye.. Kavi…

Kavi: wait.. You wait Here. I’ll come in a minute..(she ran from there. After sometimes she came there with a Pooja tali)

Sanskar looks at her confused. She stood infront of him and do the Pooja.. Then tied Rakhi on his wrist…

Kavi: from this best friends KAVERI &SANSKAR  became brother sister.. I’ll do this every year.. So u have to collect my gifts too.. I don’t need any expensive gifts.. Now give me my gifts.

Sanskar smiles in tears.. He gave her gifts.. She happily accepted it…


San: from that day she became my sister.. I also went to her house most times. Whatever I didn’t get from my parents I got from there. But my happiness didn’t have any Long life.. He got to know about mine and her friendship.. He tried to take her also from me.  But he didn’t succeed in it so he played a trick.  I was in 10th std that time, because of kavi was ill I got less mark in final exams.. But I got 70%.

after 2months

Sanskar was coming downstairs happily to see Kaveri.  2months e was with Kaveri h no tension and no studies.. But Dp calls him..

Dp: u r going to boarding school today..

san: but badepapa why? Plz I will study good…

Dp: for that only I am saying this. If u r here, u will always go behind that girl…

San: plz… Bade… (interrupted by Ram)

Ram: sanskar… Listen to ur badepapa… He is doing for ur good… U have to obey him…

sanskar closes his eyes painfully..

San: can you let me to meet her…

Ram: no u have flight after 2 hours. Go and pack ur bags…

With heavy heart he went from there..  Laksh became very happy.. Hiding his smile he went from there…

Leap of  2years..

Sanskar is coming back to Maheshwari mansion as his plus 2 finished. Sujatha welcome him…
Ap: look sanskar beta u became the topper…

San: because I’m away from this house na badimaa..

Suj: sanskar is this the way behave with ur badima..

San: oh sorry I forgot that if I do any mistake it is sin. And others do that it is right Hena..

Saying he went outside… He straightly went towards the park reminiscing his past moments…

San: where are you kavi?  I didn’t see u till I came here…

Suddenly a girl came and sat beside him…

Girl: so Mr.  Do you know me?  Or do you forget me like 2 years before..?

He looks at her shocked.. Then surprised seeing her…

San: kavi… U r here… Really?

Kavi: oh so u know me… How?…

But she is interrupted because sanskar hugs her tightly… She startled a little. But continues her teasing..

Kavi: hey Mr.. How can u hug me.?  Who r… (but stopped feeling her shoulder wet.  She placed her hand on his back and patted him)

Kavi: sanku… (break the hug) why r u crying?  I was just teasing you…

san: I missed you so much kavi….

Saying this he again hugs her… She smiles….

Kavi: I also missed you sanskar…

San: I wanted to say everything to u kavi but they didn’t allow me to come… I’m sorry kavi…

Kavi: OK its OK sanskar… I know everything sanskar… Laksh told me..

Sanskar shocked to hear laksh’s name from Kaveri.. He immediately break the hug and looks at her..

San: laksh??

Kavi: woh, ya he became a good friend of mine. He told me everything about that day. He even told me that he also tried to help you  but no one hear him also…

San: no he didn’t..

Kavi: no he did that, but When u went to pack the bags.. (he nodded in disbelief ) I know sanskar it’s hard to believe but it’s true he is changed. When u met him you can understand…  Now it’s getting late so u go to house. But tomorrow u have to come to home.. OK..

Sanskar nodes and smiles… He went to home and got to know that uttara is at mausi’s house.. Then he met with laksh.  He behaved nicely.. He always acted like this… But this time sanskar felt that he is overacting… After dinner he went to his room.. After closing the door he slept thinking laksh’s behavior. Next day sanskar, laksh and Kaveri joined same college. sanskar can feel that Kaveri is not with him most of the time.. He also feels that she is hiding something.. Then he ignored it thinking it’s because of her studies…

After somedays, sanskar came to a restaurant to drink a cold coffee. Just then his eyes spot a couple. He became shocked because laksh is sitting with a girl and sharing one glass juice with 2 straws.. The girl is smiling at laksh. Suddenly her eyes caught sanskar. She also shocked seeing him…

Screen freezes on sanskar shocked face….


San: swara how can u? Even after hearing this u r thinking like that about me?
Sorry for the late.. I am having severe headache so I couldn’t write anything yesterday.. The pain become lessened a little so I thought to write some part.. I know its short.. I wanted to  write more, I couldn’t look at mobile for long time.. So I thought to update a short part.. I hope it’s not boring.. I will try to update next asap..

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  5. Sry. One dislike from my side. Y is Sanskar shown as such a weak character here? He is basically jealous of Laksh in this story. Dat Dp wala part I agree, sanky was right. But about Laksh stealing Uttara? It is not Laksh’s fault that Uttara likes expensive gifts. Maybe Laksh is negative here but I didn’t think it was right of such a matured character (Sanskar) to blame everything on others. I’m not telling Sanskar to become a mahan but blaming everything on others to gain sympathy from Swara is immature n childish. N about Swara, I didn’t find it logical that she did a degree in psychology without anyone’s knowledge. I mean atleast her Dida should have known. Pls portray Sanskar as a bit sensible in the next part

    PS:This is constructive criticism not bashing. Hope u take this in the right way. Take care of Ur health also

    1. Sreekkutty

      First of all thank you for this criticism… Because whenever I read my story again I have always caught any mistake… But u guys don’t see that..
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      Swara’s degree: I have written this part in hurry, because I have promised my Wattpad readers that I will post it in Monday.. I had a headache so whatever came in mind I wrote it… Sorry for that… I will give an explanation for this in next chapter…

      About uttara and laksh: u will get to know in next part…

      Sanskar is saying like that because he experienced a bitter past in childhood and teenage… He doesn’t have any memories with laksh or his parents to think other way… U will get to know it in next part..

      Its not the story of sanskar… I’m just conveying my opinion about something else… I hope u will like it..

      Thank you dear…. ???

      Ya I’m sorry for disappointing you…

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    I have submitted next part dear… TU will update it soon

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