Swasan TS (Now FS) – Made for each other (Part 17)

I have an exam on next week. So I don’t I can write it.. I have written half of the part. I don’t know I will be able to finish it. More over I have neck pain too.  So I thought to update  that half part for u all… Hope you will like it and wait for me…

One week leap

Swara is working at kitchen. She is lost in her thinking.. She is thinking what happened in this week.. It’s been a week, then also she couldn’t told anything to mom and dad.. Then that luxsoap, he was always behind her. First time John helped her.. From that time sanskar likes him so much.. He is always with him. Second time he again tried to hurt her, that time my sanskar helps her. He shouts seeing that.. Dad came and gave a tongue lashing to him…

are you thinking about me”  an evil voice came near her ear startled her. She jerked and turned back.

sw: laksh what are you doing here? (she moves back ward)

lak: I came here to enjoy with you baby…

Sw: how dare you to call me like that? (he steps towards her, she moved backwards) laksh stop right there.. Don’t come near me (she is now infront of the stove and a utensils with hot water on it. She takes the stick which is used to roll rotis). I told you to stop there. I will crush ur head…. Mom… Dad… Uttara…. (she shout)..

Lak: call… Shout more loudly..  Call ur sweetheart too.  Not ur mad husband.. Ur new sweetheart… Ur new servant… Call him too.. (she looks at him disgustingly and hate).. You know what babes. . No one… No one will save you from me today..  If ur mad husband Come and shout like last time.. But he can’t save you like that.. Because no one is here (swara gulps in fear)

Sw: (composes)  wha…what are you saying? Mom.. Mom.. Dad.. Uttu… Ramu Kaka… Badimaa… Badepapa…

Lak:ha ha ha… For whom ur calling… I told u naa.. No one is here… Ya it’s true my maa and papa is here… But don’t worry.. They won’t come… (swara looks at him with fear) papa wants u as his bahu and maa don’t want you to be here. So I asked maa that if I get you for one night I will live with ragini forever and she agreed.

Swara looks at him horrified.. She knows that ap don’t like her..  But she didn’t think that she will do something like this to her.   Arre how can she do this? She is also a mother naa?

Lak: then she only sent Ramukaka and Gopal outside. Then sent chachaji, chachi and uttara to temple.. Then she told them that ragini is coming with shomi Ma so she, u and sanskar will come with them… But she doesn’t know u r not going anywhere but living with me as my. .

Sw: no Mr laksh Maheshwari it’s just ur false hope only… Even after my death I will be always Sanskar Maheshwari’s wife. My body, my heart and my everything belongs to sanskar only….

Lak: (coming towards her) he is mad swara.. He will never come towards you.. (he tried to holds her hand but screams in pain as swara throw hot water to his hand and ran outside the kitchen..) Aaahhhhh.. Swara u b***ch..  You will pay for it… (ran behind her)

Here swara is running to hall is Bumped with someone. He holds her and looks at her worried. She looks at him..

Sw: sanskar…

San: prinshess why r u clying prinshess ?what happened?(at that time laksh came there

Lak: swara…. (he looks angrily at swasan and walks towards them. She holds sanskar tightly. Laksh came and holds her hair)  u b***ch, u think u can escaped from me…

Swara screams in pain. Sanskar became scared but seeing his princess crying, he tried to hold laksh..

San: lucky leave lucky..  Leave prinshess … She is crying… Leave (he hits his hand but he didn’t. Laksh tried to drag swara with him.  She wriggles and crying in pain. Sanskar also holding her and trying to get her out of laksh’s grip. Trio is trying to get out from each other.. In these time ap and Dp didn’t came to see that.. Dp is seeing all those through CCTV cameras in study room.  Ap is reading a bhajan book in her room..

San: leave her lucky (he couldn’t tolerate anymore, so he bite laksh’s hand)

Lak: Aahhhhh… (takes his hand from swara and looks at his hand. Blood is oozing from his hand. He looks at sanskar furiously ) u ba***rd what did you do to my hand.. How dare you? (slaps him hard.. He fell on the floor and hits his head on teapoy. Blood started to ooze from his head)

Sw:(shocked seeing this)  SANSKARRRRR….

Meanwhile in outside, SujRamutt are going to temple. Suddenly Ram stops the car ..

Suj: what happened?  why did you stop the car?

Ram: I don’t know sujatha. I’m feeling so restless… (he was driving. He went outside of the car. Sujutt also came outside) I don’t know what’s this feeling… (sujutt consoles him and about to enter the car, they heard a familiar voice and turns and find Ramu Kaka and John )

Ramu: chote bhaisa..  U all r here?( Ramu Kaka and John looks each other tensely)

Ram: we were going to temple…

Joh: swara ma’am..

Suj: she is in home. Jiji told me shomiji is coming.  They all will come together.  .

Ramu Kaka and John looks each other tensely

Ramu : that means swara beti and sanskar baba is alone with that laksh baba… ?????

This statement shocked everyone. They all looks at eachother shocked and scared.

Ram : come we will go back

Joh: sir I will drive..

Ramu: haa chotebhaisa he will drive..

Ram nodes.  Ramu Kaka and John sat at front seat. SujRamutt are at back side.  Within few minutes they reached home. All are amusingly looks at him… Then remembering swara all went inside..  So the exact time, laksh pushed sanskar, Ram and others reached there.


Laksh looks at the door.. Ram and others looks at them shocked. Swara is standing miserably with tears and sanskar is sitting on the floor with blood. Seeing them sanskar somehow getup.. Laksh gritted his teeth.. Dp and ap also came there hearing the sound…

San: daddy look this dirty lucky hurt my me and my prinshess ..(touches his head) blood ???(looks at swara) and my prinsh…. PRINSHESSSSSS (swara is going to fall due to dizziness. Sanskar holds her immediately)

Sujramutt: Swara/bhabhi..

Sanskar couldn’t hold her and is about to lose, but john came and holds her.. Then takes to guestroom and laid her on the bed. Everyone went behind them. Sanskar came and holds her hand..

San: prinshess wake up.. Plz… Plz prinshess… Mommy tell naa prinshess to wake up.. ???

Suj: Ram ji plz call the doctor… (Ram nodes and calls the doctor. After sometimes Dr came there and checked swara. She came outside.)

Suj: how is my daughter?

Dr: sujatha ji wo she.

Suj: what happened to her Dr plz tell me…

Dr: I don’t know how to say that

Ram : plz tell us.. Don’t scare us plz…

Dr. : she is pregnant…

This statement shocked everyone including laksh… Ramu Kaka and John looks at each other happily…

Ap: (claps sarcastically) look sujatha… U always says na ur dil is the most sanskari girl in the world.. Now She has shown herself.. How much cheap she is..  Now u understood naa she always cheated you…  Don’t know whose dirty blood in her….

Mrs Annapurna Maheshwari / Jiji ” two voices startled her.

Meanwhile in room..

Swara got conscious..  Swara get up from bed immediately looks here and there.. Sanskar is sleeping there holding her hand.. She looks at him smilingly and reminisce what happened sometimes ago..   A lone tear escaped from swara’s eyes and these tears land on sanskar’s face, he gets up and looks at her and immediately hugs her

San: prinshess…. (swara also hugs him tightly) are you OK prinshess? did that dirty lucky hurt you?

Sw: no sanskar nothing happened to me.  You are there naa to save me

San: but u fell asleep.. Dr came and checked but didn’t say anything to me (sniffs)

Sw: but now I’m OK naa (broke the hug smilingly but shocked seeing his wound on head) sanskar this wound.. Dr didn’t checked you.. (he nodes negatively) come I will do the first aid

She did and just then only she heard some noises outside. So she went there with sanskar and shocked hearing her words.. She doesn’t understand why is saying like that…  But two familiar voices stopped her.. Swara also looks at the source.. Only to see her two mothers… Both are looking like kaali maa..Yes it was shomi and sujatha..

Sho: how dare you Mrs Annapurna Maheshwari.. How dare u to say that words to my daughter.. U don’t have any right to say anything about my daughter’s baby.. U..

Sw: baby??
Then only everyone notices swara and sanskar.. Ap and shekhar looks at her disgustingly.. Laksh looks at her with a smirk thinking that now everyone throw her out and he will get her.

Sho: you’re pregnant shona ??

Swara looks surprised and happy.  She doesn’t know how to express her happiness.. One moment she became sad remembering sanskar is not normal now.. Then reality struck her.. Now she understands why ap is saying like that. She looks at everyone horrified..

Sw: mom..

sho: sujatha ji don’t misrust her..  My daughter never ever do anything like ap ji said…

Suj: how can you say that shomi ji.. She is my daughter.. I will never ever distrust her… I just need some answers…

Ap: how can you sujatha? You still believe her..

She ignored her and went towards swara..

Suj : swara tell me what happened? Don’t worry we will never ever distrust you.. I know my daughter she won’t do anything like jiji said.. U love my sanskar truly… But… But how this happened?..

Ram: don’t get scared by anyone swara… Did I failed to save u..(looks at laksh angrily) Did this ba***rd do something to u (swara nodes negatively with tears)

In these times sanskar is standing there holding his head painfully.  Whenever they said the word “baby”. He is getting some flashes like someone is saying scaredly that “bhai my baby”….

Dp: (yelled) Ram… How dare u  …

Lak: and Chachu why are you blaming me only..  U can put this responsibility to her this new servant too..

Joh: LAKSHHHHH… How dare you (he holds his collar)

Dp: gopal..

Sw: John… (he left him and looked at him angrily).

Ap: John… But his name is gopal… So he is not Ramu’s SIL but ur Romeo.. My son is saying truth…

Suj: jiji stop there.. I’m here to talk with my daughter… Swara tell me who is this… Isn’t he gopal… Why r u calling him John? Are you hiding anything from us… Don’t think I’m mistrusting you.. I just want to know the truth.. Tell me everything

Sw: mom this baby..

Dp: sujatha how can u still believe her.? She betrayed our family.. I didn’t expect this from u swara..

She: what can you expect from this girl Dp ji.. She left ur son and married this mad.. Just to hide her cheap tricks…

sho: SHEKHARRRR… (slapped him hard ) how dare you to say that to my daughter.  She is not characterless but u.  U r a spineless creature.. She knows who is that baby’s father.. That baby is not illegitimate…

Swara is looking lifelessly. Everyone is accusing her.. No one is with her to support her.. Even her father is accusing her.. Arre how did he become her father.. No he is not her father.. She got a brother to support her, but he is also not with her now.. But because of her mother’s one she come back to sense… She looks at everyone.. Her family is looking at her helplessly, others are looking at her disgustingly.. She is strong.. She can fight for her child, but the word illegitimate weakened her…

Sw: NOOOO.. My baby isn’t illegitimate..My baby isn’t illegitimate..I’m not charactesless.  I didn’t betray my sanskar.. My baby isn’t illegitimate..my bab…. (she is interrupted by a scream. It’s sanskar’s)

San: Aahhhhh (he is shouting holding his head painfully and falls unconsciously)


Ram went towards him and laid him on bed carefully.. Dr checked him.. Sujatha went towards him.

Dr: he falls unconscious because of stress only.. He became alright..

Swara is about to go, but ap holds her wrist. She tried to take her hand and go to sanskar. But she didn’t leave her.  She is trying..

sw: leave me badimaa.. My sanskar needs me..

Ap: no I won’t let you go to him.. I won’t let you u live in this house u have to leave from here.  Just get out..

SujRam : bhabhi / jiji

Ram: u can’t decide that. she is my daughter.. I will decide it.. Now sanskar is important his health is important.  We will talk about it later. Swara beta be with sanskar..

Ap: no way.. I’m the elder daughter in law of this house.. My husband is the head of this house.. I will not let this girl in my house. She is a characterle…. (interrupted by a roar)

“Stop right there Mrs Annapurna Durgaprasad “ everyone looks at the source and shocked seeing.
To Be Continued

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