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Separation is going to come

Shemishdadi went from there.. At Swasan’s room, sanskar is working on laptop, swara is in washroom.. She came out.

Sw: it’s a good thing na sanskar (he looks at her confused) dadi came to know everything about ragini.. She understands that her cruel face.. Thanks to God…

San: then u have to thank your sweet hubby..

Sw: aahan… For what..

San: Arre he only brought her there naa… (she looks at him confused)  when ragini went behind you, I tricked dadi and brought her there.. Then she listens everything….

Sw: Aww my intelligent hubby (pinched his both cheeks).. Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you so much..

San : (shoves her hand) ouch princess.. Is this way to thank ur husband. (holds her one shoulder)  shona u r thanking to ur husband.. This is not the way to say thanks to ur hubby, u have to kiss that too on the proper place (shows his lips)

Sw: acha??

San : yes Mrs Wifey.. Now do it like a good girl… (leans towards her closing his eyes)

Seeing this swara holds his chin with left hand slowly turned his face and moved her face towards his cheek…….. (suddenly)

San: ouchh…. Shona (cryingly rubs his cheek)  why did you bite me..

Sw: this is Swara sanskar Maheshwari’s  style to say thanks to Sanskar Maheshwari… (she tried to go, but he holds her wrist)

San: Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari is trying to mess with Mr Sanskar Maheshwari (raises his eyebrows)

Sw: I’m not trying Mr. I already did it..

San: then u have to pay for it .. U will beg for kiss…

Sw: we will see..

Then both do their work…  She is reading something related to her profession.. Sanskar is working on laptop.. After sometimes sujatha calls for dinner.. They went downstairs… Everyone is sitting, swara and ragini are serving.. Just then uttara noticed it. .

Utt: oh God bhai… ?? what happened to ur cheek?

Swasan shocked and looks each other..  Sujatha also noticed and came to him and holds his cheek.

Suj: oh God this much red.. What happened sanskar…

San(looks at swara she is pleading to him. He hides his smirk) : wo mommy, princess…

Suj: swara? (looks at swara confused. She immediately changes looks)

San : woh mommy, princess… (paused and looked at swara.. She closed her eyes)  woh princess and me lying on balcony, then a Bigggg ant bite me… (swara relieved  Sanskar smiles in mind)..

After dinner everyone went to their room.. At Swasan’s room..

San: now do you understand naa..
Don’t mess with Sanskar Maheshwari …

Sw: but ur challenge is something else Mr Maheshwari…

San: I will win..

Sw: we will see…

After two weeks one day sujatha called swara and informed her about karvachauth… She happily accepted it… Next day morning she went to sujatha and took sargi from her.. Then went to Swasan’s room.. She sees sanskar also wake-up and freshen up and doing something on laptop .

Sw:what are you doing sanskar..

San: I have a video conference after 1 hour.. But where did you go

Sw: today is karvachauth naa.. So mom gave me sargi.. (happily)  so I went to take it..

San: but swara u don’t need to take it..

Sw: why?  I’m ur wife.. I have whole right to do it..  I will definitely do it

San:  OK OK then I also will do it..

Sw: no way.. U won’t.. U can’t handle it. More over u are acting like a child.. So u won’t do (he is about to argue but she cuts him)  and u have to obey ur wife… (he nodes) Now I’ll go and fresh up..

San: and I know how to convince u princess..

Then he ate some parts of sargi without letting her know… Soon swara came and ate the sargi… Then she went towards bed and sat on it, starts to read a book.. Because sanskar is doing video conference so she can’t go leaving him alone.. After sometimes she went to downstairs to prepare breakfast.. Sanskar  also came there and sat on the chair to eat breakfast… Ladies serves Dp, laksh and sanskar then stood there.. Rp wasn’t there. Dp and laksh started to eat..

San: mommy why don’t you eat… (swara shook her head seeing his acting, but she didn’t know na what’s in his mind)

Suj: today is karvachauth naa… So we can’t eat anything… U eat..

San: no u all don’t do it.. And doll u also… How can u live without eating…  I won’t let u do that…

Suj: sanskar, u know naa, we have to do this?

San: OK… U won’t listen to me naa.. OK u can do it but I have a condition… (swara narrowed her eyes)

Suj: I knew it… But U didn’t have the sargi naa (swautt shocked and looks at sujatha confused)

San (sheepishly) : I already ate half of the sargi of princess… (swara widened her eyes. Sujatha laughs)

Sw: but mom? He?

Suj: he always did this in childhood shona. Till he went from here, he also joined with me and his father… If young sanskar could do this, now become adult naa…(Swautt couldn’t believe what they heard.. It’s a new information for uttara too.  Both looks at sanskar amusingly)

San: why r u both looking at me like that? U only say, when my mommy, Doll and princess can’t eat anything then how can I eat.. I won’t eat…

RagAp looks at them jealousy, then look angrily at their husbands who are eating like now only they got food. Swautt looks at sanskar overwhelming, then went towards him and kissed his both cheeks.. He looks at both of them with a wide smile..

Swautt: I love you sanskar /I love you bhai.. (he smiles at both of them, sujatha also came towards them and holds his face with both of her palms and kissed his forehead)

Suj: I love you my son…

San(kissed her cheek) : I love u too mommy (then kissed uttara’s forehead) love you too doll(hugs both of them.. Then break the hug) come doll we’ll go and play (is about to go but swara holds his wrist) .

Sw: u gave them whatever they gave you.. I also gave you naa why didn’t u give me… (sujutt looks at teasingly)

San(innocently): what is that princess? (sujutt suppressed their laugh)

Sw(angry): sanskar don’t play with me.  ..

San: i don’t understand princess… What are u saying?

Sw: if u don’t give me that, then I won’t let u play… (she tried to hold him but he skipped and ran)

San: first catch me princess…

He is running, swara also ran behind him.. seeing this sujutt burst out laughing.. At that time Ram came there and sanskar stood behind Ram. She also came there and tried to hold him

San: daddy daddy plz save me from princess..

Sw: dad move…

Ram: Arre shona beta first tell me what happened? .

Sw: dad he didn’t give me the kiiii…. (she stopped realizing what is she about to say. Sanskar looks at her naughtily. Ram looks at her confused.. Sujutt are rolling on the floor)

San: I will tell daddy (swara widened her eyes) I didn’t give her the kiiii… (interrupted by swara)

Sw: kheer… He didn’t give me kheer..

Ram: arre but today is karvachauth naa and we all are fasting… Then how kheer?

San: it’s not kheer daddy.. It’s… (again interrupted by swara)

Sw: nothing its nothing dad… (then looks at sanskar angrily) you come to the room.. I will teach u there (then go to room)

San : ????? princess lost ??????(sujutt also laughs seeing him. Ram looks at them confused)

Ram: arre sujatha what happened..

Sujatha explained him everything… He also laughed with them…

San: mommy I’m going to room..

Utt: be careful bhai..

San : she is my princess naa.. She won’t do anything (in mind :I have to do everything)

Then he went to room. He came inside and bolts the door and turned.. But next moment he is pinned to the door by his princess.. She starts to kiss him angrily without let him think… He is shocked first then he also responds..  After sometimes they broke the kiss and panting…

San:(panting heavily)  when I challenged you I didn’t think u will do something which is beyond the challenge.. But I won the challenge, but I seriously didn’t know that u will do in infront of whole family..  ????

Sw: that means u did it deliberately.  How mean u are… (interrupted by a sweet kiss by sanskar).

Later they both went down.. Swara went to kitchen and uttara also went behind her..

Utt: bhabhi I think ur teaching isn’t good (she looks at her confused) ur student didn’t learn correctly.. Look what did you teach and what did ur  student do.. (shows her face on her selfie camera..)

Swara looks at it and shocked to see a light cut on her lips..

Sw: uttu being with ur bhai, u also became naughty.. I will kill you both.. (she ran behind her)

But they didn’t see laksh heard everything. He furiously went from there to his room  .

Lak: how could you.. How could u let him to kiss u…u r mine swara… Sanskar u r getting on my nerves.. I’ll definitely throw u out of my way.. Don’t worry swara I will kill that sanskar.. First I want to get rid of that Nagini… Then sanskar..  Then u r only mine swara… (then dials the phone) when will all of u coming? After 2 weeks … OK… (he smirks evilly)

Evening everyone complete the pujas and feed their husbands.. But our Swasan and SujRam do the Pooja for each other and fed each other ???
Then swasan went to their room.. Swara is about to go to bed. sanskar stops her..

San: princess u took ur gift.. Now I want my gift..

Sw: what…

San: you ?

Sw: you don’t need to ask for this gift..

San: but I loved to…

She looks at him lovingly for sometimes and slowly placed her lips on his.  He smiles and starts to intimate…. ????

After 2 weeks one day morning at Swasan’s room

San: princess today we will go to a special place..

Sw: where?

San: surprise… U go and tell to mom that we are going to Anju’s hospital to my check up..

She went and informed sujatha.. Then both went from there.. After sometimes sanskar drives the car and stopped infront of a house. Then both get down from car..

Sw: who’s house is this sanskar.

Sanskar smiles and went to the gate, dusted the name plate.. It shows KAVERISWARAM

sw: kaveriswaram? (realizes) that means this is Kaveri’s house. (he nodes)  but why this name is like this?

San: Indirama, Kavi’s MA, she is very much fond of music.. But these two i mean kavi and Anand papa doesn’t know ABCD of music.. Because of music only me and maa got so close.. (remembering those days sanskar’s eyes became moist.. Swara consoles him)

Then they both went inside.. He is saying about his old memories with this house.. Then they went to store room to search old album.. From there swara gets a camera and it’s memory card.. She immediately calls Aman there and gave it to check.. Then went to mm. After dinner they went to their room. At that time Aman calls him.  He went towards balcony to talk.. Swara went to washroom.. After sometimes she came and went to sanskar who is now looking at sky with moist eyes

Sw(panicked): sanskar what happened? Why r u crying?

San(hugs her and cried) : we won shona… (She breaks the hug and looks at him) because of u we won shona. That memory card has everything, every damn things which he did to my Kaveri that day (closed his eyes painfully) her last day

sw: sanskar… (she consoles him. he nodes)

San: tomorrow we are going to collect proof.. Then we have some work.. Will get to know that how much cheap is laksh Maheshwari…  Aman and Anjali will came tomorrow to take me.. Are u coming or not?

Sw: no sanskar, I have promised to uttu to with her for shopping ..

San: OK then u go to doll… After tomorrow everything will be revealed to everyone…

Sw: pakka naa. If u don’t tell them, I’ll tell..

San: OK baba, if I didn’t, u can tell everyone…

Sw: I don’t why I am feeling like restless… Plz take care of urself sanskar…

San: don’t worry I will…

Then both of them went to sleep.. Next day morning Amanjali came and took sanskar with them.. After that swara went to kitchen.. Ap and sujatha is preparing breakfast..

Sw: Mom where is ragini..

Ap: she is not like u, she and laksh is Normal couple.. They both went for an outing…

Sw: Ofcourse she is not like me, she went with her husband for the first time.. I and my husband goes for outing almost every week…

Sujatha started to laugh. Ap felt insulted and went from there.. After sometimes laksh came

Ap: laksh where is ragini ?

Lak: maa her mausi and baba came here for some shopping.. She wanted to go with them. So I allowed her.. She told me to inform you..

Ap: OK..

Swara gets something fishy but she ignored it… After Lunch swara is waiting for sanskar in hall.. Laksh is also there doing something in laptop.. At that time landphone started to ring… She went to take it…

Lak: take it swara.. U will get  a good news (smirks evilly)

Sw(takes the call) :SANSKARRRRR…?????????(started to cry.. Hearing her everyone came there. Ram take the call and shocked hearing it)

Suj: what happened Ram?(shook swara) what happened shona?

Ram: sanskar got an accident.. He is in city hospital

Suj: what ???? my son….

Sw:(came to senses)  Dad my sanskar Infront want to see him now ???
They all went towards city hospital.. They got to know that trio is in operation Theater. All are waiting outside worriedly.. After sometimes some doctors came outside of an OT.

Sw: Dr how is my sanskar, bhai and bhabhi?

Dr: relax Mrs Maheshwari, sanskar is out of danger.. (everyone relieved except laksh and Dp , swara closes her eyes in relief) but.. (she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Dr tensed..) Dr Anjali and her husband gone to coma state (swara looks at him shocked) and she had a miscarriage too…

Swara stumbled hearing but ram holds her.  She started to cry.. Even SujRamutt are crying.. For SujRam Anjali like a daughter…

Dr: u can meet Sanskar after 1 hour.. (he went)

After sometimes everyone went to meet sanskar.. Sujatha went towards him and hugs and kissed him all over the face. sanskar gets into conscious because of this. Height is looking at his mom. Swara stood at the door, she wanted to scold him to make her cry first. Uttara and laksh also stood there.

Suj: my son what did you do to u. Look how much u r injured.

San: (childishly) mommy.. Why are u crying.. Aah my head is paining.. (swara looks at him confused, thinking that why is he acting again. At that time he looks at her.. ) who are they?

Every one became shocked as he is pointing at swara, uttara, laksh. Ram went to bring doctor.

Suj: don’t you know who are they?

San: no mommy (shook head negatively)

Dr came and checked him..

Dr: I think he forgot everything.. I know he is already like that, may be he forgot the things which after he came back..

But swara understood everything. He forgot.. He forgot her.. Her love, their moments everything… His drama became real… She couldn’t control so she ran from there.. Uttara is also ran behind her.. Dr asked SujRam to meet him. So they went to Dr.  Dp and Ap also follows them.. Laksh stood there as he gotta jackpot.. Sanskar calls him..

San: who are you?

lak: me?  I’m ur brother..

San: bade bhai or lucky?

Lak: bade bhai doesn’t exist… (he looks at him confused) I mean he went abroad, I’m lucky.. .

San: u became so pig…

Lak: what… (yelled)

San: piggggg (wides his hands showing big)

San: then that girls?

Lak: churidar girl is your sister uttara..

San: my doll…hai (claps) then that Cinderella girl (laksh frowns) she is like a prinshess naa.. Who is she…

Lak:(smirks) she… SHE IS MY WIFE….

To Be Continued….
So how is the bomb? …
I know ragini also there in sneak peak but she is getting her punishment so I removed ? her
it’s not edited.. Ignore the mistakes

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