Swasan TS (Now FS) – Made for each other (Part 13)

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Next morning… Farmhouse…

Our sweet cute couple are sleeping in each other’s arms peacefully… Sunrays gets jealous and peep into the room.. But our Swasan didn’t pay any heed to him.. So the sun kept his rays again in between them.  But no use as swara is sleeping against sun rays and our sanskar….  The more sun kept his rays on him, the more he nuzzles into his sweet wife’s neck..  So the sun surrendered infront of him and went to wake up his oops their fans… But because of the hide and seek between Sun and Sanskar, one thing is happened, ie, our sherni’s sleep broke… She wakes up with a small yawn.. Feeling a hot Breath in her neck her eyes move towards left and next moments her eyes shined seeing him close to her… A wide smile spread on her lips while recalling yesterday night.. The night, her prince completed her as a woman… She slowly leaned on and kissed his forehead.. He smiles in sleep feeling her… She slowly untangled herself from him and went to went towards window.. She slowly moves curtains but surprised to see a beautiful view of beach… She looks at the calm of sea waves. She lost in it until she felt her prince’s hand on her belly and his chin on her shoulder.

Sw: (whispers) Sanskar…

San: u should lost in your husband’s charm not in these waves.

Sw: no sanskar… I was thinking about my life .

San: Aahaa. What was that?

Sw:(smiles) how gagodia family came into my life?  how Maheshwari family came into my life? how MY FAMILY came into my life?.. U know sanskar me, maa, dida was a happy family… Even if everyone was taunting my ma as charactesless and saying that i will also became like her. I didn’t mind anything.. Because i have a beautiful family.. When they are with me, i shouldn’t have to worry about anything… But dida heard about it she felt very badly.. So we came here.. I want to pursue my passion, my music, so I concentrate on it.. I didn’t inform anyone about my profession…

sw: when we came here, I got to know that this is maa’s native place. But I don’t understand why dida and dadi are always fought each other.. Why that shekhar gagodia and maa looking eachother with hatred. (sanskar looks at her hearing shekhar gagodia. Swara also looks at him)  what? Oh u r thinking that Why I am calling him by his name…  Hey na?, (sanskar nodes) the moment he accepted to kill his unborn child, he became an outsider for me… I have a father, ie, Dad… That’s enough for me…

San: you  will get everything princess

Sw:(smiles) After that ragini and me became friends.. Eventhough our family behaves like rivals, it didn’t affect our friendship… Then laksh came to our life… He tried to befriend with me…. Because of his flirt nature and ragini’s dislike for him, I didn’t accept it..  Then he came to my house with a proposal.. Dida and maa accept it.  Badi Ma without anyone’s notice taunted me, saying they don’t like Bengalis…  I didn’t mind them for maa..

Sw: after somedays, ragini came to talk to me.. By mistake we got Some photos from which we got to know the past relationships of my ma and her father..  How he is related to my birth.   At that time me and she was very happy.  But by Mistakes, that photos fell down from ragini’s hand.. Whole badi got to know the truth.. She hand in hand with me to unite them.. Laksh also helps us.. They both got married.. I thought laksh is good person.. Then at marriage day, she told me everything before pushing me to river.. She is relationship with laksh and she intentionally threw that photos.. But it’s not for uniting them, but to break this marriage.. Then u know na what happened after that….

Sw: do you know sanskar, during marriage days Mom tried to understand me that my decision is not correct, laksh is not correct for me.. But it was heard by laksh and he told me that she did this because she doesn’t like Bengalis and me… But that day, she defended me, then I got confused.. When laksh tried to break the marriage and decided to marry me, I realized she was correct.. I got u because of her. Then with you I got a family. I got a bhai and bhabhi because of u. My Ma return back to me.(turned towards him) U don’t know how much I grateful to you.. Thank you so much sanskar.. Thank you for coming into my life

San: now u say thank you to me? Ur prince? (fake angry)

Sw: I have to sanskar…

San: OK if u want to thank me u can do this(kissed her forehead)  and if you want to say sorry to me u can do this (kissed her cheek) (then naughtily) if u want to love u can do this (leaned to kiss her but she flinched away giggling) (Sanskar pouts)

Seeing him like that she pecked his lips.. Sanskar smiles.. She then hugged him tightly.. He also hugs her back.. They stood there like that sometimes …

Sw: sanskar… (he hummed)  till yesterday, I had a soft corner for her, as a sister, a best friend and as a girl.. But not now… She has to get punished…

san: of course princess… You are my life.. She tried to break u how can I leave her? She will also get severe punishment.. Now leave this nagin puran… You go and get ready.

Sw:(without thinking) but u said to bhai we will leave only in night.. Then why?

Saying this she looks at him only to see his naughty smile.. Then only she realized what she blurted out.. She get embarrassed and looks at here and there..

sw: I will go and get ready.. (she is about to go but he pulled her towards him)

San: I didn’t know that my princess didn’t get satisfaction yesterday (her face became crimson red. She didn’t looks up..) don’t worry princess we will go only in night… Now get ready to have a romantic breakfast ???. Ur dress is already placed in washroom (she looks at confused)  special dress for special breakfast..

She ran away from his clutches the next moment he looses his grip.. He smiles then go to other room to get ready.. After sometimes they both get ready.. After that she went to hall, but to her disappointment there is no decorations. She looks confused.. She is about to call home, someone blindfolded her.

Sw: sanskar….

San: come princess, there is a surprise for you.

they both went towards a direction. After sometimes they stopped.  He removed the ribbon from her eyes.  She became awestruck to see scene infront of her.  They r in beach… It is beautifully decorated with their photo…

San: do like it?

Sw: I loved it sanskar.  (kissed his forehead to thank him. Sanskar smiles..)

They both had their breakfast chitchatting random things. After the breakfast he takes her bridal way and go to room..

Sw: sanskar plates…

San: servants will collect it… (seeing her confused face) they live in servant quarters.. Because of that u didn’t see them… What do u think I’m a chef to cook this much food in less Time.. (she pouts..)  hey don’t do that then we can’t able to go home today also… (her eyes become wider and hits his chest shyly)

At that time they reached in room.. Sanskar layed her on bed.. Then came and closed the door (author became outsider ???) to fulfill his princess’s wish…. After lunch they both get ready…

San: we have to go somewhere else before going home.. So we have to leave now… Don’t worry, Soon I will collect proof against laksh and punish him.. Then I won’t leave leave you for a second… ???(swara shyly smiles.. They both went from there… )

At 7pm MM

Sujatha is pacing here and there.  She is  looking at door time to time.. Other family members are also in the hall waiting swasan.. Ap is angry at swara,  Raglak are normal couple  but till now she didn’t go outside with laksh.  Here eventhough sanskar is not normal, swasan always go to outside, for long drive… Now they stayed outside one night too… Ragini is happy, because the goons called her inform that they takes swara with them. They hit Sanskar and threw away to jungle. But she didn’t show it outside… At that time Aman came there…

Suj: Aman, why are u alone?  Where is swara and sanskar?

Am: aunty, I didn’t tell you anything yesterday, because I don’t want to scare u.

Ragini smiles without anyone’s notice.. Others became tensed.

Rp: what are you saying Aman..? Where is swara and sanskar? Are they OK…

Am: uncle yesterday evening some goons tried to attack swara…

Everyone become shocked except ragini.. She is hiding her smile..

Utt: how is my bhabhi? Is she OK?

“I’m very much OK uttara” a voice came from behind.. Everyone looks at the source.. Ragini’s face became pale seeing swasan fit and fine..

Sw: what will happen to me when my bhai, (slowly audible to sanskar) my hubby (he smiles without anyone’s notice), (loudly audible to everyone) and his bodyguards with me.. They saved me and took that goons with them..

Sujatha came to her and hugged her tightly.. Uttara and Rp too came and hugs her…  Ragini got scared hearing this.. She then relived thinking the goons didn’t reveal her name as they are not even looking at her..

Utt: where is that goons now Aman bhai?

Am: do you want to see what happens to them? What did ur bhabhi do with them..

He goes to  connect USB with TV.. Swara remembers what happened few hours ago..


Swasan reached infront of a large bungalow.  They both came inside.. Aman is already waiting for them..

Sw: why did we come here sanskar..

San: ur culprits are tied here swara… Do you want to punish them again?

Sw: yes sanskar (excited)


She came back to sense when sanskar patted her back.

San: don’t u want to see ragini’s expression. (she nodes)

Aman connected pen drive to TV..

Video (MM family can’t see sanskar in video)

They went towards them. They are tied up by coir and bodyguards are beating them.. Seeing sanskar they stopped.. Goons are scared seeing them…

G1: plz don’t torture us again plz leave us…

Sw: if any girl tell you this will you accept it? No? (to Aman) Aman bhai I want to punch them…

Aman gave her wrestling gloves and sanskar’s men gave her ring made by barbed wire.. Goons eyes became wider.. She started to punch their faces.. They started to bleed.. After that she asked something. Aman and others looks shocked.. Aman gave a large plucker to her. She started to pluck their nails from their fingers… At this time ragini screams…

rag: please stop this I can’t see this… Plz… Stop (she is so scared..others also) swara how can u do this?

Aman stop the video… Laksh is looking at swara horrified..

Utt: no ragini bhabhi,  swara bhabhi didn’t do anything wrong… Infact  every girls should do this with their culprits.. (ragini gulped) I’m proud of you bhabhi (hugs swara) I wish I could do that..

Sw: u can do it soon ..

Am: They didn’t tell us who did this…

suj:  that means..

Am: yes aunty, someone gave Quotation to them to attack swara.. (everyone become shocked and ragini scared) if I got that person, he will get tortured more than this.. (ragini scared like hell)

Suj: at that time u call me… I will do his Band Baja Barat (did I write correct ??)

Am: swara I am leaving now…

He went from there… Sujatha asks swara to take sanskar  to room.. Ragini already went from there… Swasan reached their room and locked the door bursts out laughing ????

Sw:  oh God sanskar, did u see ragini. How much she is scared..

San: u don’t how much I control not to laugh. Today she won’t sleep with peace… (he smirks)

Then they both went to sleep… Peaceful sleep..

To Be Continued….

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