Swasan TS: My bride in a Veil (Part-9)

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Recap: Sanskar asking swara for date, Ragini drama…

Part: 9

Laksh (to himself): Guys, pick the call. I think I only have to go. I know leaving me with this witch they must be romancing with each other. Don’t know what will happen in the future.
He hit his forehead and went from there without Ragini’s notice.

At other side,

Swara was busy with Sanskar
Swara was busy with Sanskar. They were cuddling each other and just talking but their moments disturbed by Knock on door. Sanskar crushed that person under breath and went to open the door.
Sanskar: Are you mad? If she’ll see you here then all things can be finished.
Person: Relax Bhai she’s busy in planning.
Sanskar: Still you should call us but…
Laksh: I called you both but you both not picked. What you both were doing? Don’t tell me you were doing romance.

Sanskar about to say something but swara spoke something making them alert.

Swara: If you both will continue fighting there only then she will come to know.

Sanskar allowed him entering inside the room. Laksh immediately hugged him and asked sorry.

Laksh: Sorry Bhai for those words as I thought she’s outside only so she can listen our conversation. That’s why I spoke like that.

Sanskar patted his back and made him sit.

Sanskar: No need to ask sorry I can understand. But yeah you should ask sorry for now you disturbed our romance.

Swara playfully hit him and sat near sanskar.

Swara: Such a shameless creature.
Laksh: Yeah bhabi I was thinking if you both knew each other before only then here must be cricket players roaming here.

She became shy and looked down but tube light sanskar about to ask but before it swara interrupted as she understood what sanskar going to ask.

Swara: Sanskar thanks for trusting me and saying yes for this plan without any proof.
Sanskar: It’s impossible that I would not have trust you.
Sanskar side hugged her, laksh fake coughed and bought them back.
Laksh: Really I am in trouble and you both started romancing. Seriously I don’t want her if my baby will get to know then she’ll kick me from her life.

Swasan rolled their eye and glared laksh. Laksh looked down and whispered “you both can continue your romance I’ll close my eyes.”

Sanskar; Okay jokes apart any progress.
Swara: I am sure she must be planning something.
Laksh: Yes you’re saying right. She was holding your pics and blabbering something.
Sanskar: What the hell this girl wants?
Swara: Uff how many times I have to tell you she wants you.
Sanskar: I am not her property, I really wants to kill her or kick her somewhere but my hands are tied as she has laksh weakness or else she must be on road.
Laksh: I am sorry only due to me..
Sanskar: No laksh it’s not due to you it’s just due to me. I don’t know why I said yes in past for marrying her.
Swara: Actually it’s just due to you both (they angrily looked at her) ohh hello I am not going to take my name.
Sanskar: Really swara always jokes are not good.
Swara: Whatever.

She turned her face other side.

Laksh: Bhabhi please don’t take him serious we need to focus on plan. (Sanskar glared him, Laksh joined hand and plead them to focus.)

Swasan nodded in yes and they remembered how they come together.

Few days ago
Laksh was fully devastated, he came home with pale face and directly went to sanskar’s room and fell on knees.

Sanskar was busy with some files but listening his voice he closed his files.

Laksh: Bhai I need to say something.

He became shocked seeing him like that meanwhile Swara was talking with someone on phone.

Sanskar: What happen lucky? All …
Laksh: Please listen me first.

Sanskar nodded in yes and make him sit on bed and gave water.
Laksh: Bhai I did a mistake but please listen me fully before saying anything.

Sanskar asked him to continue.

Laksh: Actually few days ago I was partying with friends due to that I didn’t read so I stole examination papers….

Sanskar angrily stood from his place and inturptted him.

Sanskar: What the hell is this? I never thought you’ll fall so low. I am going to say this to dad.

Laksh began to cry and hug him.

Laksh: Please Bhai don’t tell him he’ll send me jail moreover she’s also blackmailing me. Please Bhai help me.
Sanskar: Who?
Laksh looked down and whispered meanwhile Swara also came there.
Laksh: Ragini.

Sanskar not able to believe it he about to shout but swara spoke between in it.

Swara: I can’t even imagine she could fall so low.

Both saw towards swara who was all red. Sanskar went near her and held her through shoulder.

Sanskar: Did you know something about her which we all don’t know.
Swara: I don’t know you’ll trust me or not but I want to say all things.

Laksh about to go from there but swara stopped him.

Swara: You too can listen.
Laksh: Hmm
Sanskar: I’ll trust you.

She smiled and narrated all incidents before marriage to till today. (Nikhil to dadi’s health)

Swara: Many times I tried to tell you but I was not able to figure out how I say but after today incident I not able to control.

Sanskar loosened his grip on her shoulder before she could think anything he cupped her face.

Sanskar: Don’t you trust me swara? I already had doubt that something is between you both but I thought you would tell me later so I didn’t ask.
Swara: I trust you but still I was waiting for correct time. And yes ma knows all things she once heard my and Ragini convo.
Laksh: But Bhabhi why she’s behind me? I mean I even didn’t know anything about her deeds neither I have interest in her.
Swara: I too don’t know if she blackmailed me or sanskar I could have understood but why you.
Sanskar: You both don’t worry I’ll ask her. I’ll show her what’s result of threating my family.

He about to move from there.

Swara: Yeah great idea and she’ll tell you everything you stupid we need to plan something so we can able to know reason behind this.

Laksh nodded in agreement.

Sanskar: That I didn’t think but laksh what she told I mean she must have placed some condition.
Laksh: She asked me to do whatever she will say in future or else she’ll tell everyone about my mistake as she has some proof.
Sanskar: Now great go and become her puppy who the hell told you stole papers. Seriously you’re stupid.
Laksh; I know I did mistake but I don’t want to go jail please do something. If that will happen then my reputation would….
Sanskar: You deserve this I am not going to help you in any way and about her leave it on me.
Swara: Sanskar please we have to think wisely suppose if you also hand him to jail but then what’s grantee that she’ll not do some cheap things in the future.
Laksh: Please Bhai..

Sanskar: Don’t worry we’ll definitely do something but laksh I am warning you.
Laksh: Sorry Bhai I’ll never repeat such mistakes.
Sanskar: Better.
Swara: Ummm I think laksh you just say her you will do whatever she wants later we will see what to do.
Sanskar: But it can be risky.
Swara: Trust me sanskar it’s a only way I know her so well she’ll definitely do some cheap things.
Sanskar: Okay
Laksh: Okay I’ll say her yes.

Laksh went from there, Sanskar close door and hugged her.
Sanskar: I am with you.
Swara: I know.

Sanskar: I even not think in dream that she can fall so low.
Swara: Better you didn’t thought about her in dream.
Sanskar: Nothing can change you. Well Shona I think till tomorrow we will get rid of her.
Swara: Definitely now I can’t tolerate her.
Sanlak; Even we.
Swara: So tonight I’ll go to her room and try to take cd and Sanskar you have to make her busy with yourself and Laksh you just have to keep eyes on door.
Sanskar: Yeah tonight my dignity is in danger but remember if I lost my dignity then also you have to accept me.

Laksh and swara gave him what look, he just smiled Idiotically.

Laksh; Don’t worry if she’ll not accept you then I’ll find new girl for you.

Before swasan could break his bones he ran from there leaving swasan alone, now swara was just biting her nails and roaming here there.

Sanskar hit his forehead and sat at his place seeing her as understanding what is going to come ahead.

Swara: Would she really snatch you from me?
Sanskar: I was just kidding but Shona I could not able to figure out one thing. If we have to just steal proof we can do it before only why so much drama?
Swara: It’s simple sanskar if we before even tried then we could get caught as she might get doubt on laksh but now she must be sure that laksh is under her control so she’ll not give that much heeds.
Sanskar: So much intelligence, Sometimes I used to get doubt what’s real you that immature child under you or Newton’s brain inside such small brain.
Swara: You have so much time for deciding that.

He remembered that was his dialogue when they were talking in morning. Both burst in laugh later engulfed in sweet romance.

Sanskar: Swara you only like me then why so much fear of loosing me I mean you can get someone else.
Swara: Same question I can ask from you too why I matter you so much. Why you always love to close with me? If ever you get answers then tell me too might be my answer would be same.
(Both thought in mind when you’ll realise that you love me.)


As per plan Swara went inside Ragini room, laksh was keeping eye on door while sanskar was sitting in study room and crying before Ragini on his fate.

Ragini: Sanskar don’t cry I am with you.
Sanskar: No Ragini I don’t deserve your friendship even you used to tell me that swara is not good but I Idiot..

She kept finger at his lips, he felt like killing her he saw towards door but there was no sign of swara and Laksh.

(He remembered how he called ragini for asking forgiveness, his trances broken by Ragini’s voice.)

Ragini: Don’t say that you’re not Idiot it’s just she’s smart.

Sanskar: (Murmured) Yeah she’s smart that’s why I am still safe from you.
Ragini: You said something.

He nodded in no and moved little.

Sanskar: After getting to know about her greediness for money I am hating myself to love her. I decided that I’ll soon divorce her and marry someone like you. You know I thought I’ll marry you but then I remembered you are already married to my brother.

Ragini crushed herself under breath planning about her marriage.

Ragini: Actually sanskar I just pretend to do marriage with laksh. He is also with me if you not believe then ask him, he knows everything.
Sanskar: No need I believe you but why you both did acting of marriage?
Ragini: We just did for bringing swara truth but now you come to know then no need to do acting. Finally I and you can marry. You can’t even imagine how much I am happy. You know sanskar I already knew swara is just bi**h.
Sanskar: (Shouted making her jump from her place) What the hell is this Ragini? (Ragini saw at him with questionable look. He closed eyes and breath properly to cool down ) I mean we shouldn’t use such kind of language for anyone.
Ragini: hmm but she deserve more than it don’t say you still love her even knowing how cheap is she?

(Sanskar thought in mind how cleverly she put all things on swara.)

He nodded in negative, she happily hugged him and began to touch his chest. (Baby just wait for some moments?????)

He was hardly controlling himself as any cost he doesn’t want to create any mess for swara and Laksh.

Ragini: What happen sanskar? Why you’re not hugging me?

He closed his eyes and about to hug her but before it he felt Someone separating him from her. He sighed in relief but later became afraid seeing Swara standing in red face, her eyes were reflecting disgust and angriness.

Swara angrily slapped Ragini and dragged her from there.
Ragini: Leave me he told me he wants to divorce from you.
Swara: If you dare to open your mouth then no one would worse than me.
Ragini: Hey…

Swara again slapped her even more hard than before.

Swara: Dare to say anything.

Ragini became horrified seeing her this form, she just kept silent and tried to free from her.
Sanskar followed her while laksh took something from study Room.

Sanskar: Shona we’ll call police please leave her you might get hurt. She’s really dangerous and don’t make your hand dirty by touching shameless girl like her.

Ragini became shocked listening his words, she angrily saw towards him. Swara angrily glare sanskar making him gulped in fear.

Swara: I don’t care, now I’ll show her right place it’s enough. I was just leaving her thinking one day she’ll realise her mistakes but no how can I expect it from her.

In hall
She pushed her near sofa and called everyone.

After few minutes
Swara: dad mom and you all (Ragini’s parents) now I am going to show you something.

(She showed cd of rag………………….. And sanskar conversation later she told everyone how Ragini blackmailed laksh. Initially Shekhar not believed her he about to slap swara but sanskar stopped him.)

Sanskar: It’s not my problem that you are believing us now you can go as we thought to tell you truth. I am calling police for arresting her as she blackmailed my brother and for fake molestation allegation. Also for trying to kill dadi and Swara.

Ragini: What the hell is this? When I tried to kill Swara? I know I tried to separate you both not only this I also played game on her marriage so her life can spoil but unfortunately I dug grave for myself. I too accept I changed dadi’s medicine but I never tried to kill anyone of them. So…

Before she could speak further Shekhar slapped her.

Shekhar: You ever imagine if that day her marriage not happened then what happened with her? Society might killed her with taunt as she not belongs to high class family who can shut mouth by money. How you would know you were busy in planning things for that you even reached late on your marriage and later said lie. I just feeling like die here…

Swara inturptted and said with anger filled in voice; If both of your drama is end then I am calling as I can’t tolerate her even for a second.
Laksh: Bhabhi police is going to reach in just few seconds.
Ragini: You all can’t do this with me. You don’t know me what can I do and you laksh I’ll destroy you but before you I’ll kill this b*t*h.

She stood and angrily tried to slap swara but sanskar held her hand and slapped her hard.

Sanskar: Ever you try to touch my swara then I’ll kill you.

Swara was still red in anger, she just seeing that with anger filled eyes.

He dragged Ragini and threw outside from house meanwhile police reached and took her.
(I always wanted once to see her behind bars???)

Later Shekhar asked forgiveness from everyone.

Swara: I am too sorry I talked rudely but it’s just I lost my hyper.
Sekhar: I can understand but if possible then forgive me as I humiliate you many times. And yes start new life with him you both are very lucky as you got each other and this family is too good.

He and his family went from there.

Later Ram too ask forgiveness from laksh as he didn’t able to figure out right thing plus also scolded him for mistake.

After some hours

Swasan were in room and sitting on bed.
Sanskar: Thank god you came on time or I might lose my dignity.

He tried to lift her mood as after that incident she not said any words to him, she was just looking down.

Sanskar: And I really became afraid seeing your behaviour. Really Shona for ….

Suddenly he noticed tears in her eyes. He immediately cupped her face and wiped her tears.
Sanskar: Shona what happened? Please say something you’re making me worried.
Swara: Sanskar I am thinking about her why she stopped so low you know I never thought that I’ll behave badly with anyone but it’s just that I really not able to control myself. And what was my family mistake if I was good in college. I was just concentrating on studies as I wanted to make my parents proud but she played her games.
Sanskar: Just Forget her like bad dreams and think about new bright morning because that new morning is going to bring new plans in our life.

She smiled listening his words.

Swara: Yeah you’re right vo sorry I spoiled your mood.
Sanskar: Now I used to it and you remember about date.
Swara: Definitely how can I forget that tomorrow I am going date with some stranger.
Saying it she hides herself in blanket, he smiled and hugged her tightly.
Sanskar; No energy left for fighting with you.
Swara: Aww my sanskar became tired no worries we will fight tomorrow.
Sanskar: Instead of fight you could say something else but you huhh leave it.
Swara: Just shut up and sleep or date cancel.

He immediately laid down and closed eyes, she chuckled and slept in his arms.

As usual they day was going but difference was that today there was just happiness and relief over everyone face.

Breakfast table,
All finished breakfast and went for doing respective work expect swasan as sanskar was not going office so they wake up little late.
Swara: Sanskar I want to ask something.
Sanskar: Later Shona first serve me breakfast after that I have to check some mails.
Swara: Hmm
She half heartedly served him breakfast and went from there without eating anything.
Swara: (Monologue) How I tell him that I want to join his business? Will he agree or not? I think I should talk him after our date or else his mood can disturbed.
Sanskar came there with plate in his hand and sat near her.
Sanskar: Ask.
Swara: Nothing so important but why you came here? Have you done breakfast?

Precap: Swasan date and new journey.

Let wait to see what new things going to bring this new journey.

New struggle or just smooth life.

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