Swasan TS: My bride in a Veil (Part-8)

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Recap: Swasan clearing misunderstanding and promising to share each things with each other. Sanskar realising his love.. They spending sometime together.
                      Part 8
Sanskar holding swara.
Swara: You moron…
Sanskar: Darling later you can use such decent words for me. First, accept you loose or else I’ll…
Swara: My cutepie, my chocho okk my hot handsome husband…
Sanskar turned his face and little loosed his grip on her waist.
Swara: Okay you win now happy.
He turned towards her side and made her stand but his dismay both slipped and fall on ground.

She about to speak but seeing his gaze on her she lost herself in his eyes. Without realising place and surrounding he came closer to her being shy she turned her face.
He came in sense by her this action and realised what he’s going to do, seeing Swara seeing other side he thought she not liked him coming closer to her as still somewhere that misunderstanding had impact on him.

He stood and gave her hand, realising he not came close to her she saw towards him who was forwarding his hand but not seeing at her. She held his hand and stood. Both began to walk with silence between them, swara was confused with this silence but at other hand he was regretting. Soon they reached home and changed their dresses.


After doing dinner with family members both went in their room but sanskar got call without saying anything he went from there.

As soon as he went she felt dejected and stood before mirror and touched her vermilion and manglarsutra. And closed her eyes thinking something.

Swara: (Monologue) What is between us? When I was in relationship with that monkey I never felt bad when he used to ignore me but why with sanskar? Why I feel special with him? Why whenever he used to come near me I used to feel time should stop here only? Why I always feel protective with him? How I able to trust him so easily? Only Why???? And how????

She opened her eyes with lots of questions and decided to talk with Sujata as sujata was not only her mother but also like her best friend who understands her so much.

Without thinking anything she went towards her room, she hesitantly knocked door. Ram opened door and surprisingly looked at her.

Ram: Beta any problem?
Swara with little hesitation : Dad vo I want to talk with Ma.
Sujata came there and signal ram to go, he nodded in yes and went from there. In hall he found sanskar sitting with frown face.

Sujata’s room

She made her sit on bed and take her head in her lap.
Sujata: So what’s confusion?
Swara smiled thinking how well her mother in law knows her.
Swara: Ma you already all things about me and nikhil..
Sujata: Did he troubled you?
Swara: No ma it’s about me and sanskar.
Sujata: Then good or else I had broken legs and what happened to both of you again fight?
Swara: No it’s just that I was just wondering why I feel different with sanskar. You know ma I never felt such feelings..
Sujata; Because beta before it you were attracted towards Nikhil that’s why you never felt anything special…
Swara: Then why now? I mean I only like sanskar then what’s this feeling?
Sujata: It’s just that you don’t like him anymore.
Swara sat and surprisingly looked at her. Before she could say anything sujata drop another bomb on her.
Sujata: Now you love him that’s why all these things.
Swara: But how could it possible I mean we just knows each other from some days.
Sujata: Sometimes even a single second is enough for falling in love, if you not believe me then close your eyes and think why he’s special for you.
She closed her eyes and just thought about him.
Swara: Because he’s my every thing.
She happily opened her eyes and started to jump.
Swara: It means I swara fallen love with my husband sanskar Maheswari. You can’t even imagine how much I am happy. But you know I am confused about his feelings for me I know he likes me but about love I don’t know.
Sujata: Then simple go and try to know what is your position in his life just he likes you as you’re his wife or loves you because you’re his life.

Swara smiled and nodded in yes.

Whereas sanskar too shared that his feelings about swara that he loves her but don’t know how to tell her and most importantly how to make her realise her feelings.
Ram; Just show her how much she’s special for you. What is her position in your life? What would happen if tomorrow she will be not part of your life then she’ll understand your feelings too and her as well.
Sanskar nodded in yes and went from there.

Ram and sujata told each other everything they became amazed knowing both loves each other but don’t know how to take these things further. They decided not to interfere in it as they thought it’ll make their relationship more stronger.

Swasan same time entered inside their room and passed sweet smile to each other.
Both sat on bed and decided to talk something.
Swara: Why you were sad?
Sanskar: Do you really wants to know?
She nodded in yes and wrapped her arms around him.
Swara: I want to share everything with you and same thing I expect from you too.
Sanskar nodded in agreement.
Sanskar: Swara it’s just that I still have fear (swara looked at him) I mean it’s just my insecurities.
Swara: Say clearly sanskar don’t talk in puzzle.
Sanskar: Actually swara I felt after our fight things changed between us I mean when in park I tried to kiss you, you turned….
Before he could complete she smashed her lips on his and convey her words through it that nothing is changed.

Sometimes words can confuse then just by action conveying feelings is the best way.

After some time she broke kiss and looked at him who was still sitting with open eyes as he still not able to believe what happened.

Swara; Sanskar looked at me.
He looked at her eyes.
Swara: Do you find any uncomfortableness in my eyes? Or feeling of regretting after kissing you.
He nodded in no, before he could ask anything she herself cleared his confusion.
Swara: I am girl however I am bold but whenever you come closer to me I too become shy sanskar that’s I turned my face that time. I hope now you understood. Well now lets sleep.
Sanskar: I am sorry..
Swara: Hey don’t say sorry I can understand well I love that you shared it with me or else we both again going to have misunderstanding.
He smiled and nodded in yes.
Sanskar: Well I love when I am reason behind your shyness. What about making you shy again?
She blushed and hit his chest, he took her hand in his hand and placed soft kissed over it.
Sanskar: You’re too much beautiful when you shy.

Saying it he pulled her closer and kissed her lips. He not let her kiss, just he was dominating and sweetly yet little aggressive he was kissing her.

Sanskar: Now things equal between us. And yes remember I won challenge so tomorrow be ready I going to ask my gift.

He took her in arm and tried to sleep tightly hugging her but sleep was far away from their eyes.

Next morning both awake by some sounds which was coming from downstairs, they opened eyes with difficulties as whole night they were busy in planning things how to make each other realise their feelings.

Swara: (Murmured) I am sure must this Ragini have done some drama god ji when this girl will leave me and my family.
Sanskar: (Murmured) I am sure Laksh and uttara have done some pranks seriously sometimes I can’t believe they’re my siblings.

Both looked at each and signal to go. As usual he kissed her forehead and pecked her lips and come down from bed. She quickly changed her dress and went downstairs.

Swasan became shocked seeing scenario they looked at each other and ran near laksh. Laksh was sitting near Ram’s feet.
Sanskar: Lucky what happened?
Laksh looked down while ram angrily glared him.
Ram: Ask your brother why he did that?
Swara: But dad…
Ram: Swara it’s my family matter it’ll better if you keep quiet.
Sanskar: Dad she’s my wife and this house daughter in law. So she has all rights to speak.
Ram realised what he spoke in anger he saw towards swara who was silently weeping.
Swara: I am sorry…
After Saying it she moved backwards and stood far from them. Sanskar about to go but laksh not left his hand.
Ram: It’s just due to anger it slipped from my mouth I’ll ask forgiveness from her you just see this jerk headed boy.
Sanskar nodded in yes, Ram went from there but not before angrily glaring laksh well Sujata was sitting holding her head.
Before he could ask anything from them someone come and slapped laksh making sanskar furious and Laksh more guilty.
Sanskar: How dare you uncle to slap my brother?
Shekhar; You just shut up, your this brother tried to misbehave with my daughter.
Ragini: Dad you’re thinking wrong.
Sanskar: I trust my brother, he can’t do anything like that. Laksh clear all things.
Ragini: Sanskar…
Sanskar (shouted): Laksh I asked clear things.
Laksh looked down and held sanskar’s hand.
Laksh: I am sorry Bhai…
Sanskar become shocked plus ashamed too as he never imagined this kind of act from him.
While swara who was listening it from some distance too become shocked she about to go but remembering Ram’s words she stopped herself.
Ram came near her and looked down.
Ram: Swara beta it’s just in anger I didn’t realised what I said? Please forgive me.
Swara: Dad please don’t ask sorry by it you are really making me stranger I can understand well dad at this moment leave all this if you don’t mind then please tell what happened? I mean dad laksh can’t do it.
Ram: Come with me and ask from him only.
She confusedly followed him.
Sanskar still standing there with numb expression while laksh looking down.
Laksh noticed swara and went near her.
Laksh: Bhabhi please ask Bhai to talk me, he can beat me but please say him don’t be silence.
Sanskar: I am sorry Ragini from his side.
Shekhar: What sorry one brother destroyed her life and other tried to snatch her dignity. I’ll send laksh jail.
Swara still not able to understand what is going on here, she just trying to understand what is going on Ragini mind how leaving sanskar she went behind laksh.
Laksh: Please uncle don’t send me jail I was not in my sense I…
Mean time ragini played her dump card, she dragged laksh inside temple and forward him sindoor.
Ragini: Fill it.
Sanskar being guilty over laksh deeds not able to stop her while swara tried to stop but shekhar held her hand. All were silent as no one able to understand anything.
Laksh nodded in no but Ragini glared him without anyone noticed he gulped in fear and nodded in yes.
Without having any options he filled her hairline.

Ragini: Now he’s my husband and you can’t send him jail.

Ram became little relieved listening it as however he angry with laksh’s deeds but it’s hard to see them for seeing laksh going behind jail. While Sujata became confuse seeing it but choose to keep quiet.

Shekhar angrily went from there. Ram and sujata thanks ragini and gave disgust looked to laksh. They also went from there.

Sanskar: (Roared making swara, laksh and ragini gulped in fear) Explain me.
Swara went near sanskar and held his hand to claim him.
Swara: Laksh kindly give explanation behind your such deed.
Laksh: I am sorry..
He just able to speak these after it he again looked down.
Ragini went near sanskar, she took his hand from Swara’s hand and held it. Swara gave disgust looked to Ragini but Ragini being Ragini not thought anything.
Ragini: He told me he used to like me I was trying to make him understand that I am elder to him so it can’t possible but being adamant he was not ready to listen me and at last he tried to forcing himself on me but dad saved me.
Laksh: I am sorry Ragini that I don’t able to control my feelings truth is that I love you from beginning. (He said all this with close eyes and crossed his fingers which not went unnoticed by swasan, both saw towards each other and signal something through eyes.)

(Only listenable to Sanskar)

Swara: (To sanskar) Do you trust me?
He nodded in yes
Swara: Then just be silent for sometime.
Sanskar: Hmm
He jerked his hand from Ragini’s hand and held swara’s hand
Swara: But why you saved him then? You should send him jail don’t worry no one will say anything to you.
Ragini: I love sanskar and I can’t see his beloved in pain. And as now I married to laksh I’ll try to move on.
Laksh closed his fist while sanskar gave what look listening love word and swara still not able to figure out what is going in Ragini’s dumb mind.
Ragini: But I need time Laksh I hope this time you’ll understand it and please sanskar don’t angry with him he’s kid.
Sanskar: I want to talk with laksh.
Ragini: But…
Sanskar: He’s my brother so I guess I still have some rights.
He held laksh hand and moved towards his room. Swara and ragini followed him but before they could reach there he closed door making ragini angry and swara tensed.

Swara: Why are you doing this?
Ragini: What do you mean? See swara I know we don’t like each other but you can understand my situation as you’re also girl.
Swara went in thought listening it.

Inside room
Sanskar: Tell me truth.
Laksh: I already said truth now I don’t want to say anything.
Sanskar: I better know you both.
Laksh: Bhai don’t interfere in my matter I supported you when you married Swara Bhabhi now I expect same from you too.
Sanskar became angry listening swara’s name in middle.
Sanskar: Don’t drag swara in between these things.
Laksh: Same goes with you don’t drag my wife when mistake was my. And about Bhabhi at some point she’s reason behind all this mess.
Sanskar became angry listening it but thought to not react as this time it will be no use.
Laksh went from there, listening door sound swara came back in sense and went inside room.

Ragini about to speak but laksh interrupted her.
Laksh: (to Ragini) I didn’t told anything.
Saying it he went from there, Ragini smirked and too went from there.

Inside Room
Sanskar was sitting on sofa and looking down, swara came and sat beside him. She touched his shoulder, sensing her presence he immediately hugged her.
Swara: Sanskar do you think truth that what we’re seeing or something else.
Sanskar: You know shona when we were in college once I drank as my all friends were drinking.
She angrily looked at him while he gave her puppy look.
Swara: Continue later I’ll see it.
Sanskar: Then more than dad laksh scolded me I know he’s younger than me but still he literally ate my ear by scolding.
Swara: He only scolded you if I was there than I must killed you.
Sanskar: Arre shona tries to understand what I want to say.
Swara; Okay continue.
Sanskar: It is just that Laksh hate that drinks even he can’t tolerate smell then how can it possible that he’ll drink and misbehave with Ragini. I am not saying Ragini is lying as no girl can stop so low but I think both are in problem. I even tried to ask him but he denied saying he really loves her.
Swara: Sometimes just open your eyes it’s not necessary that what we think about other is true only. And about laksh I think we need to give him some time after that we will talk to him.

He nodded in yes, she about to moved but he held her hand. She confusingly looked at him, he just smiled and wiped her tears which was she trying to stop.

Sanskar: I know you’re still sad due to dad words. I also don’t know how he spoke like that.
Swara: Yeah it’s true at some point I can’t able to forget it but I think it’s just due to laksh’s frustration never mind he can say whatever he wants as he’s my dad too.
Sanskar: I think so well no worries if anything else will there I’ll try to solve.

She smiled and kept her head at his chest.
Sanskar; I am tensed about them don’t know what is happening in my life.
Swara: At some point I am responsible for these miseries…
He put his finger at her lips and nodded in no.
Sanskar: Never say that again you’re not responsible for anything yeah if you’re responsible for something then it’s behind my family madness as you make them like you.

She smiled and nodded in agreement. For diverting his mind she thought something and spoke making him irritate.

Swara: Sanskar you really drank?
Sanskar: Now you don’t stuck there it was just a mistake which I did influence of friends. And you didn’t need to take tension about anything I even not touch those things.
Swara: (Chuckled) I am not taking tension it’s just I don’t able to believe as you seemed discipline.
Sanskar: Yeah after that mistake I almost changed myself.
Swara: I want to know that sanskar too.
Sanskar: You have life time to know each sanskar but yeah I only want to know real swara who’s now with me.
She became silent and just kept looking at him.
Sanskar: Well leave all those things you remember about challenge.
She naughtily nodded in no, he smirked and looked at her.
Sanskar; Let me make you remember.
Swara: Try it.
Saying it she moved closer to him and roamed her hand on his chest.
Swara: I love to see your efforts.
She about to move back but he pulled her closer.
Sanskar: So I supposed to do anything.
Swara: I think so.
Sanskar: So come on date with me there I’ll make you remember challenge too and also will say what I want from you. And yes wear some western this time.
Swara: But sanskar family..
Sanskar: I know what you want to say but I think we should also give time to each other as I know this drama will take time. And as you said give sometime to laksh do that as well.
Swara: Then no problem and remember I’ll be with you in every situation. If you ever feel that now you can’t do just remember me.
Sanskar: I know, so be ready tomorrow.

At other side

Ragini was sitting on chair holding swasan pictures.

Ragini; Enjoy as much you both want as my this plan will snatch your every happiness now sanskar you’re not my love but my obsession that obsession which I want at every cost. So be ready for as soon you both will hate each other and in my this mission your beloved brother will help.

Laksh listened all things and went from there by taking his phone.

He called someone and smiled happily. (I think he became mad ????)

Precap: Swasan date or Someone farewell ?????? (? my new thinking emoji)

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