Swasan TS: My bride in a Veil (Part-10)

Recap: Swasan and Laksh plan, Nagini’s farewell…


Sanskar: Not still I was about to eat then I looked around to find you but you were not there.

Swara: Then great lets eat together.

She about to stood but he pulled her, she fell in his lap, he locked her between his arms and intertwined their fingers. She saw him with questionable look.

Sanskar: First tell me what is bothering you? Don’t tell me you’re still thinking about yesterday incidents.

She looked here there to avoid his eyes as seeing in his eyes she can’t able to hide her wish from him.

Swara: Really nothing sanskar I was just thinking gibberish things.

He finally became irritated seeing her not opening mouth.

Sanskar; As your wish, well I am not hungry you can eat.

Swara: Fine telling you.

Sanskar: Better

Swara: I was thinking to do job.

Sanskar: But what’s need to do?

Swara: It’s just I want to prove myself.

Sanskar went in deep thought, seeing his expression her face fell down.


Swara: (Interrupted him) It’s okay sanskar I can understand you will like that your wife do job. Well leave about that lets eat breakfast.

Saying it she stood up and went from there taking plate. He thought something and smile widely.

Sanskar: (to himself) Ready for receiving shock.

He also went from there, after finishing breakfast silently both went to do their remaining work. In between it she not talked to him that much just thinking about job even he not tried giving space to her.

Finally that moment about to arrive for which sanskar was waiting desperately, he was standing near his car and just waiting for his Shona. He closed his eyes and remembered what happened few minutes ago. Remembering that a sweet smile came on his lips.

Few minutes ago

He was becoming ready before mirror but next moment he became frozen at his place seeing his lady love standing beside him. She was there in white bath robe, water droplets were falling from her hair which was making her irresistible. He was blankly staring her with so much passion and desire in his eyes.

She was too looking at him with big hazel eyes with same passion and desire. Not able to match his gaze she looked down and started playing with her hair to avoid his gaze.

He slowly moved closer to her, she was just looking down. A shy smile was on her lips. He held her hand and cupped her face, he makes her look in his eyes. She shyly turned and began to go from there, he lightly pulled her towards himself, her back strikes with his chest. He gently started to kiss her bare back.

Sanskar: I love you swara

He mumbled between his kisses and wait for her reply. She was just breathing heavily.

Swara; (While breathing heavily) I love you too.

Saying it she turned towards him and hugged him tightly. For some moments they were like that only, both were listening each others heartbeat which was only beating for them. They just wanted to be each other for the till eternity.

Sanskar; Can I have privilege to make you mine? I want you for forever.

She looked in his and found only love for herself. She warped her hand around his neck, went close to him and bite his earlobe and huskily whispered.

Swara: I am yours only sanskar. I’ll love to become yours in all sense.

It was enough for him, He started caressing her back. His hands reached knots of bath robe, he about to open it……


Swara: You here but when I came then you were not here.

He came in sense listening her magnetic voice which was filled with shyness and realized that was all his dream (?????). He turned other side and closed his eyes. And rub his hands to control his raising feelings.

Sanskar: I think you didn’t saw properly, I was in balcony. Well leave that you become ready I am going outside.

He about to go from there but stop feeling wetness on his wrist.

Swara: Dress have some knots so…

Sanskar: Hmm I am sending uttara.

Swara: (Monologue) Idiot.

Sanskar: (Monologue) Sorry but seeing you like this I am only loosing my control. I don’t want to do anything after which I can’t able to match my eyes with you. Moreover, I want you wear different dress which I bought for you not that pink one which you chosen.

Thinking it he went from room but kept looking at her from door for seeing her expression what would be her reaction after seeing his choice. She looked here there to find her dress which she selected for herself but for her surprise dress no where to be seen.

Swara: Maybe I only forget to keep here.

She opened cupboard and again became amazed seeing whole her wardrobe is empty only there was a blue black knee length dress and all matching accessories.

Swara: So that’s why you were making excuses, not bad choice Mr Maheswari.

He heard her talks and smiled seeing her expression. After it, he went from there. As usual downstairs all were teasing him for escaping from that he went outside and started waiting for her.


Swara: I just can’t wait for saying you my feelings. First I was waiting for your realization but now I just want to covey how much I love you. After date I’ll confess it, whatever will happen I’ll see.

She came downstairs and started to search for him, seeing Swara is finding sanskar uttlak started to tease her. She was blushing hard listening uttlak teasing, from corner of eyes just trying to find sanskar for her saviour.

Sujata: You both fellow let her go, her husband must be dying in car for seeing her.

Swara: Mom…

Sujata: What mom I know him he must be cursing us. You go fast or your husband will plan date here itself and uttara is still child for seeing those stuffs.

Swara literally run from there, all laughed seeing that.


Finally, his wait over when he heard some steps coming towards him, he not turned knowing who might be as his heart already gave him answers.

Swara came near to him and put her hand on his shoulder, he turned towards her side and became mesmerized seeing her as well she too.

Swara’s dress
Swara’s dress

Swara’s dress
Sanskar’s Dress

She was wearing that dress which he gifted her+ boot and some other accessories. Her hair were straight and just eyeliner in eyes.

He was wearing black tight, white t-shirt and blue jacket.
(I never understand how to describe dress for boys ????)

Swara: Someone looking hot.

Sanskar: You can directly praise me well you’re too looking good. But still need to do little work match me.

Swara: Who said I am saying you, I was pointing towards those boys.

He turned and found some boys outside his house, he fumed in jealousy and turned towards her.

Sanskar: Really then go on date with them.

Swara: I wish I could but I know if I will even walk one step ahead then my hot handsome husband will burst like hot balloon.

Sanskar: You well know how to tackle me.

Swara: Any doubt Mr Maheswari?

Sanskar: Not at all Mrs Maheswari. So lets leave.

She smiled winningly seeing and nodded in yes. She about to sit in car but stopped by him.

Sanskar: We’re not going by car where I am taking you there car can’t go so we’ll go on bike.

Swara: Really then I am so excited.

She jumped in happiness and hugged him tightly. After some time she broke hug without giving him chance to hug back and went towards bike.

Sanskar: (To himself) Madness shop but still I love her.

They sat on bike and drove away. She was trying tightly holding him and keeping her cheeks on his shoulder, it was again hard for him to control his hormones. Totally unknown to his condition she was continuously babbling. He thought something smiled which unnoticed by her.

After reaching far from their home, he stopped bike and turned towards her.

Swara: Here is nothing…

Sanskar: Time come for fulfilling your first wish. I came to know from my sources that you love bike riding so can you give me ride.

Swara: But

Sanskar: I’ll guide you direction.

Swara: Really you know sanskar I used to learn to ride from my friends….

He kept finger at her lips and moved little closer to her.

Sanskar: I know everything…

His hot breath touches her neck, she shivered little and stood there like statue itself. He looked here there and quickly kissed her ear lobe making her come from that state. Her eyes became more wide seeing him romancing with her openly before she could say anything he asked her to start bike.

She nodded happily and sat on bike, he sat beside her holding her through waist. Well more than holding her for support he was romantically caressing her waist.

Sanskar: (In mind) Now you just see.

She started driving bike with full enthusiasm.

Swara: Sanskar..

Sanskar: What Shona?

Swara: You well know what I want to say don’t touch me like that or I’ll not able to drive….

Sanskar moved more closer to her and said: Then what about you?

Understanding his words meaning she blushed remembering how she was teasing him.

Swara: Please…

He was still caressing her back listening her pleading voice he sat properly and smiled.

Sanskar: Okk but always remember if you’ll do something then I am not going to become saint.

She pouts and nodded in yes.

Finally, they reached far from city, Road were full of pit and narrow too.

After few minutes they reached near some house which was well looking and surrounded by trees.

After few minutes they reached near some house which was well looking and surrounded by trees
Farm house
They come down from bike he held her hand and began to walk.

Sanskar: Shona this place is so important for me, when I was in college then I did part time job…

Swara: But sanskar what was need of job I mean..

Sanskar: I know what you meant, it’s just that I want to prove dad and others that if I’ll join his business then on my capabilities not due to that it’s my dad business.

Swara: You know sanskar you’re not only husband for me but you’re inspiration for me too..

Sanskar: First let me complete. (She nodded in yes)

They reached near tree house.

Sanskar: When I got my first salary I gave to mom dad. When second time I tried to give them they told to use as per my wish. So I started construction here well in starting it was just for investment but with passing time I thought to do something different. After lots of inner trauma I decided that when it’ll complete I will gift it to someone who would be close to me after my parents.

He saw towards her who was just staring me with lots of love, he took her hand in his hand.

Swara: Am I that much close to you?

Sanskar: Will answer you but later.

Swara: Will wait for it.

Sanskar: At the end of date I want to confess something to you I don’t know exactly what would be your reaction after that but now I can’t keep it in my heart.

Little did she had idea what he’s trying to say yet she doesn’t want to raise her hopes as if hope breaks then only heart shatters.

Swara: So what’s next plan?

Sanskar: After showing you this full place I’ll take you somewhere else too. Umm that place is not that much special but with someone special it can be also turned special.

They sat on rock which was under tree.

Swara; Who else know about this place?

Sanskar: All knows but I not come here with anyone as I want my soulmate to see this place first.

Swara smiled listening soulmate she already knew they’re soulmates but still listening from him make her feel special.

She rests her head on his shoulder yet they were holding each other hand.

Sometimes date not means special arrangements or dance just be with each other and heart to heart talk. He was just doing that only.

Swara: Sanskar there is any water source I mean lake or fountain.

Sanskar: Yeah there is lake but will see late.

Swara: Wow great

Sanskar: Will show you that but first let me show you whole farm house. If you, don’t like anything just tell me I’ll make changes.

Swara: But I want to climb on tree house.

Sanskar: At last we’ll do that.

Swara: Not fair.

Sanskar: For me.

Seeing his cute face, she nodded in agreement and stood with help of him, they started exploring house.

First they entered in hall where some design were made on wall. And sofas were kept in middle of hall.

HallSanskar: Here we’ll come whenever we’ll get tired with our children and parents
Sanskar: Here we’ll come whenever we’ll get tired with our children and parents.

She blushed listening children words, she avoids looking at him and started to look here there.

She removed her boot and started to walk bare feet before sanskar could ask reason behind her this action she answered her own.

Swara: I want to feel this place.

He smiled and removed his shoe too.

Like this they saw each corner of house which was just like a dream home for her, not even single words were coming from her mouth to convey how much she loving it. Now just lobby was remaining which was attached to their bedroom. Before entering in lobby he closed her eyes with his hand and held one hand.

Sanskar: Well this area is special as I specifically designed it thinking about your choice. Let see you like this like everything else or not.

Swara: I can bet I’ll like it.

She smiled and entwined their fingers.

Swara: Shall we move?

He simply nodded in yes and began to walk like that only.
In few seconds they reached there, he gently removed his hand and whispered in her ears making her shiver to open eyes. She slowly opened eye and became astonished seeing scenario before her eyes for some second she totally lost herself there but came in sense feeling his touch over her body, he was nuzzling his neck on her shoulder.

Sanskar: Do you like it?

Swara: I don’t have any words to describe my feelings after seeing it. Really sanskar how you able to manage it I mean see it’s exactly like that what I always wished. I always wanted that from lobby I can see lake and on other side there should be a small farm where I can keep lots of animals. Thanks sanskar for fulfilling my dream without even my saying.

Sanskar make her turn and looked in her eyes which was moist.

Sanskar: I just went with my intuitions and don’t insult my hard work by saying thanks. (She nodded in yes and kissed his cheeks) Lets move towards second last place tree house.

Swara; Later, let spend sometime here.

Sanskar: As your wish.

They sat on swing close to each other.

Swara: I never knew my life could be so delightful.

Sanskar: You deserve it Shona, I promise you I’ll make your every day memorable.

Swara: You don’t need to do extra efforts for me just be with me in every situation it will automatically become memorable.

Sanskar: Don’t worry I’ll never leave you in any circumstances. (Let see you able to keep this promise or not????)

Swara: Don’t worry if you even want to leave me I’ll never let you do. (Same goes with you ????.)

After spending sometime there they moved towards tree house, first he climbed there and help her too.

Sanskar: From here we can our all things.

She extended hand and feel fresh air which was blowing, he stood beside her and touched her hand.

Swara: After lobby I love it most.

Sanskar: It’s also my second most favourite place.

Swara: First?

Sanskar: Will say after sometime.

Swara: Hmm till then let enjoy this place, whenever I’ll become angry from you I’ll come here as no disturbance.

Sanskar back hugged her and roam his hand on her hands.

Sanskar; My thoughts are slight different from you, you want to know what?

She nodded in yes.

Sanskar: Then just wait for next and last place.

Swara: Where?

Sanskar; Close your eyes and hold my hand tightly.

Without uttering anything she closed eyes and forward her hand.

He slowly descends downstairs with her, they moved back in farm house.


With baby steps he walked with her while whole way she was just smiling not even asked anything where he was taking her showing her trust on him.

Finally, he removed hands from her eyes. She opened the eyes and again became amazed seeing scenario.

Whole garden was decorated with white lights. There was table near one tree and some lights were hanging on that.

There was table near one tree and some lights were hanging on that
Swara: Sanskar, is this all things for me?

Sanskar: No I thought to take your opinion.

Swara: What…

Sanskar: Arre yes my stupid wife it’s all for you. You remember in starting I told you I want to tell my feelings.

She nodded in yes, cross her fingers.

Sanskar: I practiced lot to say my feelings but now nothing is coming. Umm so directly I am coming to point.

She smilingly nodded in yes.

He kneeled down in middle of terrace and take breath to control his nervousness.

Swara just seeing him with tearful eyes.

Sanskar: You want to know who is close to me it’s you, you’re close to me as you’re my heartbeat swara. I don’t want to only live with you I too want to dead with you as without you even a single seconds would be hell. (He saw towards her who’s staring him) Many times I indirectly confessed my feelings but you small brain creature not understood so today clearly saying I love you with your all goodness and flaws.

He saw towards her, she stepped back and said…

Swara: I don’t love you… (Areee you love him then why saying no now see only due to your denial all will kill me?????)

Precap: Drama or Romance (Let me think ????)

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