SwaSan TS : Love – Finds Its Own Way By Goldie Shot 3D

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Heyy Guyz..Bak wid da Second Last Shot of #Love_Finds_Its_Own_Way too..Thot to End this TS n den Concentrate on My FFs..So Here is da Nxt Shot..Hope U all will Like this Shot too like U did to the Previous Shot..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below at the End :)..

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———— ●●●● ————

Recap : Swara Brking Down…Swara Feeling Restless.Swara Winning da Tender..Avinash Mukherjee Revealed n Swara Shocked..

———— ●●●● ————

Love – Finds Its Own Way

Second Last Shot ( Shot 3D )

Mukherjee Mansion

Guest Room

3 Hours Later

The Part Strts after A Leap of 3 Hours.Part was Over n all da Guests were Gone..The Mukherjee Mansion wich was Filled wid Hustle Bustle of Guests was nw Totally Silent n Appeared Pin Drop Silence including A Room Upstairs..The Room wich seemed to be A Guest Room was Filled wid Few People n A Girl Lying Unconscious on da Large n A Comfortable Bed..The Girl is Non Other dan Swara who got Unconscious wid Pale Face after seeing Avinash n Jhanvi..While Swara was Lying Unconscious Jhanvi was seen Sitting Near Swara wid Blank Face while Avinash n His n Swara’s PA were Standing Near A Window n A Bed Side Corner Respectively All Lost in their Own Thots Deeply..Soon Swara Strtd Gaining Her Senses Murmuring da Same things Agn All Herself Something wid Tears Flowing frm Her Eyes Silently making da Ppl Present thr Feel Confused n Blank..

Swara : ( Murmuring in Sleep ) No..Nhi..This cnt be Happening..No..U Cheated Me..U Betrayed..Me..No..U cnt ..No..NOOO ( Shouts n Wakes Up Suddenly )

As Swara Woke Up in A Jerk Sweating Badly,She Panicked seeing Her Surrounding when all of A Sudden Her Gaze Fell on Avinash who was Staring Her Blankly..Swara seeing Avinash in A Flick of Second was seen Hugging Avinash in a Bone Crushing Hug Letting Out Her Tears Endlessly Showering Out All Her Pain n Agony wich was Inside Jer since Last 5 Yrs making Avinash n Jhanvi Shocked n Numb..

Swara : ( Crying Bitterly ) SANSKAARR..U r Alive.. ( Smiles while Cryingly ) I knew it.. ( Release da Hug n Sees Mr Sharma Happily ) Dekha Mr Sharma Main na Kehti thi Mera Sanskaar n Ur Boss will Come Bak..i knew it My ( Sees Sanskaar n Cups His Face Emotionally ) Sanskaar will Come Bak..n See He Came Bak.. ( Emotional ) Kaha chalegaye the Sanskaar itne Saal..Do U have any Idea hw these 5 Yrs have been fr Me widout U.. ( Hugs Tightly ) I was Lifeless Sanskaar..kehne ke liye My Body was thr bt i was Lifeless Sanskaar..Main Sirf apne Bacchoon ke liye Jeeti thi Warna Meri Aatma toh ussi din Kahi kho gayi thi The Day I Heard abt Ur ( Cud nt Complete n Cries n Tightens da Grip more Firmly ) bbtt Nw ( Cups Sanskaar’s Face Agn ) wen U r Bak My Soul is also Bak..M Soo Happy nw..Chalo nw Ghar..Abb bahut rehliya kisi aur ke Ghar main..Come to Our Home..Our Family..n To OUR KIDS Sanskaar..Plzz Chalo..San bahut Khush hoge tumhe dekhge..Plzz Chalo ( Drags Avinash Happily )

While Swara was Blabbering Continously Dragging, Avinash was Trying to Clarify Swara’s Doubts while Jhanvi n Atul who were seeing da Whole Scene were Shocked Staring Avinash Blankly wid Many Unasked Questions Rising in their Mind making Avinash to Jerk n Push Swara Angrily n Frustratingly..

Avinash : ( Angry n Jerks Swara ) Ohh Plzz Shut Up Mrs Maheshwari..What the Hell R u Speaking since this Time Haa? R u in Ur Senses? M nt any Sanskaar Wanskaar ok..M AVINASH MUKHERJEE..The Sole Owner of Mukherjee Industries n ( Goes towards Jhanvi Side Hugging ) Father of Jhanvi Mukherjee..U r Mistaken abt My Identity i guess..

Swara : ( Shocked ) SANSKAAR..What Rubbish r u talking ?? Ho kya gaya hai tumhe? Plzz dnt do this to Me..I will Die widout U..abb tak I was Alive wid da Hope ki U will Return to Me bt nw wen U r Here infront of Me n U Deny Y nt My Sanskaar den I will Die..Plzz aisa mat karo Plzz ( Cries Bitterly )

Avinash : ( Frustrated ) Ohh God Mrs Maheshwari Plzz Stop Ur Bl**d* Drama..Kitne baar kaho m Nt Mr Maheswari..See i knw U r Sad n Upset abt Ur Husband’s Missing or Death bt dat doesn’t mean U Consider or Hallucinate Ur Husband in anyone..Plzz Try to Accept da Fact dat Ur Husband is Death.Plzz ( Angry )

Swara : No ..Aisa nhi hosakta..Hw cn My Sanskaar Leave Me like this..He cnt Die..He cnt..coz U r My Sanskaar.. ( Hugs Avinash Agn ) Plzz Dnt do this to Me Sanskaar..What have I Done..Ghalti hui hai mujhse..have i done something Wrong..Plzz dnt do this..Plzz..Nt fr Me bt ( Release da Hug ) Atleast fr Our Kids..Plzz Come Bak..Plzz..U knw We have A Daughter Shanaya too..I came to knw abt this wen I Heard Ur News abt Accident..She is Dying to see Her Papa..n Aryaan He is also in Hope ki His Papa will come n Teach Him Bike Riding..U Promised Him na U will Teach Him..den hw Cn U Brk Ur Promise ..Plzz Come Bak Plzz ( Brks Down )

As Swara was Pleading Badly,Avinash was nw Out of Control Hearing all da Nonsense Holded Swara Tightlly n Dragged Out of Mansion n Throwing Her Out Angrily making Swara Shocked n Numb..

Avinash : ( Jerks Swara Out ) Cmt U Understand A Simple Thing U Mad Woman..Kaha na maine M nt Sanskaar..M Avinash Mukherjee..den cnt U get this simple thing in Ur Mind Damn it..See Mrs Maheshwari abb tak i was Quite as U r A Lady bt nw its High Time..Enough of Ur Nonsense..Jst Get Out of Here..Bahut hogayi aapki Bakwaas..Its Enough nw..Plzz Go..n Haa rahi aapki Bacchon ki baath toh all I cn do is jst Pray fr their Bright Future n nthing else coz they r nt My Kids..i have only One Daughter n that is Jhanvi..So Plzz.Jst Go otherwise the Tender wich U got fr Ur Husband’s Dream na I will Take it bak n Offer to someone else..So Plzz.Go ( Shuts da Door on Swara’s Face Angrily )

Soon as Avinash Closed da Door,Swara who was All Shocked was Nw Fully Blank n The Memories of Sanskaar of Both Past ( Happy Ones ) n Present ( Recent One ) Flashed in Her Mind Walking All Blankly n Lifelessly..

Tere Ishq Ne Saathiya
Tera Haal Kya Kar Diya
Tere Ishq Ne Saathiya
Tera Haal Kya Kar Diya

Doori Hai, Majboori Hai, Tanhai Hai
Teri Yaad Hum Mein Kis Modh Pe Layi Hai
Apni Toh Manzil Hai Teri Raahon Mein
Jeena Marna Hai Ab Teri Bahon Mein

Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye Is Duniya Ka
Har Sitam Hai Gawara Sanam
Ho Har Sitam Hai Gawara Sanam
Tere Naam Humne Kiya Hai
Jeevan Apna Sara Sanam
Ho Jeevan Apna Sara Sanam
Tere Naam … Tere Naam…

———- ●●●●● ———-

Maheswari Mansion

2 Hours Later

Time Passed n Swara was Missing since 2 Hours n had nt Returned Maheshwari Still..Everyone Present thr including Mr Sharma was Tensed n Worried fr Swara..As All were Tensed Shanaya who was too Worried fr Swara,Burst into Tears n Huged Aryaan n Cried Innocently Remembering Swara while Aryaan Hugged Her Bak n Consoled Shanaya like An Elder Brother wid all Love n Affection making Ram n Shekhar Proud seeing da Maturity of Aryaan at A Snall Age Bringing Tears of Overwhelmness Flowing frm their Eyes Continously Yet Silently..

Shanaya : ( Crying ) Bhaiyyu..Tell na Whr is Mumma..Its been Hours She went fr the Party n Sharma Uncle bhi aayege bt Mumma kaha hai..I m nt able to Sleep widout Her.. ( Cries ) Plzz Mumma ko bulao Bhaiyyu..Plzz ( Cries Childishly )

Aryaan : ( Consoles ) Priness..Rote nhi..Mumma will Come Bak..U knw na Mumma went to A Business Party..toh Time Lagraha hoga in Discussions..Fikar mat karo Priness..Mumma aajayegi..Hm ( Hugs n Consoles )

Shanaya : ( Hugs Bak ) Pakka Na Bhaiyyu.. ( Cries )

Aryaan : Haa Pakka Priness..Sshh
.nw Rona band karo warna Mumma will be Angry on Me ki I made Her Princess Cry.. ( Pout )

Shanaya : Release da Hug n Giggles ) Thats da Time I Enjoy da Most Bhaiyyu wen Mumma Scolds U coz of Me ( Chuckles )

While Shanaya was Teasing Aryaan all of a Sudden frm No Where Swara who was Missing since 2 Hours Swara had Returned Bak wid A Pale Face All Drenched in Water Hiding Her Teary n Swollen Red Eyes..Soon as Swara Returned Both Ram n Shekhar including da Kids Ran Towards Swara n Shanaya being Small n Innocent Hugged Swara Tightly n Cried Innocently making Swara to Gain Her Senses n Console Shanaya Bak wid Hidden Pain n Agony inside Her Heart Making Mr Sharma Feel Sad n Unknown Guilt Rising in His Heart Slowly n Steadily..

Shanaya : ( Sees Swara ) Mummaaa.. ( Runs n Hugs Swara Tightly ) Mummaa Yaayy..U r Bak.. ( Release da Hug ) Kaha Chali gayi thi Aap..U knw Sab kitne Tensed the aapke liye..Sharma Uncle bhi aagaye the bt aap nhi.Kaha thi aap haa? I Missed U soo Much ( Pout )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes bt Composes Herself ) Aww ( Kneels Down to Match Shanaya’s Height ) Sorry My Priness..Woh Actually Princess Mumma na Kisi Kaam main Phass gayi thi..Sorry.. ( Holds Her Ears )

Shanaya : ( Innocently ) Its Ok Mumma..Abb Chalo..Its getting Late Ninni Coming.. ( Hugs n Closes Her Eyes )

Swara : ( Giggles ) Haa Chalo Priness..Even Mumma needs to Sleep Properly Tonight ( Stern Face ) Coz Kal se Ek Bahut Bada Project Handle karna hai Mujhe ( Determined )

Aryaan : ( Confused ) Kaunsa Project Mumma..

Swara : ( Comes In Senses ) Nthing Beta..Yehi Tender wala.. Its Imp na Aryaan.Ur Papa must See Himself na ki Hw Ur Mumma is Working Hard hai na.. ( Diverts da Topic seeing Aryaan’s Confused Face ) Come on Go n Sleep nw..Its Late..n Shanaya will Sleep wid Me Today..Ok?

Aryaan : ( Nodes Confusingly ) Ok Mumma..Good Night..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Good Night Beta.. ( To Shekhar n Ram ) Uncle..Papa..aap log bhi Go n Sleep..I knw jst coz of Me U both also hadnt Sleep..Sorry.. ( Teary Eyes )

Shekhar : ( Feels Something Fishy ) Its Ok Shona..We r Ur Elders..agr Hum tumhari Chinta nhi karege toh kaun karega..

Ram : n jabtak Sanskaar nhi aata U r Our Responsibility only na..warna Wen He comes bak He will only Blame ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Controls Her Emotions ) Uncle Woh Sorry fr Intrerupting U..bt Mujhe Bahut Neend aarahi hai..I wanna Go n Sleep.. ( Teary Eyes )

Ram : ( Smiles ) Haa Its Ok Beta..No Need to be Sorry..I shud say Sorry..main bhi na Shuru hojaata hu kahi bhi ( Blesses Swara ) Go n Sleep..Kal se U have to Handle A Big Project na..Sanskaar ka Dream Pura jo karna hai..God Bless U..Good Night ( To Shekhar ) Chal Shekhar..U also Go n Sleep..Good Night.. ( Leaves )

Swara : ( Fake Smile ) Good Night Uncle..Good Night Papa ( To Mr Sharma ) Aap bhi Aone Ghar Jaiye Mr Sharm..Sorry fr Bothering U too at this Late.. ( Leaves )

Mr Sharma : ( Sweats ) Its Ok Ma’am..No Prblm..Good Night.. ( To Shekhar ) Good Night Sir.. ( Leaves Tensedly )

Shekhar : ( Senses Something Wrong ) Good Night Mr Sharma..( To Himself Slowly ) Y do I feel like Something is Bothering Swara..Party main jaane se Pehle toh She was all Happy n Fine..bt abb..Aisa kya hua? ( Sees towards da Door ) N this Mr Sharma was also Behaving too Weird Nw..Something is really Fishy..Need to Find Out ( Determined ) Shona..U cn Hide Ur Pain frm All bt Nt frm Ur Papa..Thr is 100% Something Wich U r Hiding frm All of Us..warna Tu iss Tarrah Bheeg ke nhi aati..Tu jab bhi Pereshaan hoti hai U alwyz get Urself Drenched in Water even after having An Umbrella wid U to Hide Ur Tears..I will Find Out Shona.. ( More Determined )

Soon As Swara Left,Shekhar too Left fr His Room All Determined n Worried fr Swara while Swara who came to Take Water Heard Shekhar Went to Her Room Cryingly making Her to Brk Down n Cry more Miserably The Whole Night Letting Out Her All Pain n Agony..

Dard Bhara Dil Mein Itna Ke
Rone Ko Dil Karda
Tere Bina Bejaan Sa Ab Toh
Hone Ko Dil Karda

Maahi Ve Mohabbatan Sachiyan Ne
Mangda Naseeba Kujh Hor Ae
O Maahi Ve Mohabbatan Sachiyan Ne
Mangda Naseeba Kujh Hor Ae

Kismat De Maare Asi Ki Kariye
Kismat De Maare Asi Ki Kariye
Kismat De Maare Ho Asi Ki Kariye
Kismat Te Kisda Zor Ae
Maahi Ve…Maahi Ve…

———- ●●●●● ———-

1 Week Later

1 Week Passed since da Party Incident Happened in Swara’s Life..As Dayz Passed Swara Involved Herself More in da Work Avoiding da Incident n in da Tender She got n Since Swara took the Responsibility of da Tender She got Herself Fully Engrossed in da Work n Maintained A Distance frm Mukherjee Industries n Family nt Wanting to Spoil Sanskaar’s Dream in Her Stress n Tension Bt Being A Professional Woman Swara did nt Forget to Maintain Her Professional Manners..As its been 1 Week since She got Tender n Like Every Yr Swara this Yr too had Arranged An Official Lunch Party in da Office fr Mukherjee Industries Authorities n was Checking da Arrangements Professionally making Mr Sharma was Shocked on Swara’s Sudden Normal Behaviour making Him Confused n Curious..

Swara : Mr Sharma All da Arrangements r Done Ryt?

Mr Sharma : Yes Ma’am its all Done..Lunch is also Ready by da Caterers n We have Arranged da Lunch frm da Best Hotel of Kolkata.. ( Assures )

Swara : Hmm Good..I dnt want any Mistake in Today’s Event..Its da First Time Avinash Mukherjee Himself is Coming fr the Lunch..So i want Everything to be Perfect.. ( Bossy Tone )

Mr Sharma : Yes Ma’am Off Course Sure Ma’am..U dnt Worry Everything will be Done on Time n i have Instructed all a Staff Members to be Active n Alert in da Event..M Sure Mr Avinash Mukherjee will Like Our Efforts..He will be Improved with ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Stern Look ) No Mr Sharma..Jst Make One thing Clear m nt doing all these to Impress or to Increase Our Company’s Name infront of any one n Especially infront of dat Mr Mukherjee toh Never..M doing all these to Maintain Sanskaar’s n His Hard Work’s Name..Aaj Maheshwari Industries jo bhi hai Sanskaar ke Naam aur uski Mehnat se Hai..Dnt want anyone to Point Any Finger on it..( Angry )

Mr Sharma : ( Bows Head Down ) Sorry Ma’am..

Swara : Its Ok Mr Sharma..Never Mind..Lets Get Bak to Work..( Leaves )

Mr Sharma : Yes Ma’am.. ( Gathers Courge n Sweats ) Btw Ma’am May I Ask U One thing..If U Dnt Mind.. ( Gulps )

Swara : Hmm Go Ahead..

Mr Sharma : ( Sweats ) Hw cn U be Soo Normal after seeing Avinash Mukherjee’s FACE Matches SANSKAAR SIR’s..I mean its been only 1 Week U saw Avinash Mukherjee n U were Telling Him as Sanskaar Sir n nw U r ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Takes A Deep Breath ) See Mr Sharma..Last Week jo hua woh hona tha ya nhi hona tha I dnt knw..Bt itna I knw ki nw dat Mr Mukherjee is nt MY SANSKAAR..Infact He is No Where to My Sanskaar..It was My Mistake dat I considered Him as My Sanskaar..My Sanskaar wont Talk soo Badly to Anyone n Especially to Me toh He wont nt even in His Wild Dreams..Mr Mukherjee ki sirf Shakal milti hai Mere Sanskaar se nt His Habits or Any thing. So keep in Mind dat We have only A Presentations Relationship wid Mr Mukherjee aur kuch bhi nhi..Ok? ( Angry )

Mr Sharma : ( Gulps ) Yyeess..Ma’am.. ( Sweats )

Soon Like Every Yr Swara Invited Mukherjee Industries in da Same Way This Yr Avinash’s PA too along wid Other Higher Authorities of Mukherjee Industries too Arrived n Attended da Lunch bt this Time Avinash Mukherjee too Himself Attended da Lunch wid Same Attitude making Swara to Welcome them Professionally n Normally..

Swara : ( Smiles Professionally ) Hello.. Mr Mukherjee..Glad U Came to da Lunch Finally ( Taunts )

Avinash : Off Course Mrs Maheshwari I had to Come to Chk whether da Angry Lady I Met 1 Week B4 cn Actually Handle My Tender Efficiently or nt ( Smirks n Taunts Bak )

Swara : ( Angry Bt Controls ) Dnt Worry Mr Mukherjee U wont Face any Prblm in da Temder frm Our Side..We Maheswari’s Never Mix Our Professional n Personally Life Together.. ( Glares Angrily )

Avinash : Hmm M Well Impressed Mrs Maheshwari wid Ur Attitude n Confident . Impressive U r Haa.. ( Smirks Secretly )

Swara : Well Woh kya hai na Mr Mukherjee My Sanskaar Thot Me hw to Deal wid Our Professionals n dats wat m doing..

Avinash : Hmm Nyc..Must say ( Intrerupted )

Swara : Waise Mr Mukherjee if U r Done wid Ur Talks Shall.We Proceed fr da Lunch N den We cn Disucss abt the Tender .. ( Arrogantly )

Avinash : Yes Sure..Sorry fr da Delay..

Swara : Its Ok Mr Mukherjee..Come ( Heads towards da Conference Room ).

While Swara Headed towards da Conference Hall along wid Avinash.Her Eyes Fell on Avinash’s Wounded Hand Covered wid A Bandage all over His Palm making Avinash to Observe n Hide His Hands Sweatingly Leading Swara to.Smirk Secretly n Winningly..

Swara : ( Sees da Wound n Smirks Winningly ) Arrey Mr Mukherjee Wats dat in Ur Hand Haa? It seems U r Wounded..ryt?

Avinash : ( Shocked n Hides ) Woh..Nthing..Actually I was Closing A Window of Jhanvi’s Room wich was Tight so Band karte Waqt A Nail got Pricked toh Got Hurt.Wound itna Bada bhi nhi tha bt Yeh Jhanvi hai na ( Light Sweatingly ) She Tied such a Big Bandage around My Palm Simply l..Yeh Bacchi bhi na..She is Very Possessive abt Me ( Smiles Nervously )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Its Ok Mr Mukherjee..I understand..Y r U soo Nervous n Sweaty Haa as if U r TELLING A LIE ( Smirks Secretly ) Comeon Relax. Bacche hote hi aise hai..They r really Caring n Posessive abt their Parents..abb see na My Kids r also Caring abt Me ( Remembers da Gown Incident n Smiles ) They cnt see Me get Humiliated infornt of all n tabhi They Made Me Wear a Gown in Ur Party at this Age…Warna I had Stopped Waring such Clothes after Sanskaar’s Missing News..bt these Kids na Made Me Wear Forcefully n on dat Called A Parlour Girl too fr My Make Up ( Giggles )

Avinash : ( Mesmerised seeing Swara Giggling ) Wow..Beautiful.. ( Smiles Dreamingly )

Swara : ( Confused ) Excuse Me..What did U Say??

Avinash : ( Realizes ) Ohh Sorry..Ntbing..Was jst thinking abt Jhanvi’s Care wen U were telling abt ur Kids ( Smiles Nervously )

Swara : Ohh Accha.Anywyz..Come Lets Go..

Avinash : Yes sure..Come ( Heads towards da Conference Hall )

As both Swara n Avinash were
Heading towards da Conference Hall,Mr Sharma along wid Avinash’s PA n Other Authorities too Headed towarda Conference Room wid A Professional Smile While Avinash was Heading towards da Conference Hall Observes da Maheshwari Office Carefully And A Lonely Tear Dropped frm His Eyes Secretly making Him Feel Proud n Overwhelmed..

Dard Bhara Dil Mein Itna Ke
Rone Ko Dil Karda
Tere Bina Bejaan Sa Ab Toh
Hone Ko Dil Karda

Waqt Ka Karam Hai Ke Tu
Baitha Hai Mere Rubaroo
Hai Ishq Kitna Tujhse
Lafzon Mein Kaise Main Kahun

Ik Nazar Tu Dekh Le Bas Meri Or Ve
Kisko Sunaye Jaake Toote Dil Ka Shor Ve…

———- ●●●●● ———-

Conference Hall

30 Minutes Later

30 Minutes Passed n As Usual da Official Lunch Arranged by Maheshwari Industries was An Impressive One n Avinash along wid His Other Mukherjee Industries Authorities were Impressed n Praising Swara n Maheshwari Industries Impressingly while Swara was Overwhelmed n Teary Eyes Remembering Sanskaar n His Success..

Avinash : ( Impressed ) Wow Mrs Maheshwari..M Impressed Yet Agn..The Lunch n da Arrangements was An Indeed An Amzing One..Loved da Lunch Especially (Smiles Professionally )

Swara : ( Smiles Bak Professionally ) Thnk U Mr Mukherjee..M Glad U Liked it..Its Sanskaar’s Manners dat He Never Lets His Clients Down toh M Jst Following His Foot Steps..nthing else..

Avinash : It seems Mr Maheshwari was An Amzing Man..Wished i cud Meet Him..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) I Wished I cud also MEET HIM..

Avinash : ( Realizes ) Woh..M Sorry Mrs Maheshwari..Ii did nt mean to Hurt U..( Guilty )

Swara : ( Composes Herself ) Its ok.. ( Wipes Her Tears ) I Understand..Sanskaar hai hi aisa ki da Ppl who did nt Meet Him also Wants to Meet Him by jst Hearing abt Him..So No need to be Sorry..

Avinash : Sorry Once Agn.. ( Diverts da Topic ) Anywyz..Nw wen We r Done wid da Lunch We cn Decide abt the Tender..ryt?

Swara : ( Smiles ) Yes Off Course..Plzz Come.. ( To Mr Sharma ) n Mr Sharma Cn U Plzx Arrange My Cabin fr da Further Meeting..till den We will be Waiting on Sanskaar’s Cabin..

Mr Sharma : Yes Ma’am Sure..I will Inform U Once Ur Cabin is Ready Ma’am..

Swara : Hm..Sure.. ( To Avinash ) Come Lets Proceed Mr Mukherjee..Till da Cabin is Set I will Show U Sanskaar’s Cabin..

Avinash : Yes Sure..

Soon Both Swara n Avinash Heads towards da Sanskaar’s Cabin n As they Entered da Cabin,Swara who was Behaving All Attitudely n Strongly Strtd Loosing Her Control n Tears ofSadness Strtd Fkowing frm Her Eyes Remembering Her Dyz wid Sanskaar making Avinash too Teary Eyes n Sad..

Swara : ( Enters da Cabin ) Plzz Come Mr Mukherjee..This is My Sanskaar’s Cabin.. ( Shows Sanskaar’s Wall Photo ) n This is My Sanskaar..Who has given His Hard Work to Make this Maheshwari Empire Reach this Position..maine toh bas Ussi ki Company ko Sambhala hai.. ( Teary Eyes )

Avinash : Mrs Maheshwari ( Feels Pain n Abt to Touch Swara’s Shoulder Bt Stopped )

Swara : ( Realizes ) Woh.( Turns n Wipes Her Tears ) Sorry..I was jst Crried Out wid da Emotions n Sorry fr My Last Week Behaviour..I was jst ( Intrerupted )

Avinash : ( Teary Eyes Bt Controls ) Its Ok Mrs Maheshwari..I Understand..No need to be Sorry..

Swara : ( Wipes Her Tears ) Anywyz..Enough of Emotional ( Intrerupted )

As Both Swara n Avinash were Talking,Their Conversation were Disturbed by the Opening Sound of da Door n as da Door Opened both Swara n Avinash who were Emotional till nw was nw Shocked n Surprised..

Swara : ( Shocked ) Priness…Aryaan..Tum dono yaha??

Shanaya : ( Runs n Hugs Swara ) Mummaaa..Yes.. ( Release da Hug ) U knw We were going Home frm School bt Driver Uncle Told Us U r in Office so We came to Meet U.. ( Happy )

Swara : Wohi M Asking..U both shud be at School na at this Time
.den Wat r u doing here? ( Confused )

Aryaan : ( Smiles ) Woh Mumma Actually We had A Half Day Today..Hume bhi School jane ke baad pata chala..So We thot We cn Spend A Day wid U..toh Came Here..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Aww.My Bacchas ( Kisses Shanaya’s Cheeks ) Ok Sure Beta..bt U both have to Wait fr some more Time.. ( Sees Avinash ) M in An Important Meeting..toh after ( Intrerupted )

While Swara was abt to Complete Her Sentence,Shanaya n Aryaan who saw Avinash was Shocked n Numb.

Shanaya/Aryaan : PAPA!! ( Shocked )

Shanaya : ( Runs n Hugs Sanskaar Tightly ) Papa..omg..U r Bak..Kaha the Aap? ( Release da Hug ) U knw Papa I was Missing U.Mumma was Saying U r Bzy in some work n dats Y U went some where away frm Us..i was Sad Hearing dat bt nw ( Hugs Agn Happily ) M soo Happy..My Papa is Bak..Yyayy!! ( Excited )

Aryaan : ( Runs n Hugs too ) Papa ( Teary Eyes ) Where were U Papa? I Missed U soo Much..Ohh God..M soo Happy too ( To Swara ) see Mumma Papa is Bak..U were Right Papa is ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) No Aryaan.He is nt Ur Papa..Plzz Leave Him n Go in Waiting Room..M Coming after Finishing da Work..

Aryaan : ( Confused ) Bt Mumma..See na He is Papa only..Cnt U Recognise?..

Shanaya : Haa Mumma..See ( Points towards Sanskaar’s Photo ) He is Papa only..Photos r Matching na.. ( Innocently )

Swara : Princess He is nt Ur Papa..His Face Matches wid Ur Papa only..in real He is nt Ur Papa..Chalo nw Go..( Controls Her Tears )..

Shanaya : Bt Mumma ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Angry ) Shanaya Kaha na..He is nt Ur Papa..Ek baath main samajh nhi aati tum logo ko.. ( To Aryaan ) Aryaan Go n Wait in Waiting Room wid Shanaya..I will be thr in Some time..Nw GO.. ( Hell Angry )

Soon Aryaan n Shanaya who were Excited after seeing Avinash was nw Confused n Scared n Headed towards da Waiting Room wid Teary Eyes seeing Swara’s Anger making Both Swara n Avinash Sad n Teary Eyes Respectively n as Kids Stepped Out Swara n Avinash Headed towards da Swara’s Cabin,Swara Strtd their Meeting wid Guilt of Scolding da Kids n Tears of Guilt Flowing frm Her Eyes Silently making Avinash More Sad n Emotional..

Mahi Ve Mohabbatan Sachiyan Ne
Mangda Naseeba Kujh Hor Ae
O Mahi Ve Mohabbatan Sachiyan Ne
Mangda Naseeba Kujh Hor Ae

Kismat De Maare Asi Ki Kariye
Kismat De Maare Asi Ki Kariye
Kismat De Maare Ho Asi Ki Kariye
Kismat Te Kisda Zor Ae
Maahi Ve…Maahi Ve..
Maahi Ve…Maahi Ve…

———- ●●●●● ———-

Mukherjee Mansion

3 Hours Later

Time Passed n Its been 3 Hours since da Meeting got Over n Avinash had Returned Home n had Locked Himself in His Room Drinking Alcohol Continously All Shattered n Broken Hurting Himself Badly n Angrily making Atul n da Servants Out Worried n Scared..

Servant 01 ( Shyaam ) : ( Worried ) Atul Sir..Plzz do something na ..Avinash Sir has Locked Himself in da Room since Past 3 Hours n Sharab pe Sharab Piye jaarahe hai..M Worried.. ( Tensed )

Atul : ( Worried Too ) M also Tensed Shyaam..Sir ko aajtak itna Shattered kbhi nji dekha.bt Today He has Lost all His Patience Shyaam..Itne Saalo se jo Dard aur Takleef woh Ander daba kar rakha ( Teary Eyes ) the Ek na Din toh woh Tuthna hi tha..jo Aaj hua..bas I Hope Sir does nt Harm Himself in Guilt n Shattetedness ( Tensed )

Servant 02 ( Ramesh ) : Ryt Atul Sir..5 Beeth gaye fr that Incident bt still Sir Blames Himself fr that..He has Sacrificed A Big thing fr Our Jhanvi Bibi ( Emotional ) May God Bless Him Sir..meri toh Yehi Dua hai ki Gets What He wants n wat He is Carving fr Past 5 Yrs ( Teary Eyes )

Atul : He Will Ramesh..He will Definitely.. ( Assures )

Ramesh : bt Sir abb hw will We get Avinash Sir Out..unka iss tarrah Room main band rehna fr long time is nt Good..Alcohol myt Affect His Health ( Worried )

Atul : ( Realizes Something ) Arrey Haa Ramesh..Go n Call Jhanvi Ma’am As soon as Possible..She has Duplicate Keys na of Her’s n Sir’s Room..Nw She cn Only Help Us..Jst Go..Hurry Up Ramesh..Fast ..

Ramesh ; Haa Sir..U r Right..M going n Calling Jhanvi Bibi nw ( Leaves )

Soon Ramesh Leaves n Calls Jhanvi n Explains Her da Situations n Hearing da Situation,Jhanvi who was Out wid Her Frnds Hurriedly Reached Her Home n Opened da Door of Avinash’s Room n was Shocked n Horrified seeing Avinash Lying on da Ground Unconscious n Broken making Servants,Atul n Jhanvi Shocked n Numb..

Jhanvi : ( Shocked ) SANSKAAR PAPA..( Teary Eyes ) Ohh God.. ( To Atul ) Arul Uncle..Plzz Call Doctor na Jaldi..Papa agn tried to Harm Himself..Plzz ( Cries )

Atul : ( Consoles ) Haa Beta..Tum roh mat..m Calling Doctor na.Sir will be Alright..U dnt Worry.. ( Assures n Calls Doctor )

Jhanvi : ( Runs towards Sanskaar ) Papa.. ( Pats Sabskaar Cheeks ) Sabskaar Papa..Plzz Get Up..Plzx U Promised Me U won’t do like this Agn..den hw cn U..Plzz Get Up ( Hugs Sanskaar n Cries Bitterly ) Plzz Get Up ( Cries Bitterly )

As Jhanvi was Crying Bitterly,Sanskaar who was All Unconscious got His Senses Bak wid da Tears of Jhanvi on His Face Making Sanskaar aka Avinash to Realize n Come In Senses Fully n Clearly…

Sanskaar : ( Realizes ) Jhanvi..Beta.. ( Gets Up ) Sshh..Calm Down..M Fine Baccha..See ( Cups Jhanvi’s Face n Assures )

Jhanvi : ( Happy n Hugs Tightly ) Thnk God Papa..U r Fine..Meri toh Jaan hi nikal gayi thi seeing U like this..Plzz dnt do like this agn ( Cries Bitterly ) Plzz..

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Sorry Beta..Bas aaj thoda Upset tha..Isiliye..nthing to Worry ( Gets Up Frm The Floor ) Anywyz Chalo Lets ( Feels Pain in His Head ) Ahh ( Holds His Head )

Jhanvi : ( Shocked ) Papa.. ( Runs towards Sanskaar ) Kya karrahe ho aap? Come ( Makes Sanskaar Sit on Bed ) Sit Here..Wen U knw U cnt Handle Extreme Alcohol den Y do U Drink this much Haa? ( Scolds Like A Daughter )

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Woh..Actually Today I ( Intrerupted )

Jhanvi : ( Guilty ) Today U Met Swara Aunty n Ur Kids na? Isiliye U r Depressed..Aap Swara Aunty ke Haalat ko..unki Struggles ko?aapke Bacchoon ki Craving ko n their Pain ko nhi Dekh paye na isiliye U cud nt Control Today n U ( Hugs Agn Tightly n Cried ) Sorry Papa..Its all coz of Me U r Away frm Ur Own Family since 5 Yrs..Yaha I was Enjoying My Hapy Dyz wid U n thr Ur Family was Suffering..Sorry Papa ( Cries Bitterly ) coz of Me Today Ur Kids r ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes n Hugs Bak Too ) No Jhanvi..Aisa kuch nhi hai Beta..its nt Ur Fault Princess..Infact its My Fault..5 Yrs Bak agr Meri Car tumhari Car se nhi Takrai hoti toh aaj Ur Real Father wud have been wid U..Meri Car ke Brk Fail thi n I was Supposed to Die instead of Ur Father bt all of My Destiny Ur Father Died..Sorry Princess..M Responsible fr Making U An Orpham..Sorrr ( Intrerupted )

Jhanvi : ( Release da Hug n Keeps Her Hands on Sanskaar’s Mouth ) No Papa..It was nt Ur Fault..I Agree 5 Yrs bak jo hua woh accha nhi tha..it was all Destiny..Aapke Car ka Brk Fail hona..My Father’s Death..n Ur Arrival in My Life as An Angel all this was Plan of Our Destiny..It was nt in Ur Hand..So hw cud U have Stopped it haa? Jo hona hai woh hoge hi rehta hai.. ( Teary Eyes ) U jst cnt Stop it..( Sad )

Sanskaar : ( Remembers Swara n Teary Eyes ) No Princess..I cud have Stopped it..Swara was Warning Me nt to go..Her Heart was Indicating Her abt the Bad Incident n She had Stopped Me too bt main hi ( Cries Bitterly ) n See da Punishment fr nt Listening Her..I Met an Accident n instead of Me Ur Dad died coz of Me n U became an Orphan at da Age of 6..So wen U Lost Ur Father coz of Me Hw cn I Give My Kids da Happiness of Their Father..tell me..wen coz of Me someone had Lost Her Father..Woh Guit aaj tak Eats Me Jhanvi.. ( Brks Down )

Jhanvi : Papa suno..Today also U cn go to Ur Family Plzz.Jao..they need U da Most..Jst coz of Me U r away frm Ur Own Kids n Family..Inn 5 Saalo main U jst keep an Eye on them fr their Safety Secretly den Y nt by Face to Face Haa? Plzz Papa.Go..Swara Aunty needs U..she is Aone n Dying Every Seconds widout U. Guilty ) n U both Love Eachorher alot..tabhi toh 1 Week Ago after Pushing Her U Hurted ur Hands..kab tak iss Tarrah Chup ke U will ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : No Jhanvi..Bas maine jo Decision 5 Saal Pehle kiya tha aaj bhi M Adamant on it..I cnt Go to My Family Leaving U..Its My Punishment fr Snatching Ur Father frm U..( Teary Eyes )

Jhanvi : Bbt Papa ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : No Jhanvi..Bas..My Decision is Final..No More Discussions..N thats Final.. ( Leaves Determined )

While Sanskaar was Determined on His Decision,Swara too on the Othet Hand was too Determined to make Sanskaar Confess His Truth Happily making Swara more Determined n Brave..

Swara : ( Determined too ) I knw Sabskaar..U r only Mr Mukherjee..n U r doing all these coz of A Reason wich is Eating U badly..I knw Woh Haath pe Chot was nt coz of Window bt by Hurting Urself by Cutting Ur Palm fr Pushing Me..fr Hurting Me..U still Love Me Sanskaar n i will Bring dat Out..I will make U Confess Ur Truth by Ur Owm Self..if U r Sanskaar Maheswari den M Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari..I Promise I will make U Confess Ur Truth soon..m thats a Promise ( Determined )

As Both Swara n Sanskaar were Sad at their Own Respective Places both Strts feeling Emotional n Remembers Eachother While Crying Badly Hugging Eachother’s Photo..Soon Swara who was Crying Contols Herself making Her More Determined n Strong..

Tujhko Bana Kar Zindagi
Maine Toh Har Pal Saans Li
Tu Faaslon Pe Hai Toh
Door Dil Se Dhadkan Hai Kahin

Na Rahe Tanhaiyon Ka Hai Jo Daur Hai
Kisko Sunaye Jaake Toote Dil Ka Shor Ve

Maahi Ve Mohabbatan Sachiyan Ne
Mangda Naseeba Kujh Hor Ae
O Mahi Ve Mohabbatan Sachiyan Ne
Mangda Naseeba Kujh Hor Ae

Kismat De Maare Asi Ki Kariye
Kismat De Maare Asi Ki Kariye
Kismat De Maare Ho Asi Ki Kariye
Kismat Te Kisda Zor Ae
Maahi Ve…Maahi Ve..
Maahi Ve…Maahi Ve…

———- ●●●●● ———-

Precap : SwaAvi Ya SwaSan ??

———- ●●●●● ———-

Argghh..Kitna Koshish Karo Part End Karnega Uthna Hi Its Getting Dragged..Huh..Bt I knw U all will be Happy Infact V Happy fr getting another Part..So M also Happy..Anywyz coming to the Point This was da Second Last Shot of this TS wich has Turned into Few Shots ????..Hope u all Liked it..bt still if it was a Boring Part den Plzz Forgive Me..This was all i cud Pen Down.Hopefully U Liked it.Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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