SwaSan TS : Love – Finds Its Own Way By Goldie Shot 3C

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Recap : 10 Yrs Leap..Sanskaar Missing..


Love – Finds Its Own Way

Three Shots ( Shot 3C )

3 Dyz Later

3 Dyz Passed since Shanaya Broke Down infront of Swara n Aryaan n since dat Day Shanaya Lost all Her Charming n Bubbliness due Missing of Her Father’s Love.As Dyz Passed both Swara n Aryaan who were till nw Confident abt Sanskaar’s Alive were nw too Loosing Hope n were Sad seeing their Princess Sad n Upset bt still Tried all their Level Best to Console n Divert Shanaya’s Mind bt As Usual all their Attempts Went Vain making both Aryaan Swara more Heart Broken n Shatteted..

Swara : ( Caressing Sanskaar’s Photo ) Kaha ho tum Sanskaar? Aur nhi sehan karsakti main.. ( Teary Eyes ) Aaj tak Aryaan was My Strength in Finding U..bt jabse Humari Princess ne Hasna Khelna band mardiya hai..Aryaan is also Brking Down..If He gets Shattered den main kaise Sambhalungi khudko..We all need U Sanskaar..Plzz Come Bak..5 Yrs Passed n U have nt Returned Yet..nt even Tried to Contact Us..Y? Dnt U Miss Us Sanskaar like We do? ( Hugs Sanskaar’s Photo n Cries Bitterly ) Plzz Come Bak..Plzz ( Brks Down )

As Swara was Broken Down Remembering Sanskaar thr on da Other Hand in A Big Villa Mansion A Boy of Mid 30s Dashing A Man in A Black Shirt n A Black Suit Lookingg Hell Handsome was seen Instructing da Workers abt da Arrangements of A Party in A Bossy n A Stern Tone to be Conducted Tonight making da Servants n Other Workers Present thr Scared n Frightened..

Man : ( Bossy Tone ) Suresh..Is Everything Ready?

Suresh : ( Scared ) Yyeess Sir..Everything is Ready..Bas U need to give A Final View to all da Arrangements..

Man : ( Keeping His One Hand in His Pocket n in Bossy Tone ) Hmm..Ok den U Chk da Arrangements fr Nw..I will be Bak in An Hour den will give A Final View to da Arrangements..Till den Take Care of Janvi.Ok?. ( Leaves to da Car Wearing His Shades )

Suresh : ( Fumbles ) Yeess Sir..U dnt Worry Janvi Ma’am will be Fine.. ( Assures )

Man : ( While Sitting ) Good.. ( To Driver ) Lets Go Driver..( Leaves )

Soon da Man Leaves fr His Wrk Leaving Suresh to take A Sigh of Relief while Swara on da Other Hand was still seen Crying Hugging Sanskaar’s Photo All Shattered n Broken wid Tears of Restlessness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously n Non Stop..

Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai
Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai…



SwaSan Room

Time Passed n its Afternoon As Usual Swara was Bzy in Her House Wrk Arranging Her Room While Talking to Her Manager on Phone Discussing abt A Business Party Restlessly n Fearly..

Nanager : ( Assures ) Dnt Worry Ma’am Everything is jst Fine..Our Projects n Presentations r Perfectly Ready..U need nt to Worry.Aaj ka Tender We will only Win.. ( Smiles )

Swara : ( Arranging Wardrobe ) Hope So Mr Sharma.. ( Worried ) U knw na This Tender was Sanskaar’s Dream Tender..Every Yr He Works Hard on this Tender n this Time too We need to get this Tender on Our Name ( Teary Eyes ) Agr Aaj Sanskaar hote toh He wud have Put all His Hard Work on this Tender..n wud Definitely Won it ( Brking Down Silently )

Manager : ( Assures ) Ma’am Dnt Worry I knw This Yr also We will Win..Jaise Har 5 Saalo se We r.. ( Proudly )

Swara : Bt Mr Sharma.Every Yr We jst used to Send Our Projects n Presentations to dem through Mails only Mukherjee Company’s Owner n Other Higher Authorities used to see it Perosnally..bt this Yr Our Projects n Presentations r gonna be Shown infront of Thousands of Famous Companies..Wat if anyone Mis Use Our Detials..U Very Well Knw Our Opponents r jst Waiting fr a Single Proper Second to Defame Us.. ( Restless )

Manager : Haa Ma’am U rRyt..bt Ma’am U knw na Today’s Business Party is nt An Any Simple Or Ordinary One..Its Mr AVINASH MUKHERJEE Himself Organising it..n He Never Spares Any Single Gap fr any Mistake or any Mess..So U dnt Worry..Jst Be Calm n Relax..Agr aisa kuch hua bhi toh Trust Me M
Avinash Mukherjee will See to it.. ( Assures )

Swara : ( Agrees Unwillingly ) Hmm . Waise U r Right Mr Sharma..Avinash Mukherjee is Really One of da Best Business Tycoon after Sanskaar..abhi bhi Our Company is at Heights No Doubt bt Jo baath Sabskaar ke rehne main thi its nt thr nw..U knw wat Mr Sharma I sometime Feels ki Avinash Mukherjee is only OUR SANSKAR ( Smiles Unknowingly )

Manager : ( Giggles ) Ma’am I Guess U r really Stressed Out..I feel U shud Rest..

Swara : ( Giggles too ) Ryt..U r Ryt..I shud Rest nw..m going Mad coz of these 2 Naughty Devils of Ur Boss..Pata nhi Kya khaate the Ur Boss ki His Kids r also same kike Him..Very Naughty..Huh ( Makes Faces )

Manager : ( Chuckles ) Take Care Ma’am..I will be thr at Maheshwari Mansion by 7pm..then We will Leave together..

Swara : Haa Ok..Sure..Be Carefull Mr Sharma wid Our Data..I dnt want any Carelessness Here.. ( Bossy Tone )

Mr Sharma : ( Smiles ) Yes Ma’am Sure..

Swara : Hmm..Good.. ( Cuts da Call )

Soon as Swara Ended Her Call wid Mr Sharma,She Yet Agn Got Bzy in Her Work Cleaning da Room while Aryaan n Shanaya who were Watching Her Shakes Their Heads in Disbelief n Fumed in Angry making dem more Frustrated n Irritated seeing their Mom n Her Antics..

Shanaya : ( Angry ) Mummaa.. (Goes Near Swara n Snatches Clothes frm Swara’s Hands ) Wat is this ?? ( Keeps Her Hands On Her Tiny Waist Angrily )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Shanaya .Wat is this Princess? Is this da Way to ( Intrerupted )

Aryaan : ( Angry too ) Exactly Mumma is this da Way U will go to Todayz Party Haa? Tayar nhi hona hai? See the Time.. ( Glares Angrily )

Swara : ( Confused ) Wat U mean Aryaan? Its jst 6pm..1 Ghana baako hai..n waise bhi Mujhe kaunsa Heavy Dress Up karna hai? Jst A Simple Saree n den thoda sa Make Up n I will be Resdy ( Smiles ).

Aryaan/Shanaya : ( Unison ) SAREE!!! NO WAY!!

Swara : ( Shocked ) No Way Means?? Aur kya Pehnu? ( Confused )

Aryaan : Mumma U alwyz Look Simple in all Parties..Sabke Mummys Wear Good Stylish Types bt U Alwyz Simple Ones..Y Mom?

Swara : ( Sighs ) Coz Bacchoon..Sab Mummys apne Husbands ke liye Tayar hoti hai n Where ever they go they Go wid dem so isiliye they Wear Gpod Stylish Wears..bt Main ( Teary Eyes ) Kis ke liye Tayar hu bolu? Wen Ur Papa is nt only wid Me then fr Whom Shall I Get Ready Heavily Haa? ( Sad )

Shanaya : ( Innocently ) For US..

Aryaan : Haa Mumma..So wat Papa is nt thr..We r Thr Na..U cn get Ready fr Us Ryt?..Jab Papa aayege tab unke liye bhiTayar hona bt till den fr Us Plzzz ( Pleads Cutely )

Swara : ( Hesitates ) Bbt. ( Intrerupted )

Aryaan/Shanaya : ( Unison ) Plzzz Na Mumma..

Aryaan : Plzz..See aaj its Ur Most Important Day..Fr Papa also its An Important Day Ryt? As Todayz Business Party is Most Important Hai Na? ( Swara Nodes ) Toh Aaj U shud Wear Something Good na.

Shanaya : n If U Wear these Boring Clothes maybe U will Loose..As ( Intrerupted)

Aryaan : As Dressing Sense also Matters in Business..So Plzz ( Pleads )

Shanya : Plzz Na ( Pleads too )

Swara : Bt aisa nhi hoskta Bacchoon..Try to Understand..Merw Dil nhi manega..Till nw I never got Ready like this Widout Ur Papa toh Aaj kaise Plzz ( Teary Eyes )

Aryaan/Shanaya : ( Unison ) Plzzz.Plzz Na Mumma..Fr Us Plzz. ( Keeps on Pleading )

Swara : ( Finally Agrees ) Accha Ok Fin..Only Fr U Both.. ( Kisses Both Aryaan’s n Shanaya’s Hairs Lovingly ) abb Bolo What do I Have to Wear Haa ? I have only Sarees wid Me ( Pout )

Aryaan/Shanya : ( Smiles Naughtily ) GOWN…A Designer GOWN.. ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Shocked ) What??? GOWN?? n at this Age?? NO WAYSS ( Hesitates )

Aryaan : Arrey wat this Age Mumma? U r only in Early 30s..U cn Wear Gowns at this Age..Its nt a Big Deal Mumma..

Shanaya : Haa Mumma..Nw Dyz Its Trend..Everyone Wears Gown..

Swara : ( Giggles ) Accha Princess ( Pulls Shanaya’s Cheeks ) U knw abt Trend n all Haa? Kisne bola aapmko ki Gowns r in Trend ?

Shanaya : ( Chuckles ) Bhaiyyu ne.. (Points towards Aryaan )

Swara : ( Looks at Aryaan n Stares in Fake Anger ) n Tumko kisne kaha Aryaan? Hmm? ( Raises Her Eye Brows Questionably )

Aryaan : ( Smiles Sheepishly ) Kavya Maasi Zinda Baad ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Shakes Her Head Unbelievably ) Uff Yeh Kavya bhi na..She is too much..Khair.abb itna sab Decide karliya tha..u both knw abt Trending n Fashion toh M Sure U both myt have Arranged A Gown too woid da Help of Ur Kavya Maasi..Ryt?.Toh Give Me a Gown..Kaha hai? ( Fake Anger )

Shanaya : ( Hands A Packet ) Here it is..Get Ready soon.den Make Up bhi karna hai aapko..Parlour wale myt come any time ( Chuckles )

Swara : ( Double Shocked ) What?? Abb Parlour Make Up bhi?? ( Blank )

Aryaan : ( Giggles ) Ji Haa..So Get Ready Soon.. (Smiles Naughtily n Whispers in Swara’s Ears ) n the Gown Color is Red..Papa’s Fav Colour..so Acche se Ready hona banta hai na to Match da Gown n its Color ( Chuckles n Leaves )

As soon as both Aryaan n Shanaya Left Shocking Swara by their Advanced Planning,Swara Stood thr Blankly at First bt Later Smiled n was Overwhelmed seeing The Love n Care of Her Kids towards Her n Soon Went to get Ready as Her Kids Willl n Bid Adieu wid Her Manager to the Party Venue Looking Stunning n Breath Taking in Her Red Long Gown n Diamond Earrings wid Minimum Make Up n in Her Hairs Tied in A Party Bun making Kids n Ram n Shekhar Overwhelmed n Happy..


Mukherjee Mansion

1 Hour Later

Time Passed n Its Time fr A Big n A Most Awaited Business Party by Mukherjee Industries..Mny Famous Business Authorities Had Arrived Kolkata frm all Over India jst to Attend this Most Awaited Business Party so as to Achieve da Most Important Tender.As Guests Arrived Swara n Her Manager too Arrived Proudly making Other Business Rival Angry n Jealous seeing Maheshwari Industries still at Top while Swara n Mr Sharma Smiled Proudly n Pridely..

Mr Sharma : ( Smiles ) Dekha Ma’am Kaha tha na maine..We dnt need to Worry..See hw Ppl r Staring at Us in Jealousy n Anger.. ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Smiles Pridely ) Haa Mr Sharma..U r Ryt..bt it doesnt mean We become Over Confidence..

Mr Sharma : Yes Ma’am..Right..Lets Proceed Inside..Mr Mukherjee myt be Arriving da Venue Hall Soon..

Swara : Hmm..( Leaves )

Soon Both Swara n Mr Sharma Entered da Mansion n as Both Entered Swara who was all Smiling n Entering Pridely Felt An Unknown Restlessness inside Her n Strtd Breathing Heavily Secretly Feeling Someone’s Closeness n His Presence making Her More Restless n Sweat Unknowingly..

Dhundhla Jaayein Jo Manzilein
Ik Pal Ko Tu Nazar Jhuka
Jhuk Jaaye Sar Jahan Wahi
Milta Hai Rab Ka Raasta
Teri Kismat Tu Badal De
Rakh Himmat Bus Chal De
Tere Saathi Mere Kadmon Ke Hain Nishaan
Tu Na Jaane Aas Pass Hai Khuda..

As Swara was Feeling Restless n An Unknown Presence of Someone Close,Thr Om da Other Hand A Man Wearing A Hot Black Tuxedo wid A White Shirt Inside Looking Damn Hot n Breath Taking wid A Killer Smirk Enters da Party Hall Making all da Girls n Ladies Present thr Drool n Stare da Man Continously n Non Stop whilr Swara Felt An Unknown Happiness inside Her Heart Feeling da Man Making Her More Restless n Hapy..

Tu Na Jaane Aas Pass Hai Khuda
Tu Na Jaane Aas Pass Hai Khuda
Tu Na Jaane Aas Pass Hai Khuda…

Soon da Man Descended da Stairs Smilingly while Swara too Enters da Hall Restlessly n both da Man n Swara Strtd Mingling wid Others Respectively Enjoying n Going in Flow wid da Party n Time..

Mr Verma : ( Smiles ) Hello Mr Avinash Mukherjee..Hw r U Haa? ( Shakes His Hands )

Avinash : ( Smiles Bak ) Hello Mr Verma ( Shakes His Hands Bak ) M Absolutely Fine..Hw abt U? So Done wid da Presentations n All Set to Rock ? ( Laughs )

Mr Verma : ( Laughs too ) Obiviously Mr Avinadh..All Set..Wat abt Ur Preparations? Who Do U think will get Ur Tender this Time? Maheshwari Industries Only?

Avinash : Lets See Mr Verma..bt must say Mrs Maheshwari had Handled da Business Very Well after Mr Maheswari’s Death..Impressive Woman.. ( Smiles Proudly Yet Secretly )

Mr Verma : Yes..Absolutely Right..Bt its been 5 Yrs till Sanskaar Maheswari’s Death bt still Mrs Maheshwari is nt Ready to Accept The Fact n da Reality abt Her Husband’s Death..wich is Really Sad..

Avinash : Hmm..Its indeed really Sad..bt Mt Verma U r nt seeing da Depth of Her Love in this..I mean Handing Business + Home Single Handedly dat too by A Woman is nt a Eay Task..It myt be Her n Her Husband’s Love Only wich is Making Her soo Strong..n Off Course Love of Her TWO KIDS too.. ( Sips da Drink )

Mr Verma : ( Confused ) Bt Mr Avinash hw do U knw Mrs Maheshwari has 2 Kids ?

Avinash : ( Stops Drinking n Sweats ) Woh..Ohh Come On Mr Verma..Guessing Kids by Appearance of a Lady is nt A Big Deal..( Sighs in Relif n Sips His Drink Agn )

Mr Verma : ( More Confused ) Bt agn Mr Avinash Wen did U See Mrs Maheshwari? Jaha tak i knw U never saw Her b4..Today will be da First Time U will Meet Her ryt?

Avinash : ( Sweats More ) Jjstt Nw..Haa Jst Nw I saw Her Mr Verma..See thr ( Points towards Mr Sharma ) Mr Sharma Her Manager ryt? ( Mr Verms Nodes Yes ) So I have Recognised Her by Her Manager..All da Business Authorities here r Standing wid their Respective Managers..wich means Mrs Maheshwari will also Stand wid Her Manager..Ryt?

Mr Verma : ( Smiles n Agrees ) Well Right Mr Avinash..Good Guessing Senses Haa.. ( Laughs )

Avinash : ( Smiles Secretly ) Yess Off Course..Anywyz..U Carry On da Party..Will jst Give A Final Chk to all da Arrangements b4 Strting da Presentation Seesion ( Smiles )

Mr Verma : ( Smiles ) Ya Sure..Y nt..Go On..n All The Best..May da Best Representative get Ur Tender.. ( Shakes Hands )

Avinash : ( Smiles Bak ) Yup.. ( Shakes Hands Bak n Leaves )

As Mr Avinash Mukherjee Left fr Chking da Final Arrangements thr on da Other Hand Swara who was Bzy Talking wid Other Business Authorities wid Her Manager Yet agn Feels An Unknown Restlessness inside Her Heart Making Her Feel More Happy n Restless wid Tears of An Unknown Happiness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously Yet Silently..

Tu Na Jaane Aas Pass Hai Khuda
Tu Na Jaane Aas Pass Hai Khuda
Tu Na Jaane Aas Pass Hai Khuda…


30 Minutes Later

Its been 30 Minutes n Its Time fr the Presentation to Begin n As its Time Among all The Business Person Present thr some were seen Confident while some where Hell Tensed n One Among them was Swara who was Shivering due to Tension n Restlessness..While Swara was seen Tensed da Presentation Strtd n As da Sole Owner n da Main Organiser of Todayz Party The Presentation Strtf wid da Welcome Speech of Avinash Mukherjee’s PA in Full Confident making Avinash Smirk n Smile Proudly..

Atul ( Avinash’s PA ) : Hello Ladies n Gentlemen…Me Atul Mehra da PA of Avinash Mukherjee on da Behalf of Avinash Mukherjee is Glad to Welcome all of U in da Most Awaited Business Conference ot This Year..As We all knw Mukherjee Industries Accepts da Project through Mails Every Yr bt this Yr Mukherjee Industries will Select Lively..as its One of the Biggest Day fr Mr Avinash Mukherjee..Its His Daughter’s JHANVI MUKHERJEE’s 11th Birthday..So To make da Day More Spcl Avinash Sir has kept Todayz Business Party + A Spcl Surprise Birthday Party after Winding Up da Business Conference..( Guests Claps ) Hope U all will Enjoy da Party n May da Best Project Win ( Smiles )..So nw ( Sees Avinash ) If Sir Permits We Cn Begin da Conference nw ( Avinash’s Nodes Yes ) All The Best Ladies n Gentlemen.. ( Smiles n Strts da Conference )

Soon da Conference Strtd n As da Conference Swara’s Restlessness n da Urge to see Avinash Increases while Avinash who was Watching Swara’s Restlessness Smirks Strangely making Swara Feel More Restless feeling An Unknown Gaze on Her making Mr Sharma Confused n Worried..

Mr Sharma : ( Worried ) Ma’am..kya hua? R u Fine?

Swara : ( Composes Herself ) Haa.Woh..m Fine..bad Bacchoon ki Tension horahi hai..Never Stayed away frm them fr Long Time na.. ( Diverts da Topic )

Mr Verma : Ohh..Toh Ma’am do One thing na..Y dnt U Call n Chk at Home? Waise bhi Conference jst Strtd 30 Minutes ago..N our Turn has A Quite A Long Time to come..

Swara : Hmm Right Mr Sharma..bt its Ok..its alrdy 10 nw..they myt have Slept by nw..U kmw na Like Father Like Kids…Time ke Pakke ( Chuckles )

Mr Sharma : ( Chuckles too ) Right Sanskaar Sir was Very Punctual Man..

Swara : Ok Nw Lets Concentrate on Wrk..Jokes bahut hue.. ( Serious Tone ) We have to Win this Tender this Yr too fr Sanskaar n His Dream.. ( Determined )

Mr Sharma : ( Determined too ) Yes Ma’am..

As Both Swara n Mr Sharma their Light Talks Time Passes n Like Many Business Authorities gave their Luck A Try,Swara who was Hell Tensed till nw was nw Determined n gave Her Presentation Confidently n Fearlessly making Mny Business Authorities Jealous while A Pair of Eyes were seen Filled wid An Unknown Proud towards Swara n Her Confidence making da Eyes to have Unknown Tears of Overwhelmness Flowing frm His Eyes Continously Yet Silently..Soon wid da Last Presentations of Swara da Conference comes to An End n All da Business Authorities Present thr Clapped n Praised Swara n Maheswari’s Industries fr their Wonderful Presentations.As Everyone were Clapping n Praising Swara fr Her Wonderful Presentation,Avinash who was Deeply Staring Swara,Signalled His PA through His Eyes making Atul to Understand n Gesture Back Positively while Swara felt Happy seeing Her Hard Work Praised n Remembers Sanskaar wid Tears of Overwhelmness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously n Non Stop..

Atul : ( Understands n Claps ) Wow Mrs Maheshwari That was an Wonderful Presentation till Nw..Really Amzing..Like anyother Yr this Yr too U gave An Amzing Presentation..Well Done Mrs Maheshwari..

Swara : ( Composes Herself ) Thnk U Mr Atul..M Glad U Liked Our Hard Work this Time too ( Smiles Overwhelmnly )

Atul : No need ot Thnk U Mrs Maheshwari l..U Deserve it..Well ( To Everyone ) Ladies n Gentlemen I guess thr is No Use of Announcing da Results of Tonight’s Conference..Its all Decided by Today’s Claps n Wonderful Presentation that like anyother Yr This Yr too the Tender goes Maheshwari Industries..Well its nt any Decision in Any Haste or Hurry..Its All Full Concentratedly Thot Decision..Avinash Sir has Gone through all da Presentations Carefully while it was Being Presented m Finally after seeing Maheshwari Industries Presentation Sir has Decided to give da Tender to Maheshwari Industries only this Yr too.. ( To Swara ) Congratulations Mrs Maheshwari..U did It This Yr too.Well Done..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Thnk U Soo Much Mr Atul..M really Thnkfull to U n Mr Mukherjee fr Handing da Tender to Maheshwari Industries this Yr too..We Promise We will do Our Best this Time too.. ( Assures )

Atul : ( Smiles ) Its Ok Mrs Maheshwari..We are 100% Sure thid Time too U all will Prove Us..Congratulations Once Agn.. ( To Guests ) So Wid da Announcement of da Tender Owner..We Conclude This Conference Ladies n Gentlemen..n Request to Join da Birthday Party of ( Points da Stairs Smilingly ) Jhanvi Mukherjee ( Smiles Brightly )

As Atul Announced da Tender Fesults n Welcomed Jhanvi,Avinash who was still Staring Swara Secretly Smiled Strangely n Headed towards His Daughter Jhanvi Shrugging all His Thots n Hugged Jhanvi Happily making da Guests including Swara Smile Admiringly n Adore da Father – Daughter Bond..

Swara : ( To Mr Sharma wid Teary Eyes ) Mr Sharma agr Aaj Sanskaar hota humare Saath toh He too wud Have Loved Shanaya like Mr Mukherjee is Loving His Daughter..I Wished Sanskaar wud be Here wid Us Today ( Teary Eyes )

Mr Verma : Dont Worry Ma’am Sir will be Bak soon..Have Trust on Ur Love.. ( Assures )

Swara : Ussi pe hi toh M Still Hopefull Mr Sharma..I Do Trust n Have Faith on Our Love..Bas Wait nhi horaha aur.. ( Teary Eyes ) Its jst soo Unbearable.. ( Teary Eyes )

Mr Verma : Ma’am Plzz Control Urself..I knw its really Tough fr U bt We dnt have any other Option infront of Us..We have to Jst wait n Pray fr Sir’s Safety.. (.Comsiles )

Swara : ( Composes Herself ) Haa Mr Sharma ( Wipes Her Tears ) I jst cnt Loos Hope. ( Sighs n Sees Avinash n Jhanvi ) waise Mr Sharma Y does Mr Mukherjee dnt come infront of Media..I mean being One or the Top Business Tycoon He shud come infront of Media atleast Once na..Today also Wen He was Entering da Hall He Directly widout being Noticed by anyone went towards His Spcl Guests who Saw Him ..bt did nt Pay any Attention here..Y? ( Confused )

Mr Sharma : God Knws Ma’am..Hogi koi Reason bt waise Heard ki He is going to Come infront of Media this Time..

Swara : ( Feels Happy Unknowingly ) Ohh Wow..thats Gr8..Pata nhi m soo Exicted to See Him..( Confused )

Mr Sharma : ( Smiles Secretly ) woh toh hogi hi ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Confused ) What ? Hogi hi Matlab?

Mr Sharma : ( Sweats ) Woh..I mean..Haa i mean Ma’am coz
maybe Ma’am coz U have nt seen Him b4..so that’s Y wen U Heard He is gonna Confront Media Today I felt Really Exicted or Curious.. ( Sighs )

Swara : Hmm Yes Maybe..U r Right Mr Sharma..anywyz..Lets Wait.thats all We cn do nw..

Mr Sharma : Yes..Ma’am..( Sees Swara Seaching Something ) What Happened Ma’am? U r Searching something?

Swara : Woh Haa Mr Sharma..Actually Feeling Thirsty..So Searching fr a Waiter or a Drinks Bar fr Juice.

Mr Sharma : Ohh..Toh Ma’am U Wait Here..I will Bring Mango Juice fr U..Drinks Bar is dat side..

Swara : No..Mr Sharma..U Wait Here..I will Go by Myself..Its Ok..U jst Try to Find Out More abt the Tender Details frm Mr Mukherjee’s PA..thats more Important..

Mr Sharma : Ok.Ma’am..Sure..( Leaves )

Soon as Mr Sharma Left,Swara too Headed towards da Brinks Bar n Ordered Her Juice Smilingly..While Swara was having Her Juice,She Hears some Laughing Voices frm A Room Beside Bar making Her to Walk towards da Room Unknowingly n As She Reached da Room She Slightly Peeped inside da Room n Smiled Admiringly seeing Both Avinash n Jhanvi who were Fscing da Other Side Facing their Back towards Swara Having Fun n some Father Daughter Bond all Alone n Happily..

Jhanvi : ( Happy ) Omg Wow..Papa…New Phone n A New laptop..Amzing..Love U Papa..U r da Best..Its jst Amzing Papa.. ( Hugs Avinash Tightly ) Thnk U soo Much.. ( Kisses Avinash’s Cheeks ) Muwaahh..Love U ( Hugs Agn Tightly )

Avinash : ( Laughs ) Love U Too Angel..U knw I cnt Deny U fr anything..especially wen U make those Cute Puppy Faces..

Jhanvi : ( Giggles ) Thats Y I make dem alwyz..

Avinash : Badmaash..U V Well knw hw to Control ur Father Haan.. ( Hits Jhanvi’s Head Playfully )

Jhanvi : ( Pulling Her Collar Proudly ) Haa woh toh Hai..( Chuckles )

Avinash : ( Giggles ) Pagaal..Waise Wont U take A First Selfie in Ur Mobile of Ours..

Jhanvi : ( Excited ) Ohh Haa.Nyc Idea Papa..Come Lets Take A Selfie of Us in Our Fav Pose.. ( Happy )

Avinash : Haa Chalo..M All Ready as Alwyz ( Chuckles )

Jhanvi : ( Laughs ) Papa..aap bhi na.. anywyz.Come ( Lifts Mobile fr Selfie Happily )

While both Avinash n Jhanvi were taking Selfies Happily,Swara who was Watching their Cute Bond Smiled n was abt to go wen All of a Sudden Avinash n Jhanvi who were taking Selfies Turned Slightly towards Swara Unknowingly all Bzy in Posing fr Selfies made Swara to Stop n Glance at Avinash All Shocked n Numb..Tears of Shockedness Flowed frm Her Eyes Continously making Her to Drop da Juice Glass frm Her Hands n Stunnes Back Crushing n Pricking da Glass Pieces in Her Legs Resulting in Bleeding of Her Legs
Making both Avinash n Jhanvi to Stop their Fun n See da Noise Direction all Shocked n Surprised..

Swara : ( Shocked ) No..Nhi..This cnt be Happening..No..U Cheated Me..U Betrayed..Me..No..U cnt ..No.. ( Shouts n Faints )

As Swara Fainted in Shock n was Lying Unconscious on da Ground both Avinash n Jhanvi who saw Swara was more Shocked n Numb seeing Swara Wounded n Fainted wid Tears Drops Still Fresh on Her Shocked n Blank Face Bringing Tears in Avinash’s Eyes too Continously Yet Silently…

Tere Saathi Mere Kadmon Ke Hain Nishaan
Tu Na Jaane Aas Pass Hai Khuda…


Precap : One Last n Final Shot on Ur Request…


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