SwaSan TS..Our Little Cupid.. Part 15(THE LAST CHAPTER)..by Kakali

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Here we go,

“Swara!” Someone called out from back.

“Laksh!” Sahil whispered looking at him.

“Swara! Is everything all right? Ragini called me and…..!” Laksh said being very tensed.
“Sahil!” He averted his gaze.

“I already warned you to stay away from Swara. Still you are here?” He said in his dangerous voice while Swara looked on shock.

“You knew it…!” Sanskar shut his eyes close sensing the pain in her voice. That was the time to reveal everything “I… I also knew..about it Swara!” Clutching her dupatta tightly she looked at Sanskar. She was hurt. He hurt her.

“Nothing like that Laksh. Actually I…!” Sahil was cut off by Swara “We shall leave now!” She wiped off her tears and smiled at Ammu who was looking at them keenly.

“Swara we need to talk. Please!” Sahil pleaded to her as she turned around to leave with Ammu.

Taking a deep breath, stopping her tears which were at the verge of flowing she calmed herself down. “Ammu beta, can you please go with your Mama now? Ragini maasi might be missing you. Will you please!” Ammu stared her for a while and at last smiled wide. “It’s ok Mumma. Come back soon.” She hugged her wiping the few droplets of tears. She knew something wrong was going on between the elders.

“Ammu loves you the most.” she pecked her cheek.

“Mumma loves you the most!” Swara couldn’t help out adoring her four but big daughter. How understanding she was.

“Swara…” Laksh started saying.

“Ragini is waiting!” She gave the blank look and Laksh became sad.

“Can we please sit and talk?” Sahil said when Laksh and Ammu left. “Excuse us!” He added.

“Excuse me! Mr. Sahil say whatever you want to say… But in front of me.” Sanskar retorted all of a sudden.

“And I’m not going to leave you here! With this man.” He said later looking at Swara who stood quietly trying to figure out what was actually going on in her life.

“For God sake Mr. Leave us alone for few minutes. It’s our personal matter!” Sahil snapped making Swara come out of her thoughts.

“And you think I give a damn to your personal matter?” Sanskar chuckled. “I’m not going to leave her alone. Never ever. Whatever the reason, the circumstances are BUT m not going to leave her either with you or with anyone. Did you get that?” His words held promise. His eyes showed his immense love for her. Swara knew very well his each of the words were true. Sanskar would never leave his Swara and gladly she had accepted the truth.

Her eyes meet his orbs “She is mine!” It was so hard for them to break the eyelock. Hence they did.

“Go on!” Trio sited on their respective places in a nearby cafe. Her voice was stern as she said him to continue. Even though she was hurt,still wanted to know the reason why he left her. Wanted to know the damn reason which caused the destruction in her life.

“I don’t know how to apologise Swara. I have a done a huge mistake for what m still suffering and that is I left you alone. I don’t know how all that happened. It was just I…..i……!” He chocked looking down.

“Come to the point Mr. Sahil!” She said still masking her blank face.

“I… I… Loved someone else!” He whispered still head bowing down.

Sanskar looked at Swara’s direction and found her as same as before. Not a single change in her features.

“When I came here for job, she used to work with me. I didn’t know how I started to love her. We ended up marrying each other.” He continued. “I wanted to tell you about us…..I didn’t want to keep you in dark. But unfortunately I had no guts to face you.” He finished saying looking at her calm posture. “I’m sorry.. Please forgive me Swara.”

“It’s been 5 years…5 years….that you left me alone…left me with my baby.” She said.

“Baby!” He was indeed shocked.

“I did have a baby…….Anjuuu! Or you forgot about her also? ” Swara placed her hand on her belly. “She was in my womb when I was left alone.” Her eyes turned moist remembering her daughter.

“We had a baby?” His was numb.

“Nei! No!” She shook her head in a no. “Only I had a baby and I have still Anjuu with me!” She declared. “She wasn’t anyone to you ever Sahil. She was a light of my life when you left me alone in dark. Where there was no one for me,Anjuu was. As a light to light up my life.”

“Where is my daughter?” He questioned unable to digest the fact that he had a daughter. How could he forgot? She was pregnant when he left her.

“She is with me. Here!” She pointed out at her heart. “And you won’t ever meet her. That right wasn’t yours!” She smiled with tears.

Sahil sat numb as the realisation hit him. Anjuu wasn’t with her. That mean….she…….. Before his thought could proceed further he was interrupted by Swara.

“Sanskar can we please leave now!” Sanskar hadn’t said anything till now as he gave her time. He knew how much she had gone through and that was the moment when she could ask every unanswered questions to Sahil. So he let her speak. All he knew he loved Swara and would keep on loving her no matter whatever happens. She needed him beside her so he stood by her without thinking twice. Past didn’t bother him a bit because he knew “PAST IS PAST”, it had gone and he only concentrated in his present where Swara was fighting with her past. And…. She had to win over it.

“Won’t you forgive me Swara?” Both were about to leave when his voice came.

“I was never angry with you Sahil!” She smiled effortlessly which made Sanskar smile.

“You wasn’t angry? You don’t hate me?” He asked gaining his voice back.

“No.I was angry at first. But then I realised my anger for you was never strong that I could keep on hating you. There should be an emotion whether it’s hate or anger but then I realised I feel nothing for you. You walked into my life and walked out also but you gave me my Anjuu,my reason to live.” Her tears started to fall off. Sanskar circled his hands around her shoulders to give her strength.

“So from that day itself I closed that chapter of my life forever. It matters to me nothing.” Her eyes found her destination, Sanskar’s eyes which were teary.

“Anjuu isn’t the only reason for why I forgive you.” She continued looking at Sanskar with lots of love “My Ammu and Sanskar is one of the reasons too!” She placed her hand in Sanskar’s hand which was protectively holding her, supporting her.

“If you would have not walked out of my life, I would have never meet Sanskar and Ammu!” He gave a gentle nod looking at her and she smiled back. The moment was beautiful, nothing existed expect Sanskar and Swara and their stare which showed their love.

“So in either way I’m not angry with you. Nothing left to be angry with you Sahil. Nothing. And I forgive you!” She smiled again at Sahil and stood rooted on his place.

“But I deserve punishment for the sin I committed!” He looked down.

“You do deserve and you will get whenever till will come.” The fact is if all mighty could light up her life again by sending Sanskar and Ammu, he could provide the best punishment too. Swara believed that. “The big punishment is that you can never meet my Anjuu!” She declared wiping off her own tears.

“Sanskar! Ammu is waiting for us. It’s getting late now. We should leave!” She said and he nodded with anticipation.

“Nice meeting you Sahil. I hope you are happy in your new life just like me.” Sanskar’s face brightened “My Ammu is waiting for me. I will take a leave now!” She stood up smiling. So finally the end was there. She was finally successful in closing the LAST CHAPTER of her life. She had done that. Successfully. Everything was good now. She was almost ready to walk out with Sanskar.

“And I’m getting my punishment!” He stopped ignoring her talks. “I’m going to die!” SwaSan looked up and found Sahil smiling,but a pitiful one. His eyes were teary,full of guilt. “You have forgiven me but not the one who provides justice. You are right Swara, the time has arrived and m going to die in few days or weeks. I have cancer.” Sanskar gripped Swara tightly.

“No wonder I deserve this punishment and you know what? My wife left me with my little boy. She….she left me knowing that I won’t be there with them anymore.. Look at his justice Swara. Once I left you alone for my selfish reason, but today everyone left me. ALONE…!” The pitiful smile was still covering his face. He laughed at himself. He mocked at himself.

“I tried calling you but your parents didn’t let me. I met Laksh, but he forbade me to meet you. I had no hope to gain the apology from you. I thought I will die with this guilt but today…one more guilt has burdened me…. I actually deserve this for the sins I committed.” He turned back unable to control himself from crying. “I betrayed you once and now life is betraying me!”

“Thank you for forgiving me Swara!” He completed having no idea what to say more. No sooner he faced them Swara hugged him tight crying vigorously and he couldn’t help out but hug her back.

“I’m sorry again Swara!” He cried and both stayed at the same position.

“Excuse me sir!” A man interrupted his thoughts and Sahil found himself alone. He looked around and didn’t see SwaSan. Oh! So he was just imagining all that. Swara had already walked out after forgiving him. The confession about his death was heard by none. He thought Swara would listen and come back to him but alas! It would never happen. How did he even dare to think like that? Indeed he was a selfish soul and God gave him the best punishment for betraying a woman. Living a mother alone with her unborn child.

He chuckled at himself “Still not enough of being selfish?” And everything was sorted. END OF THE LAST CHAPTER.

Today it was not a girl or woman who forgive that man…. but a mother. No matter how much we say but we aren’t capable enough of changing the fact that just because of Anjuu she could live her life. If Anjuu wasn’t there, if she, the reason to live wasn’t there Swara would have never been able to live her life. And that is the ultimate truth. So a mother chose to forgive her daughter’s father and simply move on. So did Swara.

Rest of the punishment he would get by himself. He would definitely suffer.


“Swara! Are you ok?” Both were heading to their house and Swara was quiet all the way and it made Sanskar tense.

Passing a small smile she nodded “You know about him Sanskar. Didn’t you?”

He stared into her eyes to found something but what shocked him more was,he found only love and affection. She wasn’t hurt or angry for hiding the truth. Gently nodding a yes he again concentrated on his driving.

“Phir Mujhe Bataya kyu nehi?” She asked.

“You know the reason well.” He shifted his eyes.

“Itna pyar karto ho?” A beautiful smile covered his face. She could understand him. She did understand him. She knew anything regarding Sahil would have hurt her so he tried to keep her away from any hurt. He would never let anything hurt his love. Never ever and he would make sure about it. Anyhow.

“Thank you.” Swara felt blessed.

He smiled, she smiled and everything looked beautiful. Everything was beautiful when both were together. The car went towards its destination.


Meanwhile Ammu was waiting for her Mumma and Papa who was taking so much time. “Ragini Maasi, gimme your phone. I need to call Papa!” She dialled the number and she heard his voice. “We are here princess!” Sanskar said coming towards them and Ammu run kinda marathon student. “Yeiiiii! You are here!” She hugged both of them through waist at the same time.

“Did you missed me Ammu!” Swara lifted her up.

“Dherrr saraaa!” Ammu’s Mumma was back and so her favourite place where she could cuddle peacefully.

“Missed you too beta!” She pecked her hair.

“Princess appne lunch kiya?” Sanskar’s stomach was growling and he asked.

“Nei papa! I was waiting for you both!” She answered still cuddling in her Mumma’s embrace.

“Yeah! She said she won’t have anything until you both come.” Ragini said smiling at him but the concern behind her smile was seen by only Swara and she indicated through her eyes “Everything is fine.” and Ragini look a sigh of relief. Her sister looked happy and this was the thing mattered at all.

“Let’s have something then!” Sanskar said in emergency.

“Okiii okiiii papa. I know you are soo hungry. See even your stomach is doing gutur gutur!” Ammu teased her papa and Sanskar’s cheeks turned red in embarrassment. Swara pressed her both lips to suppress her laugh.

“Is Papa blushing?” Ammu murmured in her ear.

“I also think soo!” Swara whispered and both Mumma beta chuckled so hard. Sanskar, as usual stared at them unaware of what both of his crazy princesses were saying. It wasn’t new to him at all. 😀

“Swara!” Laksh came forward her.

“Woo..I.. Maine.. I mean I didn’t tell you.. Actually!” He stammered looking everywhere but her.

“Thank you Laksh!” Her smile gave relief to Laksh and he also smiled back understanding that everything was all right. She understood in which situation Laksh and Ragini had to hide the truth from her. They truly loved her soo much.


After having lunch Ammu, Swara and Sanskar were gulping their saliva looking at a particular direction. “Ragini maasi, please little more. Promised I won’t ask for more.” Ammu pleaded while getting a glare in return from Ragini.

“Ragini please!” This time Swara said showing her puppy dog eyes.

“Ragini thoda sa yaar meri behen. Baas give us a little.” He gulped his saliva again.

“Kuch nehi milega. You trip have already finished the raw mangoes. This is mine!” Ragini eat the tasty raw mangoes without seeing their puppy faces which almost melted her.

“Ragini maasi please!”

“Please Ragini!”

“Ragini pleaseeee!”

Laksh chocked his water out seeing their puppy dog, innocent, crying face. Gosh, it was Ragini who was pregnant not them. Pagals. (*Do you want to know how they looked while making those kinda faces? Look at the cover pic?)

“A big NOOOO!” Ragini glared and continued eating raw mangoes while Laksh shook his head.


To be continued….

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