SwaSan TS …. Ginnie & Sanskuu …. Part 4 Last part {by Kakali}

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Hiloo EV1.. Here we go with the last part..Thnk you soo much for all your love and support towards this TS and Me.. Thnk you all to my silent readers.. Well without any delay let’s start this part…
“Ginnie and Sanskuu”..

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Recap- “I Will Be Back For You Sanskuu”…


Warning- I have written a bit romantic scenes.. If any of my kiddos don’t feel comfortable with it,than you can skip this part..(*okii,stop laughing,i know..u all know how much expert I’m in writing all this stuffs?.Though will warn Don’t underestimate the power of a crazy girl “SwaSanChuu Fan”)

Note- Sahil was dead when Sanskar Destroyed the GEM.. remember Swara said “Destroy the gem”in last part..


Sanskar is engrossed in his deep thinking when someone is knocking his door continuously..!! Without his constant someone comes in his cabin “May I Come In Sir?”..

Sanskar lifts his head to look who dares to come to his cabin without his permission..But he looks on shock seeing His Swara, standing in front of him smiling.. She is in black jean with a baby pink? coloured crop top,looking absolutely ravishing.. moreover her smile is kinda cherry on the cake?.. She is looking soo different yet Heavy cute..!!

She is calling for his name from soo long but he is busy in his own day dream land dreaming about THEM..!! All the beautiful memories of their past are doing Contemporary? in front of his eyes completely moisting them..!!

Finding no reply the girl frowns,weaving her hand in front of him to grab his attention..”Excuse me sir.. May i come in?”(*aab baas pocket mei ghusna baaki hai?)

Sanskar couldn’t help out controlling his tears from flowing,hearing her soft and melodious voice after almost 2 months.. he couldn’t stop his tears from flowing seeing HIS LOVE standing infront of him after almost 2 months..!! Without her,Those 2 months were not easy for him.. He was alive,but just like a soulless person..He smiled,but just a fake one.. coz WITHOUT SWARA, SANSKAR HAS NO MEAN.. They need to be together for EO..(*for us)..

He still couldn’t move his gaze from her beautiful sa frowning face….!! He wanted to touch her to make himself believe that HIS SWARA is back for him..!! She is back to fulfill her promise,she did that day before leaving “I WILL BE BACK FOR YOU SANSKUU”.. But he couldn’t move,couldn’t rush,couldn’t engulfing her for a bone crushing hug,couldn’t hold her and taste her juicy lips.. BCZ he is crying like a baby being frozed in one place.Tears of happiness are continuously dropping one after another wetting his rough cheeks which is full of beard now…

{A small song or you can say a few lines for MY SwaSan…}

Kaise Kab Jud Gaye Hum
Hoton Pe Khili Sargam
Aage Rab Ki Marzi
Aansu De Ya Hansi Apni Tijori Se
Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se
Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se
Do Dil Bandhe, Bandhe Ek Dori Se
Do Dil Bandhe, Bandhe Ek Dori Se…

(He remembers all the precious moments he shared with her..he is talking steps towards her cherishing all the golden moments,from the day she came in his life till she left him,being the savior of his life..Being the LOVE of his life..)..

Uljhan Suljhayenge
Saath Milke
Lamhe Kat jayenge Mushkil Ke
Kismat Ko Mana Lenge
Hum Khushiyaan
Chura Lenge
Uski Katori Se
Do Dil Bandhe, Bandhe Ek Dori Se
Do Dil Bandhe, Bandhe Ek Dori Se…

(The way he is feeling now,can’t be described in few words or Billion of sentences.. !! He is not at all in his sence..neither he is able to hear what that girl is saying,nor he himself could convey his feelings right away.!!! But it feels soo good,,soo blissful.its kinda We all have seen their separation,.Now it’s time to witness their meeting of souls?.. )

The girl is not getting anything,just standing in a place observing her new boss’s movement..!! He is coming close to her,close closeee more closeeee(*I probably remembered the CLOSE UP add?) till his hand reaches to cup her cheek .. touching her all face with his Palm..

Then suddenly don’t know what happened he takes her in his embrace ,hugging her as tight as he can..!! His this kind of act shows,This time he would never let her go away from him,from his warm embrace for a single second..!! She has to be with him,besides him for the entire life..!!

Her breath gets stuck for a second sensing the force of his hug..!! She couldn’t move getting a BLESSED FEELING in his protective arms..!! She can feel her shoulders getting wet.she can feel the tight grip getting more tight over her waist..!! She doesn’t want to break the hug,so stays for sometime in a same motion..

After some minutes Sanskar calms down and breaks the hug instantly placing kisses all over her cute face whispering her name “SWAARRAA”..(*i can feel the whole Zoo in my nose tip and ear lobs writing this scene?)..

The girl snaps and jerks from their place,shocking Sanskar…”What are you trying to do Mr.? I’m not your Any Swara !! M Shona Bose”…?

Sanskar is in beyond the shock level…The girl standing infront him is only HIS SWARA and he knows it soo well…but why is she denying to accept it and moreover why the hell is she introducing herself as Shona Bose?”..

“Swaraa,, why are you saying like this? I know you are my Swara..!! N m your Sanskuuu..!! Don’t say all this Swara,, U know na how much i Love—-(couldn’t complete as someone knocks the door)..He looses his tight grip over her shoulders and make himself presentable… The girl also does the same adjusting her shiny open hairs which got messy for his hug…

“Come in”Sanskar says gazing that girl..

An Another girl comes in wearing a fitted dress which is barely covering her thighs….

“Yeah Ragini,,!!tell me..anything important?”(*well here comes my new member of this story)

Passing a seductive smile Ragini says”Sanky sir,I need your signature in this file”..

Ragini handovers the file touching his hand slightly as well as passing the same seductive smile..!!! She is directly drooling over him..

The girl who is looking at her with open mouth now her face hangs? seeing Ragini openly flirting with Sanskar..she moves her gaze to Sanskar and finds him staring her with narrow eyes..?closing her mouth with plams she murmurs “Where is the back of her dress? Where has the half dress gone?”?

Sanskar smirks signing the files..”You can leave now..But if you need any help,don’t hesitate..feel free to ask!! M always there for(the girl cuts him off)..

“Sir if you have done.. may i leave now?”asks the girl greeting her tooth cursing something under breath..

To Ragini : Ragini you can leave now..!! I have to take her interview now..!! Don’t let anyone disturb us for sometime..!!

Ragini nods and makes a way out of the room making various kind of faces?..

Sanskar gets up from his chair and goes towards Swara(acc to him) with a sly smirk on his face… “Soo you are not Swara rit?”..

The girl nods moving backwards as he is taking steps coming close to her..”Yess..ss M nott Swarraa.. M Shoonnaaa Boo..seee”..

“Okkk,Than you can go now Miss Shona Bose”..

Taking a sigh of relief she is about to leave when Sanskar grabs her wrist pulling her and the next moment she is lands on his hard tone chest ..!!

He slides his hand under her top touching her bare belly..Her breath gets catch due to his sudden touch..!!

“You are really not my Swara naa?”Whispers Sanskar near her ear removing her hairs from one side of shoulder to another,planting some feather like kisses on her nape..!! By the time now both are breathing heavily… Sanskar smiles brightly and twirls her making her face to him..

He looks at her face lovingly coz she is still breathing heavily closing her eyes tight..!! “You are not Shona rit?”

She opens her eyes and stammer with her words “Nooo,, no.o.oo .,,”

Sanskar raises his left eyebrow…?

With widen eyes she again stammers “I ..mea.nnn yess.. Yesss… M Swarraa…! Nooo.. sorry.. i me..ann m nnottt Swaa.raa … but Shooona.. !! Yes..!! Shonaaa..aa Swaarraa..!!”?

His smiles grows more wider looking at her confuse state.. awww she looks sooo cute…!! He suddenly pins her to wall pressing his whole body to her and says with a dominating yet husky voice “YOU ARE ONLY MY SWARA,,UNDERSTAND SWWAARRAAA urf Shona Gadodia” says and smashes his rough lips on her soft petals… She slowly partes her lips closing her eyes, receiving a warm kiss … !! Her hands automatically ruffles his hairs,fisting and pulling more to her..!!
(*Obviously it’s our Swara only.. otherwise if there would be any other girl in place of Swara,, 5 fingers ?would have printed on Sanskar’s place)

Both participates in the hungry kiss with equal passion.. biting her lower lips he asks for his entry on her so as she also gives him a swift entry without delay moaning “SANSKUUUUU”…!! He smiles with tears and pulls her more to him,,after testing EO’s essence of love both joins their forehead,trying to hold their breath…

Sanskar places a soft kiss on her moist eyelashes… “Swarraaaa !! ” he lifts her face holding her chin..She is still not looking at him,just eyes are dropping tears… Caressing her cold checks Sanskar yet again says “I LOVE YOU SWARA”..

All Swara could hug him,hiding her face on his chest sobbing “I LOVE YOU TOO SANSKUU”.. Sanskar prospectively wrapes his arms around her,peaking her forehead with lots if love and care,, where Swara feels like heaven..!! No doubt his warm embrace is the most safest place she can ever find in this whole universe..!! (*That’s why MY SwaSan are out of the universe?)


After Some Time,,,

Sanskar is sitting on his chair and Swara is simply sitting idle on his lap resting her head on his chest wrapping her hands around waist…

Sanskar(lovingly) : Swaraaaa..

Swara(Playing with his shirt button) : Hmmm..

Sanskar : Swaraaa..

Swara : Hmmm Sanskuu..

Sanskar : I missed you..

Swara(cutely) : I missed you too Sanskuu..

Sanskar : Sacchi…

Swara : Mucchi..

Sanskar(playing with her hairs) : Swara..

Swara : Haaa Sanskuuu..

Sanskar : Why you love me soo much?

Swara : I don’t know..

Sanskar(Tapping her head slightly with his chin) : Swaraaa..

Swara looks up,and meets the most ever Browny eyes staring her ..

Sanskar(still staring her deeply) : what would have happened Swara if i didn’t wish that day?

Swara : Nothing Sanskuu..!! We would have meet again .. coz i know WE ARE DESTINED TO BE TOGETHER.. No one can separate us.. not even Death.. !! Just bcz of your love and wish, I’m here..with you..u know that day,i was almost dead.. but how could i gave up.. !! How could i leave you alone.. How could i not come back to you..I HAVE TO SANSKUU,I HAVE TOO.. We Will Be Always Together Sanskuu.. !! Coz without SANSKAR,SWARA IS NOTHING..

Sanskar(overwhelmed with her love) : And SANSKAR IS NOTHING WITH HIS SWARA… SWASAN ARE ALWAYS MEANT FOR EO.. !!! (Peaks her nose tip)..

Swara(smiles) : Love you Sanskuu..

Sanskar : Love you infinity..

Sanskar(caressing her hairs) : Swaraaa..

Swara : Haaa..

Sanskar : can i ask u something.?

Swara : Haa bolo na..! Why are you asking?

Sanskar : Why you lied that you are not my Swara?

Swara : —-

Sanskar : Swaraaaa..bolo naa..

Swara : I thought—-?

Sanskar : Haa,, u thought what??

Swara(closing her eyes tightly) : I won’t tell you.. i know you will get angry..?

Sanskar : Nope JAAN.. i won’t.. bolo na.

Swara : I thought Now i don’t have any power soooo..?

Sanskar(glaring her?) : Sooo…¿

Swara(with pout) : I told you naa.. see …?

Sanskar (peaking her pout) : Leave all that.. Now i don’t want to know anything. …you are with me.. and that is more than enough…OUR MINI FAMILY just you me and Mom…!!.

Swara : Sanskuuu..

Sanskar : Haaa..

Swara : Ek baat puchuuu (*Abb bass KBC pe participate karna baaki hai?)

Sanskar : Yahh yahh.. Go on.!! Go on..

Swara : How you get to know,it’s me only??

Sanskar(with a billion dollar smile) : Tumhari saasein kafi hai,mujhe ehsas dilane ke liye ki tum hi ho meri Swara..!! (Your breath is enough for me to let me know that you are only MY SWARA..)(*gudgudi ho rehi hai?)

Sanskar continuous ” Moreover your birth mark(sliding her hairs from one shoulder to another,peaking her nape on birth mark) is also proved you are my Swara..!!

Swara (touching her nape with widen eyes) : How you get to know i have birth mark here?

Sanskar (simply answers back) : Yeah, that day i was applying ointment na..!! Sooooo…

Swara(hufff) : Okiii !! Par kuch aur toh nehi dekha?(Didn’t you see something else na?)

Sanskar(naughtyly) : Kyuu kuch aur bhi tha kyaaa?(Why !! Was there anythingggggg)

Swara turns into crimson red,, hiding her face in his crook of neck “SHAMELESS”..

Sanskar chuckles seeing his Swara blushing soo hard … “ONLY FOR YOU”..says looking directly at her eyes.

Both are having a cute eyelock which is broken by someone, who is poking something on Swara’s feet… She immediately looks down and shouts in joy ” PIKACHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU”…

“Waa myyy picchuu,, pichuuu..Pikachuuuu..!!I missed you soo soooo sooooooooooo much.. ” Picks him up and twirls many times …

Pikachuuuuu smiles brightly and rubs his cheek with her ” Pikaa wiggaa… chuuu.. !! Pikaachuuuu.. wigga wigaaa..!! Chuuu.. Pikatchuuuu”..

“Awww mera baccha.!!! How are you? I know you also missed me..!! ” says kissing his nose..

Pikachuuu shows doing some acting by his tiny handss having tears in eyes ” Pikachuuu,, wiikkachuuu.. (vigorously nodding no) chuuu chuuuu..pikka pikaaa..!! pikaaatchuuuuu.(pointing towards Sanskar) pikaachuu chuu wikka wiggaa(again nods no when droplets of pearls falls from his eyes).”..

Swara also gets tears and hugs him tightly ” I will never leave u pichuuu..!!Don’t worry..No even Sanskuuu.. Never.. ”

Pikachuu climbs on her shoulder like before playing with her hairs..!! (*M having tears writing this scene.. it’s a total bliss?)

Sanskar : Here our come KMHPMM!!

Swara(narrow eyed) : what is KMHPMM?

Sanskar(showing 32) : Nothing… Rehne doo..

Swara : Bologo.. or ?(indicates to Pikachuuu)

Sanskar gupls and says fearfully ” Kabab Mei Haddi, Pakore Mei Makkhi”..

Swara’s mouth is like “O”?…

She looks at Pikachuuu who is giving Sanskar an irritating look.indirectly “NOT_AT_ALL _INTERESTING”look..

Sanskar makes faces where Swara tries hard to suppress her laugh biting her inner cheeks..


Trio are having a great time with EO after a long time..!! They are just enjoying and leaving this moment soo much unaware of the upcoming hilarious scene…

“Knock knock”

“Come in”

Ragini comes in again plastering her previous wala smile…

Pikachuu hurriedly disappears after giving something to Swara,,, where Swara is sitting in his lap..

Ragini looks at both and boils in anger “Ayy you girl.!! Why are you sitting in Sanky sir’s lap? Don’t you know he is your boss”..

“Ragini she is my Swara..!! My life.. My jaan..!! Don’t you dare to talk with her in high pitch”.. says Sanskar gritting his tooth..

“Chill Sanskuuuu,, She doesn’t know about SWASAN na..!! That’s why saying this.. (To Ragini) Well Ragini, M Swara.. !! SANSKAR’S —— opps i have you understand what i mean..

BDW you and Sanskuu will look great with EO.. What’s say Sanskuu(turns to Sanskar,who is looking at her with shock expression)…

Ragini smirks : Yeah,, that’s my specialty.. I can look beautiful with anyone.specially Sank—-(Swara cuts off her)..(*Shh MY SwaSan lovers don’t giggle now?)

Swara(smirks back) : I agree..!! Soo why don’t you both give a proper name to your relation.. !! I mean people should know naa what you meant for EO..!!

“Swara,, what you saying all this..!! There is nothing between us.. u know naa I LOVE YOU ONLY”…says Sanskar coming towards her..

“I know Sanskuuu..!! Areey 1st let me complete na!! (Again turns to Ragini) Haa toh kaha thi mai..!! Ohh haa you both should give a name to your relation naa..

Ragini blushes…

Swara takes out some PIMPOM BALLS, a bundle of broom as well as a RAKHI and keeps all of them in front of her .. !!

Ragini’s jaw touches the ground and the next moment we can see “She is tieing RAKHI in Sanskar’s hand with a brightest smile and Swara is clicking pics after pics..!!

“SANSKARR BHAI” echoes in the whole room..!! (*well by this scene if i have hurt any of my personal bashers.. Than I’m sorry. . I DON’T CARE)..


Swara(confuse expression) : Sanskuu why you bring me here? This is our old rented house na?

Sanskar : Yupp Swara.. it’s our old home where you came for the 1st time..

Swara : But what about that house.. I mean dusra wala..

Sanskar(smiles) : We left from there, from the next week you left us.. !! Tumhari yaade bohut satati thi waha.. sooo we came here and i said to mom till you won’t come back,, we would be living here only.. !!

Swara is like Awwww? !! And hugs him..

Sanskar(hugs back) : Toh chalee..Our Mom will be waiting..

Swara : Chaloooooooooooo?….(*run)

(*I’m not dragging Sujhata and SwaSan scenes)..

Sujhata(teary eyes) : I missed you Swara beta..!!

Swara : I missed you too mom..!! Specially your hand made Allu Puri with Ammul Butter.!! ?

Sujhata : Aww Beta,(kissing her forehead)..Don’t worry after your marriage i will always make Allu Puri for you..!! (*God bless my watery mouth?)


“Swahhaaaaaaaaa”<<—– Yeh bibah sampanna huwa..!! Ajj se app dono Pati-Patni hai..(This marriage is done..From today onwards you both are Husband and wife)

SwaSan marriage is done by Priest Navi and Kakali..who is chanting mantras as well as drooling over Sanskar with twinkling eyes!!(*Bless MY SwaSan ev1… They need our blessings,,)(* Navi we are twin priest here?)…

Kanyadan and Gatbandhan is done by Pikachuuu…?


(*Ehem ehem My kiddos,, plzz stay away from this part…omggggg? better i jump from bed)…


#Note- They have moved to their new Home sweet home..?

Sanskar is about to enter his room when someone pokes his shoes.. He looks down and finds Pikachuuu standing there folding hands on his chest …

Sanskar with blank expression "What?".?

He wants to enter in his room but again Pikachuuu comes in front of him not letting him enter..


Meantime Sujhata comes there and sees the whole Nazara.. "Mom,, what he wants?see naa he is not even letting me (Sujhata cuts off)..

"Areyy Bewakuffff !! He wants NEEK(*some kind of ritual,doing for fun..people demands money(Neek) before the groom enters in his bride's room,,, Since Swara has no one Soo Pikachuuu is doing this fulfilling his duty as HER EVERYTHING..)…

Sanskar is like "Whattttttttttttttt?"???

Sujhata giggles..

Being astonished Sanskar again looks at Pikachuuu who is tapping his left foot on floor,folding hands on his chest and gazing somewhere else doesn't even giving a damn to his shocked expression…(*I'm mad for his this expression)..

With open mouth he takes out some money and gives to Pikachuuu.. !! Pikachuuu takes tye monkey and climb on Sujhata's lap rubbing cheeks with his own..

Sanskar murmurs "GHOR KALYUG?"..

Sujhata & Pikachuu left the place…


Sanskar enters his room slamming the door behind blabbering something..!! He looks around the whole room ,which is mesmerisingly decorated for his 1st night..!! He captures the sight of his Swara,who is standing near the window gazing at the full moon…!!

He keeps his chin on her shoulder and asks Back hugging her "What are you staring Swara?"

Feeling his body on her back,she answers closing her eyes "Watching match"..

Sanskar "—-"?

"I mean watching the hide & seek match between the moon and clouds.wahoo see naaa Sanskuuuu."?

But our Sanskar is busy giving her wet kisses…!! Swara can feel her bare back on his massive chest..

{BG Music : BODY ON ME by Rita Ora & Ft. Chris Brown}(*one of my fav songs)..

{Baby let's cut down the lights
I just really wanna let this fire burn bright
I'm just telling you to have an open mind
Just imagine us..}

Sanskar slowly keeps his hand her dori and starts to caressing her bare back..His mouth is still working on her nape giving numerous wet kisses..!! Swara starts to breath heavily and clutchs her legenha tightly..

{You're taking me there, you're taking me there
Our lips are barely touching
So do it again, so do it again
We could be on to something
Heyo, heyo, I just wanna feel your body on me
Heyo, heyo, if you want it then you got it, hold me}..

In a swift moment the knot of her Dori is untied…!! Swara's heart beat started to increase..

{No more, no more wasting time
We can, we can go all night
Heyo, heyo, I just wanna feel your body on me
Body on me
Body on me}

Without wasting a single minutes Swara turns and hugs him passionately.. Sanskar romantically caressies her waist and belly portion making Swara loose her control over her patience…

{Put you up against the wall
And I'm a go to work 'til you get off
Baby, soon as you're done we'll go some more
Girl, just imagine ur
You're taking me there, you're taking me there
Our lips are barely touching
So do it again, so do it again
We could be on to something…}

Sanskar leans towards her face kissing her forehead following by her eyes, nose tip,cheeks… n lipssss but Swara smiles naughtyly pushes him and starts to run….

"Urghhhhh Swaraaaaa,, what is this? Huh come here? What you doing now?" Says Sanskar and runs behind her..

Body on me
Your body on me
AyayayayayayaYour body on me

"Nothing Sanskuuuuu,, let's play Kabbadiii,,,…!!" Says Swara and again starts running,jumping on the bed..

"Kabadiiiiiii¿¿¿¿ !! Hey Vagwannn..!! What a girl she is..!! Urghhh let me show her how to play kabaddii"..

{Heyo, heyo, I just wanna feel your body on me
Heyo, heyo, if you want it then you got it, hold me
No more, no more wasting time
We can, we can go all night
Heyo, heyo, I just wanna feel your body on me}

Sanskar grabs her wrist,pinning her to wall "Now let me show you,, how to play kabaddi.." says and kiss her lips passionately without giving her a single second to breath..!!

{I'm not asking for too much, put your finger tips on me
Don't wait 'til the sun's up, we can keep this thing between
Us, only nobody has to know what's going down right now baby.}..

"Now the game begins"says and lifts up in his arms moving towards their bed..!!! While Swara blushes hard peaking his lips..!!

He makes her lie down on their bed…both of them are starting in EO's eyes Deeply yet cutely,there is also a passion to mark EO as their own.. Sanskar finally comes on top on her covering their bodies with a single comforter..!! After some time the whole room is filled with their sound of moans,indicating that TWO SOULS HAVE FINALLY BECOME ONE..!!

{Heyo, heyo, I just wanna feel your body on me
Heyo, heyo, if you want it then you got it, hold me
No more, no more wasting time
We can, we can go all night
Heyo, heyo, I just wanna feel your body on me …
Body on me
Your body on me
Body on me}..

The whole universe is witnessing the heavenly meet of our Heavenly SwaSan.. All are busy admiring and blessing them for their bright future,for an upcoming EPIC journey.. The shameless & Moron writer is coughing after writing this mess.. all the shameless readers are reading this while giggling..!! Both clouds and the Moon is playing hide and seek blushing hard..!! GOD is busy, writing about this EPIC couple..!! Now let's pray for them…?



Swara,Sanskar, Sujhata, Is looking at Pikachuuuu and SwaSan's Daughter "SHASWATI" with open mouth… cozzzzzzzzzzzzzz it's been only one month she born but now she is playing with Pikachuu,pulling his cheeks… (*Goshhhhh)… Neither she took the 1st word "MAA" or "DADDA" .. instead of she called "PIIICCHUUUUU"…

Sanskar(closing his mouth) : What a miracle Swara?

Swara(coming to her sense) : Haaa !!.what a miracle..!!

Sujhata(smiles) : Thnk you Swara beta for completing my Family..!! (Kisses her forehead)…

Sanskar(frowns) : Mom, half credit is mine also..how could you —-(realises what he said)…

Swara glares him while he smiles sheepishly and runs towards her JAAN PART2 SHASWATI…!!

Swara and Sujhata smiles admiring them..!! But the next moment burst out into laughter when SHASWATI & Pikachuuu gives him a tight kick all together… !! ?huahh haa haaaa..!!

Sanskar shouts from his place " THANK YOU SWARA FOR COMING INTO MY LIFE"…

Swara shouts back " I WANT CHOCOOOOO"…

The screen freezes at their happy and smiling faces..?


Huyaaaa !! Here I end the TS "Ginnie and Sanskuuu"..
Hope you all liked this part..!!
My work is done..!!
I will take a leave now..!!
Hope to see you all again..!!
Take care all..!!

#plzzz Ignore all my Gramatical mistakes and spelling errors..

Thnk u sooo much for reading..
God bless you all… <3 <3…
Bye Byee…!! ?

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