SwaSan TS …. Ginnie & Sanskuu …. Part 3 B {by Kakali}

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Hilooo ev1.. Here we go with the part..hope u all like it..
Sorry for my grammatical mistakes n spelling errors…

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Sujhata(yelling)- Sanskar come fast or u will be late for office..

Sanskar(yells back)-Mom,just a minute..

Sujhata- Arre Nalayak,m waiting from more than 15 minutes and u r still saying just a minute..

Sanskar(frusteted)-Abhi ayya.. 1st tel me where is my watch,hanky,mobile,jacket,wallet.. M not getting anything at proper place..!! Where the hell all my things?

Sujata comes to his room n handover him all his necessary accessories “Till how long you r going to be like this? Can’t even take care of ur own stuffs..!! Ram ji knows what will happen to u”…

Sanskar(irritated)-Oh mom..!! Stop irritating me..!! And Plzz call Swara, she knows…………__

Sujhata’s eyes are filled with tears ..

Sanskar sees her tears n answers being emotionless “M getting late,”…

Sujhata- Par breakfast?

But Sanskar without giving any reply left the room..

Sujhata wipes her tears”Where are u Swara beta? Look na what has happened to UR Sanskar?”..


Sanskar’s POV,,,

It’s been 2 months Swara,,2 months u left me.. and i still can’t forget that horrible day (chocked voice) … why u loved me Swara? Why u loved me soo much?
U know i have been waiting for u,, Plzz come back to ur Sanskuu..,, I need u Swara..(cries)

POV Ends…

Sanskar leans again his chair remembering that incident,that horrible night..


Next Day,,,


Sujhata n Sanskar returns home.. Sujhata is much better than last night..!!.

Sujhata : Arrey Sanskar baas..!! Now i can’t eat more.. !

Sanskar : okk Mom.. take ur meds n rest for sometime..

Sujhata nods : Sanskar u also eat something.. coz i know you haven’t eat anything from yesterday…

Sanskar smiles n kissing her forehead n left the room…

Sujhata(smiles) : Mera Nalayak beta layak ban gaya.. waah Ram ji ,, kya chamatkar hai..(My immature son became mature.. Waah Ram jii..! What a miracle!!!)


Sanskar’s Room,,,

Sanskar sits in the bed resting his head against the headboard thinking something deeply… !! Meantime his gaze falls on the lime juice glass which Swara gave him yesterday morning.. He smiles remembering her cute face but all of a sudden reality hits him “Where is Swara?”..

He rubs the ring many times but Swara didn’t appeared at all.. He gets tensed n tries to rub the ring more..all of a sudden a pale,tired,exhausted Swara emerges.. Without having any emotions she asks “What u want Sanskuu?”..

Sanskar looks at her from top to bottom.. He can clearly see how tired she is.he also can see some cuts n wounds in her arms,neck and wrist.. !!

He immediately rushes to her and asks Panicky”What ..what.. iss this Swaraaa?ho..ww al.l this happ..eenee?”..

Swara doesn’t answers and tries to move but due to weakness she fells dizzy and is about to fall but Sanskar catchs her at the nick of time.. “Swaraa!! Swaraaa..,, open ur eyes Swara.!!” Says tapping her cheek..

Swara slowly opens her eyes n faints in his warm embrace…

The moment he touched her body,he could felt she is having high fever..coz her body temperature is soo high.”Ohh God Swara,, u have fever….”

Sanskar picks her up in bridal style and moves towards bed… Covering her with 4? blankets.. “Abb kya karu? I can’t disturb mom..(thinks for a second)ohh haa, i know what have to do with high fever patient..?

After some seconds Sanskar comes and starts to keep cold water Pattis on her forhead..

All the way he is just starting Swara lovingly.. Her beautiful and cute face is pale now.. some moron dark circles come under her twinkling eyes.. her nose is red,may be due to high fever.. Her juicy,red rose Patels like lips has turned into light blue coloured now.. She has lost her charm somehow.. Don’t know when he placed a kiss on her forehead caressing her hairs with tones? of love..

After 2 hours he checks her temperature and hufffff it’s normal now.. but what about her cuts..?He brings the First aid box n applies ointment… !! After finishing his work he comfortably sits beside Swara starting her once again and slowly he also dozes of…


Sanskar suddenly wakes up from sleep finding Swara shouting something “plzz,,don’t beat me. I am sorry.. plzzz !! Plzzzz ,, i won’t do that againnn.. ahhh !! Am sorry..plzzzzz”…

Sanskar is shocked listening all this n tries to wake her up “Swaraaa..!! Listen..,,Listen.. see no one is here..!!”

Sanskar realises that Swara’s all body has become cold,she is badly shivering.. He couldn’t take this anyone and finally takes her in his warm embrace,in a same duvet hugging her tight,giving body heat to her..!! More she tries to push him,more he tightly hugs her.. soon she calms down and peacefully sleeps cuddling him like a pillow .. !!

Sanskar could feel all the insects(*specially male butterflies?) in his body when Swara’s hot breath touches his neck.. he smiles brightly wrapping his arms around her waist and pulls her more towards him and both sleeps peacefully…(*SWASAN are in EO’s embrace,do they need anything else??)


Next Morning,,,

Sun rays falls on our HEAVENLY couplen SwaSan who is sleeping sticking to EO like they will die if somebody separates them from EO’s embrace.. Sanskar opens his eyes and gets mesmerized to see a beauty queen sleeping on his chest like a baby… He keeps on starting her with a wide smile.. meantime Swara also opens her eyes and directly looks at Sanskar’s dark brown eyes who is still starting her without blinking… Both are having a cute and multiple cute? eyelock.. !! God knows what they are trying to find.. Swara’s Some hairs are disturbing his view,so he tucks them behind her ear.. Now perfectly looking at her deep eyes,which is showing some kind of hidden feeling for him..

Swara is also doing the same,trying to find out what feeling he has kept in his deep brown eyes for her…!!

Soon both comes to sence hearing their TUMMY’s gutur gutur sound,indicating how much both is hungry, and jerks from their place… A sudden awkward situation take place between them.. !! But inorder to avoid further unnecessary awkwardness Sanskar asks “ehem ehemm !! Swara,, Are you feeling better now?”

Swara slightly nods her head avoiding eye contact..

“But what was all that? How those scratches come to your body”…

“No..nooo Nothing Sanskuu,actually woo”..she tries to move,but couldn’t n winches in pain..

Sanskar immediately rushes to her and asks in a concern fill tone”Swara. U okk?”..

Swara just nodes..

He cups her cheek n says “Swara,plz tell me..!! What had happened to u?”..

She doesn’t answers..Seeing her eyes filled with tears Sanskar couldn’t help himself from engulfing her for a tight n protective hug…

Swara says in between her slow sobs “Itss.. itss.. a pu..nishh.menn.t to breaa.k the ruu..lee offf Ginnie La..nnd.. !!”

After hearing this his eyes are also get moist .. He can understand what she ment n for what she beared the punishment..

After parting from the warm hug he wipes her tears which is flowing like never ending..she is still looking down not being able to meet his eye .. but she looks on shock,when some droplets of tears falls on her plam indicating that her Sanskuu is also crying..

“Shh! Why you crying Sanskuu?,,Shh”..

“M. Sorry.. Swaraa..!! M sorry.. !! It’s all bcz of me n my stupidity that u have to go through this much.. ! M sorry Swaraaa.. !! “.. Cries more badly..(*better i slip into coma before writing these scenes?)

Swara instantly hugs him in order to calm him down..”Noo Sanskuu.. Noo.. it’s not ur fault..!! Infect it was ur wish.. it was ur wish Sanskuu.. and i had to fulfill it anyhow..!! U know it’s MY DESTINY to fulfill ur wish till m here”…

He hugs her more tightly… Swara couldn’t bear the force of his hug and feels dizzy.. Her grip over Sanskar starts to loose…

Sanskar makes her sleep and is about to move when Swara holds his wrist and says “Sanskuu,, u Still have any wish? Do you want something else from me?”..

He smiles and answers back”Noo..Swara,, i don’t want anything now..!! I have everything.. n its enough for me Mom and—– “(Swara cuts him off)..

“It means i can leave now..!my work is done!”..

Sanskar’s heart stopped beating for a second .. He turns around and sees Swara smiling but there is something deep in her eyes.. !!
PAIN.. the same PAIN,which is Sanskar feeling deep down in his heart thinking about She will leave him today.. !!
Yes, Today she will leave him..
Toady is the day to make her free from all his wishes..
Today is the day for what he feared the most..
Today is the day She is going back to her Ginnie land fulfilling his every wish..

Now the question is “Will He Let Her Go?”
“Will He Able To Live Without Her?”..

All these thoughts are more than enough to make him shiver.. it’s more than enough to make him realize how important Swara is for him…

At the next moment both were in EO’s embrace yet again,expressing their unexpressable love and Need.. They have no idea how they going to live being apart from EO for the entire life.. The pain and feeling they are going through right now,only their HEART can understand..but still it’s flowing in the shade of tears “Swaraaa.a Jann.aa Jarur..ii hai?”(Is it necessary to leave?) Asks Sanskar in an audible sound between his sobs..

Noo,there was no answer of his question..




Swara is starting the sky which is filled with numerous of twinkling stars…. She comes to sence when someone kept a warm shawl around her body… !! She smilingly whispers “Sanskuuu”…

“Not getting sleep?”

Passing a smile Sanskar nods and looks towards Sky as Swara does the same….

“Shooting star”.both shouts in unison… Immediately afrer thinking about his wish Sanskar turns towards Swara and sees she is still closing her eyes …

For Sanskar,the moment he looked her face which is shining more under Moonlight,Time was frozed ..

He takes a few steps and leans to her face to get a better view.. Their face is inch apart from EO..Swara opens her eyes and finds him soo near to her face..

Sanskar’s hand automatically reachs to caressise her glowing cheek… !! Their heart beat is repeatedly increasing and they could feel EO’s hot breath in EO’s face..

In all this process Sanskar is deeply staring her eyes placing a passionate eyelock.. Finally his gaze moves towards her pink lips.. His thumb is already touching her lower lip feeling the warmth..His Right hand is busy caressing her face and left hand is placing in her waist dragging her slowly towards him more… He again looks in her eyes and waits for her approval..

Without breaking the eyelock Swara cutely presses her lips on his.. Their lips melt together as if they are becoming one..as if they are made for EO.. It was not a hungry or passionate kiss but indeed a sweet one showing their HIDDEN love,,showing their curving for EO in their own life. Showing how much they going to miss EO, showing what they means in EO’s life.. Yes,it was just a slow and simple kiss..

Breaking the unforgettable kiss they join their forhead breathing heavily..she is still clutching his collar so as he is still holding her through her tiny waist… !!.

Both comes to sence hearing a BHOOM sound.. Suddenly Sanskar takes a few steps back and turns around tightly closing his eyes …. Swara has no idea what happened to him but she looks towards a direction and widens her eyes in shock.. She starts shivering and rushes to Sanskar Back hugging him …..

“I LOOV..EE Y..OUU. SA..NSS.KKUUU”says in a chocked voice and winchs in pain “A..HHAAH DEST..RR..YY TH..EE GE..MM AA.HHH”…whispers again his ear..

It was soo sudden that Sanskar couldn’t understand what exactly happened..But by this time she is taking steps backward… Sanskar shouts “SWARAAA.. DON’T.. DON’T”..

“Any wish Sanskuuu?”

“Shut up Swaraaaa..!! Plzz hold my hand more tightly.. plzzzz don’t loose the grip,, Swaraaaa do you understand what m saying.. Swaraaaaa?”..

She smiles with tears “Noo Sanskuu,, it’s my time… I HAVE TO LEAVE”….

“Nooo,, Swaraaaaa”Sanskar holds her hand as tightly as he can..”

“Sanskuuu,, Any wish?”..asks with a painful yet peaceful voice..



She slipped from his grasp slam into a wild partition n than bounce onto the hard pavement where she lays emotionless and her soulless body vanishes like a FOG.. but before leaving;She gave him a new life,protecting him from SAHIL’S SHADOW BALL ATTACK…

Before leaving she gave him A NEW HOPE that she will be back for him … but when no one knows..

Is this the end of their New Born Love Story..? Or Destiny Has Kept Something Else For Them?.. Well Let’s See,All We Can Wait And Watch…

Flashback Ends…

Back To Present…

Sanskar is engrossed in his deep thinking when someone is knocking his door cabin continuously..!! Without his constant someone comes in his cabin “May I Come In Sir?”..

Sanskar looks on shock seeing HIS ————…….——……——–…….——-…..—-


Precap – YOU RARE ONLY MY SWARA UNDERSTOOD.., Sanskar Says and smashes his rough lips on her soft petels


Sorry for the late and short update.. Don’t worry from next onwards it won’t happen…

Thnk you soo much for reading..
God bless you all… <3 <3…

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