Swasan TS: My bride in a Veil (Part-4)

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Swara broke hug and looked here there. He scratched his hair and smiled seeing her avoiding looking at him.
Ragini: can we?
She is hell irritated by seeing all this, her expression was like she’ll eat them alive itself.
Sanskar: hmm
They about to move from there but he stopped her and held Swara hand.
Sanskar: Never leave my hand.
He said with lots of emotions, at any cost he doesn’t want to separate from her. An unknown fear coming in his heart which was forcing him to behave protective towards her.
Understanding his emotions she tightens the grip and looked at him.

Swara: Never, now lets move or else your friend will again say something.
He nodded in yes. Again ragini became irritated by seeing them as her every move is just making them more close. Later she smiled thinking something.
Ragini: just some moments, after it he’ll be mine.
She again called someone and asked every thing is perfect or not. The next person ensure her everything is fine now she just needs to do work.
She cuts the call and her smile grew wider thinking about her plans which noticed by swasan. Sanskar ignore it thinking it might be her personal matter but swara got doubt before she could think how to know reason behind her smile he asked swara to start her shopping.

Trio started their respective shopping but ragini’s more attention was on swasan. Without their notice she went from there and make a call whereas swasan were busy with each others, he was selecting dress for her. But again and again swara was rejecting each dress by giving lame excuses at last he became frustrated and hand pink white lehnga.
Sanskar: Try this, it’s light also and as well you’ll look good in it.
Swara: but will I …?
Sanskar: Are you going to try or I should come with you?
Cursing him under breath she went from there.

Inside trial room
She wore it and look herself in mirror.
Swara: Not bad choice Mr Maheswari but now what to do with these knots. (She picked mobile) For whom I can ask help, should I call him? But what he’ll think about me that his wife doesn’t know anything. But it’s not my fault also before marriage I used to wear western dress. And moreover my hands are not reaching at back.
She was in utter confusion her trances broken by a voice which make her quiver, heat raise up which results deep red colour formed on cheeks.
Voice: He’ll think that his wife loves taking his help and say to his wife also that her husband don’t mind helping her. He can understand her.
Swara: How you enter….?

Her sentence left incomplete when he touched her back, he softly roams his hand on it and started to tie knots.
Sanskar: By mistake you dialled my number and I heard your muttering. So I asked duplicate key from them as I knew you’ll not allow me enter here without showing your drama. So I entered like it.
She made pout, seeing her pouty lips he argh to touch it but don’t want to make her uncomfortable. So just stared her.
She again checked herself in mirror and found him looking at her with desire in eyes which again turned her red. She looks down, he came in sense and make her wear dupatta.
Sanskar: You look gorgeous in Indian dress, try it more.
She became more red, he went from there but not before kissing her red cheeks in reply of it she also kissed him at both cheek and pushed him.
After sometime,
She came outside and started to find sanskar.
Swara: Where he went?

She came outside and started to search sanskar.
Swara: Where he went?
(suddenly she remembered ragini is also not there, now her tension increase. She tried calling both of them but their call was coming engaged)
Swara: (Monologue) Swara, take breath he must be safe.(Her face color changed seeing someone) What the hell he’s doing here? I should confront him but at this moment Sanskar is most important.
She started to search for him, with passing time her tension was increasing. Nearly 15 minutes passed but there wasn’t even single clue about him.

At other side, he was breathing heavily. Someone trying to hold him but he gave angry look.
Sanskar: Stop Ragini there itself, You well know I have claustrophobia but still you drag me in lift. Can you explain?
He said with difficulty and closed eyes due to irritation.
He smilingly came out from trying room, his hand was still on cheek.
Sanskar: (Monologue) Swara, you’re making me crazy by your antics. I will be not surprised if I’ll fall in love with you.
His moment disturbed by Ragini’s voice who came there carrying two dresses in hand.
Ragini: Sanskar, which dress I should take?

Without showing any interest he said take both.
Ragini: Please help me.
Sanskar: Ragini please decide yourself.
Ragini: but sanskar…
Her sentence left incomplete as he angrily turned towards her.
Sanskar: What but ragini, You know that I don’t have any kind of interest in these things. Then why you’re disturbing me?
Ragini: When swara asked you, you helped her…

Sanskar: Stop it Ragini, she is my wife. So stop comparing yourself with her. Moreover, she needs time for adjusting. So I am helping her as friend or more than it as husband it’s my duty as well.
Listening it she felt insulted but again she smiled thinking about her plan.
Ragini; Okay sorry but please come with me. I selected something for swara as I don’t know her choice so help me.
He gave her blank look.
Ragini: Please sanskar, I want to gift her something. Okay not for me then for her I am sure seeing gift she’ll be happy.
Saying it she dragged him without giving him any chance to protest, as everyone was looking at them he prefers to be silent.
She started to saw him some rings for swara but his whole concretion was on phone, seeing it she slightly pushed him as a result his mobile fell down. He angrily glares her.
Sanskar: What you did Ragini? I don’t understanding why today you’re behaving so weird. Now how swara will contact me? She must be worried about us. And one thing If anything happens to her then I’ll forget that you’re my friend.

Listening it she gulps in fear as she never expected such kind of behaviour from him. That sanskar she was seeing now he’s totally different, she can easily able to see he’s swara’s sanskar but her little brain and obsessed heart not ready to accept.

He about to move from there but before it she dragged him in lift. She pressed lift button and it started to move.
Fb end
Sanskar: Explain me dammit. (He angrily spoke which make her shiver in fear)
Ragini: I can explain, I saw some reporters outside if they had seen us then unnecessary stuffs would have been created as no one knows about our broken marriage.
Sanskar : I could have managed… (He doesn’t able to complete as his condition started to become worse than before)
Sanskar: Do something.

He again shouts at her which made her shiver but later she smirked and moved closer to him. Seeing her coming closer he gave what look.
Ragini; Sorry but expect it I don’t have further options.(She moved closer to him while he just not able to figure out what is going on) I have to give you mouth to mouth air.
Sanskar: Are you in your sense..?

Ragini: We will discuss it later but at this moment you’re most important as I still love you.
He gave her disgusting look but as she has habit of these things it not worked on her.
She about to pressed her lips, he forwarded his hand to push her. But unlucky that time itself door opened, in front of him some reporters were standing with camera and at one corner swara was standing with teary eyed. It was looking like they were really kissing. He tried to explain swara through eyes but she avoided looking at him which shattered him more.

He was still trying to take breath while reporters assumed ragini as his wife. They started to throw questions on them, no one was caring about his health while Ragini was busy in giving innocent and blushing looks. Seeing his condition Swara angrily came towards him and literally pushed reporters and ragini. She pulled sanskar with all force and started to giving him air by mouth. His condition started to become better, she about to pull herself but he pulls her through waist and started to kiss her. As she was angry on him she neither responded him nor back off. He kissed her hardly which forced her to respond, she started to respond him. Both forgotten about their surroundings just kissing each other like there is no tomorrow.
All were seeing this with open mouth, some were admiring them and some were confused. One of them was seeing all with anger filled in eyes. She was none another than ragini, seeing her plan flopped she went from there stamping her feet. Swasan were still busy in kiss, they broke kiss nearly after 10 minutes.
Swara angrily glare all reporters.

Swara: Instead of helping him you all were busy with questions, don’t you all have minimum sense.
Reporter(In shaking voice): But mam who are you?
She again glared them and went from there. He also angrily sees them which makes them shiver.
Sanskar: You all will get to know everything in evening.
Saying it he ran behind her, all reporters started to make stories as his news of marriage with Ragini came no one knew what happened on marriage day.

Sanskar: Swara stop.
She kept running, he run fast and block her way. She tried to move from there but he dragged her and pinned at one corner.
Sanskar: It’s nothing like that swara, we were stuck..

Swara: Have I asked explanation? I am not angry due to that you were in lift with her as I trust you and understand you as well. I know you’ll never betray me.
Sanskar confusedly asked: Then why you ran and why your eyes are red?(He tried to cupped her chin as she was looking down but she angrily saw him and push him.)
Swara; How dare you leave me alone and what happened to your phone? Have you even thought what was my condition not finding you there? But why you’ll think about me. And what was need of going in lift if you have problem, you’re such a idiot. No not you I am idiot who forced you accompanying me.
He became overwhelmed listening her words, her every words was like sweet to his ear.
Saying it she about to move but he pulled her through waist.

Sanskar: Now listen me (he explained all incident, she angrily cursed ragini under breath.)
Swara: So what? And if something happened to you then? You can’t even imagine seeing you like that what I felt. Please sanskar take care of yourself, I don’t want to loose friend and life partner like you.
Sanskar: Till you’re with me nothing will happen to me. And if by sticking there I can able to get my first kiss then I am ready for living there itself.
She placed her hand at his lips.
Swara: Idiot never say that again, I can’t see in that condition. ( He kissed her hands and whispered sorry)
Swara: Hmm better and that wasn’t any kiss…(she said while blushing and looked down to avoid his gaze.)
Sanskar with naughty smirk: Then what was that?
Swara: Vo just..
He pulled her closer and kissed her both cheek.
Sanskar: just?

He kissed her both eye and lean towards lips.
Swara: I was… ( she not able to complete as she started to breath heavily due to his proximity, she pushed him with both hand and run.)
Swara: I was helping you but you turned it in your favour.
He blushed and smiled thinking about their first kiss. He ran behind her.
Sanskar: Still it was our first kiss.

Swara: Yeah it was our first kiss now happy.( He nods in yes) But sanskar now how I’ll face everyone? See all are seeing me? Oh god sanskar ma papa also seen it on TV now how’ll I face them.
Sanskar: If anyone wants to know how to spoil moment then they should learn from you. Leave it no one will think anything about you moreover today I’ll introduce you as my wife and no one has guts to think anything about Sanskar Maheswari’s wife. And mom dad will also not say anything but don’t know about uttlak.
Swara: Will they tease me?
Sanskar: My innocent baby no will tease you. Now forget all it and help me in choosing dress for myself.
They moved from there, this time swara held his hand and intertwined fingers.
Swara: Never leave my hand.

He smiled and tighten grip.
Later both of them did their shopping and went in restaurant. There was not any single clue about ragini, well they were less brother about it. Both ordered each other favourites dishes and started to talk randomly.
Suddenly swara remember something and her face expression changed into serious one which noticed by him.
Sanskar: Do you want to share something?

Swara; Today I saw nikhil.
His face expression changed and eye get some fear of loosing her.
Sanskar: Hmm
Swara took his hand in her hand.
Swara: I just wanted to ask some question nothing more than it and I want your presence too that time.

Sanskar: What if he has some reason then you’ll go to him?
Swara: Never, maybe I am childish and immature too but marriage is important for me. Moreover, now I like you so there is no chance leaving you for strangers. And Mr Maheswari now you have to bear me for 7 births. You can’t escape from this mad girl. (He smiled widely and lovingly gaze her) But why you asked it, do you have doubt…?
Sanskar: I just thought to ask it, it not means I have doubt on you. And I will be glad getting you in every birth.
Swara: It’s okay I can understand.
Sanskar: And I promise that whenever you need you’ll get my presence behind you. And I’ll not run even.(last sentence he said with chuckled which makes her embarrass.)
Swara: Don’t tease me.
He nodded in yes and again opened mouth to say something but she feed him which make him shut. Suddenly he remembered uttara’s word and thought to ask her.
Sanskar: swara that day what uttara mean?
Swara: Say it clearly.

Sanskar: That uttara was saying something that close mouth in your way.
Listening it her eye popped out and started to cough.
Sanskar: What happened swara?

He stood and went her side and caressed her back. All started to see towards them.
Swara: Nothing just, I ate something. Lets move.
Sanskar: But swara..
Before he could complete she moved from there, he confusedly followed her suddenly something clicked in his mind.
Outside restaurant

She was standing there and blushing hard thinking about his question. He stood before her.
Sanskar: Do she mean that what we did before some moments ago.
Her cheeks turned more red and shyly nodded in yes. He smiled at his own foolishness and thought what his family must be thinking about him. He again saw her who was still blushing.
Sanskar: Umm lets move.
They moved from there, Again ragini came there. She made sorry face and saw towards them who were no mood of listening her.

Sanskar: We’ll talk about that later.
Saying it he sat at front seat, this time also ragini about to seat but he stopped her.
Sanskar: Ragini, let swara sit here.
Unwillingly she moved and swara sat beside him. She smiled at his gestures while Ragini started to cook something in her brain.
She sat at back seat with driver which irked her beyond hell.
Swara saw her from mirror and smirk. She remembered how she insists driver to seat at back.
Swara(Monologue) : Tit for tat, you wanted to sit with my sanskar. And also tried to take advantage of his situation. Now just wait and watch to see what exactly Swara Sanskar Maheswari can do.
At Maheswari mansion
All were eagerly waiting for swasan and Ragini specially sujata who was ready to burst on Ragini.
Ram trying to cool his wife but she was angrily moving here there. Uttara and laksh seeing all this with tensed face as they could sense upcoming storm.
Sujata: What was need to go that girl with swasan? Can’t she understands now he’s married with swara so give some privacy but no always trying to stick with him. What should I say her when my son not ready to understand me. I tried to make swasan understand but no who will listen me? I am saying Ram one day this Ragini will destroy my son and daughter life.

Ragini and Swasan arrived at home with Polly bags in hands.
Sujata about to open mouth but ragini herself ran in her room. Sujata went behind her and entered in her room without any one notice.
Meanwhile swasan sat at sofa, all started to tease them as they saw news on TV. Being embarrassed swara try to run but forced to stay there as sanskar held her hand.
Sanskar: Don’t leave me alone here.

Swara: I’ll see you later.

Ragini’s room

She was trying to call someone but became alert as she listened someone step entering in her room.
Voice: Ayy chorry, Don’t you have shame?

She tried to explain herself but sujata being sujata she not listen her and warned her.
Ragini; Ma why you not like me? Even I was going to your bahu( daughter in law)
It irked sujata more.
Sujata; I never liked you for my son but as my son wanted to marry you so I kept silence as his happiness is more important. And you not forget that marriage was just business deal I glad that swara come in his life as she’s perfect for him.
Ragini: Ma don’t trust swara who knows she not at fault I mean her lover left her at mandap there must be some of her fault also…
Sujata: kah toh tu Shi rhi hai ( you’re saying right)

Ragini: Ha ma who knows it’s all her plan to marry sanskar for money.
Sujata went in deep thinking, Seeing it Ragini smirk thinking that now sujata will be in her team but next moment Ragini is on floor.
Ragini: You slapped me?
Sujata: Right her fault was trusting him, her fault was not teaching you lesson.
Ragini tried to stand but she again slapped her.
Sujata; You tried to destroy her life due to jealousy, even not once you think before doing it.
Ragini: I …

She again slapped her, Ragini closed eyes in fear and pian.
Sujata: Not even a single word, I myself listen both of your conversation in mornings.
Ragini; Vo just.
Sujata: Just keep one thing in your tiny brain even if single scratch come to my daughter then that day will be your last day.
Saying it she went from there.
Ragini started to throw all things and touched her cheek which were red.
Ragini: Your new daughter will pay for this, I promise Mrs sujata Maheswari your son will himself throw her from house and marry me in front of you.
Ragini called nikhil and said something to him.

Swasan room, At 3:00 pm
Both were tiredly sitting at bed. Suddenly Swara’s phone ring, seeing caller ID name her face became pale.
Swara: Sanskar it’s nikhil call, At this moment I don’t want to spoil my mood.
Sanskar: Attend it and put it on loud speaker.
She nods in yes and did it.
Nikhil started to plead her to meet once.
Sanskar: Tell him you’re ready.

Swara: But sanskar
Sanskar: You want answers or not?
She nods in yes.
Swara told nikhil she’ll meet him tomorrow.( she cut the call and tightly hug him.)
Swara: Sanskar, I like you.
Sanskar: I know and I like you too. You don’t worry he can’t snatch my wife from me as I trust you.
Ragini listened their conversation and thought.
“ Tomorrow yourself you’ll throw her from your life”

Well other hand swara too thought something for ragini.
“ Ragini ji, just some hours.”
Precap: 1. Ragini shock listening something.
2. Sanskar shouting at Swara and raise his hand to slap her.
if you want some particular scene you can tell me I’ll include.
About first precap don’t think ragini will dance or drink in party, Something shocking is waiting for her. You try to guess what ???
Next episode will take time till then you all think what’s cooking in Swara’s brain and second

Sry for delay…
Next part will take time.
Sorry for mistakes ?

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