SwaSan TS : Age V/S Love ( Sequel ) Final Shot By Goldie

Hii Guyz…Here is da Last n Final Part of Surprise TS #Age_VS_Love..Thnks fr the Wonderful Response fr da Last Part..It means alot..Hope U will Like this Part too..Do Shower Ur Valuable Comments in da Comment Box at The End :).

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Recap : SwaSan Day Out..KavRa n SwaSan Meet…Sanskaar being Tensed n SwaSan Intense Romance..


Age VS Love

Final Shot ( Shot 03 )

Next Day

Its Another Yet Beautiful Day in da Day of Both of Swara n Sanskaar..As Usual like any other Evening Swara was in Living Hall Cuttings Fruits Sitting on Sofa while Sanskaar was Back Hugging Her n Doing His Own Wrk Teasing ( No Need to Tell Wat He is Doing ???? ) Swara n Making Her Disturbed n Irritated..

Swara : ( Controls Her Emotions ) Sanskaar..Plzz Stop na..Dont U get Tired of Ur Continous Romance Haa ? ( Blushes )

Sanskaar : ( Smirks Naughtily ) Nt at all Mrs Shergill..Its My All Time Job n I have License too fr it ( Huskily ) So U see I wont get Tired of it. ( Smirks Winningly )

Swara : ( Irritated n Turns wid A Knife ) Uff..Sanskaar.Stop it nw..( Shows Knife Unknowingly in Irritation ) Have U seen the Time ? Its alrdy 4pm…n U have An Important Meeting wid Mr Verma..Bhulgaye kya ? ( Angry )

Sanskaar : ( Moves Back ) Wao..Swara..Calm Down.. ( Points da Knife in Fear ) I knw I was A Bit Extra Romantic bt it doesnt mean U Scare Me wid A Sharp Knife Haa ( Sweats )

Swara : ( Shocked seeing da Knife ) Ohh Shit ( Keeps on da Table Immediately ) Mmm Sorry..I was soo Angry dat I did nt Realise it.. ( Teary Eyes ) M Sorry Sanskaar..Iii dddiidd nt Mean to Hurt or Scare U.. ( Hugs Tightly ) Mm Sorryy.. ( Feels Guilty )

Sanskaar : ( Overwhelmed ) Arrey..Pagaal..Bas..i was jst Kidding..i knw U wont do anything Purposely agnst Me..( Caresses Swara’s Bak ) Sshh..Calm Down.. ( Calms Swara Down )

Swara : ( Release da Hug ) Sorry Agn Haa Sanskaar..( Sees Sanskaar’s Hands ) Chot toh nhi lagi na? ( Worried )

Sanskaar : ( Cups Swara’s Face ) Nhi..Nhi Lagi..U Relax..

Swara : ( Relieved ) Thnk God.. ( Wipes Her Tears ) Accha Ok..U go n get Ready..I will Make Some Snacks fr U b4 U Leave ( Smiles )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Accha Ok.. ( Kisses Swara’s Forehead Lovingly ) U Relax Haa..Dnt Stress by thinking its Ur Fault..Ok ?

Swara : ( Smiles ) Hmm..I wont..U Go.. ( Assures )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Good.. ( Leaves ).

Soon Sanskaar Leaves frm thr while Swara Gets Bzy in Preparing da Snacks Hurriedly Making Her Feel Dizzy n Weak..


Shergill Firm

5pm Evening

Time Passed n Sanskaar soon with in 1 Hour Reached His Firm fr His Urgent Meeting wid Mr Verma..As Days Passed Sanskaar got Very Bzy n Indulged in the Case Deeply n Today was da Most Important Meeting wid His Client Mr Verma regrading da Case..Soon Mr Verma too Reached da Firm n both Sanskaar n Mr Verma got Engrossed in da Meeting Deeply n Concentratedly..

Mr Verma : ( Worried ) Mr Shergill We will Win da Case na? U knw hw Important this Case is fr Me ( Tensed )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Dnt Worry Mr Verma U will Surely Win..n those Culprits will Definitely get Punished.. ( Assures )

Mr Sharma : Thnk U Mr Shergill..I will be Very Gratefull to U if I Win this Case..

Sanskaar : Yes Off Couse U will..U dnt Worry..U have Trust on Me that’s more dan Enough fr Me to Win this Case..

Mr Verma : Yes I do Trust U Mr Shergill..The Most Important Thing b/w Client n His Lawyer is da Trust..wich I Fully have on U..

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Ohh Yes..That’s True..Wen A Client Trusts His Lawyer Fully na that’s da Biggest Fees of all Lawyers.. ( Assures ) U Dnt Worry Tomorrow’s Case We will Only Win ( Smiles Assuringly )

Mr Verma : Thnks..n Sorry fr that Day’s Behaviour I was Very Tensed abt My Case so Behaved Badly wid U..Really Sorry Mr Shergill..

Sanskaar : Its Ok Mr Verma..I do Understand..I Forgot abt that Incident Long Ago..I dnt Keep any Hard Feelings agnst anyone..So No need to be Sorry ( Smiles )

Mr Verma : ( Smiles ) Thnks alot..

As Both Sanskaar n Mr Verma were Talking abt their Case,Sanskaar Recieves A Call frm An Unknown Number Yet Agn making Him Angry n Scared..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Hello..What The Hell! Dnt U Understand in One Time? Y the Hell U Call Me Every Time n ( Intrerupted )

Caller : ( Dangerous Tone ) Ohh Shut Up U Bl**d* Lawyer..Stop Shouting like a Mad..Kuch nhi hone wala iss Tarrah Chilane se..U Better Take da Case Bak warna ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Warna What Haa? U Very Well knw Sanskaar Shergill never Backs Off A Case Once He Takes it n Especially wen its da Matter of Justice..

Caller : ( Angry ) Then U Better be Ready fr Pay Bak Mr Shergill..Ur LOVE UR LOVE of Ur Life is Jst infront of Me in Hospital n ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Whispers ) SWARA… ( TStands Angrily ) Dnt U Dare Touch Her U ( Intrerupted )

Caller : ( Laughs Evilly ) Abhi tak toh Kuch nhi kiya ( Serious Tone ) bt Haa if U dnt Bak Off da Case b4 Tomorrow’s Hearing of da Case den Maybe Ur Wife myt ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Shut Up..I Warn U if U Harm My Wife or even if U try to Scratch Her a Bit I Swear I wont Leave U Ppl..

Caller : ( Smirks Evilly ) Lets See Mr Shergill Kaun kisse pakadta hai..Tome wjll say that..Bt fr Nw U Better Back Off frm da Case Warna ( Laughs Evilly n Cuts da Call )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Uuu ( Realized da Call is Hanged ) Hello..Hello..U ( Slams da Phone on Table Angrily ) Damn these B*oo*y Morons.. ( Frustrated )

While Sanskaar was seen Damn Angry n Frustrated,Mr Shergill who eas Witnessing da Entire Scn Understood da Matter n Strtd Consoling Sanskaar making Him Calm n Relaxed..

Mr Verma : ( Understands ) Mr Shergill its da Call of those Ppl na ?

Sanskaar : Angrily ) Yes..its da Call of those Cheap Ppl.. ( Frustrated ) They r Black Mailing Me to Back Off frm da Case warna they will KILL My Wife..

Mr Verma : ( Sighs ) Ok den Back Off Mr Shergill ( Stern Look )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) What? R u Out of Ur Mind Mr Verma? U Very Well knw If I Back Off da Case den ( Intrerupted )

Mr Verma : Yes Off Couse I knw Mr Shergill bt see jst coz of Me I cnt Let Ur or Ur Wife’s Life in Danger..Zaada se Zaada kya hoga if I Loose da Case..I will Loose My Business n My Everything na..den That’s Fine atleast I won’t have any Burden or Guilt of Staking Urs n Ur Wife’s Life in Danger..

Sanskaar : Bt Mr Verma..its Wrong..Y U want to Back Off wen U r nt at Fault..those Cheap Ppl has Filed A False Case of Fraudery Agnst U n Ur Company n If U Loose this Case then U will have to Hand Over all Ur Business n Hard Work to GOvt or to any other Private Company or U myt be Prisoned fr 15 Yrsn even after knwing all these U wanna Back Off..( Angry ) Hw cn U ?

Mr Verma : den Kya karu Mr Shergill? U only Tell Me Haa ? Fr My Case Shall I Stake Urs n Urs Wife’s Life in Danger..No I Cnt..I dnt have anyone in My Life so if anything happens to Me or to My Business J wont Loose anything..bt If Anything Happens to U or Ur Wife den wat abt Ur Family’s Members Haa? N U both jad jst Strtd Ur Married Life 2 Yrs Bak..so hw cn I jst ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Sighs ) See Mr Verma..U dnt worry abt Me or My Wife..kuch nhi hoga hume..All these Calls or Black Mailing Tricks r Commin in Our Field..Being A Faithfull Lawyer We have to Face such Situations mny times in Our Life..its all Common n I knw hw to Handle such matters Well..So U dny worry..n I Assure U We will Win Tomorrow’s Case..Relax.. ( Assures )

Mr Verma : ( Hesitates ) Bbt ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Stern Look ) Kaha na..We will Win wich means We will..No neeed to Worry..U jst Go Home n Take Rest..Tomorrow is A Very Important Day fr U.. ( Smiles )

Mr Verma : ( Agrees Unwillingly ) Ok Fine..I cnt Win Over U Mr Shergill.. ( Sighs )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Obiviously U cnt Mr Verma..I did nt get da Title of Best Lawyer of Kolkata sinply..I Earned n Proved it that’s Y i got it ( Smirks Winningly )

Mr Verma : ( Laughs ) Impossible Man..I Wonder hw ur Wife Handles U ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs too ) U Ask Her Only ( Realized Something n Shocked ) Ohh Damn..hw cn I Forget it.. ( Worried )

Mr Verma : ( Worried ) Wat Happened? Is Everything Fine ?

Sanskaar : Yes..Yes..U dnt worry.woh Actually ..My Wife was nt Feeling Well since Yesterday Night so She had gone to Hospital fr Check Up n I Promised I will Come to Meet Doctor wid Her n I Jst Totally Forgot abt it in these Matters..( Worried )

Mr Verma : Ohh..den U Better Go..I will take ur Leave..Bye..( Leaves )

Sanskaar : Yes..Thnks alot.. ( Leaves too along wid Mr Verma )

As both Sanskar n Mr Verma Left fr their Respective Destination Sanskaar while Driving to Hospital He Called Swara abt Her Where about n seeing Sanskaar’s Call Swara who was Waiting fr Sanskaar since Past 15 Minutes Fumed in Anger n Bursted Out Her Anger on Him Making Sanskaar to Close His Eyes in Fear n Scaredness..

Swara : ( Angry ) Uuu Sanskaar Ke Bacche..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Mere Bacche?? Kab?? Kaha aur Kaise?? I dnt have any Kids Swara.. ( Smiles Naughtily ) abhi tak toh nhi hue..bt Haa ( Smirks Naughtily ) If U Want We Plan My Kids Haa ? ( Teases )

Swara : ( Blank n Blushes ) What? Kids ? Hmm.. ( Divets da Topic ) Bacche jab so Hoge..fr nw U tell Me Whr the Hell r U Haa? Here m Waiting fr U since Past 15 Minutes Outside da Hospital n U..U r Calling Me Nw Haa ( Keeps on Scolding )

Sanskaar : ( Closes His Eyes in Fear ) Sssoorrryy Princess..Woh Actually I Srsly Forgot abt this in Meeting n Got Late..Sorry ( Pleading )

Swara : What? U Forgot?? Hw cud U Sanskaar? U Promised Me U will be wid Me n U Forgot..Jao Baath mat karo mujhse..Katti.. ( Angry )

Sanskaar : ( Giggles ) Tum na Swara Bacchi ki Bacchi hi rahogi..I Named U Correctly Kiddo..U r Srsly A Kiddo My Wifey. Bt Sacchi kahu I Love this My Kiddo Wife alot ( Chuckles n

Swara : ( Blushes ) Haa..Haa..Bas..I knw U Love Me..I Love U too My Oldy Hubby. Come Fast..M Waiting. .

Sanskaar : ( Giggles ) Haa..Coming..M Om da Way only..UnTake Care..Go Inside n Sit..Dnt Stand Out in Sun..I will be thr in 10 Minutes..Ok ?

Swara : ( Smiles at Sanskaar’s Care ) Ok Boss.. ( Giggles ) Bye..

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Pagaal..Bye..n Love U ( Chuckles )

Swara : ( Blushes Agn ) Love U Too..Three..Four Much..abb Bye ( Cuts da Call While Blushing )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Haayee Yeh Ladki Maardalegi mujhe ( Giggles n cuts da Call too n Drives )

Soon Sanskaar Speeded His Car n Headed towards da Hospital Happily n Giggling Remembering abt His Swara’s Childish Antics Happily n Whistling..


3 Months Later

Shergill Mansion

Night 4AM

Time Passed n its been 3 Months SwaSan had Visitd Hospital fr Swara’s Check Up n since da Day of Check Up Swara Strtd Feeling More Weaknesses along wid da Change in Behaviour..Its 4AM in da Night n both Swara n Sanskaar were Sitting in a Hall Embracing Eachother in a Sitting Position Watching Tom n Jerry making Sanskaar to Enjoy da Cartoomln while making Swara Irritated n Angry..

Swara : ( Irritated ) Uff Sanskaar..wat is this?

Sanskaar : Wat is this Matlab? Cnt U see We r Watching Tom n Jerry..Acchi hai na? U also Watch na Come ( Embraces More Tightly Yet Comfortably )

Swara : ( Angry n Release da Bak Hug ) Acchi My Foot..Sanskaar its 4 in da Night n is da Time to Watch Tom n Jerry nw? M Feeling Sleepy Come na Plzz ( Pout )

Sanskaar : ( Making Faces ) Wat is this Swara? I heard PREGNANT Girls likes Watching Carttons n Movies Especially Tom n Jerry n Other Kiddish Cartoons at Late Night n they Usually feel Late Night Carvings too..So thot U will also feel da same n isse cheez ko socchke i brought this Tom n Jerry Cartoon n thot We cn Watch together..bt U toh..Huh..Ek toh itni Raat ko itna soccho apne Pregnant Wife ke liye n Uper se uski Anger bhi Jhelo..Huhm.Hw Mean ( Fake Anger )

Swara : ( Feels Aww ) Awwe ( Pulls Sanskaar’s Cheeks ) Mere Cute Pati Dev..Its soo Cute of U..( Sees Sanskaar’s Angry Expressions ) Ok Sorry..U wanna see Tom n Jerry wid Me na? Ok den chalo ( Wraps Herself in Sanskaar’s Embrace Agn Comfortably ) Lets Watch Agn..I cnt Let Ur Late Nigh Hard Work Go Waste ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Happy ) Really? Come Lets Watch..M Sure u will Enjoy Watching.. ( Excited )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Yes Off Course..After all Its Arranged By My Carjng n Loving Husband na ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Love U Swara..

Swara : ( Smiles n Cuddles in Sanskaar’sEmbrace ) Love U too Mere Pati Dev ( Kisses Sanskaar’s Cheeks ) ne cme Lets Watch da CUr Tom n Jerry ( Chuckles )

Sanskaar : ( Giggles ) Haa..Come.. ( Watches Tom n Jerry wid Swara Happily )

As Time Passes both Swara n Sanskaar got Engrossed in Warching Tom n Jerry n while Watching Swara who was Watching da Cartoon wid Sanskaar Falls Fast Asleep in His Embrace Cutely making Sanskaar to Feel Her Weight n Smile Staring His Kiddo Admiringly Sleeping Peacefully Embracing Him Leading Him to Indulged in His Own Deep Thots of 4 Months Ago Smilingly n Overwhelmnly..

Sanskaar : ( Monologue while Smiling ) Aww..Hw Cute She Looks while Sleeping (Kisses Swara’s Hairs Lovingly ) My Cute Kiddo..Cnt Believe My Kiddo is Gonna be A MOTHER Herself..its been 3 Months since We got to knw abt Her Pregnancy in Hospital n since dat Day My Love fr Her got Increased More seeing Her Maturity at such a Young Age..Ppl Left No Chance to Taunt Us on Our Age Gap n on Swara’s Pregnancy at such a Young Age..They Tried to Taunt Us V Badly bt ( Sees Swara wid Teary Eyes ) My Lovely Kiddo Wife like alwyz Handled them wid Full Maturity..M Soo Proud of U Swara..N Feel Lucky to get U in My Life..n nw Wen We are going to be Parents soon M More Happy to get My Kids frm Ur Womb..I jst Wish Happiness wont get Spoiled by Any one or any Bad Eyes ( Teary Eyes ) I cnt Forget that Day wen I was jst at da Edge of Loosing U ( Tightens His Grip Protectively ) coz of those ( Angry ) Bl**d* Morons..Jst fr their False Case they Tried to Harm U to Scare Me..Cheap Ppl..bt Thnk God Mr Verma had Reached on Time n had Saved U frm dat Poisonous Air in Our Home..I cnt Forget His Favour on Me.I will be Alwyz Gratefill to Him.N nw its Ur 4th Month n till Nw U did nt Show any Typical Mood Swings wich Ladies Shows Usually in this Period..U r really indeed More Matured dan Me ( Giggles ) n M Proud of it ( Smiles Overwhelmnly ) Thnk U fr Coming innMy Lofe n Making it Colourfull..Love U ( Kisses Swara’s Hairs Agn ) I really do Love U..Good Night.. ( Teary Eyes n Carries Swara n Goes to His Room )

Soon Sanskaar Scooped Sleeping Swara in His Arms n Headed towards their Room n Slept Peacefully Embracing Swara Protectively n Happily.

Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste…


2 Months Later

Its Another Few Months Leap of 2 Months n Swara Entered Her Entered Her Fifth Month wid Her Cute Little Fat Bump Looking More Cute n Beautiful..Time Passed n Swara still did nt Face any Mood Swings nor Troubled Sanskaar fr Her Late Night Carvings Except fr Some Days depending on Her Moods n Hormones Functioning..It was Late in da Evening n As Usual Swara was seen Lying on Bed Turning Here n Thr on Bed in Irritation while Sanskaar was Bzy in His Laptop Chking Mails Unaware of Swara’s Irritation making Her More Irritated n Angry..

Swara : ( Irritated ) Sanskaar..Suna na..

Sanskaar : ( Bzy in Laptop ) Hmm Bolo Swara..My Ears r all Urs..

Swara : See here na..I wanna tell u something..

Sanskaar : ( Still Bzy in Laptop ) Haa toh Tell..M Hearing Jaan..ryt nw i cnt see U..bt U tell….

Swara : ( Angry ) SANSKAAR.( Throws Pillow on Sanskaar ) I said idhar dekho..Here I m feeling Irritated n U r Bzy on My So Called Sautan Haa ? ( Fumes in Anger ).

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Omg..Itna Ghussa.. ( Goes towards Swara ) Accha Sorry..Tell Me Kya hua? Y My ( Side Hugs Swara ) Priness is feeling soo Irritated? ( Smiles )

Swara : ( Puppy Face ) agr main kuch Kaho ya Puchu toh U will Allow Me na? U wont Deny Me na? Plzz ( Pleads Cutely )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Off Course nt Princess..Y will I Deny wen My Princess will be Happy doing it.. ( Assures )

Swara : ( Happy ) Really?? Pakka na? Promise Me U wont Deny wat i say.. ( Forwards Her Hands fr Promise )

Sanskaar : Haa Baba..Pakka Promise ( Promises by Keeping Hands on Shekhar’s Jands ) Khush? Abb bolo wat do u want?

Swara : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Woh Actually I wanna COOK ( Bites Her Lower Lips in Nervousness )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) What?? Cook n U?? ( Stares Angrily ) No Way Swara..U knw Doctor had Strictly prohibited U frm Entering Kitchen n U wanna Cook? No Way..If U wanna Eat something den tell Me or tell Servants they will Make fr U..bt U n Cooking..Hargiz nhi ( Stern Voice )

Swara : ( Pleads Cutely ) Bt Plzz Na Sanskaar..See I never Asked U fr anything till Nw during My Pregnancy..Very Rarely I do..n Today I m Feeling like Cooking My Own Hand Made Food..Really Bored of Servants Hand Made One ..Plz..( Puppy Face )

Sanskaar : ( Strictly ) No Swara..No Means No..

Swara : ( Pout Face ) U dnt Love Me na anymore..Isiliye U r Denying Me even after Promising Me..Ok then Good Night..I wont Disturb U in Ur Wrk..Go n Get Bzy in that ( Teary Eyes n Lies on Bed Covering Herself wid Blanket )

Sanskaar : ( Sighs ) Uff..Drama Queen..U knw wat Swara..Its Better U do Ur Mood Swings Daily atleast U will Ask Sinple n Allowed Ones..by this Rare Mood Swings r really Dangerous dan Daily Ones..abb chalo..Come Wat U wanna Cook? Tell Me..I will Arrange da Items ( Angry Tone )

Swara : ( Happy ) Woohoo ( Hugs Sanskaar’s ) I Love U..( Kisses Shekhar’s Cheeks Tightly ) I knw U Love Mee too..Chalo.. ( Forwards Her Hands Towards Sanskaar’s NeckNeck )

Sanskaar : ( Melts n Sccops in His Arms ) U n Ur Drama..Srsly Swara..its jst Impossible..Jaan lelegi Ek Din Tumhare Yeh Dangerous n Rare Mood Swings..Huh..( Makes Faces while Walking )

Swara : ( Giggles ) Abb Stop Ur Dramae Baazi too..Nw Lets Go..I Wanna Cook V Badly..( Pout Face )

Sanskaar : Haa toh Le jaaraha hu na..Cnt Take U in a Express Bullet Speed also..Wait Karo Zara..( Angry )

Swara : ( Keeps Fingers on Her Lips ) Ok Lawyer Ji.. ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Pagaal.. U Very Well knw hw to Melt Me Haa?

Swara : ( Chuckles ) Yes Off Course I Do. ( Giggles )

Soon Both Swara n Sanskaar Reaches towards da Kitchen n Swara as Reached strtd Cooking wid da Help of Servants while Sanskaar Stared Swara Lovingly n Adnires His Wife wid Full Love n Admiration..

Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aao Kho Jaye Hum
Ho Jaye Hum Yun Lapatha
Aao Milo Chale
Chaara Kahan Na Ho Patha

Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste…


2 More Months Later

Agn Time Flew n Swara Entered Her Seventh Month wid More Bigger n Fatter Baby Bump Looking More Chubby Yet Cuter..As Time Passes its Swara’s Baby Shower n Swara’s Parents had too Arrived in Shergill Mansion fr Swara’s Support..Time Passed n Swara’s Godh Bharai..All The Guest had Arrived n Swara was Sitting in Middle of da Magnificent Shergill Mansion Decorated Like A Newly Bride Wearing A Pink Light Blue Combo Lehenga Looking Beautiful n Gorgeous while Sanskaar was Standing Beside Her Wearing A Blue Sherwani Looking Absolutely Stunning n Breath Making Both Swara n Sanskaar Look Perfect n Heavenly Together Staring Eachother Lovingly Leading Other Girls n Boys Present their Jealous n Fume in Anger..

Pics of SwaSan’s Dress :

Swara :


Sanskaar :


As Both Were Staring Eachother,Godh Bharai Strtd n Everyone Including Swara’s Parents too Blessed SwaSan n their Baby while Some Ladies Present their Strtd Taunting n Gossiping angst SwaSan n their Age Gap making Sanskaar Sad while making Swara Angry n Stand For Sanskaar Yet Agn Maturedly n Angrily..

Lady 1 : ( To Swara’s Mother ) Behen Ji Wats Ur Daughter’s Age? If U dnt Mind cn U tell Us ?

Swara’s Mother : Y Behen Ji? Y do u wanna knw My Daughter’s Age? ( Confused )

Lady 1 : Nhi bas I felt Ur Daughter got Expected Much Early..abhi uski Umer hi kya thi.Early 20s main na?

Lady 2 : Haa Behen Ji..Dnt U think Swara got Married Much Early n that to ( Sees Sanskaar wid Taunting Way ) A Man Much Elder dan Her..Age Gap kuch Zaada Baada nhi hai b/w Swara n Her Husband..

Lady 3 : Haa Ryt Kamla..I too feel da same..Mana in Our Society Man shud be Elder dan a Girl bt itna bada bhi nhi ki He looks too Old ( Giggles Tauntingly ) Bechara Swara..Dekho na Itni jaldi Maa banne wali hai..Iski Umer ke Abhi Shaadi karrahe hai n Yeh toh Shaadi bhi karli n Maa bhi banne wali hai..Hw Poor.. ( Feels Pitty )

Lady 2 : ( To Swara’s Mother ) AP Behen Ji..did U feel Odd wen Ur Daughter was Marrying An Oldy..I mean Hoga Yeh Kolkata ka Sabse bada Famous n Well Known Lawyer bt Aapki Beti ke liye Uske Age ke Ladko ki kami thi kya? U cud have told Me Ek se badkar Ek Ladko ki Line lagati main who wud be Much Better dan This sanskar both in Looks n Status..Huh.. ( Stares Sanskaar Angrily )

Lady 1 : Hee Behen Ji..Abb dekhiye Swara na apne Young Age main hi Humare Kaam karegi..like Feeding..Caring n Running behind Her Kids jabki it was Hwr Age to Enjoy Her Married Life ( Laughs Tauntingly ) Bechari Swara.. ( To Swara ) All The Best Beta..Ur Husband have Fullfilled His Wish of being A Father bt He has also Trapped U in a Very Big Responsibility too..I Wish U All The Very Best.. ( Feels Pitty ) main kuch kar toh nhi sakti bt All I cn do this Pray fr Ur Betterment wid This Oll ( Shocked )

While da Ladies were Taunting Sanskaar Badly,Sanskaar was seen Teary Eyes where as Swara who was Hearing too was Angry n Bursted Out Her Anger on the Ladies Angrily making them Shocked n Stumble Bak in Fear n Sweat..

Swara : ( Angry ) Bas..What the Hell U Ppl think of Urself Haa? Whats Ur Damn Problem wid My Life Haa? Jab dekho har koi Mere Life ke baate main Comment karta hai? Its My Life..I will Live as I want Main kisi Bhuddhe se Shaadi Karu ya Apni Age ke Ladke se..its all My Wish..Who the Hell r U all to Comment abt Me n My Husband?

Lady 1 : ( Shocked ) We r Ur Aunties Beta? We r jst Caring abt Ur Life..Abb U only see na Beta..My Daughter Neha who is of Ur Age is Getting Married Nxt Month n U got Married 2 Yrs Ago n U r Expecting also..Dnt U think this Marriage has Spoiled All Ur Life ?

Swara : ( Mockingly ) Ohh..U r My Aunty na ? ( Lady Nodes n Swara Angrily ) toh BE MY AUNTY ONLY..No NEE to be MY MOTHER..Wen My OWN PARENTS dnt have any Prblm den Y the Hell U all Have Haa? ( Goes towards Sanskaar Holing Her Baby Bump ) Let Me Clear U all One thing Sanskaar is MY HUSBAND n I DNT HAVE any REGRET in dat..I jst Dnt Care Hw Old He is to Me..Wat Matters Me is His Love n Care fr Me..Samjhe aaplog ( Holds Sanskaar’s Hands Proudly ) M Proud to be Called as MRS SWARA SANSKAAR SHERGILL..n I Knw My ( Sees Her Parents Proudly ) Parents too Dnt have any Prblm in Calling Sanskaar as Their Son In Law..Hai na Mumma..Papa? ( Teary Eyes n DP n AP Nodes Yes Proudly )

DP : ( Smiles n Blesses SwaSan ) Yes Shona..We r Proud of Ur Choice..We dnt have any Prblm in Calling Sanskaar as Our Son In Law even after knwing He is Much Elder dan U coz Atleast Sanskaar is faarr Better dan those Boys of Ur Age who Spoil their Young Age in Bad Habits..Sanskaar is Perfect fr U m I Really dnt have any Prblm wid Him..infact M Proud of Him ( Proudly )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes n Hugs DP ) Thnk U Papa..Love U..

DP : ( DP Kisses Swara’s Forehead ) Love U too Beta.. ( To Sanskaar ) Sanskaar Dnt Mind da World na..They r Meant to Taunt others only..

Swara : ( Release da Hug Angrily n To Ladies ) Sun liya Aap sab ne AUNTIES ( Mockingly ) Even My Papa n Mumma dmt have Any Prblm toh Nw I guess U all shud also nt have any Prblm.n Haa ( To Lady 1 ) Vimla Aunty I guess U shud Look into Ur Personal Life More b4 Commenting on My Life Where Yr Own Daughter is Marrying a Boy Much Younger dan Her.. ( Stares Angrily ) So wen U dnt have any Prbln wid Ur Daughter’s Choice so Y r U having Prblm wid My Choice Haa? Atleast Here in My Case My Husband is Elder dan Me bt In Urs its ( Stops as Feels Pain in Her Baby Bump ) Aahh..

Sanskaar : ( Worried ) Swara.. ( Calms Swara Down ) Sshh..Calm Down Swara..Relax..I feel its Enough fr Today..U shud Rest nw..Come..( Carries Swara in His Arm n Walks )..

Swara : Bbt Sanskaar hw cn they jst ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ssshh..Kaha na Chup..I dnt need anything wen U r wid Me..jab tak U think Me Perfect fr Urself tab tak I dnt give a Damn to The World..Let them Speak watever Rubbish they want abt Me..I jst Care n wat Matters to Me is U n Ur Trust on Me..Bas aur kuch nhi.. ( Smiles n Kisses Swara’s Head Lovingly )

Swara : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Woh toh Hamesha se I M wid U till My Last Brea ( Intrerupted )

B4 Swara cud Complete Her Words,Sanskaar Immediately Captured Her Lips n Kisses Her Passionately infront of Everyone Forgetting n Avoiding da Ppl Present thr Leading Swara to Respond Bak wid Equal Passion n Love Making Ppl Present thr Feel Ashamed n Bow their Head Down in Guilt n Shamefullness while SwaSan Headed towards their Room Avoiding da Cheap World n their Thots Happily n Enjoyingly..

Mmmm Bheithe Bheite Aase Kaise Koi
Rasta Naya Sa Mile
Tu Bhi Chale Main Bhi Chalu
Honge Kam Yeh Tabi Phasle
Aao Tera Mera
Na Ho Kisi Se Vaasta
Aao Milo Chale
Jana Kahan Na Ho Patha

Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste..

Thane, Kahin Kahin Mein Samjao
Thane, Kahin Kahin Mein Samjao
Kidar Bhi Na Jee Na Lage
Kidar Bhi Na Jee Na Lage…


2 Months Later ( Final Moth )

2 More Months Passed n its Final n 9th Month of Swara Looking even More Cuter n Chunby in Her Big Fat Baby Bumb.Days Passes n Swara’s Love fr Sanskaar had No Bounds n As Well as Sanskaar too Loved Swara Unconditionally Taking Care of Her wid Full Love n Passion..As it was Swara’s Final Month Sanskaar took A Full Month Leave frm His Work n Took Care of Swara.As Usual Swara was in Her Room Sleeping Peacefully in Sanskaar’s Embrace while Sanskaar too was Sleeping Peacefully Embracing Swara’s Baby Bump Protectively when all of A Sudden Swara Felt An Immense Pain in Her Baby Bump making Sleeping Sanskaar Jerk in Shock Immediately..

Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste

Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aao Kho Jaye Hum
Ho Jaye Hum Yun Lapatha
Aao Milo Chale
Chaara Kahan Na Ho Patha

Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste

Swara : ( Feels Light Pain in Sleep ) Aah.. ( Wakes Up in Pain n Screams More Louder ) AaAahh..Sanskaarr..Aaoww ( Shakes Sanskaar Vigorously ) Aahh..Mmmeerraa Bacchaa..Aahh..Sanskaar ( Cries in Pain )

Sanskaar ; ( Shocked ) Swara..Kya Hua? ( Realized ) Ohh Shoot..Dnt tell Me its ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Nodes in Pain Holding Her Baby Bump ) Hhhaaa..Sanskaar..Iiittss Ttiimmee.* Screams ) Aahh..Ppllzz Ddoi soomeethhing..Aahh..Maaaa ( Cries in Pain More )

Sanskaar : ( Blank ) Haa..Haa..Wait .mmain kuch karta hu..Uu waaiitt Haa ( Runs Outside n Calls DP n AP )

Swara : ( Screams n Sweats ) Aaahh Maaa..Ahahahh ( Teary Eyes )

Soon Sanskaar Comes wid AP n DP n Immediately Rushed towards da Hospital n Got Swara Admitted in da Hospital..As Time Passes Sanskaar was Pacing Outside the OT Tensedly while both AP n DP Consoled Him..While Sanskaar was Pacing in Tension,Doctor comes Out of OT n Announces them abt Swara’s Safe Delivery n Abt the Birth of A Baby Girl n Baby Boy making the Trio Sanskaar n AP n DP Happy n Jump in Over Joy..Soon The Trio Entered da Room n Stared da Babies Lovingly while Sanskaar Headed towards Swara Happily n Overwhelmnly wid Tears of Overwhelmness Flowing frm His n Hers Eyes Continously Yet Silently Showing all their Happiness n Joy..

Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste

Saajaniii, Sajni Tumhe Mat Jaaani Ho
Preeth Ke Yeh Du Shiko
Lagni Lage Na, Dekh Le
Preeth Na Kariooo…

Sanskaar : ( Overwhelmed ) Thnk U Swara..Today Finally U Proved Our Love is True..Our Symbols of Live ( Sees da Babies wid Teary Eyes ) is Infront of Us all coz of U..agr U wudnt have Holded My Hands 2 Yrs Bak toh I cudnt have got this Happiness..Thnk U soo Much ( Kisses Swara’s Forehead Lovingly ) M soo Lucky to have U Princess in My Life ( Hugs Tightly n Cries )

Swara : ( Hugs Bak wid Teary Eyes too ) No Sanskaar. I shud Thnk U..Thnk U fr Supporting Me in My Life n in My Fight Agnst This World n its Ppl..I knw U were da One who had to Face da World n its Taunts More bt still even after Facing all these U Never ( Release da Hug n Holds Sanskaar’s Palms ) Left My Hand ( KissesSanskaar’s Palms wid Teary Eyes ) Thnk U soo Much.. ( Hugs Tightly Agn )

Sanskaar : ( Hugs Bak ) Finally Swara U Won da Fight Agnst “Age VS Love”..Our LOVE WON Agnst OUR AGE..M soo Happy. ( KissesSwara’s Hairs Cryingly ) Love U Swara..I really Love U ( Hugs More Tightly )

Swara : ( Smiles n Hugs too More Tightly ) Love U Too Sanskaar..Humare Pyaar ko Jitna hi tha..After all Our Love was True n Pious..n ( Sees their Babies ) nw Wen Our Symbols of Love is Here wid Us Our Love will Grow More Stronger n Pious..( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : Yes It will ( Release da Hug ) I LOVE U.My Kiddoo..( Captured Swara’s Lips Lovingly )

Swara : ( Kisses Bak ) LOVE U too My Oldy ( Kisses More Passionately )..

As Both Swara n Sanskaar were Kissing Eachother The Screen Goes Blur Leading their Struggle n their Love Story Agnst Age End Happily n Overwhelmnly…

Relationship Is Not About AGE
Not About DISTANCE,Not About Coomunicating Each Other Every
Day,Whats Important Is :
The TRUST Of A Girl To Her Real Man
The LOYALTY Of A Man To His Girl….

☆☆☆☆THE END☆☆☆☆

Wohhoo..Final Completed A Three Shot Story in Theee Shot Itself ??. ..Really Happy..n I hope U all r also Happy wid da Ending n this TS..Sorry If U did nt Like it or felt its nt upto ur Expectations..I Tried My Level Best to Make it Interesting as much as I cn..Hope It Reached to ur Expectations..Do Leave ur #Comment_Your_Fav_Scn frm da Part n also Leave Ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box n Do Let Me Knw Hw U Liked da Part :)..


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