Swasan true love always wins episode 2

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Hey guys labdhi is back with the next part of swasan true love always wins
Shekhar was upset as his wife daughter left….he knew they were telling the fact….. Ragini took him inside…sanlak also accompanied them…..parvati came there and was shocked to see him
Parvati: ragini what happened to shekhar
Shekhar: ma they left…..my wife…my daughter…..mishti’s sons from his first husband came and took her, aayush and swara….they left ma
Parvati: it’s good that bangalan went…. Now she won’t harass us….she was such a bad omen…..thank God they left…..now we will leave peacefully
Ragini: Dadi please stop
A voice from outside: not so soon Mrs.gadodia

They were shocked to see swara, arjun and arnav standing at the door
Arjun: after all that u did with my mom, sis and bro…..how can u feel we will leave u
Swara: he’s right Mrs. Gadodia….. remember when I came to u to talk to u when Mr. Gadodia left mom

Swara had gone to meet Dadi when shekhar left sumi
Swara: Dadi please don’t do this….ma baba love each other….. please I beg u
Parvati: just shut up….u, ur mother and now ur brother r just bad omens for us and specially my son…..so now just get lost….dont show me ur face
Swara: Dadi don’t dare to tell anything against mom and aayush….. otherwise u will see my worst
Parvati: do whatever u can
Flashback ends
Swara: so this is what m doing
Arnav: u have harassed them a lot….but don’t worry it’s ur turn now….so wait for sometime
Suddenly a man arrives in the baadi
He gives arnav a file
Man: here’s ur file and don’t worry I will see the work is done properly
Swara and man see each other…..they are shocked and also happy…..they both hug each other……all r shocked to see it…..they break the hug….. sanskar had tightened his fist in anger
Arjun: do u know each other
Swara: ya arjun parth is my best friend from childhood….but then he went to study law in abroad and totally forgot me
Parth: m sorry….please

Swara: ok…..but how do u know each other
Arnav: actually for my company’s work we came close….he’s our company’s lawyer…..then we became good friends….he is just like our family….and parth she is my sis…..now leave all that I will tell u later….first do the work u r here
Parth: sorry…..this is the notice for mrs.gadodia for mentally harassing sharmishtha Bose and kidnapping aayush Bose and bla bla (she has done so many things that I don’t remember….so please forgive me)….the court hearing will be after 5 days till then she will be in police custody….if u want then get a lawyer but I think its useless coz I m the only lawyer in India who has not lost any case….so in short m the best lawyer in India…..so it’s for sure u r going to loose…but now I also know m fighting sharmishtha aunty’s case…so loosing is not a question…..it’s ur wish
Ragini: how can u do this swara….i know she did wrong but she is ur Dadi
Swara: m not interested in anything….I will see u in court
Ragsanlak and shekhar r shocked seeing all this
Soon police comes and arrests Parvati

Swara: bye Mrs gadodia….never dare to badmouth my mom and aayush
Arnav: and this is a warning of we three children whose mom has gone through so much pain
Arjun: and now the same pain u r gonna get
Parth: so better be aware
All r shocked seeing Swara’s attitude but know somewhere that even she’s not at fault completely….even some mistake was theirs too
Ragsanlak went to mm and also told them whole matter….they too were shocked

Precap: court hearing and leap finally

Finally completed writing….i hope u all like it….guys I don’t like parvati’s character due to her negativity and don’t worry there’s a punishment for Pari too…..she is also not less….guys don’t forget to write ur comments and reviews…guys the character of parth is played by parth samthan
Bye guys…..will post soon

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  1. Shilpi99

    Nice year awesome episode please give some swasan scene please update soon

    1. Labdhi0507

      Thanx dear….I will try to give some swasan scenes….will post soon

  2. Nice part but short one ahh sanky ki jealousy woww

    1. Labdhi0507

      Thanks dear

  3. Rosey

    Wow very c good that pavati deserves that

    1. Labdhi0507

      Thanx….even I felt parvati deserves punishment

  4. Soujanya


  5. awesome.. ur going to p;unish dadi here give punishment to pari also… awesome part update next part soon… eagerly waiting i thought in this part only leap will come bt its okay update next part soon

    1. Labdhi0507

      Thanks dear…..m gonna punish both Dadi and Pari….will update soon…. actually I was planning to give a leap in this episode but then thought to give punishment to Dadi and Pari coz they also deserve punishment….m really sorry….will update soon

  6. nice….

  7. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Fabulous dear..loved it.. Swara rocks.. Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Labdhi0507

      Thanks dear….have already posted next….take care….keep smiling?

  8. When will u post next??it awesome dear.it’s interesting
    .can u post next today plz plz dear

    1. Labdhi0507

      Thanks dear….next part is already submitted

  9. Mica

    waa.. Labdhi… thank you for punishing this monster parvathi..

  10. A.xx

    fab loved it and waiting to see who fights for dadi and who wins,,loved it post soon.xx

    1. Labdhi0507

      Thanks dear…..next part already submitted

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