@maheshwari mansion

Sanskar’s room

Swara is sitting on the bed and continuously trying her friend riya’s number but she is not taking her calls. Sanskar comes there and sees swara tensed and upset…he comes there and sits beside her…

Sanskar – swara what’s wrong ??

Swara sees him and keeps her head on his shoulder and holds him tightly before filling him with the details

Swara – sanskar, riya is not taking my calls, it’s been more than 2 years that I talked to her, avi told that she is very upset and doesn’t even want to see my face, she is my best friend sanskar apart from avi, u know I went to her house before leaving this city, she tried to convince me to stay with u, she tried to make me understand ur point of view, she told me that I was lucky to have a man who loves my nature even without seeing me and asked me to forgive u, but I got angry with her and went away and never tried to contact her in these 2 years, I know I was wrong, I am a very bad friend sanskar, she would never forgive me….

Saying this she cried on sanskar’s shoulder,

Sanskar listened everything patiently as he wanted swara to let out her pain….

Sanskar(wiping her tears) – shhh….now stop crying, u r not a bad friend swara, u r the bestest friend and best person anyone could ever have, she is just upset that u left her and never contacted her in these 2 years, she loves u so much swara, she missed u very much and that is the reason she is that angry with u, meet her personally and let ur heart out, she will definitely understand u…

Okay ??

Saying this he kissed her temple, she nodded and hugged him…

Swara – thank you, I will meet her personally and talk to her….She is my best friend she will definetly understand me…

Sanskar – that’s like my shona….now go and wash ur face, we have to go to office…

Swara – ok, Sanskar I wanted to talk about something else….

Sanskar nodded and asked her to continue

Swara – My manager called me to talk about the project, after I filled him with the details, he told me to finish this project a month earlier than decided and come back to Mumbai and join the main office again…. And I…

Before swara could continue further Sanskar interrupted her…

Sanskar (angrily) – u r not going anywhere, if u want work from here or resign, u can work with our company, or if u r so interested in working with that company, then tell me, I will buy that company….Am I understood ??

Swara is shocked by his anger but remembered doctor’s words, these days Sanskar is suffering a lot, he is feeling nauseous and throwing up a lot, he is showing a lot of tantrums to take his food and swara felt his pain and tried her level best to make him fell better, she is trying different types of recipes of Sanskar’s favourite cuisines struggling to make them healthy and tasty as well, her efforts didn’t go in vain as Sanskar started to have the food even though he didn’t feel to have, he couldn’t waste his wife’s efforts and moreover the food tasted heavenly, swara solved the food problem but she failed to control Sanskar’s anger, these days he easily gets angry though he tries very hard to not to shout at swara but fails sometimes, he immediately apologizes to her and swara too didn’t mind it as she knew she had to be patient with him, and even in that condition, Sanskar took care of her every need and her opinion mattered to him the most and this surprised her more, she understood how much her husband loves her, she felt lucky to have him.

Swara made Sanskar sit on the bed and sat beside him…

Swara – Sanskar first calm down and listen to me completely, I am not going anywhere, I told my boss that I am quitting after the completion of this project and right now I am serving my notice period(sanskar’s shoulders visibly relaxed after listening to her and he felt guilty for shouting at her)

Sanskar – I am sorry I again shouted at u….

Swara – it’s okay sanskar u don’t have to apologize to me….I understand and u shouted on me because u love me too much and doesn’t want to be away from me…actually I am happy Mr.Maheshwari…

Saying this she kissed his cheek and sanskar smiled….

Sanskar – swara u can work in our office, anyways I have to take care of the other wings too, and if u would be there in this office, I can take care of our other businesses peacefully…..

Swara(frowned) – I am not going to take ur position in the office sanskar, I’ll apply for the job in the same process a normal person applies for it and attend the interview, if I qualify, I would serve our company otherwise I will look for another job….

Sanskar – but swara, u r the owner, I can’t let u work like a normal worker in ur own office

Swara – u and papa r the owners sanskar, I am not…

Sanskar – swara, u have equal shares in our company that ragini and ma has, infact more shares than them as papa transferred some of his shares to ur name, I told him to inform u but he said that u don’t need to know this as it’s his gift from his side to his daughter….

Swara(shocked) – sanskar, how can u let this happen, u know that i don’t like all these and what do u mean by i own more shares than ragini and ma ?? I don’t want money to come between us sanskar….I don’t like all these sanskar….. aap…samajte kyun nahi (y don’t u understand ??)

Sanskar – sh….calm down, ma and ragini know this and they r very happy about it, ragini clearly told that she is not interested in this business, she is happy with her profession but I insisted her to take care of our clothes brand and she agreed…and about ma, u know her better than me…. so u r coming to office and look after my business as soon as ur notice period is done, am I clear ??

Sanskar told her in a stern voice and she just nodded, he understood that she is not happy with his decision….

He cupped her face and kissed her forehead

Sanskar(softly) – swara, it’s ur office love, please don’t see it as mine, accept it as urs, it’s ur right, u r my life swara, nothing is more important than u, if u don’t feel comfortable with all this, tell me I’ll quit it and handover everything to dad. We can move somewhere else and I’ll search for a perfect job….

Swara is shocked by her words, yes it’s true that she is not comfortable in living such a luxurious life but she never voiced out her thoughts, she hated media attention but here she is stuck up with a man who is more popular than a film star….she always dreamt of a simple life with her husband who loves her dearly and takes care of her, she never thought about money ever. Though this is completely different from what she dreamt, she is more than happy to get sanskar as her husband because of the amount of love he showers on her, she is astonished to see the extent of love sanskar had for her, he is ready to leave everything behind just for her comfort, this made her feel a little guilty, if he can do so much for her then can’t she take a single responsibility of looking after one of his branches ?? And moreover she knew all the work that is done there as she already is working there…..

Swara(holding his hands which are still on her cheeks) – u don’t have to do anything like that, and who told u I am not comfortable over here hu ?? If u want u move somewhere else, I am not coming leaving mom and dad here, even ragini is going to leave them in somedays and they will feel lonely, I am not going to leave this house, not now not ever, and ha I said I cannot work in ur office because….

Sanskar cuts her(smilingly) – our office…

Swara(continues) – hu ok….OUR office because I don’t know about business that much, so i wanted to learn first…. I am very much comfortable with all this so stop assuming things, and never ever, i repeat never ever talk things like these…I don’t like going away from here….

Sanskar smiles and hugs her tightly….

He knew how uncomfortable she is whenever media tries to approach her or whenever she realizes about how rich he is…he remembered an incident that took place just a week ago, when swara decided to go for shopping to a mall with maggie, more than half of stores in the mall belongs to maheshwaris, and when she entered the shop, the people working there recognized her and started paying her extra attention which she hated, they even refused to take money from her which pissed her off, when she told this to him, he simply smiled and said “will u pay money if u take something from our house, no right ?? this is the same thing” and his answer pissed her more….

He loved her more than anything in this world and when he said he would leave everything behind, he meant it, because he knew that she is worth it….

They both break the hug…

Sanskar – don’t worry, I will help u in understanding everything, and thanks for accepting….I LOVE U…

swara(smirked) – I know….

Sanskar(smiles) – attitude much huh ??

Swara – so what ?? I am Mrs.Sanskar Maheshwari, I am supposed to show attitude….

Saying this she laughed at him….

Sanskar smiled and pulled her to him again,

They hugged for a few minutes before parting away…..

After chatting for some more time, swara started to her best friend’s place to talk to her, having her husband beside her is enough to get back the confidence she lost before.


Swara took a day off to compensate for all the years she had been away from her friend, she is on cloud nine with riya forgiving her,  riya was very angry with swara but seeing her best friend infront of her eyes after almost 3 years is not something she could ignore. So she forgave her, but riya is sad that she didn’t have swara beside her when she was getting married, they both promised each other to stay beside each other during their marriages, but swara broke her promise, riya tried to reach her but couldn’t, swara is feeling more guilty after knowing this and apoligised a million times and riya forgave her but not before taking a promise from swara that she would spend the whole week with her…..and even Riya asked forgiveness from swara as she(Riya) was supposed to calm swara’s anger but she increased her anger favouring Sanskar and both the friends decided to forget everything and  move on, Avi is more than happy as he couldn’t see his both friends sad, they both are like sisters and used to share everything with each other, he is happy that the time gap didn’t change anything among them, he joined swara and Riya and all the three friends had fun, they kept on teasing Avi about Maggie, and”God y did u get these two devils together again, can’t u see me happy” was his constant dialogue and as it’s getting late all the three decided to desperse and meet the next day, they dropped Riya at her place and moved to MM.

Swara and Avi entered inside and as soon as Sanskar saw swara’s face, he understood that both the friends sorted out their differences and he is happy that his wife is happy.

Ap gave water to swara and Avi…

Swara – thanks mom, had Ur dinner ??

Ap – ha swara, me and ragini are done but Ur dad and Ur husband are showing so many tantrums that I am fed up with them….

Swara gave an accusing look to Sanskar and dp….

Dp – what ?? Don’t look at me like that, I am not afraid of u….

Sanskar – even I am not afraid of u….

Swara(smirks) – think before u say something Sanskar….

Sanskar (stammers) – I…I mean….

Swara smiled inwardly seeing him fumbling with his words, she doesn’t want to embarass so she diverted to topic

Swara(to dp) – Dad, I understand about sanskar,but y didn’t you have your dinner ??

dp(frowns) – I wanted to eat with my daughter, we have dinner together everyday we both are the only ones who talk while eating and I get bored eating with these people…….and what do u mean by “u can understand about sanskar”

swara is about to speak but sanskar interrupt her….

Sanskar(smirks) – she means to say that I have the right to wait for her but not u…..

swara is about to deny but ragini interrupts her…..

ragini – and dad what do u mean by u get boring with us ??

Ap(frowns) – he means that we r boring ragini…..

Ragini – yes mom u r right, dad we r not going to talk to u, u only love bhabhi….

Ap and ragini keeps on saying something to dp while sanskar goes near to dp smirking….

Sanskar(whispers) – I told u not to wait for swara and have ur dinner with mom and ragini but u didn’t listen to me…..I wanted to have a romantic dinner with my wife but u badly wanted to spoil it with ur presence, so this is revenge enjoy dad……

saying this he winks at ragini and she shows him thumps up which swara notices and understands sanskar’s plan, sanskar moves away and goes to avi who is enjoying the family drama….

swara smirks thinking something in her brain…..

Swara(shouts) – stop it, stop it everyone……

ap, ragini and dp stops arguing and looks at swara, sanskar looks at swara with pleading eyes saying not to spoil his plan but swara ignores him, she is feeling pity for dp and she is also very happy that dp waited for her, her father used to do that for her, and she shared that with dp saying that she won’t miss her dad(shekhar) when she is with him and dp tried everything to fill that space, she is very thankful to god for giving them as her in-laws…..

swara – mom, dad didn’t mean that, dad always says that u, ragini and sanskar have a very good habit of staying calm while eating, he always appreciates that about u, and he also feels bad that he couldn’t be like u guys….

(saying this she winks at dp asking him to join her lie and dp is more than happy to do that)

ap – really ??

dp  ofcourse….

ap is flattered and ragini and sanskar gives a disappointing look to swara but she glares at them for their stupid plan…..

swara – and dad to answer ur question, I didn’t mean in that way as sanskar told u, I said that sanskar behaves as a kid sometimes and I can understand that but what happened to u, u r so mature….I am worried about ur health dad, u have to take ur medicines too…….anyways come let’s eat, I am hungry…..

sanskar’s face turned into shock and immediately a smirk appears on dp’s face…….

sanskar(angry) – ohhh so u feel that I am a kid, oh god, I feel like a son-in-law of this house and she is the daughter……

saying this he goes towards his room……after he goes swara and dp bursts in to fits of laughter…..

ap(innocently) – y r u both laughing ?? and ragini y r u fuming ??

dp – u won’t understand annapurna……leave it….u go and take rest, I will have dinner and come…

ap nods and goes…….

ragini – this is not fair dad, avinash…..tell something to dad and bhabhi….how can they tease bhai ??

avi(nods) – ok ragini…….bye shona, bye uncle…..

avi(to ragini) – see ragini I told them ‘something’, do u want me to tell them something more, I can say good night also……..

swara and dp laughs more which pisses ragini more making her leave the place but not before cursing avi and swara “bhabhi ur friends are impossible same like u”

avi(laughs) – u successfully irritated the siblings, but how will u manofy sanskar ??u remember right, he can’t skip his medicines and for that he has to eat….

swara – ha avi, don’t worry, I’ll convince him, but whatever he did to dad is not good…..and I had to do this….(saying this she gives hi-fi to dp)

avi nods, bids bye to them and goes…..

both swara and dp goes to the dining table, she sees the food and it’s tasty but it’s not according to sanskar’s taste these days…..so she thought to prepare for him, she served dp and told him that she is going to prepare food for sanskar again…..dp refused her as she is so tired…..

Dp  – u look tired beta, for this day, he will adjust, anyways everyday u r making his favorite, for a day he could adjust……..

swara – I know dad, but knowingly or unknowingly, today I irritated him a lot and this is my way of making peace with him…..

dp(smiles) – u won’t agree will u ??

swara shooks her head and dp smiles….

dp – ok but atleast have food and then start….

swara – no dad, it’s already late, I’ll prepare and then I’ll have….u sit and have ur dinner….

dp nods and swara goes to kitchen to prepare food to sanskar…..

@sanskar’s room

Sanskar is pacing around the room waiting for swara, he expected swara to come after him to convince him and it’s been half an hour but there is no sign of swara…..he got more angry and he went down to check on her, he searched he dining area, but he couldn’t see anyone, he is about to go but he heard laughter from the kitchen and the scene in front of him instantly brought smile on his face…..

His father is sitting on the kitchen counter to and feeding his wife while she is preparing something…..He is surprised to see dp like that, yes his father is a friendly man but he had never seen his father in the kitchen except for a very few times that too for fetching water or something, but now it’s different……he is feeding his daughter-in-law whom he treats as his daughter and also trying to help her with the cooking by suggesting her some new recipes which are not helping her dishes but making her laugh a lot……

swara(laughs) – ahhhh…. dad….please stop making me laugh so much, my stomach is aching….

dp – arre…..try my recipes on my stupid son, his stomach will also ache, y should girls have all the pain ??

swara(questioningly) – dad….I heard this some where….

Dp – oh yeah, it’s a scooty advertisement…”y should boys have all the fun” and I paraphrased it….

swara laughs more…..

Swara(laughs) – dad u r impossible….

dp – ok come…..have a bite now……

swara comes to him and has a bite…..and again goes back to cooking……

dp feeds another piece to swara….

swara – yummm….this is so yummy……I have to learn this from mom…..dad….she makes yummy food….

Dp – u r not any less beta….and when it’s is yummy, y r u again preparing for sanskar ??

swara – dad….this is yummy but now because of sanskar’s medicines, his taste got changed and he is feeling very difficult to even chew it, I want him to enjoy his food as we are enjoying it. I don’t want him to eat just for us….he is suffering a lot dad, I can see his pain though he tries to hide it from me…. I want to make it easy for him, though I couldn’t do anything other than feeling bad about him…….

she gets teary eyed…

dp(places his hand on her head) – don’t worry beta, U r a very good wife, my son is lucky to have u, ur love is enough to heal him…..

swara – I couldn’t forgive myself whenever I think that I am the reason for his present condition….. how could u all forgive me ?? he is ur son dad…..and u saw him suffering all the time, didn’t u get angry at me ??

Dp – swara……don’t blame urself , it’s not ur fault, and no, we r not at all angry with u because u r not wrong, my son is…..there is no point of forgiving because u were never wrong, the situations were….. and now stop this blame game and have this, otherwise I’ll add more salt in ur husband’s food…..

swara(smiles) – u won’t do that, because u love him too much…..

Dp – ha that I do, even though he does idiotic things to me…..

both swara and dp smiles……

sanskar leaves from there calmly wiping the tear drop which left his eye without his permission, seeing his wife in pain……

after some time,

swara went to their room with sanskar’s food, she kept on saying sorry to sanskar as she knew that he would be still angry with her…..but to her surprise sanskar agreed to her way to fastly than expected….

Swara(confused) – It’s okay ?? u said it’s okay ??huh ??u r not angry ??

Sanskar – no…I was angry but u making food for me even though u r tired made me feel loved, so u r forgiven…..and also I don’t want to be called a kid by my wife……

said sanskar while pouting…..which made swara go ‘awww’ at her husband…..

she kept his food aside and hugged her husband tightly……

sanskar kissed her lips hungrily, and after sometime she breaks the kiss to take breath but sanskar again pulled her into a hungry kiss……

after a few minutes, she stopped him kissing his forehead…..

Swara – sanskar u must be hungry, please have food…..

Sanskar – well if u didn’t realize, I am doing that only……..

swara(blushes) – sanskar….shut up and have food, u have to take the medicine….

sanskar nods and kisses her cheeks which are in a slight shade of pink and he loved it.,……

he had his dinner and his medicines…..

swara – sanskar, come early from office tomorrow, we r having a puja at home, and after that ragini’s marriage preparations will start……

sanskar – ok…..and now let’s talk about our marriage….

and before she could realize, she is in his arms, both got intimate and slept peacefully in each other’s arms……..

Precap – laksh and ragini’s marriage….

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