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sorry guys……I am back after almost 4 months……one of the many reasons for my delay is because of some problems with my tellyupdates account. that’s y I posted ths part in my blog some time ago and now I am posting it here…..hope u enjoy it….

@Maheshwari head office

swara is getting ready for her date with her husband, to be precise first date with her husband…..she is hell nervous as it’s her first date not only with her husband but it’s the first date in her whole life. she never went on a date with anyone, as she never thought about being in a relationship before her marriage, the only thing she preferred is her career…..

swara got ready with the dress and the accessories sanskar gifted her, she is standing in front of the mirror and calming her nerves…..

swara(to herself) – swara…calm down…..y r u getting so nervous, it’s not like u r going out on a date with some stranger, he is ur husband, he is ur sanskar, so relax……no how can I relax, what if I embarrassed myself… no no nothing will happen like that….it might me ur first date but u went on dinners with lucky and avi a number of times….so y get nervous……oh no….AVI….I forgot to inform him about my decision, he is so going to kill me….shona…how can u be so careless….

she immediately took her phone and dialed her best friend’s number…..as soon as he picked up her call, she started mumbling sorry to him…..

avi(fake anger) – hello….

listening his tone she sensed that he is angry with her so she went on saying sorry

swara – I am so sorry avi….sorry sorry sorry….please forgive me na….

avi – shona u always do this….y didn’t u inform me earlier ?? ha ?? am I not important to u ??

swara – avi it’s not like that….actually I took this decision yesterday only and as soon as I told sanskar he got very happy and….

she mentally slapped herself for her stupidity as she is about to share about their kiss….

avi(teasing) – and…

swara – and we decided to inform our families immediately so we went to my house first and then to sanskar’s place….we got late there so I decided to stay there for night….today we have a very important work in office so we rushed here…and ha laksh’s marriage talks are going on too…so I was busy with all this…..everything happened so suddenly that I forgot to tell u avi….I am so sorry….

after giving a full page of explanation she is breathing heavily while avi stayed silent for a while before he bursted in fits of laughter….

avi(laughing) – hahaha….shona u r too cute yaar…..by the way don’t worry I am not angry with u…I know that u have this habit of forgetting things….so I understand u….

swara – thanks avi…by the way who told u this ?? of course who will tell u other than my idiotic brother….uss lucky ke bache ko mai nahi chodungi….(I will not leave that idiot lucky)

avi – shona relax…..it’s not laksh who had informed me….it’s ur lovely husband….

swara – sanskar…..

avi – ha sanskar told me this morning….U know I got very happy hearing him…..I wanted to call u immediately but thought to wait until u call me…..

swara – acha ji…so u r testing me ha ??

avi – yes….ok leave all these….on a serious note….I am very happy for u both shona….u both had gone through a lot of pain and hurdles to reach here….never let some useless matters and emotions affect ur relationship…..am I understood ??

swara(laughs) – yes boss….

avi(strictly) – shona….

swara – ok ok I am sorry….and ha I promise u, I will never let any stupid emotions and useless things affect our relationship…..

avi – good….ok now r u ready for the date ??

swara(shocked) – how did u know ??

avi(giggles) – shona….In these two years many things have changed and one among them is now the great great Mr.Avinash Singhania is not only ur best friend but also ur husband’s……..

swara(little jealous) – acha so sanskar told u about our date ha ??

avi – don’t be so jealous shona….. actually sanskar called and asked me about ur favorites and I just guessed it that’s all…..

swara(satisfied but still jealous) – okay  avi…..

avi(sensing her emotions) – shona….u know right u r my bestest friend may whatever happen…..

swara(happy) – yes I know avi…..

avi(smiles) – jalkukada(jealous)

swara(emotional) – shut up….I am not jealous……by the way thanks avi…..for taking care of sanskar…….

avi – no shona…..don’t thank me….I am sorry…I couldn’t take care of ur sanskar….I couldn’t stop him from getting addicted to alcohol…..

swara – that’s not ur mistake avi…I made him like that…..I broke him and now I will only fix him…..

avi – u both r going to fix each other shona….I am sure about it…..and by the way I need to talk about sanskar’s treatment….

swara – even I wanted to ask u about that…..ok do one thing….as I told u…..my friends wanted to meet u….so we will go for lunch tomorrow and from there we will leave to dr.shetty’s clinic….what’s say ??

avi – ok fine…..

swara – avi….don’t discuss about this with sanskar…..

avi – don’t worry I won’t…acha ok now don’t be nervous…..go….everything will be fine…..

swara(acting) – I am not nervous…..

avi – ok now stop acting……I know u r nervous……so calm urself and go now….ur husband must be waiting for u….bye…

swara(smiles) – bye…..

both hang up….swara looked herself in the mirror for the one last time and went outside the washroom only to see her handsome husband struggling with his tie…..

swara sees this and goes to him…..he gets awestruck to see her….she is looking like an angel descended from heaven…….

swara – what’s wrong with u sanskar……aap roj pehente hai tie phir bhi aap itna struggle kar rahe hai tie bandne keliye…..(u daily wear tie but still u r struggling for tying this)

saying this she goes to him and helps him with his tie…..

he pulls her closer by her waist…..

sanskar – that’s because I am distracted….

swara(taking a deep breath) – who has the capacity to distract the most determined brain of Sanskar Maheshwari ??

Sanskar(kissing her cheeks) – the one who has the capacity to distract my brain is the person who owns my heart…..

Swara(blushing) – and who is that ??

Sanskar – she is the one whom I am taking to a date today…

Swara(moving away from him) – and who is she ??

Sanskar (pulling her more into him) – Y should I tell u ??

Swara(pouts) – okay then don’t tell me, I am not going to come with u….u go alone for dinner…..

Sanskar (smiles) – Acha ok….I am sorry….I will tell u…..she is none other than my beautiful wife Mrs.Swara Sanskar Maheshwari…..

Swara smiles whole heartedly…..

Swara – I love it when u call me Mrs.Maheshwari…..I love it when u claim me as urs…

Sanskar (surprised) – what ?? R u serious ?? I thought u don’t like being called Mrs.Maheshwari….as far as I know this is what u always say….

Swara circles her hands around his neck and moves closer to him….

Swara(whispers in his ears) – that’s because I love to tease u…..

Sanskar pulls her more closer if that is possible…..now both their bodies are sticked to each other and only their clothes are separating them…..

Sanskar – Acha so u love to tease me hmm ?? Ok then tonight be ready…..I am going to tease u….that to until u beg me to en…….

Swara closes his mouth with her hands blushingly….

Swara(blushing) – Sanskar…..shut up….

Sanskar(smirks) – stop blushing swara….by the way you shouldn’t I say it when that is what we both did the whole night yesterday….

Swara hugs him tightly unable to hear his teasings anymore….

Sanskar too hugs her and tightens his grip on her more….

After a couple of minutes, both break the hug and look into each other’s eyes….

Sanskar slowly moves towards her lips and captures them with his lips…..

He kisses her slowly first and later it turns into a passionate kiss…..swara too starts responding to him slowly moving her hands into his hair….

After sharing a passionate kiss, both breaks the kiss getting breathless…. Sanskar starts placing wet kisses on her neck but swara stops him and pushes him slightly….

Sanskar looks at her….and she immediately downs her head blushing….

Swara – Sanskar…we r getting late…..

Sanskar slightly pecks her lips and nods in a ok….

Both swara and Sanskar makes themselves presentable and leaves his office…..

Both reached a fancy restaurant and entered into a lift….

Swara(puzzled) – Sanskar….. restaurant is in the ground floor right ?? Where r u taking me ??

Sanskar – u will get to know soon Mrs.Maheshwari….have some patience….

Swara nods and holds his hands….

Both reach the top floor of the building which has a open terros, she is shocked as well as surprised to see the decorations….

It’s all according to her taste, the place is decorated with her favourite colour balloons and her favourite theme….

A table for two is arranged in the centre of the terros…with candles placed around the table and some on the table making it a perfect romantic dinner…..

Sanskar – how is it ??

Swara hugged him tightly and kissed his chest….

Sanskar understood by her gestures that she loved it….

Sanskar – let’s go….

Swara hugging him more tightly…

Swara – thank you so much Sanskar…..

Sanskar – I love u swara and I love doing something which u like….U don’t have to thank me for that….. it’s my pleasure to do all this for u….thank you for giving me a chance….thank you for giving our relation a chance…..

Swara(breaking the hug and looking into his eyes) – and thank you for loving me….

Sanskar smiles and takes her to the table…

He is about to pull his chair but she stops him….

Swara(teasing) – it’s okay Sanskar….stop behaving so gentlemanly…. I can’t handle it….

Sanskar (fakes his anger) – Swara….

Swara – Acha Acha sorry…but seriously u don’t have to do all this….

Saying this she pulls the chair and makes him sit there and she sits opposite to him….

She gets surprised to see all his favourite dishes on the table….and red wine at one corner in the middle….

Swara frowned seeing the red wine bottle…

Sanskar noticed swara’s eyebrows furrowing….

Sanskar – what happened ??

Swara(showing the red wine bottle) – what’s this ??

Sanskar – swara….. it’s just a red wine…. it’s okay….

Swara – it’s not ok Sanskar….red wine consists 14.5 percent of alcohol….and I will not even allow u to take 0.00001 %of alcohol…..get that in Ur brain….okay…

Swara ordered with a straight face…..

Sanskar smiled at her words….

Sanskar (smirks) – allow hm ?? So u r trying to control me ??

Swara – yes….when it comes to Ur health I will do anything….

Sanskar – u know right I will not take anyone’s orders…..

Swara – but u have to follow my orders….

Sanskar – what if I say I am not going to listen to u….

Swara – then I will leave…. I will not come to MM ever….I will stay in my parent’s house….u get married to this stupid attitude of urs and that red wine….

Saying this swara is about to get up but Sanskar holds her hand and gestured her to sit…..

Sanskar – I would love to follow Ur orders Mrs.Maheshwari…I will do anything and everything to keep u with me….

He calls the waiter and orders to take away the red wine….and waiter does so….

Swara’s lips turn in to a wide smile…..

Swara – thank you Sanskar….aap….

Sanskar – shhh….thank you for loving me….

Swara smiles and he too smiles at her…..

Waiter arrives there and starts serving them…

He leaves after serving them….

They both have their dinner talking, laughing and sometimes teasing each other….

They finish the dinner….and after that Sanskar asks her for a dance….they both start dancing….

Sanskar (holding her tightly and swaying with her) – I loved Ur dance…..when r u going to perform in front of our family ??

Swara (shocked) – how did u know ??

Sanskar (grins) – actually…before our marriage….when u don’t know that I am the groom……did u remember ?? Me and Ragini came for dinner….and that day we saw u dancing so furiously……

Swara – u told that u just listened my singing from downstairs…..

Sanskar – lucky asked me to say so as u would kill him if u get to know that he is the one who showed us Ur dance and Ur love for fine arts to us….

Swara – what made u say this now ??

Sanskar –  I can’t hide this for the whole life right and moreover I wanted to see my wife’s hidden talents…. but I got to know that she is not going to tell me by herself….so I just asked it by myself….

Swara – it’s not like that Sanskar….so much happened in our lives that I completely forgot about them….. but don’t worry I will compensate for my mistake….

Sanskar (twirling her) – and how will u do that ??

Swara – I will sing and dance whenever U want…..

Sanskar – r u sure ??

Swara – 110% sure….

Sanskar – thank you…and swara don’t say anything to laksh….

Swara – and what made u think that I will oblige u ??

Sanskar (pulling her by waist) – because u love me….

Swara smiles and hugs him….

Swara – okay I will not say anything to laksh…..

Sanskar smiles and hugs her more tightly….

After spending some quality time together Sanskar lifts her in his arms and starts moving….

Swara(surprised) – Sanskar….put me down… It won’t look nice if someone sees us like this….

Sanskar – shhh….u talk a lot… it’s not like I mind it….but for now please calm down and listen to me….first thing…we r going to our suite which I have specially booked for us…and secondly no one will see us as no one will come here as I have booked the whole place….and thirdly…. I don’t care what that so called someone will think….u r my wife and it’s my right…..

Swara took some time to absorb the things….and started speaking after a while…

Swara – but Sanskar…..y did u book a suite…I thought it’s just a dinner…. I didn’t inform anyone….

Sanskar – don’t worry… I have messaged them that we will be coming tomorrow as our car got damaged and we were struck….

Swara(her mouth got widened) – hoooo u lied to them….

Sanskar (full of sarcasm) – so what do u expect me to say Mrs.Maheshwari…. “papa I wanted to romance my wife so we will be staying in the hotel tonight and doing _ _ _ _”

Do u want me to say this to Ur dad ??

Swara (blushing) – Sanskar….aap….(u…)

Sanskar (moving closer to her) – ha mai…kya ?? (I ?? What ??)

Swara(looks away) – nothing…..

Sanskar kisses her forehead and moves to their suite….

Entering inside…..swara is shocked to see the arrangements….the room is filled with scented candles and beautiful rose petals…

Sanskar goes and locks the door and moves towards her….

Sanskar – did u like the deco ??

Swara – what’s the need for all this Sanskar…

Sanskar – I wanted to see u happy….and this is nothing….before what u have done to me….u gave me my life back by returning to me….

Swara – don’t say like that Sanskar…. I got my life back after returning to u….and please never talk about that again…. I don’t want u to feel guilty anymore…. whatever had happened had happened, I don’t want anyone to blame my husband…not even he himself….

Sanskar – u r too good to be mine…

Swara(smirks) – that’s true….but what can I do now…. I will accept my fate….

Saying this she laughs seeing sanskar’s expressions….he kept a puppy face hearing her….

Sanskar (like a child) – u r so mean…

Swara(pulling his cheeks) – and u r so cute….and ha please change Ur expression Sanskar I can’t stop myself from laughing….I was just teasing u….

Sanskar (smirks) – oh so u r teasing me ha ?? I will show u what u get in return if u mess with Sanskar Maheshwari….

Saying this he pulls her by waist and takes her to the bed…..and get intimate

@next morning

Both swara and Sanskar gets up, freshes up and swara wears the dress which is brought by sanskar….she admired her husband’s thoughtfulness and his way of understanding her and making her comfortable in every way…..

Where as Sanskar got into his usual Armani suit which he asked one of his assistants to drop at the hotel’s reception this morning…

Both leaves from there…. sanskar drops swara in gadodia house and moves to his office directly as he is getting late for his meeting….while swara took a half day leave as she has to visit Dr.Shetty with avi and later she has lunch plans with avi, vivek, parth and maggie….

As soon as swara entered the house…she is welcomed by a bunch of ice cubes….she glared at the person who did this….of course it’s her brother who will be always in a mood to trouble her….

Swara(shouts angrily) – what’s wrong with u lucky ??

Laksh(laughs hard) – I missed irritating u shona…..see this proves that I hate u more……

Swara(smirks) – I will get many opportunities to prove that I hate u more lucky, don’t get so happy….u know I have the right to take decisions for ur marriage…

Laksh(confidently) – what makes u think so ?? FYI I am the groom and marriage will happen according to me….

Swara(smiles victorious) – yes the marriage is urs but decision won’t be urs….elders will get to take the decisions and in our house, who is elder ?? Papa….aur papa kiski baat sunte hai ??meri…(and whose words will papa follow ?? Mine….and there too dad(dp) has the right to take every decision and he too will listen to me….not even to Sanskar…. So technically who has the upper hand here ??

Laksh gets furious and he runs towards her but swara is too smart, she already started running towards her room….before laksh could enter she locked the room…

Laksh(kicking swara’s door) – oyyy devil…. Come out… I will not let u ruin my marriage…. Open the door….I will kill u….

Swara opens the door and throws a bucket full of water on laksh….

Swara(smirks) – I am not going to ruin Ur marriage lucky…. because it involves ragini’s happiness too…but this suit belongs to u, only u right…..have fun….bye…

Saying this she moves downstairs to have her breakfast….

Laksh keeps a cry baby face and looks at his now fully drenched business suit which he wore for his meeting….

He quickly moved to his room to change as he doesn’t have time time to fight with his sister….

He changed his clothes and rushed out as he has a meeting with the investors…

Now as everything is fine and Sanskar took his responsibilities, laksh thought to think about his own business, and this two years of being the CEO of Maheshwari empire had helped him to gain a lot of knowledge and contacts….

This is the meeting with the investors, if all goes well, his product will have a huge market place and his business will grow faster….

Sanskar is accompanying laksh though he (laksh) denied it, sanskar inisted that he(sanskar) would come along with him(laksh) as till now he(laksh) had taken care of him(sanskar) and now it’s time for him(sanskar) to fulfill his responsibilities towards laksh…..sanskar wanted to guide laksh and help him in his every step of eshtablishing his business….he doesn’t want laksh to make the same mistakes which he made during his initial stage….

Though Durga prasad Maheshwari had started the business, Sanskar Maheshwari took it to the new heights….he expanded Maheshwari group of companies into MAHESHWARI EMPIRE….he made his way through the international markets in a very short span…Sanskar, with his intelligence and dedication made a billion dollars turn over….there is literally nothing that Maheshwari Empire is not into…there are a chain of hotels, real estates, cosmetics, baby prouducts, hospitals, schools, branded clothes….they have their businesses in every field and this is completely because of one man THE SANSKAR MAHESHWARI….

After seeimg laksh’s innovation and his products…sanskar immediately decided to invest in laksh’s company not only because he wanted to support his brother-in-law who is like a brother to

him, but also because in a long run, this product is going to rule the market….

Sanskar and laksh entered the conference room….

Meeting is being held in MAHESHWARI head office….

The reason behind conducting the meeting in maheshwari office is to show people that maheshwaris are with laksh in this, and also to avoid rumors which may put laksh’s reputation at stake.

Seeing Sanskar Maheshwari investing in a start up drew many big shot’s attention, but after attending the meeting, they understood that it’s worth it….many investors came forward to invest in laksh’s company and sanskar is beyond happy to see laksh getting successful at the initial stage itself without facing any hurdles…..

Laksh is on cloud nine with his success and he knew that this would be impossible without his jiju and Di, yes he started his business with the money his sister saved for him, for which he whole heartedly thanked him(sanskar) to which sanskar gave a whole half an hour lecture for saying thanks to him and making him an outsider…..

Laksh – I am really lucky to have u as my brother-in-law jiju….u know u r the only thing that is good for me which belongs to that devil….

Sanskar(faking his anger) – y r u cursing my wife now ??

Laksh – don’t mind jiju….but please take her with u to MM…I cannot tolerate her anymore….ahh she is irritating me….

Sanskar – don’t tell me that u guys again fought….

Laksh nods in a yes….

Sanskar – but how is that possible…. I dropped her just before coming here and u came here 10 minutes later….that means u guys must have spent hardly 5 or 10 minutes with each other…..

Laksh – but ur wife ia capable enough to complete a kurukshetra in that 5 minutes of urs….

Sanskar – u guys r just impossible…. acha  tell me one thing…who started the fight ??

Laksh(stammers) – kya farak padta hai jiju ??(how does it matter jiju??)

Sanskar – that means u started the fight ?? Tell me the whole thing laksh…

Laksh nods and tells sanskar everything….

Sanskar smiles at their childish fights….

Laksh – y r u smiling jiju ?? Ur wife spoiled my clothes….

Sanskar – mistake is urs laksh….u were having a very important meeting in a few minutes and u were busy planning to trouble ur sister…..

Laksh(smiling sheepishly) – what shall I do jiju ?? I can’t live without troubling her….

Sanskar – hu….u guys will never change….I wonder what would happen to my kids if their mother acts to be a kid herself….

Laksh(smirks) – thinking about kids and all ha ?? By the way where were u guys last night ?? Papa told that u guys were struck somewhere and that is y shona couldn’t make it home….r u guys really got struck or it’s preplanned ha ??

Laksh asks winking at sanskar….

Sanskar(smirks) – Swara is right….even I am with her in post poning ur marriage as u r too busy in predicting other’s married life to think abour ur own marriage……

Laksh – don’t u think u r diverting the topic ??

Sanskar – don’t u think ur marriage is much more important than discussing about mine….

Laksh smiles and goes but not before giving a knowing smirk towards him…

Here swara and avi reach the restaurant and keep talking where as vivek, parth and maggie reaches after a few minutes….

All the three sits down and swara introduces avi to her friends….

Vivek – so u r that avi whom Sammie keeps on talking about…..

Avi(surprised) – shona used to talk about me ??

Parth – ya…..actually a lot…the only things she talks about is about u, her brother laksh and sharmishta aunty……she used to miss u a lot….

Avi – if u missed us so much, then y didn’t u come back shona ??

Swara is taken back by his sudden question….she doesn’t know what to answer…

Swara – avi….I….um….u know….

Avi(smiles) – it’s ok shona….u don’t have to answer me….and let’s leave it…past is passed….

Swara – thanks avi….for understanding me….

Avi smiles….

Vivek and parth feels happy looking at their bond and some what jealous too….but maggie is in another world….it’s like her world is stopped after seeing avi….she is sitting silently which is so unusual for her and on top of that, she is stealing glances at Avi, but not directly…..this made the three of her friends suspicious…. because she never behaved so shy that too to stare at a man…

Swara(clearing her throat) – um…maggie, where r u lost ??

Maggie – umm…no where Sammie….no where….

Swara turned towards Avi and the thing which she saw shocked her….Avi is staring at maggie, no he is adoring her, not for once she saw him like this with any other girl till now…..she understood that fire is on both sides, she just have it give a blow….she smirks at Vivek and Parth and they winks and shows thumps up at her telling her that they too think the same way as her’s….

They have their lunch in between teaisngs, laughing and making fun of each other….

Avi and Maggie got comfortable with each other in that 2-3 hours…..

After the lunch, vivek, parth and maggie left to their office where as swara and avi went to Dr.Shetty’s place….

While walking through the corridor which leads to Dr.shetty’s cabin….

Swara(angrily) – avi…I already told u that we will first visit Dr.Shetty then we will go for lunch….but u….

Avi – shona….calm down…

Swara – what calm down avi….I took only a half day leave….and according to the rules, I should be in office now….It would seem that I am taking advantage of being Mrs.Sanskar Maheshwari…and I don’t like it…

Avi – shona…I didn’t bring u here before lunch because Dr.Shetty has other appointments, I don’t want us to wait here, so I thought we would finish the lunch first and till then dr.shetty will be free…..So that we can meet him and get a clear view of sanskar’s condition…..

Swara calms down a bit….

Swara – ok….I am sorry I shouted at u…

Avi – It’s okay shona….I know u are tensed about sanskar…. but trust me everything is gonna be fine….

Swara nods and enters dr.shetty’s cabin…

Dr.Shetty smiles at them and asks them to take a seat before him….

After getting settled comfortably infront of Dr.Shetty…swara started the conversation…

Swara(full of hope) – doctor…what is sanskar’s condition according to the recent reports….he is fine right ??

Dr.shetty – Mrs.Maheshwari….firstly, I am really surprised to see a drastic change in Mr.Maheshwari, he stopped consuming alcohol and it is really a very good sign… this is going to help him a lot in his treatment further….

Swara gets happy but his next words scared the hell out of her…..

Dr.shetty(continues) – but the sad thing is Mr.Maheshwari is still in danger…I cannot assure u that he will be completely fine unless….

Swara(angry) – what do u mean by that doctor ?? U told that if sanskar stops taking alcohol, there is lot of scope for him getting fine…

Avi(trying to calm swara) – shona…calm down…(to doctor) exactly doctor….u said that sanskar can be fine if he stops alcohol….

Dr.shetty – let me complete, I told that there is a chance Mr.Singhania…..I did not guarantee u…and in Mr.Maheshwari’s case, he consumed a lot of alcohol in these two years that it had done enough damage to his liver…..but we can hope right….miracles do exist….be positive….as I said earlier, I am really surprised to hear that Mr.Maheshwari stopped taking alcohol, and It’s a good sign…if it continues like this and Mr.Maheshwari takes the medicines and treatment correctly, there are a lot of chances for him to get fine….

Swara(hopefully) – he will be fine right ??

Dr.shetty – We will do our best Mrs.Maheshwari….. don’t worry…. the good part is Mr.Maheshwari doesn’t need a Liver transplantation, because his liver is not too damaged, it can be cured with medications…if everything goes well, he doesn’t even need a surgery….

Swara(sighing in relief) – thank you so much doctor….I will make sure sanskar takes his medications regularly…..(smiles) u scared me….

Dr.shetty – I am sorry Mrs.Maheshwari but it’s my duty to tell u each and every possibility, I have to tell u the consequences of not taking the medications, my intention is not to scare u….anyways…I am changing Mr.Maheshwari’s medicines, use this for one week and meet me after that….and bring Mr.Maheshwari with u…I need to check his progress…..and one more thing Mrs.Maheshwari, at this point of time, he may feel nauseous and throw up a lot, dizziness and irritation are common, and due to this, he doesn’t feel to eat anything, but make sure he takes his diet properly otherwise he may loose weight and this can lead to serious problem, due to this he may get angry and shout at times but please don’t give up, deal with him patiently and trust me he is going to be okay….

Swara(smiled in between her tears) – I will do amything and everything to make him fine doctor, don’t worry I will be patient towards him and I will make sure he takes his diet properly….

Dr.shetty(handing a card to her) – this is my personal card, u can call me anytime, but please keep it a secret because I will never offer my personal number to anyone….

Swara smiles thankfully at the older man(dr.shetty) who is very genorous and caring even after her out burst on him….

They talk for some more time and Dr.Shetty and Avi explains Sanskar’s condition and his health problems which occured in these two years to swara so that she can easily handle him….

After getting all the instructions from Dr.Shetty, avi and swara thanks him and leaves the place….

Swara notices 10 missed calls from Sanskar, it’s then she notices the time, it’s half past 6….they almost spent 4 hours in the hospital….

She quickly called sanskar….he took the call at the first ring….

Sanskar(worried) – swara…r u ok ??

Came his first words as soon as he picked up the call….

Swara – ha sanskar… I am fine….

Sanskar – y the hell r u not taking my calls….I was so worried…u told that u r going to lunch with ur friends and when I asked vivek he told me that u and avi went somewhere after ur lunch….I tried calling that stupid but his phone is not reachable….. where the hell r u guys ??

Swara – sanskar…. actually we came to hospital to take ur medicines….ur medicines are over, did u forget ?? As we came here, we generally met Dr.Shetty and we kept on talking about some random things that we forgot about the count of time….I am sorry, my phone is in silent mode….

Sanskar(calming down) – what did Dr.Shetty say ??

Swara(closing her eyes) – nothing important…. he changed ur medicines that’s all….

Sanskar – don’t lie me….I know there is more to it which u r trying to hide….is there anything wrong ??

Swara remembers dr.shetty saying about the danger if sanskar doesn’t follow the medications and intake of proper diet….

Swara – there is nothing wrong sanskar trust me…..

Sanskar – okay….u don’t worry….okay…I will be fine….now come home….I will be waiting for u….

Swara – but sanskar I am heading to office now….I am having a lots of work….

Sanskar – work can wait Mrs.Maheshwari but ur husband can’t….

Swara – For ur kind information Mr.Husband, I am staying at gadodia house so stop behaving like a typical teenager and have ur dinner….and avi will give u ur new medicines and tell u how to use them…take them properly….it’s an order….

Sanskar – but swara I can’t sleep without u…

Swara – stop being so stubborn sanskar…. do what I said….

Saying this she hung up…

Avi drove her to the office, she took the necessary files with her and he dropped her at gadodia house and left to MM.

Avi asked her many times to come to MM with him as Sanskar is missing her but she refused and asked him to make sure Sanskar takes his medicine….

Avi who doesn’t know that she has some other plans to surprise her husband scolded her that she is being stubborn….though it was for fun….

Sanskar refused to have dinner without swara and Avi had to call her and made her talk to Sanskar….

Sanskar after a lot of warnings and threats from swara took dinner and his medicine….

In gadodia house

Swara is packing her things and everything…when sharmishta and Shekhar came to her room….

They are surprised to see her packing… because in the last conversation she told them that she will move back to Sanskar only after a month or two….

Shekhar – Shona….y r u packing Ur things ?? R u going somewhere ??

Swara – ha papa…I am moving to MM permanently….

Sharmishta – but Shona…u said that u….

Swara – ha ma I told that I will go after a month or so..but considering sanskar’s condition, I need to move there as soon as possible….

Both Shekhar and sharmishta panicked hearing her….

Shekhar – what condition Shona ?? U r scaring us….

Swara started crying hugging Shekhar….

Sharmishta and Shekhar made her sit on the bed and sat beside her….

Swara told them about what all dr.shetty told them about sanskar’s condition….

Shekhar and sharmishta consoled her….

Swara(crying) – y is this happening to us ma ?? Sanskar and I suffered a lot to be together and now when we are finally together, this all is happening in our lives…. I would die if something happens to him….I was acting strong in front of Avi and the doctor but I am afraid papa….I am afraid of losing my love….once again…..

Shekhar – no Shona…. nothing of this sort will happen… Sanskar will get fine…

Swara – it’s all my mistake papa, if I wouldn’t have left from here, sanskar would have been fine now…..u tried to tell me about him many times but I never listened to u…how can I be so selfish papa….

Shekhar(teary eyed) – no beta….please don’t call urself selfish….u r the most selfless person I have ever known…..don’t blame urself, it’s all destiny and we cannot do anything about it….even now u r moving there for Sanskar…..u r the best beta… don’t call urself selfish…and don’t u dare blame urself for whatever is happening with Sanskar….if Sanskar gets to know about this he will be broken more to see u blaming urself for his condition….

Sharmishta – ha Shona….Ur papa is right…. Don’t blame urself for the thing u r not responsible for….All that matters is Sanskar will get fine…. Take a good care of him….okay ??

Swara nods…..

Sharmishta helps her in packing whereas Shekhar goes and brings dinner for his daughter and feeds her….

@next day


Sanskar, ragini and dp are having breakfast while ap is serving them….

Dp – Annapurna, u too sit and have breakfast with us….kaka will serve us…

Ap – no ji….I will have with swara….

Sanskar (little bit angry) – mom…she is not going to come….she wants to stay at her parent’s house for a few more months….

Ap(shocked) – few more months…..

Suddenly they a hear a voice…

“Lying is very bad Mr.Maheshwari”

Everyone gets happy to see her….that too with bags….

Beside her stood laksh with a huge grin on his face……

Swara comes to them…..

Swara(to Sanskar) – what r u telling to mom ?? Ha ?? When did I tell u that I am going to stay at my parent’s place for a few more months ha ??

Laksh hugs Sanskar and greets him…. And Sanskar nods and continues his argument with his wife….

Sanskar – u didn’t….but I thought u wanted to stay there by seeing Ur yesterday’s behaviour…..I know I myself told u to come here whenever u feel like coming but that doesn’t mean u keep on ignoring me the whole time…..

Saying this Sanskar acts to be angry and goes to his room…..but in actual he is very happy to see her that too with all her luggage….though he is slightly upset with her previous day’s behaviour,  it’s all because he missed her presence too much……

Swara looks on worried….

Ap – swara… don’t worry…he will be okay….

Swara – mom…I didn’t want to upset him…. it’s just that I was busy in talking to sanskar’s doctor and later I went home to pack my clothes….

Dp – beta… don’t worry…he is just acting and even if he is really angry with u na then also u don’t have to worry…..leave him for himself, he will come to u after sometime as he couldn’t bear himself for long….

Saying this dp laughs and swara and ragini too joins him….

Ap – ji…. don’t joke on my son….he is a diamond….

Laksh – exactly uncle…..jiju is an angel…. actual devil is Ur daughter-in-law….

Dp – don’t say anything to my daughter….she is the best….

Saying this dp side hugs swara and swara smirks at laksh…

Swara – tanq dad…..

Ap – ok enough of talks….come let’s have breakfast….

Swara – mom….if u don’t mind can I have breakfast with Sanskar….. actually he too didn’t have it na….

Ap smiles and nods…

Swara takes breakfast for both Sanskar and herself….

@swasan room

Sanskar is sitting on the bed reading some files when swara enters the room, he sees her but turns his head to the other side and comtinues his work….

Swara smiles at his behaviour…. she knew that he is acting, but still she loved to manofy him….

Swara – looks like someone is angry with his special someone ??

Sanskar ignores her words….

Swara – Sanskar…. I am sorry that I didn’t give u time but please understand me na….

Sanskar looks at her for once and again continues his work…as if he wanted to check whether she is normal or getting hurt….

Swara – Acha ok…. don’t understand me….but please have breakfast….

Sanskar again ignores her words….he is trying very hardly to ignore her and by seeing his expressions swara is having hard time controlling her laughter…..

Swara(continues) – ok even I won’t have breakfast until u eat and I didn’t even have my dinner last night….but it’s ok….who cares….

Hearing this Sanskar immediately keeps his file aside and reaches her….

Sanskar (caring but angry) – swara y didn’t u have Ur dinner last night ?? Y r u ignoring Ur health….ha ?? U will fall sick and I can’t see u suffering….have breakfast now…

Swara(declares) – no…I will not have my breakfast until u have urs and take Ur medicine….and that’s final….

She said leaving no room for arguments….

Sanskar sighed and had his breakfast…. swara smiles at him and gives him his medicine…..

Sanskar – now have urs….

Swara (opening her mouth) – AA…feed me..

Sanskar tries hard not to smile but fails miserably…he smiles at her cute antics…

Sanskar feeds swara…

Swara – sorry…I lied to u… I had my dinner yesterday… I lied to u as u r acting too stubborn and moreover I can’t take risk with Ur health….. I am sorry….

Sanskar silently watches her but says nothing…..

Swara(continues) – Sanskar yesterday I got late at Dr.Shetty’s hospital and later I went to office to collect some files and then headed home to pack my things as I have to come here today…..that is why I couldn’t meet u yesterday….and I am really sor….

Before she could say anything Sanskar hugs her tightly…..

He releases her after sometime and captures her lips with his…..

They kiss each other and swara gets out of his grip becoming breathless…..

Sanskar – u don’t have to be sorry swara….I am sorry and thank you for coming here….

Swara – I came here for myself…. as I can’t stay away from my husband….so u don’t need to thank me….

Sanskar nods and hugs her again…..

Precap – raglak marriage and sanskar’s giving interview to the media…..

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