SWASAN: The Sword of Love… EPILOGUE [by Raina]

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The Prathap Palace is filled with sorrows now..
Prince Laksh Prathap was standing in his room and was looking at the painting of his dead brother. The day when King Prathap slapped his son, Prince Sahil was so much angry and felt so much insulted.. he drank a lot that night and even when the guards and Laksh tried to stop him, he behaved like a mad because of his anger and broke all the things and stumbled and fell from the terrace of their Palace.. Prince Laksh closed his eyes in the memories of that night. And from that night, King Prathap is drowned in guilt for slapping his son. The attitude of his father to keep reputation above everything has vanished, his father has become very silent and is no more shouting on his mother and torturing her. It made him happy that his mother was no more being treated as an animal, but even she was very sad and depressed. Though her elder son never respected her, he was still her son! Prince Laksh wiped his tears before they could come out, he do agree that it was all his brother’s fault. Anyone in Princess Mithra’s place would have did it.. and his father punished him by a slap, but death! He sighed closing his face with his palms, he never wished for that powerful sword or that confident from his father. It was the reason, his brother hated him! how he wish, he saved his brother that night, how he wish that his brother didn’t had the habit of drinking.. wiping his tears, he walked out to the balcony in his room and saw many people standing there waiting to meet the King and tell their problems but his father was not ready to meet anyone.. he sighed sadly seeing the eager and sad faces of the people. He walked to his father’s room..

Entering inside, he saw his father sitting and staring at nothing.. he became teary seeing his father like that.. “father!” King Prathap looked at the entrance and found his son. Prince Laksh closed his eyes seeing him so much emotionless and then opened them.. “father! There are many people who have came with problems, if you don’t mind, can I talk with them and solve their problems?” he asked hoping to see some reaction but still his father remained emotionless.. the King nodded to him after sometime making Prince Laksh smile, he turned to go but stopped hearing his father. “solve their problems and keep them happy son!” he turned and saw his father finally getting teary eyes but he wiped them soon.. “ascend the throne, Laksh!” he looked at his father shocked while he came near him and patted his shoulder. “I trust you! It’s time for you to rule the country”. There was silence for sometime but then Prince Laksh nodded to his father and walked out still shocked.
The sinners has got their punishment and now a new hope was arising in Prathap Palace with Laksh taking the charge of the kingdom!…
While THAT night turned out to be the most miserable day in the Prathap Palace, THAT night turned out to be the most beautiful time in Princess Swara’s life! It took few days but finally her father was perfectly fine now! Though Sanskar was scared that King Shekhar may not agree but he was surprised that even the King accepted him whole heartedly. The days passed with he coming to know about royal things from King Shekhar.. he started helping him in business and many wars. The pride of their country was spoken all over the world with their wide business and the powerful sword which Princess Swara considered as god as it gave Sanskar to her, she called it as ‘SWORD OF LOVE’ as more than any power, it gave her the love of her life. She smiled seeing the decorations and the hustle bustle of the Palace.. her father has planned her marriage! Though Sanskar took time to go with this flow and mingle with everyone, everything was finally fine.. smiling at the thoughts of Sanskar, she looked around, she didn’t see him from the morning. She started walking out of the castle when Ragini came in her way.. “Princess! What are you doing? You are the bride, you should not go out.. bad eyes will fall on you!” Princess Swara frowned hearing her, folding her arms across her chest, she said sarcastically, “if I should not go out, then the bridegroom should be inside!” Ragini giggled hearing her. “seriously! You both are same, always in garden. But Swara, your marriage is in five days! You should not go out!” she rolled her eyes at the serious voice of Ragini.. “then call him inside!” she said angrily moving from there to her room making Ragini smile again widely for the happiness of the Princess. Informing a guard to ask Sanskar to come inside, she gets indulged in her work…

Sanskar was sitting on the swing.. he was happy! So much happy to marry the love of his life.. there were still few people who gossiped about him in a bad way. There were still Princes who kept coming to the Palace with the alliance for Princess Swara whom she keeps rejecting and also insults them when they tries to insult Sanskar. it is true that she deserves someone better than him but whenever he talks like that, he just gets overwhelmed by the way she gets angry on him and ends up in crying loudly in his embrace saying that she loves him a lot! He closed his eyes in happiness, whenever she says that she loves him, he just feels like he is in heaven. Their worries had flew away, he is happy with her love now. The love has finally cured him and he was ready to live with her forever and ever.. that’s all he wished for! It took time for him to adjust with this royal surroundings, it took time for him to come out of his guilt that he doesn’t deserve this.. maybe he really doesn’t deserve this but their love turned to be so much powerful to make him forget everything except her love! “the Princess is calling you!” he opened his eyes and turned around hearing the sarcastic voice of the guard and then the guard went from there. He just smiled, it is true that the few of the guards never gave him respect in the absence of the Princess and the King but he no more worries about those things.. he doesn’t wish to rule this country but his only wish is Swara!…
Princess Swara smiled widely feeling Sanskar’s hands wrapping around her from back and then she felt his cheeks joining her cheeks. “So, I heard that the Princess called me!” she closed her eyes feeling his presence and kept her hands on his hands that were on her waist. “yes! I was thinking where the bridegroom has left during his marriage!” he smiled hearing her words and hugged her more tightly closing his eyes. He was beyond happy but still he was scared to lose her, turning her towards him, he hugs her tightly muting his cries in her neck. She gets shocked with his sudden move and hugs him back feeling his tears. “Sanskar?” she asked whispering caressing his hairs. “I am scared!” he whispered against her skin, she broke the hug wiping his tears. “I don’t want anything but you Swara! Only you”. She smiled hearing him and caressed his face gently, “Sanskar! I have told you many times that nothing wrong will happen”. She moved closer towards him joining her forehead with him closing her eyes, “everything will be fine and we will marry and live happily!” he saw her smiling and happy tears rolled down her closed eyes. Wiping them, he too closed his eyes letting himself drown in their closeness. They remained in the same position and he wished to be like that till the eternity. “I hate silence!” he chuckled hearing her annoyed whisper and opened his eyes and got away from her. “I just said I hate silence, I didn’t ask you to go away!” his lips curved as she placed her head on his chest, his hands went around her hugging her tightly. “I love you!” he closed his eyes touching her hair with his chin hearing her love filled whisper. “I love you too!” he whispered silently brushing her hair with his lips.

There was again silence and then she took her head from his chest and looked at him, her hands were still wrapping him, even he was still holding her. “Sanskar! don’t be quite like this, I..” she was interrupted by him. “you hate silence!” she smiled hearing his annoying voice, he too smiled seeing her smiling and rubbed his nose with her cute nose. “you itself talk something Princess!” she frowned hearing him. “Sanskar. Call me Swara or otherwise, I will also not call you Sanskar and will call you as Prince!” at her anger filled voice, his eyes saddened as he got away from her and sat on the bed. “I am not a Prince!” he whispered, she went near him and cupped his face making him look at her, tears brim in her eyes for making him sad. “Sanskar! please don’t talk like this, I told you many times that our love is enough!” he kept his hands on her hands that were on his cheeks, he smiled at her sadly and said, “I know that our love is enough. I just said I am not a Prince!” she sighed sadly hearing him and then knelt down in front of him taking his hand in hers, she kissed his palm gently and looked at him with tears, “a crown and his family doesn’t decide that he is a king. Character and talent also matters and I know you will be a perfect Prince!” he looked at her sadly as she continued, “whom all people will love!” she frowned with tears seeing him nodding a no.

“I don’t want to rule the country, I only want to be with you!” she immediately hugged him tightly letting tears flow out of her eyes, “you are MY Prince, Sanskar! my everything..” he smiled hearing her as she hugged him tightly. “and you are MY Princess!” she too smiled hearing him and broke the hug wiping her tears. “really? Then fulfill the wish of your Princess!” she said with attitude standing up making Sanskar look at her confused. “take me out somewhere!” he smiled wiping his tears and standing up. He holds her wrist and said, “this much? Come I will take you!” he started walking while she stopped him making him confused. “no! take me out in night. Now no one will allow me, because all are saying that bride should not go out”. Sanskar frowned hearing her, “then you should not go out in night also!” she looked away uninterested. “no, I want to go”. He smiled seeing her stubbornness, he was about to say something when she said, “please take me. Please! I am your Princess na? please!” he laughed and hugged her tightly. Happiness engulfed her as he laughed his heart out.. “fine! I will take you, now take care!” he said breaking the hug, she closed her eyes in immense pleasure as he pecked her forehead and then he went from there while she was still smiling…
First the Princess called him and now the King is calling him. He knocks the door thinking this and saw the King opening it and smiling at him. “you called me, majesty?” he gets confused seeing the King frowning. “call me father!” he said and dragged him inside making him smile thinking about Swara’s anger whenever he calls her as Princess! Like father, like daughter! “I called you to explain you few things so that you may take charge of the kingdom!” Sanskar’s eyes saddened hearing him. “but..” Shekhar noticed his sadness hearing his stammering voice and said holding his shoulder, “Sanskar! even I am becoming old, until you try anything, how will you know anything? Swara and I trust you a lot, try once for me!” he saw Sanskar looking away and said, “if you don’t rule properly, I myself will take the kingdom back from you. Try once for me and Swara!” Sanskar looked at him, these people trusted him a lot, he don’t know whether he will be able to manage these responsibilities but more than that his past kept haunting him.. though Swara’s love seemed to be so much soothing and strong that it left with him with no option except to live with her, but these responsibilities.. he looked at the hopeful eyes of the King Shekhar and sighed nodding to him. King Shekhar smiled and then made a serious face saying, “don’t worry Sanskar! if you don’t manage properly, then I will take back the Kingdom and also Swara!” Sanskar told nothing, he just bent down getting his blessings and then walked from there lost in his thoughts…

King Shekhar smiled happily seeing him going and then saw his daughter passing through his room. “Swara?” she stopped moving and looked at her father, she became confused and went inside his room. “Sanskar agreed!” Swara widened her eyes hearing her father, “really?” she asked hardly stopping herself from shouting loudly in excitement and seeing her father smiling proudly, she spin around happily. She held her father’s hands, “but how?” she asked confused, Sanskar didn’t listen to her too but listened to her father? “I told him that if he doesn’t manage his responsibilities well, then I will take you back from him!” she pressed her lips in a thin line so scared hearing her father. “will you really do it?” she asked slowly making him laugh. “do you want me to do?” she immediately nodded a no hearing him.. King Shekhar pinched his Swara’s cheeks lovingly saying, “then I will not do!” she smiled hearing him and immediately hugged him. she then ran from there shouting a ‘thank you’ making her father smile more…
Princess Swara was pacing around her room angrily, everyone had slept, she was waiting for Sanskar to take her out but he still didn’t come. Sighing, she went to his room searching him..
She knocked Sanskar’s room, it took some time but Sanskar finally opened it and she glared at him angrily. Holding his wrist, she dragged him with her, his questions seemed unending but she didn’t answer him and kept walking. She brought him outside the Palace near their horses and finally looked at him. “you told you will take me out?” she asked angrily. “I forgot!” she saw him looking away, she gets worried and cupped his face, “are you fine?” she asked and he nodded to her smiling. “come!” he said and they both sat on their horses, she was still worried about him and rode her horse absent minded. “you are really fine?” she asked after sometime seeing him so silent and lost somewhere. He looked at her worried face and smiled, “I am really fine. Shall we have a race?” he asked to lighten up the mood, she gets relieved seeing him normal and nodded happily and soon they started their race..

“I won!” Sanskar smiled seeing Swara so happy. “you should give me whatever I want!” she said with attitude making him smile more as he nodded to her, tapping her index finger on her chin, she thinks of asking something while Sanskar kept smiling looking at her.. “I want lots of flowers!” he sighed knowing that this will be her answer. “come with me then!” he asked forwading his hand making her confused but then she got down from her horse and tied it near a tree. She sat on his horse with his help.. “you have to be alone for sometime!” the horse made a noise hearing Sanskar while Swara laughed seeing him talking to her horse.. he then rode the horse fast and she clung on him tightly enjoying the ride. He stopped near a valley, her eyes shined with happiness seeing so many flowers there.. she got down from the horse and ran towards the flowers happily. She was admiring all the flowers and caressing it, her gaze then fell on Sanskar who was standing at a distance and he seemed lost again making her frown. She went near him and cupped his face, “Sanskar? what happened? please tell me!” she asked and saw him sighing sadly. “if I don’t manage the kingdom well, then the King may separate us! I am scared to lose you!” he said slowly and immediately hugged her so tightly sobbing silently. She became shocked hearing his cries and hugged him back caressing his hairs.

“Sanskar! father must be lieing! He will not do anything like that!” she broke the hug and wiped his tears, she gets tears to see him.. she pecked his cheeks softly and whispered near his ear, “even if he does anything like that.. I will not leave you!” he looked at her hearing her, “I will never leave you!” she said pouncing in his arms and hugging him tightly. At first she always thought that Sanskar should rule the kingdom but she was forcing him too.. whatever the people thinks, she doesn’t care.. she cried nuzzling in his neck.. if he doesn’t want, she will not force him. “I will talk to father!” she said slowly. He hugged her back, he was so scared to lose her but then her words! He will not lose her if he manages the kingdom well. He can do anything for her.. can become a slave for her, also a Prince for her! Hugging her tightly, he whispered, “I will also not let you go! I will do it!” she gets happy hearing him but also shocked. “you don’t have to if you don’t want to!” she whispered still hugging him tightly.. “really?” he asked, she broke the hug and wiped his tears, “I can do anything for you Sanskar.

I don’t care about anyone.. this is your life, you have the right to decide it.. YOU DON’T HAVE TO IF YOU DON’T WANT TO! And I promise you, nothing can separate us”. She whispered giving strength to him, she thought it will give him happiness if he becomes a Prince but no, her Sanskar was not greedy for anything.. she was unknowingly giving him so much pain and now she will not do it ever again! She loves Sanskar.. a lot! She was hating herself, she always does this.. she does something really bad and her guilt always just suffocates her like anything but now.. it is FINAL! She is not going to force him anymore.. she smiled lovingly at him, she can do anything for him and gave him a silent promise in her heart to never hurt him again. She hid herself in his emrace and whispered, “forgive your mad Princess!” he frowned breaking the hug, “you are not mad!” she smiled with tears hearing his annoyed voice. “I asked father to convince you!” his frown grew hearing her. “but I am again proved wrong..

I couldn’t realize that I was hurting you. I will never do that again.. sorry!” she said holding her ears. She is like this.. continuously doing mistakes and then suffering with her guilt. She is brave and also innocent and sensitive, she is mature and also a kid, she is selfish and also kind.. she is short tempered while he knows to be patient. He smiled seeing her but he still loved her.. with all her flaws.. she was his angel! Taking her hands from her ears, he whispered smiling “I love you so much!” and looked in her eyes, drowning himself in the depth of her eyes.. she smiled and they both forgot the world around them until he whispered, “are these flowers enough? Or do you want more?” she laughed slightly with tears hearing him and circled her arms around his neck.. “I only want you!” she whispered making him smile happily as he lifted her and spinned her around making her laugh… her musical laughter that filled his soul..

A story of a Princess and a slave! It is imperfect! But in this story, even the imperfections turned out to be so much perfect and their love being above everything won over their fate and destinies!…

A/N- i hope no one is unhappy with the punishment of sahil.. it was me who shaped his character so much negative.. he is fit for nothing but still has so much attitude and jealousy. and now i don’t know how to suddenly make him positive.. i had no idea how to again shape him in a positive character..
few people can never change, so i just put him in that category and gave him death…
At first i thought to make Sanskar also changing his identity and becoming a prince and ruling the country but then this seemed better..
feel free to give me your feed backs..
it was a wonderful journey with you people..
thank you very much for supporting me..
love you all.. stay blessed..
it there are any silent readers.. do comment today..
see you soon lovely people!!

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  1. Simi

    Beautiful Epilogue.. Loved it ?
    I like ur decision not to change Sanskar’s identity…
    Swasan’s love ??????

  2. Awesome…beautiful epilogue….loved it ??
    Waiting for your new story??

  3. Awesome..so this beautiful journey came to an end..enjoyed the whole story..loved brave and bold swara and swasan’s love for each other..
    Perfect ending..
    waiting for ur nxt story..tc..??❤❤

  4. Rockleon

    Sooo awesome !!#
    Feeling nostalgic but plzzz come up with a new story…..


    So it reached end sorry for not having been commenting on all episode I have barely time and couldn’t even reply on my comments
    But this story of yours chote is as always heart touching_, talking and sometimes breaking
    Sanskar so different strong physically yet very weak emotionally due to his identity , that sentiment of inferiority, I agreed so much with swara’s father that she’s just doing the same him, acting as master in her way to love him because she doesn’t ask for Hus will to do or not… Same is about how real is princess swara, born to lead her country and her heart too… This force was the source of her courage to face the world chosing a slave to rule her heart…
    Lovely epic story which inspired me a lot (I even started a story with a historical concept )
    Congrats for a new beautiful story and looking forward for a new dreamy one from you 🙂

  6. Prashasti7

    diiiiiiiiii it finally reached to end
    amazing story n a unique one too I mean we rarely see story of princess and slave
    I will miss this journey of swasan
    n m soooo much happy
    sanskar finally got the love of his life today he was not a cry baby huh I saw him smiling after sooooooooooooooooooooi much tym ??? m being crazy here na *pout
    diiii one complain?
    y u always hung them in middle never let them marry huh n never invite me too *pout
    bt its OK m happy fr them as far as they r together to share love,happiness,sorroe ,every emotion with each other
    u portrayed their character so beautifully
    every emotions were so perfect
    their both of POV were totally justified ……..
    both r right at their places n wants so happiness only
    she wanted him to leave his past n live his present happily thats y she wanted him to rule the kingdom she thought this would change his mind n the status differences between then he will start living happily but it was never easy fr sanskar being slave all his life suddenly u get the life of prince then it will only suffocate u more than giving happiness n peace
    that’s what sanskar condition was he never wish to b a prince n he don’t want this he only want swara bz his happiness lies in her only
    only she can give him the feeling of love n solace n she also realized this n she is ready to sacrifice anything for his happiness
    that’s only thing they both want just b with each other…………
    love u diii ?????
    give us new story soon I will miss u *making cry face

  7. Sus

    well just give me some time to go through all but no doubt todays part is awesome dear

  8. 🙁 🙁 🙁
    U ended it so soon dosth. I will miss u I dont have words to describe this beautiful yet painfull journey f my swasan. I didn’t loved our story actually it is more than that.

    U just nailed it dear. Their each and every words, their emotions all reached directly to my heart. I will always remember u as my bst fend with a magical bleeding of gods or writing skills. Uff u always make me amazed by our each end every words in this story.

    Their love story was a blissful journey with the thorns of reality ,guilt but they walked through it just with the support of their love.

    Uff I don’t have words yaar. I’m really emotional now. I don’t want to be separated from my dear dosth. I’m stopping it right here or else I will cry.
    Will miss u like hell chakkare(sweety),muthe(pearl),chunke(frnd/heart),karale(liver) and last not the least Pinne(gold). New Vere level aanu (u r in another level in our skills)and new Katta satheerthyananu(thick fend he he)
    (Hint:these r Malayalam words)
    Love u dosth and writing such stories.
    Will wait for u and will irritate u

    oops I had told u many more he he. And forgetting swanky babas sayings a big walla thanks for being by best dosth cum best story writer. And coming inte the swasan fans’ life.

    With lots and lots and looots of love
    ur dosth

  9. Sry its not Pinne its ponne

  10. Omg so much mistakes this auto correct is eating my brain. Its not our story its ur
    Its my best fend with magical blessing of gods.
    Ur each and everyevery
    Not new its nee Vere level aanu and nee kattaKatya
    And keep writing.
    Love u DA

  11. Outstanding ff….loved alot

  12. Shifa96

    Read all the parts which I had missed and all are amazing dear..sry wasn’t able to comment on each of them.
    U gave it a perfect end..loved it alot.
    Do come up with a new ff soon.

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