Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 13)

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Swasan are in the library.
Swara is cleaning the shelf opposite Sanskar.
Sanskar feels hot and removes his shirt.
Swara: are you shameless ? What are you doing? You dont know how to behave infront of girls?
Sanskar: cant you see i m sweating? You cant see me like this? What happens to you girls when you see actors in movies? That time you open your eyes like owls and watch them.
Swara: oh please…just shut up!
Sanskar: who asked you to talk to me?
Swara: who told you to remove your shirt? Now please dont start with your its my personal life lecture because its college library and its public.
Sanskar: i was not going to start also. You dont look at me. Do your work..
Swara makes faces and turns.

After some time

Sanskar yells and screams
Swara’s books fall.
Swara: now what happened? Why are you screaming like a small kid?
She turns and sees him on the table.
Sanskar has closed his eyes and is shivering.
Swara: what happened you fool? Why are you on the table?
Sanskar: woh…woh..woh..
Sanskar pointing his finger eyes still closed. Swara sees the floor.
Swara: what are you getting scared of? There is nothing over here.
Sanskar: is it gone?
Swara: what?
Sanskar: woh..woh..
Swara: what woh woh? Will you open your eyes?
Sanskar: co..cok..cockroach..
Swara shocked, her eyes widen and mouth opens: you ? You are scared of cockroaches? She bursts out laughing.
Sanskar sees around and comes down: stop laughing. Its not funny.
Swara: the great so called handsome hunk and stud of college is scared of a cockroach.
She laughs again.
Sanskar: i was not scared… I wanted to make you laugh thats why i did this drama. I dont get scared of anything.
Swara: oh really?
Sanskar: yea..
Swara: see that cockroach.
Sanskar immediately gets on the table.
Swara: i thought you dont get scared. Just look at your self. You are on the table and you say you dont get scared of cockroaches.
Swara hardly controls her laughter while sanskar comes to know she was joking, he comes down the table.
Sanskar: i wont leave you sanki..
Swara: try to catch me first then think about leaving me.
Sanskar makes face and goes the otherside and smiles a bit.
Swara comes behind him and looks at him smiling.
Swara: i knew you did not have brains and you proved that you are abnormal.
Sanskar: what ever…. Why are you coming behind me? Go and do your work.
Swara: m done. Look at the time its 15 minutes past twelve. Where is that idiot sahil sir?
Sanskar ( in a flirty tone):see with me you dont even feel the time passing quickly. He wears his shirt.
Swara: please… Where is sahil sir?

Sahil opens the door
Sahil: cartoons? Missing me?
SwaSan look at him
Sahil looks around: not bad ha… You cleant it better than i expected.
Sanskar: happy? Now can i leave?
Sahil: yea..you can.
Sanskar turns to leave.
Sahil: i want you both to come at 5am tomorrow.
Swara:5am? You are joking right?
Sahil: m i a comedian?
Sanskar: sirr..we dont know..may be a part time job. Cant predict.
Swara giggles.
Sahil: the smile on your face is going to disappear cause m not joking. 5am and its final.
Sanskar mummers: really now i think he comes from military.
Sahil: you said something?
Sanskar: no.
Swara: are you calling us to help the cook in the canteen or something?
Sahil: that you can do if you want to. I m calling you to practice. I hope you two have not forgotten about the music competition. Its heading soon.
Sanskar: but why 5?
Sahil: when you come tomorrow i will tell.
He leaves.

Sanskar gets Shahana’s call
Sanskar: yea..baby m coming. Have you decided what you want to do?
Shahana: you come to meet me. I will tell you.
Sanskar: yea..i will come in 1 hour. You want anything ?
Shahana: no. Did you eat?
Shahana: really? If you are lying then i wont talk to you.
Sanskar: i will eat. You take care about yourself.
Shahana: you eat first then only i will eat. Since yesterday you did not eat. If you dont eat anything i will also not take my medicines.
Sanskar: no no..i will..i will..
Shahana: promise?
Sanskar: yea promise my angel.
He turns and sees swara behind him.
Sanskar: baby i will call you after sometime. He cuts the call.

Sanskar: were you listening to my talks ?
Swara: a..no..
Sanskar: then?
Swara: actually these fell from your bag. She hands him some tablets.
Sanskar grabs them from her hand: thanks.
He goes from there. Swara too leaves after him.

Sanskar is sitting at a table. Swara cones there and finds no table vaccant to sit. She turns to leave.
Sanskar: you can sit here. M not going to eat you up.
Swara: better to leave instead of sitting with you.
Sanskar: admit it…
Swara: what ?
Sanskar: if you sit with me you wont be able to control yourself to fall in love with me.
Swara: ohh really?
Sanskar nods. Swara sits.
Swara: lets see then.
Sanskar: yea yea
Swara: what will you do to make me fall for you?
Sanskar: i will bring the moon in your feet, stars in your hand and my whole world in your heart…
Swara cuts in between: were you born in space will bring moon..
Sanskar: let me complete atleast…
Swara: yea yea
Sanskar: if you wanted me to say all this then you are wrong i wont. Its all that rubbish filmy drama. Staying with me is enough for you to fall in love with me.
Swara: ok lets do a thing.
Sanskar: tell
Swara: come with me.

They come out of the college. Swara takes him to a stall.

Sanskar: ohh directly dating? Your first date with me here? Not bad. You thought about this first only. He chuckles.
Swara: shut up.
Sanskar: so what you want me to do?
Swara: if you beat me in this pani puri challenge i will..
Sanskar: you will?
Swara: do whatever you want me to do.
Sanskar:fine..by the way its not pani puri they are called puchke.
Swara: pani puri
Sanskar: puchke
Swara: pani puri
Sanskar: puchke
Swara: i told you na..its called pani puri
Sanskar:so even m telling you they are called puchke.
Swara: pani puri
Sanskar:lets do a thing..we’ll ask the man who sells them.

They go
Sanskar: dada what you call these?
Swara:tell him dada its called pani puri
Seller: these are called puchke..
Sanskar gives swara i won smile.
Swara: whatever..lets do what we have come for.
Sanskar:haan haan.

They start eating.
Swara finishes more than sanskar.
Swara: admit it you are going to loose this challenge.
Sanskar: m not done eating.
Swara: i think you must stop. No one can beat me in this.
Sanskar: i will prove you wrong.
Swara: we’ll see.

Again they start…
This time sanskar eats more than swara.
Swara gives up.
Swara: done…i …cant…eat more
Sanskar: yipeee…i won…
Swara: first time you won in something.
Sanskar: please. Now its my turn to ask you something.
Swara: tell what you want me to do..
Sanskar: right now i want you to pay the bill… What you have to do that i will decide later.
He leaves.

Sanskar comes to the hospital.
Shahana: did you eat?
Sanskar: very much..no a lot. Looks like i had a whole years food at once.
Shahana: haha ..what happened?
Sanskar tells her everything.
Shahana: so what are you going to ask? Thought anything?
Sanskar:a..no.. Leave that. You tell me what you have decided.
Shahana: i want to come home.
Sanskar: but your medications..
Shahana: i dont know… I want to come home. From so many months i am here. I am bored in this stupid, ugly looking room.
Sanskar: ok done. I will take you home.
Shahana gets happy.
Sanskar: but not today. I will do all the arrangements.
Shahana: ha pagal…do whatever you want to do. Just take me home.
Sanskar: who are you calling pagal?
Shahana: you…stoneface…
Sanskar: achaa beta… I wont take you home only.
Shahana: you will because you promised me that you fullfill my wishes.
Sanskar: smart ha….
Shahana: then..you will also become smart if you spend time with me.
Sanskar: yea yea.. You are the smartest person on this earth.
Shahana smiles.

Swara’s apartment
Sharmista: swara have your dinner…how many times to call you?
Swara: ma..i m full.
Sharmista: what you ate?
Swara: i had gone with sanskar to eat pani puri.
Sharmista spills the water from her mouth
Swara; ma are you ok?
Sharmista: yea.. What did you say?
Swara: i had pani puri
Sharmista: with whom?
Swara: ma with sanskar… What is so shocking in that?
Sharmista shakes her head: swara! It is shocking… The guy you keep doing pranks on, get so irritated with him and from past few days you are telling me such things then i will get shocks. After some days you might tell me that you are in love with him and you want to marry him.
Swara: ma you are taking things from where to where.
Sharmista: cant predict anything swara..the way you are going these days with Sanskar. Cant say anything.
Sharmista starts her supper again.
Swara goes from there.


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