SwaSan Ss:A love story of a police officer 4shot (Shot 2)

Hii everyone again i am back woth shot 2 and tysm for the comments i am very much happy that u like my story..so now enjoy this part and its pretty long…Here is the link of previous episode…


Shot -2
Everyone reach at the venue of wedding but sanskar and his team does not get entry becoz they are in casual wears and the theme of the wedding is for Gents it is sherwani and for ladies it is lehenga.And sanskar have strict order from ram to not reveal his identity becoz if they do so then theif will be alert and will escape also they don’t want to ruin wedding happiness.So sanskar left with no option and they change and come after sometimes.

@wedding hall
San- ok guyz here no one call me sir becoz we have to kept secret our identity.Call me by my name ok..If anyone ask u that who r u?? Just simply say we r bridegroom frnd..ok and kept ur eyes on everyone and be alert.we have to arrest that theif and her photo in sometime patel will send to me. then it will be easy to catch her.ok
Everyone says loudly says ok sir..
San angrily – Gadho..not sir its sanskar.Now just spread in different corners hmmm..ok and i connect this bluetooth to my phone and everyone will be with in my touch through ur bluetooth’s ok..
All nods in yess and spread in different corners of the wedding hall.

Sanskar is roaming here and there and cleverly checking everyones hand..And in this process he got one of his old frnd and now they both r doing investigation..Then he see swara and again get mesmerised as well as flat on her..Swara is standing with her frnds and talking and smiling whole heartedly.

@sanskar pov
Oh god..what a beauty queen??? he looks too good in traditional clothes also.And her smile woww!!! Just a perfect smile..On this earth no one has born to distract dcp sanskar’s mind but this girl…this girl drives me crazy??whenever i see her i just can’t have control on myself..I am just in love with her..wait a sec what i said love really?? Sanskar r u mad u and love..Don’t think stupid things and just focus on work..But i am truly saying this pink lehenga just suits her very well..And she is damn gorgeous..
Sanskar pov’s end..
Sanskar is busy in staring swara suddenly some voice came from his bluetooth..
Ashok- sir she is not here?? Sir r u there..
San comes out of his thoughts and says – yaa..keep trying she will surely come..
Then sanskar goes towards swara and swara sees him and again fumes in anger..
Swa angrily- u..what r u doing here?
San happily- hii..oh i think u forgotten but see my impression u still remember me??
Swa- haan.who don’t remembers criminals??
All swara’s frnd laugh and swara give hi- fi to neha(her frnd)..
Sanskar shocked,Swara rocked..
San got angry but controls it and says NEVERMIND..
Swa laughing – so.. what r u doing here Mr.criminal??
San got irritated- First of all i am not any criminal so stop calling me that and next is that for whom all this party is held is my frnd..

Then his frnd and some others also comes there..
Swa confused- frnd..but whose frnd??
San- so u don’t understand..bad luck..oh god sorry.i am really sorry..how can i forgot that how will u understand u have don’t brains naa..
And now He gives hi- fi to his frnd
Now Swara shocked,Sanskar rocked.
San- ok i ‘ll tell u..i am the frnd of bridegroom…And..
Swa confusedly- And!!!!
San- And according to it u all should welcome us after all we r from groom’s side..
Swa with attitude – oh hello..tum logo ka welcome karegi meri juti samjhe…first of all go see ur faces in mirror then come to us.. let’s go girls bade aaye welcome karwane wale…
All the girls leaves from there and now boys are fuming in anger becoz of this behaviour..
Sanky frnd- bhai yarr..this is our insult..
San with a smirk – Don’t worry bro..

Then suddenly lights gets off and a song plays…guyzz plzz read the lines of the song its nice..

A lights focuses at the center of the hall and all boys r standing there.Then a boys comes out among them like hero and sings..guyzz guess who is he.i know u all guess it ofcourse its our sanskar…

(Sanskar)Dulhe ki saliyo,gore rang waliyo,
Every boy behind him shouts and do some steps of dance with sanskar.. Yeeeeee…
Dulhe ki saliyo,gore rang waliyo
Hum tumhare hai diwane,shadi wali raat mein bhi joote churati ho dil ko churao toh jane

Swara see this and with attitude comes with all girls in front of sanskar and sings
(Swara)Dulhe ke dosto aaina toh dekh lo,
Every girl shouts and dance with swara Ooooo..
Dulhe ke dosto aaina toh dekh lo
Tum ho kitne diwaane,dil maangte ho
Woh bhi akad ke kaise ho ashiq rab jane..
Every girls in bg(Dil maangte ho woh bhi akad ke kaise ho ashiq rab jane)x2

(Sanskar)Yaar hamara hai,jija tumhara
Kuch kuch haq hai tumpe hamara

Swara & her frndsJaajajanaa..
Every boy in bg(Kuch kuch haq hai tumpe hamara)

Sanskar makes a pout face and comes to swara and sings
(Sanskar)Pehli nazar mein tumne churaya
Nanha sa masoom dil ye bechara

Every boy in bg(Oye nakhre waliyo,Aee jija ji ki saliyo)

(Sanskar)Oye nakhre waliyo,Aee jija ji ki saliyo
Hum tumhare hai diwaane.

In bg (Shadi wali raat mein bhi jute churati ho dil ko churao to jaane x2)

(Swara)Didi hamari hai bhabhi tumhari
Khichegi kano ko kar lo tayari

In bg(Didi hamari hai bhabhi tumhari, khichegi kano ko kar lo tyari)

Swara comes towards sanskar held his collar and sings and jerk him.
(Swara)Humse na uljho kehte hai tumse
Marenge warna nazar ki katari

But at the nick of time all boys held sanskar and sanskar still in their arms sings
(Sanskar)Phoolon ki daliyon,oye bholi bhaliyon

In bg Hoooyeee…Boys left sanskar and now he comes to swara and teasingly sings

(Sanskar)Phoolon ki daliyon oye bholi bhaliyon
Hum tumhare hai diwane,shadi wali raat mein bhi joote churati ho dil ko churao toh jane..

Every girl comes to the boys and
playfully sings
(Aisa mahi dhoodongi jo kare na sawal ji mere sang chalega jo sidhi sidhi chal ji)

Swara come close to sanskar and stares him and says
(Swara)Tumne kya samjha tumne kya jana
Kardoge tum hume apna diwana x2
In bg(kardoge tum hume apna diwana)

Swara is going away but sanskar catches her hand and turns her bare back towards his chest and sings in her ears.
(Sanskar)Nazare bicha ke sadke utha ke apna bana lenge dekhega jamana.

Swara for one sec is not in her senses but she comes in senses and hit in sanskar’s stomach by his elbow and rans away..

In bg (jana jana..hoyeee )
Sanskar is rubbing her stomach and swara playfully sings

(Swara)Jana jana..jana muh dhoke aana bano na itne bhi sayane
Dil mangte ho woh bhi akad ke
Kaise ho ashiq rab jane

(Sanskar)Shadi wali raat mein bhi joote churati ho dil ko churao toh jane..

Everyone present in the hall came there and joins them in the song everyone is full enjoying..Suddenly sanskar receives a phone call and he goes out from the hall.

San- yess sir..patel send me the photo just now i am checking sir..

Sanskar checks the photo and he is just get shocked, dumbstruck and frozen at his place.he is not believing on his eyes..
Ram- sanskar r u there??
San – yess sir..
Ram- Is that girl seen by u??
San- yess..sir she is in front of me.
Ram- so what r u doing go and catch her..
San angrily- yess..sir just u come at police station.i will be there with the theif..
Ram- ok..
Sanskar is now full angry.And he goes in the hall..everyone is still busy in dancing.Sanskar call his force and tells them everything..Sanskar goes towards swara angrily hold his hands and drag her out of the hall without getting notice by anyone..Swara is trying to free herslf from the grip of sanskar but he holds his wrist more tightly..
Swa- oh hello!!What r u doing and where r u taking me??
Sanskar takes him to his police jeep and roar on swara.
San- u r under arrest miss.kajal…
Swa confusedly- under aresst..kajal who is this??
San- Don’t act to be smart in front of me..so just sit in the jeep and get ready to go behind bars..
Swa- Are u lost it?? Do u know whom u r talking..i am.
San- shanti(lady constable)…just tie her mouth becoz i know whole way she will only shout so tie her mouths and make her sit in the jeep..
Swa- See officer u r doing wrong..its illegal to tie mouth..i will but now she can’t say anything becoz they tie their mouth with cloth and hands with handcuffs..

They drove to police station and swara is now behind bars and her mouths are open..
Swa- see officer..i am saying u last time just make me out of this jail otherwise it will be affect ur job..
San angrily- just stop ur nonsense talks.and its not ur home so keep ur mouth shut..
Sanskar is going but again swara shouts
Swa- oh hello!! I am not any theif so just get out me from this bar..
San happily- here every theif says the same thing that he/she is not theif..

Sanskar goes from there changes the dress and comes in police uniform..And sits on his chair and do his work now swara is just got tired of shouting..and she unwantedly sits there silently..

Then after sometimes many cars stop at front of police station..sanskar see this and stops doing work..

Then a man in near about fifty’s comes out of his car and some security guards are behind him..he enters in the police station..
Sanskar stands up from his seat and worriedly says
San- MLA..shekhar kapoor…
Shek- who have the courage to arrest my daughter??
San- daughter….
And he goes towards him and says
San- sir..what r u doing here??
Shek- u r the incharge of this police station..
San- yess..
Shek- how dare u to arrest my daughter??
Swara inside the bar shouts DAD….
Shek- swara..beta
San confusedly- swara…dad..
Shek- officer just take out my daughter from this bar..
San- sir..i think u got confusion.sir she is not swara..she is kajal the theif..
Shek angrily- Are u his dad??
San nods in nooo..
Shek- I am his father…i know my daughter very well..
San order his men to get out swara from jail..
As the lock opens swara goes and hugs shekhar tightly and says Dad thank god u came..
Shek caresses her hair as fatherly love and says- awww..mera baccha u r alright na..
Swa happily- yess..dad..
Shek- DCP Sanskar i don’t hope that u will do such a mistake..
San- Sir but…i got her photo from patel that she is theif thats why i arrest her sir…I am sorry sir if i earlier kmow that she is ur daughter then i had not arrest her..
Shek angrily- noo..dcp u r suspended..becoz i love my daughter most and u do a very big mistake..so u r suspended..
San in pleading tone – But sir its just misunderstanding..sir.
Just then Ram comes there and he also explain everything to shekhar but he can’t..
Shek- its final Ram if any one else is there in place of my daughter then he arrest her also..so its final he is suspended..
Swa interrupted- Dad..relax leave him
Shek- what r u saying beta??
Swa- yess dad..its just misunderstanding of i was in the place of him then this mistake will happen with me also…She stares at sanskar and sanskar stares her and a guilt is reflected in his eyes..
Swa- so dad let’s go home..
Shek- ok u r saying then i left him otherwise..
Then they leave from there and sanskar sits on his chair and thinks why swara leave him.he do so worst behaviour with her then also she leave him why?? He is feeling too much guilt and shame on him and decide to apology to swara…

So guyzzz howzz this just tell me from ur comments and silent readers u also plzz comment becoz its an Ss so i want to know how many of u read…

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