Swasan SS- Rowdy Sanskar Episode 5

Episode 5

Morning time. Sanskaar wakes up late. Last night he drunk too much Lucky took him back to home. He beat Sahil also…

Sanskaar: “Apun did wrong? I’m changing.”

Lucky comes: “Bhai, u need anything.”

Sanskaar: “No… (He turns his face to other side, still lying on bed.) U go.”

Lucky: “Bhai, Bunty came. New Commissioner is not allowing him to open his liquor shop.”

Sanskaar: “I’m not coming.”

Lucky: “No worries Bhai we will handle.”

Sanskaar (shouts): “R u deaf!!!!?. From now onwards if I see a single drop of alcohol I’ll rip everybody in pieces… Got it or not…”

Lucky: “OK Bhai.”

He leaves.

Rajat: “He scolds u this much still u.”

Lucky: “What do u mean Rajat? He is my life. I can due for him. Do u forget what he did for us.”

Rajat holds his hand: “Look at ur cheeks. He treats us like animals. Yesterday he beat Sahil like animal… He is beast…”

Lucky: “Now this beast is turning into human.”

Rajat: “What do u mean?”

Lucky: “U will never understand him. He his hard from outside but he also have a heart.”

Rajat: “Heart huh?. If u think he will fall for a girl then U r wrong. May be he needs her for few nights.”

Lucky slaps him: “Rajat, how could u even think like this!!! Except Uttra and Kavita Bhai never think about any girl. He is not like u.”

Rajat: “I was joking. Just checking ur loyalty for him. But thing is that which girl will marry him not only him us also. Family all this not meant for us.”

He leaves…

Goa hostel

Ragini is crying??.

Ragini: “My Sanskaar, he us a Rowdy. I like him but now.”

Pari: “Rags don’t cries. It will spoils ur make-ups… Today I brings new make-ups kits… For yous and mes…”

Pari thinks she is good in English but in reality she adds extra ‘s’ after every word.

Ragini: “But Pari, u haven’t saw him. He is soo hot?. Wait I’ll show u his pic. I stole this from Uttra’s mobile.”

She shows her Sanskaar’s pic.

Pari: “OMGs?. He is soo hots, handsomes. (She is about to kiss on pic. But Ragini snatch the mobile.) What happens?”

Ragini: “He is mine and ur jiju.”

Pari: “But u said u don’t like rowdy.”

Ragini: “But now I want him. Pandit ji said a rowdy will be my hubby. So now Rowdy Sanskar is mine.”

Pari: “But ur dad Mr Ram Parshad.”

Ragini: “I know how to handle him. He never says no to me. Sanskaar be ready to become mine.”

Pari: “Alt least u can share him with me. Little bit. After all we r PaRagini…?.”

Ragini shows her hand✋: “Oh please, u concentrate on ur Adarsh. Sanskaar is mine?.”

In Kolkata.

The whole day Sanskaar was sad. Evening he comes to a shop.

Lucky: “Bhai how’s u know?”

Sanskaar: “Apun is fine…”

Shop Owner: “Salam Bhai. (He gives him money.) Bhai only this much for this month.”

Sanskaar: “It’s OK Salim kaka.”

He is about to leave…

Shop owner: “Hey Chotu, give this name plate to ur boss Sahil.”

Chotu goes in hurry that he collides with Sanskaar.

Chotu: “Sorry Bhai.”

Sanskaar: “It’s OK…”

Lucky, Chotu and Salim kaka becomes shocked seeing his change behavior. Sanskaar see the name plate.

Sanskaar: “Mrs Swara Sahil Sengupta…”

He picks it.

Chotu: “Sahil sir especial ordered this for Swara bhabhi. After all she will become her wife… Swara weds Sah…”

Sanskaar (throws the nameplate): “No, ( He fires on the nameplate and breaks the nameplate into pieces…) She can’t be his…”

Lucky: “But Bhai it’s true…”

Sanskaar leaves from there.

Kavita’s room.

Kavita: “Wao today I’ll make everything clear… I know after this we will get married. He too loves me madly.”

Nikhil knocks the door.

Kavita: “Come in…”

She turns back. Nikhil smiles seeing her☺.

Nikhil (thinks): “Wao, she is so beautiful… One day I’ll tell her that how much I love her. I’ll talk to Sanskaar Bhai about Kavi.”

Kavita: “Oh mister where u lost?”

Nikhil: “Nothing just came to meet u. U look pretty in it but u should try Saree too.”

Kavita: “Y?”

Nikhil: “After our marriage… I mean after marriage u will…”

Kavita: “What happened u r talking too much about marriage. U like someone.”

Nikhil (yes u Kavi): “No, actually. Sahil is going to marry so I thought…”

Kavita: “What?!??”

Nikhil: “U don’t know he got engaged with Swara.”

Kavita: “This can’t be possible?.”

Nikhil: “It’s true Kavita.”

Kavita leaves from there…

At Sanskaar’s room

Lucky comes inside and see Sanskaar drinking…?

Lucky: “Bhai what r u doing?”

Sanskaar: “What she thinks? If she doesn’t like smell of Alcohol then I’ll not touch it…”

Lucky: “Who?”

Sanskaar: “She said she will leave me. (He holds Lucky’s collar.) How dare she? (Shouts) Tell me how dare she to leave me?”

Lucky: “Swara…”

Sanskaar leaves his collar: “Apun ko kya ho rela h. (What is happening to me?)”

He throws all bottles.

Sanskaar: “Apun can’t able to drink it. She doesn’t like it. Jaise he sala ek glass uthao woh Apun k same a jati h. (As I took a single glass of it she comes before me.)”

Lucky: “Bhai u r changing for her.”

Sanskaar: “Apun don’t know Lucky but everything insides me is boiling whenever I was thinking she and Sahil…”

Lucky keeps his hand on his shoulder and notices that he is crying: “Bhai, u r crying.”

Sanskaar wipes his tears: “Don’t tell others. Apun ko Shona k bahut yad a reli h. Apun ko kya ho gaya h. (I’m missing Shona, don’t know what happened to me.)”

Lucky: “Bhai, u r in love. This anger, this restlessness everything is due to this. U can’t fight with ur feelings.”

Sanskaar: “Really… Apun apni Shona se pyar krta h. (I really love my Shona.)”

Lucky: “See Bhai u r addressing her as ‘My Shona’. Ur blood boiled when anyone taking Swara’s name with Sahil. Although both the girl r different but ur heart is not allowing anyone to even take Swara’s name. As if u owned the copyright on her name.”

Sanskaar: “Apun… Love… SWARA… Ya Apun love her. See Lucky apun said this.”

Lucky: “Ya Bhai, now tell this to Swara.”

Sanskaar becomes sad?: “I don’t know where she lives… (Then he remembers.) Ya she told her college transfered her Kolkata.”

Lucky: “That’s great Bhai.”

Sanskaar again becomes sad?.

Lucky: “What happened?”

Sanskaar: “Kya woh bhi Apun ko pyar karegi. (Will she love me?)”

Lucky: “Yup Bhai u know Y because u r too cute and innocent?”

Sanskaar(blushes?): “Woh bhi Apun ko cute bolti h. (She also says I’m is cute.)”

Lucky: “Some one is blushing?.”

Sanskaar: “Apun ja raha h.”

Lucky: “Where?”

Sanskaar: “Apun saw her home in Kolkata.”

Lucky hugs him: “All the best Bhai.”

Sanskaar leaves…

Swara comes out of washroom. She combs her hairs and then her eyes falls on goggles.

“Tu apun ko chodh k nahi jayegi. (U will not leave me.)”

She feels someone undoing her back zip and places sweet kiss on her back.

Swara (closing her eyes): “Sanskaar…”

He turns her.

Swara: “Please go from here.”
Sanskaar pins her to the wall.

Swara: “It’s wrong.”

Sanskaar: “Tu sirf Apun ke h. (U only belongs to me.)”

Swara: “Sanskaar…”

He cups her face: “Sßsßssh, doll. Look at me.”

She closes her eyes. He kisses on her eyes. A new feeling rushed all over her body.

Sanskaar(huskily) : “Beautiful…”

She opens her eyes and finds her gaze on her collar bone. He is staring the water droplets there.

Sanskaar: “Stay still… (But her body lost control… She is gasping badly…) Don’t move…”

Droplets starts moving… She can feel it’s movements… Making way towards her cleavage but how could Sanskaar let it. He blows air.

Swara’s body can’t able to hold this: “Sanskaar…”

He is continuously doing his job trying hard hard, not to allow that droplet movd forward. He whiffs of her body… He forced it move backward… Her eyes sheds a tear drop… She is asking him to show some Mercy… She is new to this feeling he should at least give her time.

Sanskaar: “It’s not following my order… I have to drink it.”

He moves towards it… That droplets smirks?. Its trying to show that it would be first one to taste her… But Sanskaar is indeed fast how could he allows anyone touch his own… Before it?turns down his lips touches her skin…

Swara (shouts): “Nooooooooo…”

Shomi rushes towards room.

Shomi: “What happened?”

Swara looks around and She realises she was dreaming.

Swara: “Nothing ma, I’m fine…”

Shomi made her sit and she herself sits besides her. She keeps her hand on her shoulder.

Shomi: “Swara now u r engaged. Sahil is also a part of ur life. What is happening to u? Since u came back from Goa.”

Swara: “Ma, I said I’m alright…”

Shomi: “Did u tell Sahil about ur transfer to Kolkata?”

Swara: “No, I forgot.”

Shomi: “Swara, this is what I’m saying? He will be ur husband. U should tell him everything about ur life. A wife needs to give her everything to her husband.”

Swara: “Everything…”

Shomi: “Yes, ur body, ur soul ur love… Now he has all right… I know my Swara will never disappoint me. (She hugs her.) Accept him as ur husband…”

Shomi leaves… Swara closes her eyes only Sanskaar coming her mind.

Swara: “Ma, he is not going. He was so close to me. I feel him… He was so close to me. I was never been so much close to anyone. (She feels how close they were in hospital. The passion in his voice. The way he claimed she can’t leave him.) Enough…”

She looks towards mirror. Water droplet is still there. Before it could move forward she wipes it.

Swara: “Sanskaar what u did? ?. Please leave me. I belong to sah… (He’d voice chocks… Even her voice not ready to follows her order…) It’s all attraction. Nothing else. I read in articles… But it’s happens in teenage… May be God did mistake in my case. Wife falls in love with her husband…”


Sanskaar and Lucky is watching a movie.

Sanskaar: “What is this yarr? Apun can able to understand their language.”

Lucky: “Bhai they we have to watch it. It’s a love story… Take some tips from here. U said bhabhi is good in English now tell me how u will impress her. She is coming tomorrow. U have only one night to learn English.”

When Lucky and Sanskaar went to see Swara then they heard Dida talking in phone that Swara would came tomorrow.

Sanskaar: “Only one thing is happening here. Girls is continuously speaking and boy just kissed her. Where is love??”

Lucky: “Bhai u r too innocent. See when bhabhi will talk in English and if u r not understanding then apply this formula.”

Sanskaar :”Apun ne yeh kiss wiss kabhi na k. (I haven’t kissed anybody.)”

Lucky: “Bhai, everyone knows this talent it’s hidden inside us. When ur lips meet with her u will do everything without understanding. Love and kiss doesn’t need any logic.”

Sanskaar: “Esa kya. (Is it so.)”

Lucky: “Ya Bhai.”

They again involves watching movie.

Next day ??

Ram comes to Goa to meet Ragini. Ragini hugs him.

Ragini: “Dad u surprised me.”

Ram: “How’s my daughter?”

Ragini: “I’m good dad.”

Ram: “Now pack ur bag.”

Ragini: “Y dad?”

Ram: “Ur exams are completed… Now I’m shifting Kolkata. I came here to take my daughter with me.”

Ragini: “OK dad.”

Ragini packs her bag. She tries to lift it but Ram slaps Durgaparsad.

Ram: “R u blind? Go take her bag.”

Durgaparsad: “Sorry Malik.”

DP take bag: “How’s u Ragini beta.”

Ragini: “Oh please. U r our servent so be in ur limit…”

She directly sits inside the car.

Ram: “Oh Durgaparsad feeling bad… But it’s ur destiny…”

DP cries: “Sorry Ram?.”

Ram: “No Ram, it’s Malik u r my servent.”

They leaves.

Here Swara reaches to Kolkata.

Swara: “Dida… (She hugs her.) Miss u soo much.”

Dida: “Shona, How’s ur journey?”

Swara: “I’m good Dida. Now I’ll not leave u.”

Dida: “U r forgetting something Shona. Soon u will going to Sahil’s wife. My shona little Shona.”

Swara: “Dida, I don’t want to leave u.”

Dida( smiles): “When u will fall in love with Sahil u will forget ur Dida.”

Swara: “Dida, will we fall for the person to whom we got married.”

Dida:”We fall for most unexpected person in our life. We need a single moment to realise it.”

Swara thinks about how close she was with Sanskaar.

Swara: “Dida, need to take rest.”


Sahil comes to meet Swara.

Sahil: “Dida, where is Swara ji? Did u tell her about our date?”

Dida: “She is coming but Y r u wearing helmet inside the house.”

Sahil (what to say that Sanskaar made my face black and blue…): “Dida, I’m in hurry.”

Swara comes.

Sahil: “Let’s go Swara ji.”

Swara: “What happened Y this helmet?”

Sahil holds her hand: “I’ll tell u later now I have surprise for u. Come.”

Dida smiles seeing them. They leaves.

Restaurant blue Whales.??

Sahil looks towards menu card. (Oh God it’s too costly. That Chotu gave me this poor idea to impress Swara ji. Oh god I hope she will order less costly.)

Sahil: “What u want?”

Swara: “One cup coffee ☕.”

Sahil calls waiter.

Waiter: “Ur order sir.”

Sahil: “One cup coffee and one glass water.”

Swara: “Sahil Y r u not ordering anything.”

Sahil: “Today is my fast Swara ji. I’m thanking to God as I get life partner like u. (One coffee is of 80 rupees Y to waste 80 rupees more.)”

Swara (thinks): “He is really nice man. Sanskaar is just my friend I should not think about him it’s wrong completely.”

Sahil holds her hand: “Swara ji u r very beautiful.”

Swara feels uncomfortable, her body trying to withdraw her hand. (Swara he s going to be ur husband. He has right on U.)

Sanskaar comes and whispers in her ear: “Tu sirf Apun ke h. (U only belongs to me.)”

Swara removes her hand with jerks.

Sahil: “R u OK Swara? Sorry I should not hold ur hand.”

Swara: “No, I’m sorry. (What r u doing Swara?)”

Sahil (thinks): “Escape as much u want. After our marriage who will u escape.”

He again holds her hand and kisses on her hand.

Sahil: “U r so beautiful. I love u SWARA. (He touches her cheeks.) So smooth.”

Swara is not at all liking it. But still she is fighting with her feelings.

Sahil: “Swara ji, can I ask u something?”

Swara: “Yes. (Swara removes his hand from her cheeks.) Everyone is looking here.”

Sahil: “Swara, I want to kiss u. Can I?”

Sanskaar again comes “Tu sirf Apun ke h. (U only belongs to me.)”

Swara: “Sahil…., it’s not right…”

Sahil: “U r thinking about crowed. We can do it in alone…”

“Tu sirf Apun ke h. (U only belongs to me.)”

Swara closes her eyes: “Please…”

Waiter comes and Swara immediately takes her hand back which is holding by Sahil.

Swara (thinks): “Swara, calm down. It’s just illusion. Sanskaar is not here. (She looks towards her ring.) I’m engaged. Sahil Sahil… No Sanskaar…”

Sahil (thinks): “This Swara is too shy. But in any cost I’ll kiss her.”

Precap: SwaSan First kiss.

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