A Swasan SS (Part 5)

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After sanskar left,arun and subha went inside along with vikas,seeing them swara broke down
Swara:he’s here to take me back,maa dad i don’t won’t to go.please do something,i really don’t want to go.
Subha:mere baccha,pls relax don’t take tension.we all r with u.ok
Arun:yes beta,till we are here we won’t allow any bad to happen with u.i promise beta till I’m alive i will protect u from all the evils.
Vikas:u r wrong mamaji, sanskar is not a evil.he is swaras husband.i have seen love for swara in his eyes(arun glared at him)what! I’m saying truth,maybe swara misunderstood him.we also don’t know what exactly happened between them so we can’t come to a conclusion.maybe sanskar is not at wrong ,maybe..

Arun:u mean to say that swara is at wrong,how could you?From childhood u both know each other and still u r saying this? like seriously
Vikas:that’s what I’m saying,i know her from childhood ,l know how she for the well being of others sacrifices her wishes.(turning to swara)swara u also know i will always support the truth.so pls tell us what had exactly happened between u two.if there’s a misunderstanding or something of that sort ,we can patch up u with ur husband.
Swara explains them everything starting from raginis betrayel till her divorce with sanskar.
Hearing her vikas gave a “i already told u”look to arun and subha.
Vikas:so here comes our great and mahan swara.What type of fool are u swara.(cooling his temper)if u have been little selfish ,u won’t be standing here swara.who told u help that so called family of urs,when they don’t trust u.

Swara:(crying)past is past i don’t want to talk about it.but the truth is i have moved on with my child.i don’t want to go back to his life and stay with those people.i don’t have strength to tolerate them anymore.dad pls i don’t want to go .
Vikas:swara pls think once again.whatever has happened it was not the fault of sanskar alone,u have also done enough things to rise up his anger.when he realised his mistakes and asking for forgiveness, i really think u should forgive him.atleast give him a chance.
Swara:so he’s not at fault (taunting)right.the one who made me to sign divorce papers forcefully is not at fault.Tell me one thing if on that day if i really died what would be ur reaction, would u forgive him?
(Now vikas was totally dumbfounded) no right.if i have not received the call that day,if i have not come to know that I’m pregnant,i would have done suscide.that people broke me apart,i don’t want it to repeat the same thing in future.

Vikas: atleast think abt ur child swara
Swara:that’s y I’m saying this,if he comes to know abt my child I’m sure he will definitely snatch him/her from me. Again the same will happen,like me those people also use my child for their motives.i don’t want that.(seeing vikas)ok u won’t help me on this right.done,i have my own ways to get out of this mess.i don’t want any of ur support,u are also like those people i thought u would understand me but no,u
Arun:doll,i don’t know about this idiot but i am always with u.Whether it’s right or wrong,i seriously don’t care.i will call my lawyer now itself,now i will show that sanskar what can arun saxena can do to protect his daughter.
Subha: Even I’m with u doll

Vikas:as a friend i will always be with u,(swara glared him)look i told u my pov but i respect ur decision.
Seeing their love swara hugged all of them.
Swara:when u all r with me no-one can win over me.about Mr.maheshwari u guys don’t worry,i will go with him tomorrow,and i will make sure that he himself will again say me to get out of his life that too within 2 months.
Subha:how r u going to do that?Beta u r pregnant pls don’t do things which will risk urs and baby’s life
Swara:don’t worry maa, nothing will happen to me.
Vikas:now, what is the plan?
Swara:i will not tell u,u just wait and watch.

Arun:anyways,i don’t want to leave u alone with those people.so i and subha will be coming with u to Kolkata.i have my own mansion there,and we will live there till u r out of this mess.and i will also have a check on those people who try to hurt my doll.(saying this he kissed her forehead)
Swara:I’m really lucky to get u as my dad.
Subha:now no emotional talk otherwise my pota will also be emotional
Arun:how many times​ i should say that it would be my poti.
Swara-vikas:stop(while giggling)

At evening
Swara went to home and informed this to dida ,who inturn was very much worried.but she assures dida saying that this time she is not that much weak.dida tells that she will also accompany her,to which swara agrees.
Next day
At Mumbai airport
Sanskar was pacing here and there with tension ,since swara has not arrived.Then only he saw swara coming with her army,sorry i mean family that is arun, subha,dida and lastly vikas.seeing them he gulped .

Sanskar:swara,here is ur ticket.
Arun:don’t worry Mr.maheshwari we have already purchased our tickets.
Sanskar: tickets?
Swara:yes along with me,my maa dad and dida are coming.
Sanskar:dad,maa??but ur maa Baba r in Kolkata.and dida was with u.
Saying this he went to dida to take her blessings but she simply moved away ,seeing this he got hurted but shrugged it off.

Dida:shoru,looks like it’s time to board the flight.
Swara: sure dida.and yes sanskar these are my parents both ritually and legally.the one whom u addressing as my parents are noone to me.u better understand that.
When they going to board the flight,swara hugged vikas tightly and whispered I’m going to miss u
Vikas:i will also miss u.if i didn’t have any operation i would have come along with u all but..
Swara:it’s ok.i can understand.
This was seen by sanskar who was highly irritated rather say jealous with their closeness
After some hours,the flight reached Kolkata.and they directly went to mm.
On the way,swara remembered all the moments she spent there,tears were flowing out of her eyes she was feeling broken again.arun who saw her state ,comforted her.this was seen by sanskar, he was confused.this man whom his wife has addressed as father is really have the ability to control her tears.rather than her real father.

After sometime they arrived at mm
They are all at door step,
Sanskar:mom dad where are u?See whom i have brought here?
Hearing his excited tone all the mm people came out and shocked to see swara with other.
All mm were happy seeing swara.sujata was feeling out of the world,y not her bahu is standing here after three long months.
But swara was not that much happy Seeing mm especially parish.
Sujata:chori, Tu tikh hain na?(she cupped her cheeks)u don’t know swara what we felt when u left us.(saying this she got emotional,tears were coming out of her eyes)
Swara:mom I’m fine. see me I’m really fine.

Dida and arun-subha were totally awestruck by sujata’s nature.
Sujata:hows my grand child swara?I know u will definitely forgive sanskar and return back to us.
For a minute or so swara forgot to blink her eyes that means sanskar knows about her pregnancy that’s y he asked her to come back to his life.
Whereas dida and saxena s were shocked..
Swara:mom everything is fine,but sorry to tell u I’m here for getting divorce.I think sanskar has not said to u.but let me tell u I’m here for my divorce as court has ordered me to stay with sanskar for 6 months to grant divorce.
Hearing her whole mm is shocked.sujata looked at sanskar who inturn looked down.
Swara took her blessings and go towards ram ,bend down to take his blessings
Ram:no beta,no need to bend down.u r like my daughter my blessings are always with u.

Swara:u say me as ur daughter,if i ask something will u fullfil it.
Ram:sure beta.
Swara:papa till I’m here,i don’t want anyone to look after me or my needs.im saying that till I’m here i will cook my own food and do my own work.
Shock would be an underestimate, whole mm are seeing her with wide eyes and open mouth.
After sometime
RP:beta u do whatever u like,no one is gonna stop u.its my promise ramprasad Mahesheshwari s promise.

Swara quickly nodded with a sweet smile. And introduced saxenas as her parents.initially ramta were confused but still they do know swara never ever do wrong.
Whereas otherside ragini called shekhar and told about swara and happenings.soon shekhar,sumi along with dadi came to mm.

Sumi who saw swara first , tightly hugged her saying my daughter has came back.
But swara didn’t hugged her.
Soon swara jerked her hands.
Seeing her behaviour,sumi was confused
Sumi:shona,y did u jerked me beta?
Swara (with attitude):first of all call me swara,i don’t strangers calling me shona.after that i Didn’t hugged u because u stink.i feel suffocating in ur hug.
Sumi:what are u speaking beta,I’m ur maa.pls don’t say like that.
Swara:u r highly mistaken Mrs.gadodia ,see ur sir name is gadodia mine maternal sir name is saxena then how could i be ur daughter.see there,my parents are standing there Mr.And Mrs arun saxena.
When sumi saw there

Shekar:di?She is ur di mishthi?
Sumi:haan shekar she is my di,and shonas maasi.
Subha:I’m not her maasi ,infact her maa.(shouted)
Sumi :how can u do this to ur sister di?How can u snatch my child from me?
Subha:which child u r talking about?Shona is mine daughter.u have ur own son and daughter to care about,don’t even dare to take my daughter’s name.
Sumi:look she is my daughter.im the one who gave birth to her .
Swara:look maybe u gave birth but she gave me second birth,she is my mother both ritually and legally.she has adopted me.so from now on wards don’t u say that I’m not her daughter .Ok?

Sumi.was numb for a moment.she was seeing a different swara now.she is not her swara,her swara cannot tolerate tears in her eyes.her swara for her happiness can sacrifice her happiness.

Precap: ragini and ap argument with swara . Finally rp stood against the mm for his daughter

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