Swasan SS- You have to live without me (episode-5)

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He was driving fast and smiling after long time…. “Jaan, today I’ll get to know about you. I can’t even express how much happy I am. When you’ll come in front of me then next moment itself I will take you in embrace and never let you go. But yes I’ll scold you as well and give punishment too how can you go away from me. You can’t even imagine how much I am craving for you. After all these things I’ll again take in my embrace and hide you from everyone.” Thinking it he again went in lane memories where he left.

2nd day
“ I am telling you swara, come with me. Don’t need to involve yourself in unnecessary problems.” He said and tried to take her with himself but being stubborn she even not moved little. At last he doesn’t have any option so he lifts her in arms and began to move but his steps forced to stop that place itself when some men surrounded them. While she was just beating him and shouting him to leave her as she wants to teach a good lesson to them. All were seeing them like they’re their prey.

One of them move closer to them….. “ Who’re you both?”
Before sanskar could speak she roared making all of them silent… “ it not matters who we’re, what you all think of yourself ? Destroying things on name of religion or politics, is this acceptable?” she was still beating him on chest but it not worked on him.
“ swara keep quiet, and sorry we’re just tourist nothing more” he thought after saying this they can go but his disappointment they moved closer to them and saw swara with angry glare. He shifted his eyes to them who were seeing Swara with red eyes. Seeing their gaze on her he literally hides her in his chest and angrily sees them.
“You can go but not this .” one of them said.

“ Even I don’t want to go…” she
“ you just shut up swara and sorry guys she’s just kidding.” He tried to handle it without fight as he doesn’t want to involve themselves in unnecessary problems but things went beyond his control when they tried to hit him which triggered his anger but again controlled it for her.
“ Move from here before I do something wrong” he said…

She tried hard to come down but he tightens his grip like no one even can see her.
One of those men signal something to other one which not gone unnoticed by him. By corner of eyes he sees here there and noticed some shadow coming close to him with stick in hands. Before some things could happen he bent down, that man fall down. He glared them …. “ now you all just wait” saying it he moved from there and made her sit at safe corner and angrily glare her. “Don’t dare to move even a single step or no one could bad more than me”

“but.” she tried to say something but he saw her with red shot of eyes which makes her gulps in fear.
She moved backwards and sat looking down.
He felt bad for it but without giving further heeds to her he moved from there whereas they were coming near him only, they about to hit him but he hits them back. In his eyes only one thing rotating how they were going to hit her, he started to hit them without showing any mercy.
Seeing him like it fear increased in her heart. She closed her eyes and crossed her fingers.
“You were beaten us due to this girl, one day she’ll die before you and you’ll not able to do anything.” Someone said

Saying it they run away without giving him any chance to act on it.
After some time he came near her but seeing her in that state his heart broken in several pieces. She was sweating badly and just muttering sorry.
“swara, it’s me” sanskar said and tried to hold her hand but she pushed him and ran from there.
She closed the door and started to breath heavily….. “he can’t be business man today what I saw in his eyes were just aggression and the way he was beating them. It was same move which I saw some years back, no he can’t be one of them.”

Her trances broken by knock on door.
“swara what happened?” sanskar voice come from other side.
“ Swara face him, you can’t conclude anything like it.” She tried to make herself understand
She stood and washed her face.
“Nothing just tired” she said opening door and avoid eye contact with him. He entered inside her room and hold her hand.
“ Sit here” he said

She sat beside him but yet not looking at him.
“ Why you ran from there? I want honest answer because that swara I know never avoid eye contact ” he asked
“ I became afraid by you, the way you were beating them. It’s showed clear that you’re well trained and I saw this type of move some years back when dad murdered and bhai once told me this type training…..” she
His expression changed and keenly looked at her to complete but it disturbed by phone call, he excused and went to attend it.
She realized what she was going to blurt.

“ Maybe I am thinking too much, he just learn it for self defence. I think before coming to any conclusions, I should clear my doubts and till I not get sure I’ll maintain distance with him. As I don’t want any kind of problems which can create problem. ” She thought and called her friend.
“ I will give you a pic, give me all information of it and yes it should be secret between us.” She ordered….
He comeback and asked her to complete.

“ Nothing, I am thinking so much. Leave these things..” She replied
“ Swara, i really consider you as frnd. You don’t need to afraid from me” He said while holding her hand
She removed her hand and stood from her place.“ Nothing like that I just need rest. You may go now. I am feeling sleepy and please close the door.” She said
Without saying anything he went from there.
3rd day
She awake by phone call, seeing caller a smile come on her. Without wasting any seconds she picked it.
“ Hello Bhai, how’re you? Are you missing me? Well I think you not or else you not called me after two days….” she continued to speak without giving him any chance to say anything. At last he shouts..

“ Swara, listen me I called you for important things.” He said
“ but Bhai , what happened? You sounding tense.” She
“ Baby now what I am going to tell you don’t be nervous by it.” He
“ Hmm” she
“ In ladakh, there is some illegal activities going on. And I am handling that case. Some gang members come to know about you that you’re there. So might be stopping me they try to harm you. So don’t need to show your stunts there. And make sure you not come in anyone notices.” he
“ What happen if they’ll find me? Will they kill me like dad?” she nervously asked.
A fear ran in her spine knowing it, she just doesn’t want to die as she has so many dreams.
“ Nothing will happen to you, I will come there to take you.” He said

“ No Bhai, I’ll take care of myself. You not need to worry. And you too take care of yourself. Bye I am keeping phone as I am hungry.” She cuts call without giving him chance to reply.
After two hours
Sanskar’s room

He was trying hard to concentrate on work but again and again swara’s face coming.
“ Why she’s not coming? When I wanted to get rid of her then she even not leave me for single second and now I am dying for her single glimpse then she even not showing her face. Should I go today also but the way she behaved yesterday I don’t think she’ll like it. What should I do I can’t even go nor I can live in peace. But why I am missing her so much? Am I in love?” he
He closed eyes and all moment come in front of his eyes which generate sparkle in him.
“ Yes I love her” he jumped in happiness but next moment itself he started to throw things.
“I can’t love her, loving her means destroying her life. She deserves someone better not any criminal. Yes she deserves someone better I’ll never let her know my feelings.” He
He sadly sat on chair and thought something.

“ After two days I’ll go away without letting her know. But this two days I’ll be with her and enjoy every moment with her which will help me live in future.” he Planned it but little he knew things going to turn.

His trances broken by phone call, he picked it. Next person inform him that they’re coming there as they get way to handle police. He replied in positive. After cutting call tension ran in his blood which makes him sweat badly like a fear ran down his spine. He sided his all things and went for becoming ready as he wanted to spend time with her.
In swara room, she gets call by her friend who informed her about sanskar’s past and present. Listening past her eyes became moist but his present make her horrified.
“ means he’s criminal, no it can’t be his eye reflect his innocence. There must be reason behind it. I’ll ask him. But will he tell me? Lets see ” She said and came down from bed and went for becoming ready.

In washroom,
She was brushing teeth but it again and again disturb by sanskar. She was seeing him all around which was making her mad. Somehow she managed to finish freshen up.
After sometime,
She dressed up in white floral top and long skirt. While combing hair she again saw him, she slapped her forehead and started to become ready.
“ swara, Why you’re ignoring me?” he asked

She saw him and thought now it’s too much, she even started to listening his voice. She moved from there but she pulled by him which forced her to gluing his chest. She nervously looked at him but loose herself in depth of his eyes whereas he also lost in her. Inadvertently he leaned close to her even she moved closer to him, both were drowning in each other eyes and just flowing with moment.

He softly placed his lips on her lips and began to kiss her. A new proximity and tension building between them which was making them more passionate. First it was sweet but later it turned passionate as no one was allowing them to break it. At last both break it due to lack of air, she avoided looking at him and her cheeks were heating with his gaze. He still lost in that moment and wanted again to drown in it. He about to cups her chin but he realised what happened some moments ago without saying anything he went from there. She became disappointment but again she smiled thinking her first kiss. She never imagined it will like it. She jumped on bed and hide her face in pillow.

“ I love him yes I love him that’s why I always want his presence around me. And he ? Umm I think he also loves me that’s why he kissed me and yesterday also he became angry when they were talking about me. Oh god I can’t imagine my first love also reciprocating my feelings. But his present ..” she became sad but again she smiled.
“I will make him understand and I know he’s not bad. He’ll understand it. Today itself I’ll propose him as I don’t have that much time.” She thought and began to jump in happiness.

At an isolated place
A man sitting at chair and seeing a girl pic.

“ so she’s inspector sister, go and kidnap her. And yes torture her that much that her brother back off from case and send her pic to him as well. He is there only so it’ll help us to reach there fast.” Someone

“ Okay boss” His man said

Sanskar’s room
He was punching on walls angrily.
“ How could I loose control? I accept I love her but I should have to control it. I am not perfect for her, I can’t make her life dark. Now onwards I’ll not go in front of her. But what she must be thinking about me? And why she kissed me back? Do she also loves me? No she can’t.” …..His trances broken by phone call, next person inform him something. He nodded in yes and cut the call. He about to open his laptop but stopped due to knock on door.
A waiter handed him one note and told someone given it for him. He moved inside and read it. While reading that a smile never leaved from his lips it became more wide when on note a sweet name written.

“ Sanskar, please come to xyz place. It’s emergency so please don’t deny it. I’ll keep waiting for you and till you not come I’ll not even move……”
“ Yours swara”
He glued it to his chest and smiled widely and thought to meet her last time.
After sometime he reached at mentioned place, he became amazed by seeing her she was in simple dress but yet looking as divine beauty. He moved near to her.

“ Hmm, what happened? And if you wants to talk about morning incident then I am sorry I just don’t know how it happened it’s just I loosened c…” he tried to say something but next moment she pressed her lips on his lips. By it she just conveying that he’s not fault. At first she was kissing gently but yet not giving him any chance. He tried to kiss her back but she was dominating. At last he gave back and let her kiss him. It was first time she initiated or else both times he was dominating. In between kiss she slowly muttered those three magical words which a lover always wanted to listen but in his case it destroyed this sweet moment.
“ I love you sanskar” saying it she broke kiss and hug him. He separated her from himself and slowly said as he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings but yet can’t accept because of danger.
“ Swara, you are misunderstanding things. I never seen you in that way, for me you’re only my friend.”

She looked at him and tried to read his eyes which was showing love for her, she understood he not accepting it due to his background.
“ Sanskar, don’t lie I know you also love me. I can see it in your eyes.” She said
He quickly blinks eyes and tried to hide all his emotions. He saw towards her who was just staring him with hope, her eyes were sparking with new emotions and little fear.
“ Trust me swara I don’t…”

“ Then what was that ? And now also?” …. She tried to provoke him because she still able to figure out this feeling in his eyes might be he could be expert in hiding emotions but she’s also not less than him.
“ It’s nothing just physical desire. We were physically attracting towards each other it not means we love…” he just spoke while closing eyes as he only knows how much angriness and frustration he’s feeling on himself. Just wants to burn himself for blurting all this and most importantly hurting her.

“You mean lust” she spoke teary eyes and trying to looking in his eyes but don’t able do it as his words broken her. She never imagined that he’ll tag this most beautiful feeling as lust. But she can’t fell weak as she has to confront him at any cost.
“ Whatever you want to think you can but just don’t waste my time.” Saying it sanskar began to move but she angrily held his and pull him with full force.
“ you can’t go like this, listen sanskar I know everything about you. It’s my mistake I thought you also love me but I think I really misunderstood you, it might be lust as what can I expect from criminal like you.” He shockingly looked at her.

She continued “ Do you listen Mr sanskar Maheswari I know you’re drug dealer yet I loved you thinking you as good person. Leave about love I make you my friend thinking you as good friend. But I think it was my biggest mistake. ( He tried to hide his tears but her every words were breaking him. Now he understood what might she felt some moments ago) and what you said you were physically attracted towards me lets spent one night what will happen with one night you must need more than it. How many days we have yeah 3 days 2 night I think it’ll be enough for…..” before she could complete he slapped her making her fall.
“ Just shut up swara, how can you say it.” He sat on knee and shake her through shoulder making her in winch in pain.
“ How could you swara?” he again asked

“ What could sanskar? You can insult my love and even I can’t say truth” she
He managed himself and thought to not make anything clear as it’s good for her if she keeps misunderstanding him. He closed his eyes and tighten his palm.
“ I would love to spend night with you but you betray me. I should only come to know when you told about your brother. He must send you here to spy on me. And now trapping me so you can hand me to police. What a good plan swara ?” he clap slowly and held her chin tightly.
“All things were fake, your friendship, your trying to make me smile everything.” He touched her cheeks and roam hand sensually.

“ sanskar I…” she tried to speak but he kept finger at her lips
“ It’s okay no problem still I love to spend time with you” Saying it he moved closer to her and touched her waist.
While it he was avoiding eye contact and trying to hide his painful tears. As well as he doesn’t wanted to see her eyes which can make him weak

“ leave me sanskar, Don’t dare to touch me.” She pushed him and stood at her place.
“ I hate you Mr sanskar Maheswari, did you listen I hate you. I will think you were worse dream I have ever seen. One more thing I hope when day you love someone but you not get her. She leaves you for dying. That day you’ll realise my pain. I didn’t say you love me back but you insulted my feelings. Its kk, I will manage myself but In my every prayer I’ll ask you fall in love. ” Saying it she ran from there, Someone saw all this but not able to see sanskar face as he was facing back. That person immediately inform his boss who ordered him to complete it as it’s right time.

He teary eyed stop car and came down.
“ Your words are becoming true swara”

Precap: Teaser scene 2
And sorry for no present scene as past is more important.
I don’t know how’s it, may be the worst part. Please forgive me for it because I wrote this story after two months. Even I read previous part 5-6 times so I can able to match previous one.

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