SwaSan SS… A DREAM..!! Season2… Teaser… by Kakali

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Hilooo Ev1. Thnk u sooo much for the response on previous parts. Thnk u to all the silent readers also.!

I guess you all are lil curious to know what I’m upto. Soo to give a slight view of my upcoming episodes I’m presenting this teaser. Even in Season1 also I posted my teaser after 7th part and this time also doing the same. Hope you all like it. “Sorry for my grammatical mistakes & spelling errors”.

Now let’s move inside the storm,
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SwaSan TS..Our Little Cupid..!..Part 2..by Kakali


Here we go,

Scene 1.

The sun went down,the place was getting dark and darkness was covering the room. Sanskar was on his knees like a devastated soul. His eyes were red showing immense pain. Where Swara silently cried looking at his broken state.


Scene 2.

No trait is more justified than revenge in the right time and place.”Swara Zindagi mei kabhi ek aisa mouka aye zaha main tumhari madad karke apni galtiyon ka prachyatap kar saku. Toh tum hamesha mujhe apne paas khada pawogi.(Swara, in this life if I ever get a change to rectify my mistakes by helping you.Then you will be getting me always standing beside you).” Sanskar said to Swara gaining a small smile from her. Both were having tears but nobody wanted to show to each other.


Scene 3.

A smirk began to spread across Swara’s face as Ragini stared her with horrified expression. “I told you Ragini, it’s payback time”. Swara said throwing some pics on her face which snatched Ragini’s breath.


Scene 4.

Laksh held Swara through her shoulders tightly,making her winch in pain.

“Stay away from Swara! bhabhi hai wo teri Laksh(She is your bhabhi) “. Sanskar came between them removing his hands off from her shoulders. His eyes were red indicating that he was fuming in anger.

Sanskar intertwined his fingers with Swara placing a small eyelock.


Scene 5.

“I don’t want to live Swara! I want to die. Please let me finish my life. I don’t want to live.” Uttara pleaded to Swara while she hugged Uttara tightly “Shh! Uttara! Everything will be all rit.” Swara made her sleep somehow and looked at Sanskar who was crying helplessly.

Someone laughed in his ears “Karma is a blo*dy b*t*h”.

“Sanskar we will make everything good. Trust me.” As soon as those words left Swara’s lip he pulled her to his embrace for a breath taking hug. She resisted to reciprocate but at last seeing his vulnerable state she hugged him back”We…will…do…that… na…Swaraa?” Sanskar stammered between his words.

“We will Sanskar! We will.!”


Scene 6.

“Look at this agreement! I told you they are here to destroy me! My sister wants to snatch everything from me.” Ragini said wiping her tears and passing a smirk to SwaSan.

But after a few seconds Sanskar did something which shocked everyone to the eternity, specially Swara!


Scene 7.

“Swara! Are you fine? Did you get hurt? Kahi lagi toh nahi!” Sanskar asked checking her from top to bottom. His heart almost blasted seeing his scared Swara. “Nothing happened to you Swara! You are perfectly all right. Look at me!” Sanskar said cupping her face.

“San..sk..ar woo..wooo mainn..nn marr jatii.. tohhh.(Sanskar, If I had died?)” Swara said, her every word trembled.

“Shh! Don’t utter this Swara! You know I can’t live without you”. Sanskar said instantly placing his fingers on her shaking lips and hugged her as tight as he could.


Scene 8.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Maheswari.” Doctor declared after coming out of operation theatre. Swara stood numb there for a while and finally her lifeless body collapsed to the floor.

“It can take years to mold A DREAM. And it takes a few fraction of a second for it to be shattered”.
This is soo true.

SwaSanChuu Note- Weiiiiii, No weapons please..!! I will be posting the next part on 28th April due to some of personal reasons! Hope you all understand.!!


My Wattpad ID-Kakali_SSC.

Thnk u sooo much for reading..!!
God bless you all <3<3..!!

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  1. Rabia

    Kakuuu uuu kaa naaa bsss fitaayy he muu hooo.. what the horror teaser u gave (using rolling eye emoji to irritate u more ?) huhhh kalmohi kahe ki… ????? aub 28th jaldii aaajaaaaaaaaaa ????

    1. Rabia

      Oooops forgot to tell u one thing ?? byeeeeee ???

    2. Kakali

      Huh! Thnk u sooo much Di.! *stamp ur toe and run ;-*

  2. Sus


    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Susssss..!! ;-*

  3. Nagamanasa

    Kaku reader is interesting dear…But after reading teaser I am getting doubt on ur intentions…I think it would be btr if I would be ready with pimpom ball…post next one soon kaku

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Manuuuuuuuuu Di..!! Yoooo you better be ready with panipuri for me.. ;-*

  4. Micky....

    Kakuuuuu…. What an horror teaser…. First rabi di scared me now you….??? But I’m also happy to see some light moments between SwaSan….???? 28 ko bhi aise hi jaldi post karna…..

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Trivuuuuuuuu..!! ;-*

  5. Radhika..

    Di what disaster is coming now in ur ff…… Thinking what is di Upto and sanskar said the words that he can’t live without her means he started loving her and the hospital vala scene what happen and why u shatter the dream di I think we wait for episode but after teaser it is like when the episode will be there……. Loved it love u ??☺☺

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Radhuuuuuuuuu..!! Don’t worry, Everything will be all right..!! Love u tooo.. !! ;-*

  6. Mica

    <——————– fainting and collaps until 28th…

    1. Kakali

      *Drag you through your left ankle and kick to Pluto.!!
      Thnk u sooo much ..!! ;-*

  7. It’s awesome yaar. Teaser is very interesting, and some where it’s terrible, hope everything will be alright. Waiting for ur next update. Please post as soon as possible.

  8. Meera_s

    omg???so many twists…pls post on asap

  9. IQRA222

    Kakuu di the teaser is awesome but too scary i am really scared
    But 28…its too far away do update soon

  10. Simi

    What was that.. Especially last scene???

  11. kakali teaser is nice but so scray and last one is too scary.. swasan ke saath kuch galat mat karo plz… hope u wont show any thing like that last scene is scary waiting till 28th

  12. pls post as soon as possible…orelse i have to use my weapons?

  13. Wowww itna horror teaser !!!
    Update next part soon!

  14. miss blissful

    Ohhh finally!!!!! Finally I was able to find you ………please post the third part of you ts asap……..I AM DYING TO READ IT………do you want me to die cute lady….??????????

    1. Kakali

      Nooooo!! Nei..!! Miss Blissful..!! Nope..!! I will be uploading soon dear!! Dun worry!! Thnk u..!! ;-*

  15. Ohhh finally!!!!! Finally I was able to find you ………please post the third part of you ts asap……..I AM DYING TO READ IT………do you want me to die cute lady….??????????

  16. Sumayyah

    what a horrible trailer !!
    OMG what you are up to don’t know
    but I know it will be dhamakedar he naaa
    but have to wait till 28
    I also have exams from 28 plz pray for me plz plz friends

    1. Kakali

      Summyyyyyyyy, urghh lemme hug you 1st..!! You know my best wishes are always with you! I know you will do your exams well, I will pray for sure!! Do ur exam well.!! Dher sara best wishes!!.
      and Thnk u sooo much..!! TC..!! ;-*

      1. Sumayyah

        you take care also
        and thank you so much kakali for your dher sary wishes
        love you shoo much

  17. My expression after reading the teaser

  18. Scooby

    ?????? will b waiting for ur next chapter.. Till then bhubye???

  19. Shreeyu

    No comments… It would be better if u post it soon… And after 28th too I want regular updates… Huh itna Bhayankar teaser *Kick u near a whale

  20. Monaa

    Omg! What a blast. Seems so much is comming soon n seems it will be dhamakedar.. Just waiting for 28th.. Post soon … Loved it.
    Keep smiling

  21. Deeksha


  22. Its so interesting…. eagerly waiting for 28th

  23. waiting for next part ☺☺

  24. Hi Kakali!!
    I have been a reader of this but never commented and today I thought to do that. I really appreciate your work. You are doing a great job, But dear its been increasingly Confusing(Sorry to mention). I am really not able to understand anything not only of the promo but also the episodes too and on top of that You are not regular and as we read other stories so it became mixed up. Sorry to say but I am losing interest from your story.
    Don’t feel hurt with my words. Its just a reader’s point of view, I hope u understand.
    No intention to create any fight(which is quite common on this Website Specially SwaraRagini page)

    1. Seebu_s

      hey dear…u can ask her to explain what u r not understanding…n she is late bcs she is also having personal life…so we readers should also understand writers situation…and what u didnt understand pls tell..she will explain to u clearly?

      1. Hi Seebu..!!
        I know she have her personal reasons, and everyone do have there own Personal reasons. The thing I wanna tell her is that being a Writer she should have to cautious about many other things too. A Good plot just won’t work. I myself too don’t have any reason to hurt her. Its just that as a reader I felt that. And I don’t think I am wrong in it
        Sorry if U got hurt by my words.
        I didn’t intend that…

    2. Kakali

      Hi Zainab, Thnk u sooo much for sharing your view dear!
      Nope you haven’t hurt me dear!
      Now tell me which part you felt like confusing! I would love to clear your all doubts here in comment box! Shoot your confusions!!
      About not Regular! Hahaha If you promise me to comment everyday, breaking ur silence. I would definitely try to be regular! Is that ok with you?
      Well jokes apart I can’t be regular actually..!! I have my own reasons..!!
      Losing internet from story? Really? Damn it! Sorry for that..! But according to me Every story has their beauty through which we can remember them easily! I’m saying this from my own experience as I’m also have been a reader of all TU SR page SwaSan stories! But I never felt like that..!!
      Huh there is no reason to fight while sharing your pov, don’t be scared.! Or you duno SwaSan fans..!! You knwo? I guess so.!
      Ok,let it be. Now tell me what is confusing you?
      Will be waiting for your reply..!!
      Thnk u sooo much..!! ;-*

      1. Hi Kakali..!!
        I too don’t wanna create any Fight here, and I am actually not scared in Sharing my views.
        Dear I have a Problem From U being Continuously Irregular. I know U may have your own Personal reasons everyone do have there own reasons, there’s no Problem in that. But That doesn’t mean that a writer should be this much Irregular. Writing a Good plot is not just everything, the writer should be cautious about Many other things too and time scale is one of these. I have a problem dear that if I didn’t read a story for a time I usually forget it so the same happens with me when I read your story, So to remember that I can’t read all the Parts again, it will be kinda waste of time. About the confusion in the story your Prologue says something else and you are writing something else like it was in the Prologue that Sanskar want to take revenge even after their Marriage but here’s something else, I guess.
        Look u post end the next Chapter too but I already forgot the previous one now how would I read the next one..
        Don’t feel hurt by my words actually my nature is like this only I can’t keep the things to myself;-)

    3. Kakali

      Hi, Good morning Zainab. Once again thnk u for sharing your pov. I would like to answer you something.
      Being a reader/silent reader the points you have mentioned is correct.
      Yeah I know I shouldn’t be irregular but it is not only because of my personal reasons but also other reasons. 1. I’m writer as well as a reader here.
      2. I don’t know you have seen or not I’m writing another story too. So it will take time.
      3.I have so many reasons and I thing it will not make any sense even if I say.
      About your problem, that is very big dear.! I don’t know what to say.

      DO READ THE PROLOGUE AGAIN.You may left out something. I have mentioned many times this is the another side of that track. Yoo he wanted revenge even after marriage but also I said it contains SR scenes.Didn’t I? So obviously it will be proceeding towards something which I can’t reveal now..!!
      Nei Zainab, I never feel bad when people share their pov regarding anything. Infect I love answering them back with my pov.
      Don’t keep anything to urself dear, feel free to comment, break your silence. Try to motive ev1, the same way you are doing to me. Writers would love to get a reader like you.
      Thnk u once again dear.!
      Have a good day ahead..!! ;-*

      1. Hu Kakali..!!
        Pardon me please.”My Problem” can you plz tell me what does it mean.
        I shared my POV and that actually is my very own point of view. OK leave it whenever You feel to update you have no bounds from my side.
        Thank U.
        N plz do tell me what’s my Problem..

    4. Kakali

      “I have a problem dear that if I didn’t read a story for a time I usually forget it” <<—– I said about this dear..!!
      Yups I know it was your point of view,I do understand it and I would love if you share more..!!
      Bdw next is already posted..!! I duno you have read or not..!!
      Thnk u dear..!! ;-*

      1. Hi Kakali..!!
        Ohk you were talking about that. I thought you might be thinking me as a “basher” that’s why I just asked it.
        Sorry but I haven’t read that part yet I saw it but when I started reading it, I got nothing at all as I forgot the Previous one. But I will surely read it now and will let you know how it was.
        BTW I too am a SwaSan fan. I like Sanskar and Swara but I don’t like Varun much I just like Helly….
        Thank U for Sparing some time and replying to my Comments as I guess you are really Busy..;-)

    5. Kakali

      Hi, Zainab.! I can differentiate between bashers and reader who shares pov.
      If you would have bashed me, you would also have get my replies in my way.! toh take a chill pill..
      Yoooo, that’s rit, SwaSan is my heart beat.. 😀
      Helly is my love.!
      Varun is Dhanya’s hubby and an actor.! That’s all..! I won’t say I don’t like him, It’s just that he has lost respect in my eyes..!!
      Of course I have to time to reply you dear..!! No matter how much I’m busy I would definitely reply.!!
      Thnk u.. ;-*

      1. Hi Kakali..!!
        Thank you for sparing time for me. Yeah Varun too lost respect in my sight as he talked Ill about Helly. I mean If he had so much problem with Helly he should have told her earlier but never mind. I always felt he wanted to be opposite Tejaswi whenever I watched their Interviews.. Isn’t it??
        Okay I know I am being a ..hmm..hmm.. What’s it called yes..”Chipku”..but as I never commented before I never made Friends so I am trying to find friends but with a Sincere start not by buttering anyone to seek their friendship…
        So would you like to be my Friend..??

    6. Kakali

      Hi,Zainab. Good morning dear!
      huh! “Chipkuuuuu” nope! nei!
      Yooo, I would love to be friend of yours.*hug..!
      Bdw I don’t think someone butters to seek friendship from someone. Waa may be I haven’t face that. huh let it be,

      About his willings to be opposite Teja, hmmmm.! I DON’T THINK EVER SOO! There are much more complications between them and we have no much idea what those are.! Even I don’t care whatsoever it is! Only matters to me My SwaSan, My Helly as well as my VaHe(With eo which completes/makes SwaSan).

      Feel free here Friend! Enjoy with ev1. Have a good day ahead. ;-*

  25. nice…loved it

  26. Mahisha

    Kaku diiiiiiiii………..As soon as I read ‘dream’ I thought you posted new chapter but after reading it twice I got dought and checked the full title ??????
    The chapter should be posted on 28th ???? (this is your little sissy’s order)
    Love u????

  27. Gayathri.visu

    What a horror teaser!! Veryyyy scary….. Especially last scene!! Waiting for next part.

  28. SNY

    Kaku sis…teaser z interesting
    eagerly wtng for thiz update… more suspense twist???????plz post asap??????

  29. This ff is great. Eagerly waiting for the next part.I love this???

  30. Please can anyone tell me how to become a registered member in telly updates?

    1. Kakali

      Hi Trisha, sorry for late reply dear!
      About how to register in TU!
      1st you open Telly updates.
      There you will find a MENU at the top with options! “REGISTER” option will be also there.. !! Click and fill the given form! They will ask u some puzzle like questions so you answer them n activate ur ID!!
      After few time TU team will send u notification in ur mail box..Check there n then u can use ur ID.!!
      Use Chrome for this process dear! it’s much helpful than others!! TC..!! ;-*

  31. interesting dear

  32. Arshaanya

    Omg kakuuuuuuu wat a bomb baby ??..
    M loving it… oooo i cant w8 now plz post nxt part ASAP…
    Kakuuuuu waa r u goin to use dat idea which i shared for uttara???
    All scenes were amazing bt dat last one ???
    N u knw na i want to see swasan love story here wid beautiful cute se scenes…
    Agar tumne nai diye to chappal padegi ??..
    Love u

  33. Aarushi_99

    Kakuuuuu it was amazing!!??
    But itne twists and shocks!?
    In scene 2 it feels as if Sanskar is going somewhere else and that’s why he’s saying like that to Swara…?
    Reading this, I can feel that some storm is pakka coming in your SS..
    I’ll go back to coma and wake up 28th of april…??
    Update soon, take care!!??

  34. shocks…post soon

  35. Vyshu10


    time li toh…i ll kick u to pluto

  36. Rubaida

    Hmm..very interesting..but I felt bad wen u made Ragini negative but it’s okay ..I changed the character and read…like for Swara I read it as Ragini and for Sanskar as Laksh…Actually I don’t like to read Swasan ff but u r a great writer so I m reading …All the best dear

    1. Kakali

      Rubaaaaaaa, welcome to TU dear! Hope you enjoy here with us!
      Waaaaa You are too smart dear, bdw shall I send my other work’s link dear? If you need do tell me dear! I would love to provide them!
      Huh somehow we are twins as I also don’t like Ragini in negative but what to do the plot I have chosen, in that Ragini was negative indeed! Hope you have read my prologue as well know about Raginiz character those times! I guess you know, don’t you! Of course you know.! M I right? Of course I’M!!
      Thnk u soooo much for your wonderful compliment dear!! *crocodile hug!
      Yeah, tell me if you need my other work’s link!! TC dear, have a good time with us!! ;-*

      1. Rubaida

        Of course dear…send d link m waiting…ua writing is just awesome …I would love to read dear…u deserved many many compliments…..nd I m waiting..

    2. Kakali

      Hi Rubaida. Good morning.
      Dear you can go through my account’s post, there you will be getting my each and every work accordingly.

      BDW can I ask you something?
      Are you a Rag_______________San fan also?
      Well let it be, gimme your view after reading other works,I’m sure you will be cursing me.!
      Anyway enjoy dear, have a good day ahead.!! ;-*

  37. Rosey

    Wow Ali you give me shocks…
    I can’t hold this suspence for so much long please post soon

    1. Kakali

      Roseyyyyyyy, I gave you shock by this teaser and you returned the favour with the sudden change in my name*faint..!!
      You are too much, someday I will slip into coma..!! ;-*

  38. Seebu_s

    kaku???i opened to read this n comment on this ff??but i forgot tp comment?dont think i’m having memory loss?it’s all bcs of ur shocks?loved it…continue soon

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