SwaSan SS… A DREAM..!! Season2… Part 8… by Kakali

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Hiloo Ev1.! Thnk u sooo much for the response on previous parts.! Thnk u to all the silent readers also.! Here I’m again with the part 8. Hope you all like it..! “Sorry for my grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.”

Now let’s move inside the Dream,

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SwaSanChuuu Note- I’m soo glad that you all liked the lioness Swara! Of course she is “Princess of lioness” and I get goose bumps whenever I take her name. Urghh I can’t express in words how much proud I feel to be called as Swara or SwaSan fan. It’s a bliss. I know m blabbering facts but can’t stop myself though :D..!! Chalo now taking Ram ji’s name,let’s start this part “Jai Mata Di”. 😀

Here we go,

“The storm is out there and everyone of us must eventually face the storm. When the storm comes pray that it will shake you to your roots and break you wide open. Being broken open by the storm is your only hope. When you are broken open you get to discover for the first time what is inside you. Some people never get to see what is inside them; what beauty, what love-trust and mostly STRENGTH. So don’t run from your pain but run into it. Let life’s storm shatter you more and more and more. BUT when the storm is over’that’s all’ gather up all your shatter pieces and join them. Form yourself as much strong as you can. Your inner strength will help you out to give a fight back next time. This is life,nothing is easy here. Just make yourself ready to face everything in it.” Swara remembered her Maa’s words while staring the floor. For the first time when her Maa revealed about her father and his betrayal Shomi said those words to her. Swara wondered about her Maa and her courage,she was so damn strong to face the world all alone. The storm of betrayal shattered Shomi but she formed herself as a strong woman. And Swara felt so proud of it.

Here Swara’s situation is also same like her mother but the difference is she was about to accept the defeat instead of fighting back,but her Maa’s word gave her strength to fight against Ragini. She was indeed shattered getting betrayals from her loved ones but as per Shomi’s words she made herself more strong and was so damn ready to bang Ragini.”It’s Show Time”.

After 2 Days.

More 2 days had been passed in Maheswari Mansion. These two days were not easy to spend, someone was restless, someone was scared and someone was full of confident!

Sanskar was restless all the time thinking about DP and his behaviour. He doubted,had he done something wrong, questioning himself. Having no idea what to do,he wanted to scream aloud. His life was not less than a mess. What was his motive? Why he came back to his family? Of course for revenge, to destroy DP & Laksh’s happiness and he did! Successfully did that. But now why he was feeling weak? Why guilt was cursing him down with the passing moment,indicating he had done something really very wrong! Yeah, he agreed he was wrong about using Swara for his own selfish motive. That was not his mistake, but A SIN; he committed and now guilt was killing him from inside. He didn’t ever felt himself so helpless seeing Swara crying silently, wiping her tears alone. Who was the blo*dy reason for her misery? God damn he was himself! The guilt was overpowering his every nerve pushing him to a extreme level where nothing could be found except the ugly shadow of Guilt made by himself.

On the other hand Ragini was in a living hell these two days. Her thought,her mind, her action, her any activity was watched over by Swara. Her every breath was uneasy, forehead used to be filled with sweat. Swara was so damn right,each of the moment her fear to get exposed increased. Oh God! Whenever she looked into Swara’s eyes, all she could find FIRE! Fire to burn everything down; mostly Ragini’s imaginary love castle which she built destroying everything.


@ Night.

SwaSan’s Room.

Swara came out of washroom wearing her night dress while she observed Sanskar who was sitting on the sofa engrossing in deep thoughts. She could clearly understand his restlessness, so decided to talk about Kavita and the chain which lead to Revenge(Dp & Laksh’s hand in Kavita’s murder) in the next morning.

She placed herself on the bed gaining a good night wish from Sanskar “Good night Swara!”
“Good night”. She wished him back. These two days they didn’t talk much or we can say they hadn’t anything to discuss. Sanskar was in his thoughts trying to solve the puzzle which was made by himself and Swara was busy watching Ragini’s actions. So indeed there was nothing to talk.

Swara slept at her side while Sanskar laid on the sofa.

At midnight Swara’s sleep got disturbed by some noise. She tried to hear the voice clearly and yeah! It was Sanskar, it was his voice. He was murmuring something in sleep. She hurriedly woke up switching on the light.

“Sanskar! Sanskar!!” She called out his name with concern because he was sweating badly, besides he was crying! His tears were the evident of his broken state! He was tightly clutching the blanket. Swara wasn’t sure what he was talking in slumber “Sanskar! Uthoo!! Sanskar!!” She shaked him through his shoulder.

“Please!! Don’t kill her! Please let her goo! Don’t.. don’t.. Kavitaaaaaa.please leave her.. ” He jerked up from sleep shivering and crying vigorously.

Swara now understood what he might be dreaming! “Sanskar! Relax. Everything is all right.” She tried to calm him down but “They.. they.. killed her.. They killed.. Ka..v.it.a.” He trembled with every word taking hard breath. He was not in his sence and was just blabbering. “Sanskar! Listen to me!” Swara hold back her tears seeing him behaving like a mad person ” Sanskarrrrrr!” She shouted increasing her volume. He looked at her being shocked when suddenly realisation knocked him! “So..ryy! Woo.. I ju..sst Sorry..yy!!” He avoided eye contact.

Swara passed him a glass of water and Sanskar without any hesitation accepted that. He took a few deep breath to cool down his rigid nerves. Still his palm was formed a fist.

“Sanskar are you sure Bade papa & Laksh was the reason of Kavita” death?” she aksed when he was about to leave the room not being able to match her eyes.

He stopped at his way,inhaled some air and turned around “Swara! Look I’m sorry for disturbing your sleep! But can we avoid this matter for now?” He said very calmly.

“We can’t avoid it Sanskar! Not at least me. So it would be better if you try to share it with me! I want to know how Bade papa and Laksh…..!!” she paused watching his eyes which were tightly closed.

Swara was correct, she had the right to know about the happening, not as his wife but of course as his friend as well Kavita’s besty. Moreover Kavita’s death was the sole reason for whom he came back to take revenge and unfortunately used Swara. So it was quite obvious to let her know what happened when she was not there.

“Swara! We were happy in our world with each other. I wanted to marry Kavita but Bade papa said no AFTER MEETING HER & HER FAMILY as they were middle class. I tried to make him understand many times but don’t know why he was adamant not to accept us! I really don’t know why he did so because my Bade papa was not like that. He was very understanding.” He said remembering everything.

“I was frustrated and at last left the house! I thought Bade Papa would accept us but nothing happened the way we thought. Kavita & me was going to marry in temple that day when some goons attacked on us. They beat me and left me unconscious then kil..le..d Kavii..ttaaa.!! ” Tears slided down his red eyes which he wiped immediately.

Swara was also crying thinking about them. How much happy her both friends were but now! Wait, something was missing “Sanskar! How can you say that it was bade papa who was behind all this? I mean?”

He smiled but with pain which pricked her heart. “I might be unconscious but not dead Swara!” He said without realising how much it hurt her “I was lying there unconscious and could listen everything. One of the goons called someone and said something which snatched my breath. You know what Swara? He was talking with Bade papa! That blo*dy goon was laughing and taking his name continuously. I wasn’t able to open my eyes but after some time I saw a person who was wrapped in black coat. My view wasn’t clear to watch his face but when those goons called him Mr. Maheswari,I was sure it was Mr. Durga Prasad Maheswari urf my Bade Papa who sent goons to kill us.” His voice cracked with every word.

He added further “After that time everything went blank! I was unconscious when I prayed to God to take me also! To take me near my Kavita whom they brutally killed. After a week I found myself in hospital. I searched for Kavita madly! But some people said she was no more! She left me Swara! Kavita broke her promise and left me alone. Can you hear it Swara?They killed my Kavita! They killed my love. Everything was finished. Ev..rr..yytt..hhii..nnggg…” His screamed saying the last few words. Swara was silently weeping seeing his vulnerable situation. He was so broken from inside. 1st his love left him forever and then he got to know his Bade papa was behind this. For what? Just because he couldn’t accept them. God! No one could imagine how much he had gone through.

“Sa.ss.karrr! I’m sor..ry for……!!” She was cut off by Sanskar who wiped his tears away “No Swara! You shouldn’t say sorry. Infect I should say sorry. Only me! I wish I could say you all this before using you! I regret now Swara. I regret for my doing but also I know my regret won’t make any sence. I don’t know what to say, how to apologise.” Sanskar wanted to say more but Swara’s emotionless face made him stop.

“Good night Swara! We should sleep now!” He said and she nodded silently.

Next Day.


Swara & Sanskar both didn’t get sleep last night. She was disturbed thinking about the incident Sanskar described to her. It seemed something was missing. Don’t know what but there was actually something which Sanskar missed or might she did also. But what? Swara placed everything at their place as Sanskar said, from the start till he woke up in hospital. She pressed her temple to think more. Shit! Oh God! “Where is Sanskar? Noo! Nei! I have to talk to him.” She immediately dialed his number when something stuck her mind.

“Hello! Swara!” Sanskar responded.

“Sans..skk.arrr!! I nee.d t.o ta.lk to you. ” She answered.

“Swara is everything all right? You are fine right?” His word was filled with concern. “I will be there in few minutes. Take care!” He said not waiting for her reply and cut the call ” Ragini! If you again started a new drama! I swear! I swear to God, I’m going to show you hell!” He speeded up his car saying dangerously.


After Few Minutes.

Sanskar step into their room “Swara!”
Swara was brought to reality by his voice, she stared at his face while Sanskar was going mad seeing her so quiet. So many bad thought come across his mind but shrugging them all aside he concentrated on Swara who was looking at him, don’t know with what kind of emotion. “Swara! Speak up something.”

All Swara could stare him emotionally. His heart beat raced up for her continuous gaze. He was sure something was wrong, her soft eyes conveyed that! Somehow he got scared. “Swaraaa!”. He whispered.

“Sanskar are you sure Bade papa & Laksh was the reason of Kavita’s death?” She asked making him all numb. This is the same question, he had been fighting with. Did he missed something? Why Swara was asking him the same thing? He would go mad if he wouldn’t get his answers “Why are you asking Swara? I told you earlier….” Swara cut him off.
“Are you sure Sanskar?” No he had no answer.

“Swara! We will talk later.” He said before moving towards the door “No Sanskar! Bade papa haven’t done anything. You are wrong.” Her words shocked him to the eternity. His fear was coming true, his doubt on himself was becoming dark. “What do you mean?” His voice was alike whisper.

“Can we meet Bade papa? I’m sure he might be having all the answers of your inner questions” he looked at her with bewildered expression. How could she know what he was thinking? How?

“Trust me Sanskar!” She added further.

Swara briefly described him what she was thinking. Her every thought, doubt, possibilities of incidents etc. She shared everything with him while he stood there numb. “You better die Sanskar!” His mind screamed.

“We have to talk to Bade papa!” She held his wrist and pulled him with her making the way out of room and he followed her blankly.


@ Study Room.

Someone knocked at the door “Come in”. Swara & Sanskar entered in. They were facing DP’s back as he was staring their complete family photo with love and affection, and also with dose of pain.

“Bolo Sanskar! Do you want something?” He said not looking at them but Swara wonder how he knew it was Sanskar? Oh ha! He was Bade papa after all.

Sanskar closed his eyes hearing his same soft voice. God damn! It was killing him more.

“Bade papa wo!” Swara hesitated to say.

“I know Swara beta why you both are here!” He said handing over a file to Swara.

She glanced the file but didn’t get anything. “Look at this file Sanskar!” DP said still gazing at his family photo.

Swara passed him the file. Sanskar’s hand shivered before taking it. He keenly observed every part, signature, phrase, and finally date.”28.2.2013″ his grip over the file loosened making it fall down. “How.. how…can this..?” His throat was dry, voice betrayed him. This was the same date when that horrible accident took place in their life.

“I was in Singapore that day, with Adarsh, signing this deal with Sinha & Companies!” DP said with a voice which was filled with nothing.

“But..you.was there… there.. they told me. You.. they called your name.. then how .. come?” His body weight was too much to hold his knees back.

“I hope you got your answers soon Sanskar!” DP said and left the room.

The sun went down, the place was getting cooler and dark was covering the room. His body finally betrayed him, he was on his knees like a devastated soul. Swara plamed her mouth to stop her silent weep. So she was correct, Bade papa & Laksh wasn’t the reason of her best friend’s misery.

After a while a sudden REALISATION was drawn to him. Noooo! His Bade papa wasn’t there!
Swara’s words rang constantly in his head haunting him more. “Sanskar! You aren’t sure that man was Bade papa or not. Moreover you didn’t see the face of that black coat man.How can you be so sure? May be there is something more which we don’t know! May be we left something out!”

“Do you think your Bade papa & Lucky can ever think of doing bad with you? Have you tried to know the other side? Haa Sanskar! I’m asking you do you still doubt on Bade papa & Laksh? I can’t believe Bade papa doing this kinda things. Because during this 5 years I got to know him. You should think about everything from start.” He was thinking now and Yeah! She was true, so damn true! He wasn’t sure about that man whether it was Bade papa or someone else! He never heard his voice, just those goons called him Mr. Maheswari and later also they said something which wasn’t audible to him.

It meant what? That his come back, his planing, his revenge, his anger, his hatred nothing was justified. Everything was A GOD DAMN LIE! He was in a world where his own thoughts were blur! Nothing was clear still he decided to move to take revenge from his family. His own family. And now! Now what? What had he done? Break Swara & Laksh’ marriage with the help of Ragini! Used Swara. Broke his bade papa & Laksh but later got betrayed by Ragini at last who is madly in love with Laksh. Where should he go now? Where? To escape from his doings? To run out from his GUILT which is now killing him more!

Just for his so called revenge he destroyed many lives, many relations. “Swara” his best friend, was the main example though she was with him to make him realise he was wrong.

His breath became unsteady thinking about what he had done and why! He looked into Swara who was standing beside him, her eyes were soft, filled with emotions. She could have hated him for his doings but no! She didn’t infect she made him realise his mistake No! It wasn’t mistake but SIN!

He wanted to cry, he wanted to scream letting go all his dry tears which he kept from all these years inside him. He wanted to finish him not being able to feel the DEPTH OF GUILT WITH THE REALISATION.

“Guilt is perhaps the most painful companion of death.” Isn’t it?

Precap- A step towards destination.


SwaSanChuuu Note-I’m not going to ask about the chapter today.

Yeiiiiii!! Can I do nagin dance for a while with u all? Huh I’m really very happy today that why! Today 28th April.! Hufff how to say.? Urghhh I completed 7 complete months as a small SwaSan FF writer. I started writing on the date “28th of September” and my story was “SWASAN’S PARADISE”. From that day I have been getting so much love from you all. I don’t know how to express my happiness but I want to thank each and everyone who is with me through out the whole journey with of course my cute cute silent readers!

*Thank you sooo much for being there with me all the time!
*Thank you sooo much for loving SwaSan that much ki you all started reading my cranky stories.
*Thank you sooo much for accepting me as a family member here!
*Thank you soo much for supporting and understanding me in every situation.
I’m blessed to have you all.
Our SwaSan is blessed to get a family like you all..!!

LOVE U ALL DHERRRRRRRRR SARAAAAA!! *Flying kiss to ev1. <3<3.
Happy tears flowed from my eyes.
Once again THANK YOU EV1.


My Wattpad ID- Kakali_SSC.

Thnk u sooo much for reading..!!
God bless you all. <3 <3..!!.

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    1. Kakali

      Arsaaaaaaaaaa chall jhuthiii, teaser ko padho phir seee, it’s already started?.!!
      Thnk u sooo much.!! ;-*

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    It’s awesome kaku..loved it.
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