SwaSan SS… A DREAM..!! Season2… Part 7… by Kakali

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Hiloo Ev1.! Thnk u sooo much for the response on previous parts.! Thnk u to all the silent readers also.! Here I’m again with the part 7. Hope you all like it..! “Sorry for my grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.”

Now let’s move inside the Dream,

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Here we go,

“Love has it’s place, as does hate. Peace has it’s place, as does war. Mercy has it’s place, as do cruelty and REVENGE.” Well Ragini loved Laksh blindly, so her love for Swara turned into hatred. The atmosphere was quiet peaceful,but later suddenly it turned into a war. Ragini and her crime partners were cruel enough to destroy Swara’s life and respect.Now what’s next?
Will Swara forgive them? Will she have mercy on them? Or it will start a new war? A new game of REVENGE, The player and master mind will be only SWARA!
Excited eh!
Let the game begin.!


Next Day.

SwaSan’s Room.

One more day had passed in Maheswari Mansion. Neither Swara nor Sanskar could figure out what should they actually do but Sanskar was somehow sure that he would be revealing his true identity in front of family as he was no more in a mood to hurt Swara! He knew he was wrong, his every move was wrong. So in order to avoid the further mess he would definitely do whatever he could afford.

He never thought he could have hurt Swara in that way, his intentions were not to hurt her! After all she was his best friend and he understood the value so well. But also he couldn’t deny the fact that his actions had already hurt her, her life was destroyed. She was devastated. But not more now! He would try every possible way to make everything not perfect but at least good! He wouldn’t let her bear Ragini’s tantrums anymore. That was it.

“Swara! Let’s go!” Sanskar got up from his place calling out her name very softly.

Swara gave him a blank look not getting what he was upto.”where?” Her voice was filled with nothing and Sanskar could clearly feel it. He regretted the most being the reason of her this state. Wish he could go back and made everything good but damn it! The destruction was already done.

He took a few steps towards her decreasing the distance between them. Swara gasped when he held her wrist. She looked at his eyes trying to find out something but all she could see was Guilt. He was guilty for his doings. Before her thoughts could travel further she heard the voice of unlocking door.

Sanskar looked back while Swara averted her gaze to his back. There everyone was standing looking at him with shock expression. Sanskar loosed the grip over her wrist staring every family member with bewildered expression. DP,AP,RP,Laksh was standing numb. “Sanskarrr! You was just acting to be mad!”. AP’s words bring back everyone to their sence.

“Papa ji, Mummy ji, see everyone, I told you na, Sanskar ji is not mad! He is just acting.” Ragini started her never ending puran with fake tears.

Sanskar & Swara looked at her while she passed them a winning smirk.

“Badi maa, papa! I was about to tell you that……!!” Sanskar tried to say but “Thud!”

Sanskar stumbled back getting a slap from his father. RP grabbed his collar and shouted at the top of his voice”Sanskarrr! Youu..youuuuuu. just…!” He wanted to say many things but at that particular time no words were coming out of throat. He was crying,his eyes said how much hurt he was.

Sanskar had never seen his father so vulnerable. His eyes were red. “Papa! Please listen to me! Badi maa! I know it is my mistake. But at least listen to me.!” Sanskar pleaded looking at them. RP pushed him back leaving his collar.

“What shall we listen Sanskar! Tell us! What you are trying to say! Yahi na ki you have come here to take revenge from us for not accepting your relation with Kavita and you was just acting! Acting to be a mad!” Laksh continued after coming out of shock. “And this girl! This Swara was helping you! Isn’t it?” Laksh added further giving the most disgusting look to Swara!

Ragini wonderd “Who is Kavita now?” But she shrugged that thought aside concentrating on the drama.

Swara & Sanskar got one more shock.”No! Laksh nei! Swara doesn’t know anything about this. She has done nothing, don’t blame her!” Sanskar said while looking at Swara’s hurt eyes. Her eyes were moist and it showed deep pain.

He closed his eyes fisting his palm”I agree it was my fault! I came here to take revenge! And I was successful also. But don’t you want to know who helped me fulfilling my revenge?” Sanskar said glaring at Ragini who was wearing her innocent mask.

“It was only Ragini! Only Ragini who helped me…….!” Before he could say more Ragini interrupted gaining the attention of all “Laksh ji! I said you na! He will blame me. I knew it. Yesterday when I was listening their plan Sanskar ji caught me and threatened if I say this all any of you, he would blame me! See he is doing the same now! But I’m innocent.! I have done nothing. It’s a plan of Swara & Sanskar to destroy you all.! ” Ragini cried shocking everyone,mostly Swara & Sanskar.!

“Laksh she is lying! She is the one who helped me breaking your marriage because she loved you! Do you understand Laksh?” Sanskar got out of control and moved towards Ragini. Her throat went dry thinking about the recent happenings. But Laksh stopped him dangerously nodding no”Stay away from Ragini! She is not like you both! blo*dy betrayers!” Laksh pushed him back. Sanskar was about to fall when Swara held him at proper time!

He again pleaded to AP & RP to believe him. But no one was ready to trust him.! Laksh took some photos and threw on their faces” You both knew each other from collage days! Hai na? And that why this Swara was helping you in your cheap planing”

Sanskar saw those pictures and it was of their collage days”Laksh! We know each other from collage days that doesn’t mean she was helping me! Infect it was only Ragini! For why all these are happening!” Sanskar said calmly”Believe me!”

“Common Sanskar! Now stop lieing. How much you both will lie? Thank God Ragini got these pics and showed to us, otherwise we could have never known your real faces!” Laksh said adding more.

“It’s all her drama Laksh! She is the main player of this game!” Sanskar tried many ways to clear out everything but nothing worked as everything was against them, besides Ragini was crying, shedding her crocodile tears. AP was consoling her “Ragini beta! We trust you. Don’t cry. We know who is at fault.” AP said looking at Sanskar and Swara!

“This is the return gift of my friendship and love Swara! Then thank you! Now I feel lucky that I didn’t marry you, instead of Ragini is my life partner! I thank to God! Actually you both deserve each other only.! Betrayers.!” Laksh said hurtfully and left the room dragging Ragini with him.

Ragini wiped her fake tears smiling at SwaSan. Swara couldn’t say anything but while Ragini was leaving the room Swara passed a breathtaking smirk which almost killed Ragini.! Her heart beat raced up seeing Swara smirking.

Change of the colour of her face was enough to let us know she was horrified.”What is Swara upto? Why she smirkd at me? Oh! God something is wrong. She is going to do something! She….sheee…!” She trembled in her mind. “Laksh ji! Laksh ji! You believe me na! I’m not wrong! They are just accusing me. They… they will snatch everything from me. My sister will snatch my everything from me…” Ragini cried tightly hugging Laksh. She had fear that something bad would happen. After coming this way, there was no return. She was far away from all where nothing mattered but Laksh and she would not mind destroying everything to kept him as her.

But the most dreadful fear was “Swara” because she knew her sister more than anyone else in this world. Even though she was not with Swara for more days but still knew her. Those 5 years were enough to know her sister. And she knew her sister was a PRINCESS OF LIONESS,yeah her collage friends,her mom and most of the people used to call her with this name;who knew to roar; roar in her own way.

It shaked up Ragini thinking about the future consequences.”Swara is not going to sit idle after all this! She is upto something! I have to be careful. Huh! Why should I? When she has nothing to do with me! I have left nothing with whom she can prove my crime! I’m not scared. No! I’m not! She can’t do anything! No!” Ragini wiped her sweatfilled forehead. Yeah, she was sweating due to fear. Fear of her sister. “Swara’s silence was the sign of an upcoming storm.!”


@ SwaSan’s Room.

AP,DP & RP was still there. DP didn’t utter a single word. His eyes were blank and Swara could clearly observe this. Throughout the conversation he was quite, his eyes held softness towards his son but Sanskar had no time to look at him since he was angry at DP & Laksh. Swara’s eyes were stuck at DP and after a while she was sure that something was missing, something was wrong.

She couldn’t ever believe that DP & Laksh were the reason of Kavita’s death. DP was like a father to her, who loved her more than he did to Laksh or Uttara. Swara doubted why he took a sudden decision to marry her with Sanskar! Was there something else? She was not sure about that! Something was definitely missing, and she had to find that out.

“I never thought you will betray us Sanskar!” AP said and made a way out of room while RP hugged DP saying sorry behalf of his son “Bhaisa! I’m sorry!” He said and left the room not wanting to look at his brother’s blank eyes.

Sanskar had no option rather than standing there still! What he thought and what happened! Damn it! He wanted to make everything good but now it turned into worst. He looked at DP who was standing silent, his expressions were not readable. DP gazed at Sanskar then Swara “Everything will be all right my son!” He said before leaving the room with a astonished Swara and shocked Sanskar.

His soft voice made Sanskar numb. That was the same voice, no change at all. It was his bade papa’s voice not Durga Prasad Maheswari’s,and he was sure about that. Sanskar found himself in deep thoughts but Swara’s hurtful eyes made him come back into his sence. He turned around to look at her. He couldn’t understand why Swara was quiet when Ragini was once again accusing her. She might be too hurt to say anything.

“Swara! Are you ok?” Sanskar asked her avoiding eye contact.”I’m again sorry! I couldn’t just…….!” His words chocked.

She nodded passing him a small as well as dry smile which confused Sanskar to the eternity.

She unpacked her luggage placing them in the wardrobe “Don’t think much Sanskar! I’m not going anywhere now! It’s time to payback”. She said after shutting the door.


@ Hall.

Swara & Sanskar came down to the hall where AP was complaining to Sujata and Ragini was adding fuel in it. Sujata & Uttara who was went to temple now got to know that her son’s truth was out. She looked at his son painfully. Uttara didn’t say anything and the hall wiping her tears away.

Ragini was continuously blabbering against Swara & Sanskar “Maa! I told you na Sanskar & Swara have bad intentions. I didn’t expect Swara will do the same, I mean I never dreamt Swara could do………..!” She was cut off by DP who was descending steps. “Ragini Bahu! From today onwards nobody is going to discuss about this matter. Nobody! M I clear?” DP said with his heavy voice making Ragini quite.

“Par Papa ji!” She was about to say while DP’s calm yet heavy voice made her silent” M I clear? I hope I’m!” He said and stared at Sanskar who was not in a mood to look back at his eyes. His eyes still hold the softness towards his son and it was again noticed by non other than Swara.

“I have to talk to Laksh!” Sanskar murmured before leaving the hall. He was fuming on Ragini’s shits. She was crossing the limits over and over again accusing Swara, but for whom is this happening. Of course it was only because of him. He himself was also a reason for the current situations and Swara’s humiliations. Still he was ready to make everything good and gain Swara’s forgiveness, he would be doing anything to gain forgiveness from his best friend, “Best Friend My Foot! You have already lost your friend Sanskar!” His mind screamed.


After Sometime.

@ RagLak Room.

Ragini was restless from that time and thinking about her doings! Her face formed a smile remembering about her marriage with Laksh “I will do anything for you and our love Laksh ji!” She blushed at her own thoughts. But Swara’s smirk disturbed her. The next moment Sanskar was knocking the door ” Laksh!”

“Laksh ji is in office now.! May I know the reason why you came here? He isn’t interested in talking to you.” Ragini said mockingly rolling her eyes.

“Sanskar! Uff! You are here. I was searching for you long and here you are blabbering with Ragini.! God don’t know what will happen to you.” Swara came there suddenly plastering a smile which was missing from many days. It brightened her cute face.

Sanskar looked at her with wide eyes while Ragini was again horrified. She dragged Swara & Sanskar into room locking the door behind. “Swara! Tell me, tell me why are you behaving like this? I know you are upto something. What? Tell me?” Ragini asked jerking her through shoulders.

“Shhh! Ragini. Don’t be angry my innocent sister.” Swara said soo calmly removing her hands off.

The hint of fear creeped up inside Ragini again. This time lasting as she had no clue what Swara was planning to do. But she was sure something bad was coming on her way.

“What will you do Swara? Noo! Nothing. You can’t do anything. No one is going to know what I have done with you! They aren’t going to know what it was only me who helped out Sanskar ji and you was just a pawn for us. Hahahah! If you even try no one will trust you.” Ragini’s madness was at peak, she was trembling but still managing to laugh like a scared kitten. Urghh of course she had to fear, because the opponent was Swara! And she was a lioness.

Swara stood there folding her hands across her chest. “Teck! Teck! Ragini, you think I can’t bring your truth out?” She burst out laughing shocking Ragini to the core. But suddenly her laughter turned into a dangerous smirk “And if I say I have recorded your confession here(pointing to her mobile),then what?” Swara’s words shaked Ragini up. Her face was pale “Nei! Nei! Swara please. No! You will not do that.! No Swara! Please, I don’t want to loose Laksh ji!” Ragini pleaded once for a while before snatching the phone from her hand.

“Not that easily Swara! Not now!” Ragini smirked checking the phone but it was off!

“0% battery actually!” Swara said innocently.

Ragini set there with a thud. Phewww! “Thank God!” Her mind tanked God.

“Was you scared Ragini?” She blinked her eyes and it made sure that she was just playing. Sanskar looked at Swara with bewildering expression. Damn Damn Shit! This is the same old Swara who he knew from a long! Gosh this was the same Swara, she was in her form.

His lips curled up for a small smile watching the same bold Swara after so many years. He had missed her those days when she left them without informing. He & Kavita had no idea where she left but after that day he never met her. He even visited her house but allas she was left. Left to meet him here, now, for this reasons, in this situations.

“Ragini! Ragini! Ragini! Just think! Just think, if you are scared like this after a small prank of mine, what will you do when I will bring out your truth.” Swara said touching her forhead. “Why are you sweating? Chill my sister! Just chil! Because this is just a start!” Ragini gasped hearing her sharp voice.

“I’m not you Ragini! I’m not like you! Do you think I will use this kinda cheap tricks for revealing your true face? Urghh! Bleh! You are absolutely wrong!” Swara said snatching the phone back from Ragini’s hand.

“What! What do you mean by that?” Ragini stammered between her words.

“You will be getting it soon! Really very soon Ragini!” Swara walked around her adding more, “I mean to say, I have almost 6 months, 6 months in my hand! And I guess it’s more than enough to ____!! Ehem ehem! You better know what I mean!” Swara said scratching the ‘6 months’ and also playing with her cell phone; from left to right & right to left hand.

“You can’t do that Swara! You can’t, because no one will trust a girl like you.!” Ragini said trying hard to laugh.

“I can! I can Ragini and I will, by hook or by crook” Swara pointed her finger “Each of the day of this 6 months I will be here, in front of you.! I’m not going to let you live in peace. With every passing moment your fear to get expose will increase. Inshort I’m going to haunt you. Your every action, every plan will be watched over by me. COUNTDOWN BEGIN!” Ragini almost fainted seeing the fire in her eyes.

“Bring it on Ragini Laksh Maheswari.”

“You have played enough game, now it’s payback time. Play your best, take your every step very carefully,because now you are going to face me, SWARA SANSKAR MAHESWARI.!” Swara said with the same intensity interlocking her fingers with Sanskar.

“Yeah! That’s I’m, for at least these 6 months”. Swara said keeping eye on Ragini’s change of facial expression.

Sanskar gazed at their hand and then Swara. After a second he gripped her fingers tightly assuring that “I’m with you”. His lips broke into a smile.

Ragini stared at their interlocking palms gulping her saliva down. This was supposed to ne not done. Noooo! Her planning was backfiring her. Swara had turned the whole table, she was using her tricks. Oh! God Swara was playing Ragini’s cards only.

Ragini made that 6 months agreement for what? To bround them by in a relation till she and Laksh didn’t move on. She wanted Swara never to come close to Laksh so through that agreement Swara would have called Sanskar’s and Ragini would have gained Laksh’s love.

But Swara! She turned everything down. She was using that agreement for exposing her. Yeah, she was using Ragini and her cards. Swara would not stop then.

“Watch out Ragini! The countdown has already begun!”. Swara’s sharp voice echoed in the whole room.

Swara & Sanskar left, leaving a scared to the hell Ragini behind. Her whole body was shivering. She knew her sister really very well. SHE HAD TO PAY FOR HER DOINGS.


@SwaSan’s room.

They entered in the room while Swara removed her hands from Sanskar. He was about to say something but Swara’s words made quite “I’m tired Sanskar! I need rest.” Her voice was again emotionless, face showed nothing.

Sanskar thought for a while that old Swara was back but how could he think like that? How could he? It was not easy. All the people had broken her to a extreme level and he was one of them. His heart became more heavy with guilt.

On the other hand Swara was standing under the shower. Water droplets were flowing from her body. Every moment of her past few days flashed in front of her eyes making them moist. She wanted to leave Sanskar and everything behind moving on in her life. Why not? After all she was also a girl having a solid right to live peacefully with her love ones. But after today’s incident she had made up her mind to stay back, to fight back. Ragini played a very disgusting game and without giving her answers she wouldn’t move from here.
She would prove herself innocent, not for only herself but also for her Maa & Dida. It was a big question mark on their upbringing, so without removing that stain she was not leaving anything. “I’M READY”. Indeed she was ready for it.


@ Night.

The whole day had been passed. Swara was avoiding Sanskar and it was clear through her actions making him more guilty, pushing him in deep guilt. He got up and pace the room, as if he could leave his guilt behind him. But it tracked him as he walked, an ugly shadow made by himself. HE HAD TO BEAR MORE. IT WAS JUST A START OF HIS SUFFERINGS.


Precap- Feeling the depth of GUILT along with a realisation.


SwaSanChuuu Note- Sorry for being late and not commenting on your FFs. I will do that soon.


This chapter is specially dedicated to Manasa Di(Manuuuuuuuuu Di). Today is her birthday.”Many many happy returns of the day HAPPY BDAY MANU DI”.

Let’s all make a wish for her. “God bless you with the happiness you deserve”.

You know I love you dherrrrr saraaaaa…!*crocodile hug..!! ;-*


My Watttpad ID- Kakali_SSC.

Thnk u sooo much for reading..!
God bless you all. <3<3..!

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