Swasan SS: The bond between two souls (by rabia) Epi.9

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Thankuu sooo much guys for the comments and yeah one more thing this is my last story on tu.. after that I will only continue from wattpad only if anyone wants to read my stories then here is my

im going to start love between swasan season 3.. after the completion of this ss but only on wattpad as managing and replying on 2 sites is very hectic.. and if I don’t reply I felt that im ignoring my readers so that’s why im leaving tu…

here is my tu profile link u can find all my stories and previous episodes here: Click here for all episodes


Next day… (author’s favorite day 😉 )

Swasan were sleeping peacefully.. and why don’t they sleep peacefully afterall both got the best moment of their life last nyt ;)… when they got their love for eachother…now today was the last day for them to face the bitter past of their life.. after that all things will be settled.. but reaallyy??? Does everything goes with a flow like what u thought?? May bee or may be not….let their destiny decides for them

Both got up and changed… swara was nervous but on the same time she wanted to punish them for whatever they done..trying to kill someone is not a mistake it’s a crime.. and both ragini and laksh did that crime…soo now they have to bear the results…

Both did their breakfast…and then sanskar said to swara to come… but swara stopped him..

Sanskar: swara lets goo.. both are in farm house’s basement…

Swara: wait for few minutes sanskar im waiting for someone..

Sanskar being confused: whom??

Before swara can answer main door opened with a bang…5 ppl entered in the farm housee with full enthusiasm.. and having different types of equipments in their hands..

Sanskar being shocked: ninjaaa turtles??

Swara giggles: their getup is just like ninja turtle but these 5 r ninja girls…

Sanskar while scratching his head: but ninja turtle to four naa?? These r tou 5 why??

Swara: because last one was not ready to become sensai the rat.. soo she also took the get up of ninja…with yellow mask

Sanskar: but who r they???

Ninja girls.. leader…

(guysss if anyone don’t know about ninja turtles… soo don’t worry I will tell u in a brief.. ninja turtles is a gang of 4 turtles..having masks on their faces….its a cartoon characters.. and 1 is their master who trained them he was actually a mouse or rat…whose name was sensai

Master (rat) sensai.. he was the one who trained everyone in fighting skills..

Blue masked ninja is leo aka Leonardo…he was the main leader of the gang

Red masked ninja is raph aka raphael… he was the most rebellion ninja of the gang…

Purple masked ninja is donnie aka Donatello… he was expert in gadgets and technologies…

Orange masked ninja is micky aka Michelangelo…..he is a jokster and fun loving ninja of the gang…)

Ninja girls.. leader..

Leo: helloo jijuuu.. u don’t know us but we all knows u.. soo let me introduce all of uss to u..

Sanskar with smile: I love to know u all..

Leo removed her mask and she was revealed as shreeyu 😉 (my baby)

Raph removed her mask and she was revealed as anniya 😉 (my half part)

Donnie removed her mask and she was revealed as… alkuu 😉 (my student :P)

Micky removed her mask and she was revealed as…… manaaaa 😉 (my ayyan’s janu)

Andddd sensai removed her mask.. andddd she was revealed asss… deeekshuuu 😉 (my churail) (hehehehe)

All 5 said hi to sanskar….

Sanskar: but tell me why u guys r here??

Leo: actually jijuu.. we wants to punish those raglak….

Raph: not rag lak.. its nagin and lux soap…

Micky giggles: yess yesss…

Donnie: we cant see those living happily after hurting u bothh.. soo just camee to add more fuel in the punishment ;)…

Sen: because as u knowww ninja turtles always fights for the evil soo like them we will also finish the evil and winks..

Swara: enough of ninja talks lets goo.. im very excited..

Sanky being amused: sometime before u were nervous..

Swara: haann touuu now im fine soo lets movee.. by saying that she walked with attitude while sanky chuckles on seeing her changing antics..

Swasan plus ninja girls reached the basement..

Leo sat down on the table in indian style by grabbing: ice tea in one hand and mc donalds burger in other hand..

Sanskar: leo why u sat down??

Leo: don’t u know jiju leader’s always guide they don’t fight and winks..

Swara: impossible okay u sit here and watch the movie..

Leo: goo onn im ready with my burger and ice tea..

Micky also sat down with her: leo give some burger to me also naa??

Leo: nopeess.. its mine onlyyy…u naaa take out from your bag.. because I saw u hiding burger uu bhukkar.. huhh..

Micky made a faces and grabbed her burger and sat down beside’s leo…(as both shreeyu and mana r choottuu soo author didn’t added them in voilance 😉 they will just watch the movie :P)

All turned towards raglak who were sitting on chairs tied and seeing all of them with wide eyes and their mouth her tapped..

Swara while smirking goes towards ragini and pulled her tape out….

Ragini: aahhh.. uu blo*dyyy bit… but her voice stopped as swara gave her a tight slapppp.. not once but thrice with both sides of the hand..

Swara pulled her hairs tightly and dangerously said: mrs ragini laksh meheswari.. forget the things which u have done in past with me.. just remember the last nyt when u black mailed my husband on my name.. the pain which I saw in his eyes that time.. u have to pay for that pain.. by saying that she again slapped her twice and left towards laksh..

Laksh eyes were spitting fire and he was trying to untie his hands.. swara brutally removed his tape and he hissed in pain…and before he can say anything she starts slapping him continuously….she was slaping him only from one hand’s both side thats why her hand become fully red but she didn’t stopped…

Sanky run towards her and pulled her towards him: shhh shonaa calm down..

Swara with anger: how can I calm down?? He is a blo*dy murderer…

Sanskar with anger filled eyes saw towards laksh whos lips were bleeding due to continuous slaps..: he will pay don’t worry…

Raph jumped: swara and jijuu u both take rest for sometime till then let us entertain u.. and Donnie put the chairs for them and make them sit…

Rap to raglak: soo miss nagin and mr lux soap..from which thing u want to relish first??

Ragini: uuuu…

Raph slapped her hard before she can spit any abusive word…

Raph: mis nagin im a peace lover but for punishing the culprits im more than a wild lion.. soo think thrice before using abusive words…

Donnie to laksh: soo mr lux soap jii.. with which soap u want to take a shower?? Lux soap or we can bring washing detergent for u??

Micky from behind: Donnie dii.. hiss stains or dirt will also not goo with detergent

Sen while thinking by putting finger on her chin: but tied naturals touu clean the most stubborn stains and dirt also naa??

Leo while sipping ice team: tied cleans dirt not fungus like him…

Raph: idea we can use all the washing powdersss…

Donnie: great.. lets bring the all powders.. and by saying that she picks one bag..

Sanskar: u all come with full planning??

Leo: arrey jijuu we never goess without full proof planning..

Donnie and sen took out all washing powders.. nirma, ghari, tied, arial, surf excel, bonus, express..etc..and mixed all in one large tub.. raglak were seeing all this things with confusion..

Donnie and raph untie laksh and dragged him near the tug… and before he can think they put him down full in the tub…and then they wash him just like an angry woman washes clothes at the river bank..

Swasan were laughing like hell while leo,micky jumping in excitement and hooting.. and sen was helping both…

When they washed him for more then 45 mins.. then sen said: now how can we dry him??

Swara to sanskar: pointtt.. we don’t have such a big drying machine..

Leo: arrey put him in the chimney he will get dry in few minutes..

Laksh shouts: nooo..

Raph: chill we don’t want to make chimney dirty.. huhh…and they again tied him on chair because now its ragini’s turn..

Ragini while shouting: no noo plzz don’t doo anything with mee..

Micky while rolling her eyes: whyyy?? U r any princess of somewhere?? Huhh even snake princesses were far better than u..

Donnie: naginn jiii..abhiii touu party shuruu hoiii hay.. and by saying that Donnie starts singing that song.. while all other ninja girls start dancing around the ragini…while pushing her sometimes pulling her hairs.. and she was screaming..

Raph: enough of dance.. lets doo the main work..

Ragini while patting heavily: what work?? U all already made my condition worse..

Sen: abbey chuppp… we washed laskh for 45 mins and u only tolerated us for 5 mins.. don’t u think its unjustice with laksh??

Everybody: yeessshhh correct… while laksh was seeing all quietly as his mouth was again tapped.. as nobody want’s his ugly voice in background to irritate them in their important work..

Swara impatiently: arrey hurry up naaa.. me and sanskar is also left.. on which sanky nodes vigouriously like an obedient child..

Ninja girls together: just chilllll… next is your turn only..

And then they made ragini first dance on all the nagin songs… and then even made her crawl like a nagin on the floor…

Raph after tying ragini again: louu jii… waisay touu.. we wanted to punish them more.. as we never have enough of punishing the culprits but as u both surfered soo its your right to punish them also ;)..

Swasan thanked ninja girls.. for being here with them and after bidding bye to swasan all five left for the new hunt 😉

Sanskar and swara came towards raglak and pulled the tape from their mouths..

Sanskar: soo enough of fun and entertainment mr laksh.. what u thought u can doo anything in your life and will never get the punishment?? On which laks just huffed in anger..

Laksh: by tying me in this chair?? U will take revenge?

Sanskar: ooopppsss soo this is the matter?? Don’t worry lets have a fight of equality..

Swara being worried: sanskarr but??

Sanskar turned towards her and cupped her face: nothing will happened my love and by saying that he pecked her forehead.. while raglak gave them a hatred look..

Sanskar opened laksh ropes and made him stand.. but before sanskar stand’s straight laksh gave him a tight punch on his stomach..

Sanskar: aahhh..

Swara : sanskarrrrrr and tried to go near him.. but sanky stopped by showing his hand..

Sanskar: u take care of ragini.. don’t worry about me..

Sanskar gave a punch to laksh on face…while swara goes in anger towards ragini.. as today her husband’s anger will come out on her only…

Swara opened her ropes and pulled her with her hairs.. shee dragged her towards one corner where there was laying a nails..swara pushed her on them..

Ragini shouts in pain but swara again pulled her and gave few slaps.. ragini tried to hold her hands.. but didn’t succeeded as swara was an angry lioness..she may take everything as a fun butt when the things come to sanskar she will even cut a person limb to limb…

Sanskar bang laksh’s head on the wall…and twisted his hand tightly…

Sanskar: u killed my frnd.. lay an eye on my swara.. tried to kill me many times.. then also u r not having any shame in your eyes…lakshh kicked sanskar with his elbow and turned towards him and gave him an other punch sanskar stumbled but he returned the punch with double energy on which laksh spitted blooddd…

Swara grabbed the knife from nearby table and gave scratches on ragini’s arm..

Ragini shouts in pain and at one point she pulled knife from swara’s hand and tried to attack her but swara gave a punch on her nose.. and it broke as she was wearing a ring and the intensity of punch was very strong soo its directly hit on her nose bone and blood starts coming out contiously…

Ragini fall down on the floor and fall down unconscious.. swara wiped the sweat from her forhead and looked towards sanskar and laksh both were empowering each other…some times laksh was beating sanskar sometimes sanskar beating laksh..

Laksh: today I will not leave u..i tried to kill u many times.. but today by hook or by crook I will kill..uuu.. that land is only mineeee.. and after killing u I will surelllyy sntach your wife’s dignity..

Sanskar in anger gave a kick on his stomach and contiously gave him punches…: I will kill u.. swara is only minee and she will remain mine.. u crossed all your limits laksh…sanskar grabbed the knife from swara’s hand who was standing little far and he brutally cut laksh’s wrists…and gaveee many scratches on his chest arms everywhere..

Laksh was screaming in pain and got senseless…sanky throws the knife in anger and got up…he was fuming in anger on seeing such a disgusting person infront of his eyes..

Swara came towards him and put hand on his shoulder sanky turned and took her in a bone crushing hug he was literary pressing her whole body that she was feeling pain in her whole body..

Sanskar: swara u r minee only mineee….

Swara while rubbing his back: I will be yours only sanskar don’t worry.. sanskar didn’t replied just tightened his grip…when suddenly..

Sanskar broke the hug: aaaaahhhhhhh…and turned found laksh behind him with a same knife in his hand…

Swara was numb on seeing the scenario….before sanky or swara can doo anything laksh again stabbed sanskar on his stomach.. sanky spitted the blood..laksh pressed the knife in his stomach..

Swara: sanskarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… she grabbed the knife from front when laksh was going to stab sanskar for the 3rd time..

Swara screams in pain: aahh maaa.. laksh tried to pull knife from her hand but she was gripping the knife and blooding was dripping from her hand..

Swara while crying pushed laksh with full force that his head banged with the side wall and he fall down unconscious..swara in pain throws the knife and bend down on sanskar who was now on the ground in the pool of blood..

Swara crying: sanskarrr.. please dontt close your eyes.. and she shouts for the gaurds.. but the basement was sound proof and sanky ordered all the gaurds to remain outside the basement door..

Sanskar with great difficulty: s.ww.aarr..aa..

Swara: please sanskarr dontt speak..let me call the gaurdss please keep your eyes open she dropped his head on the ground and run to call gaurds..

Gaurds came running and swara with the help of gaurds took sanskar to hospital.. while police arrested raglak..

On the way swara also got unconscious as her hand’s wound was deep and she was already weak due to last nyt…but then also swara was gripping sanskar’s hand tightly..

Gaurds informed parents about swasan and all rushed to hospital..swara in unconscious state murmuring sanskar’s name…while sanskar was taken to OT…

Screen freezes on unconscious faces of swasan and worried faces of parents..

To be continued..

Precap: ap shot laksh….while sanskar’s condition worsen and swara’s breakdown

I know guys this epi is not containing any swasan scenes.. and maybe u also don’t like it that much..soo sorry to dissappoint u ;).. even cricketers also don’t give best performance everytime :P.. soo bear this part for now 😉 and u can curse also 😉

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      im not at all hurt dear.. thats the reason being swasan writer i mostly avoided using raglak in my stories as i know i cant give them proper role thats why i always thought to not use them.. as this ss is on the one concept from drama thats why im using them like this.. andd im not at all hurt soo dont worry :).. because i cant add other instead on raglak in this concept soo just didnt got any other thing to how to potray as this concept of drama used by many writers soo its very difficult to show different thing and u cant get always a perfect concept naa?? and thanku soo much for liking my stories 🙂

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