Swasan second chance epi 29 to 30

Let’s start…

Swara was still Unconscious after hearing sanskar death news others were worried for her as its been hour since she is Unconscious the news of sanskar death broke her completely she was lying lifeless there only her face was pale and few tears drops were still there on her face which are still fresh showing her pain nobody can see this except her sanskar but where is he why her heart is still beating when he is nowhere anymore how can she be alive when he is death… she made fist and was struggling or fighting for her sanskar she saw some people were taking her sanskar away from her very far away she tried to stop them but they didn’t listened her and were still waking while taking her sanskar away from her she was still running behind them to catch her sanskar but he was gone far away seeing him going far away she got up with jerk and again shouted his name shocking everyone…

Sw: (screamed) sansskaaaarr (she was sweating seeing ramta she started crying loudly sujata run to her and hugged her tightly) maa sansskaar sanskar he left me ma how can he do this me with me ma how ccan he do this with me (she broke more into tears)

Suj: (controlling her) shhh swara listen me first

Sw: (act like mad) nooo ma he left me broke his promise he broke his promise (shouted more) heee broke his promise (took vase which on left side table and throw it) he brokeee his promise (sujta tried to control her but she jerked his hand while saying same line) he broke his promise how can he do this with me he left me mom he left ur chora left me here alone in this world mom how could

Suj: shh swara listen me 1st

Sw: (still in the shock) I hate him I hate him (hold sujata from shoulder) I shouldn’t have loved him I shouldn’t have loved him he broke me mom he broke me how can he do this I hate him I hatee (before she could speak more sujata slapped her shockingly she placed her hand on cheek) mom

Suj: bas swara bas he didn’t left u he didn’t left u

Sw: (shock) mom

Suj: (made her turn on right side of hers and pointed at other bed) look there (she looked there and got shock of her life) ur SANSKAR look he is there (made her look to herself) he didn’t broke his promise he came back for u for your love

Sw: (shock) sanskar (looked at sujata) mom my sanskar he is alive I (she didn’t even had words to express how she was feeling)

Suj: (happy) han ur SANSKAR

Swara got up from bed and walked to sanskar who was laying there unconscious she walk near him and saw there was bandages on his head and his right arm some scratches were on his cute handsome face…Swara had tears of happiness her heart was beating fast she caressed his face lovingly a lone tear escape from her while caressing his face now she felt alive seeing her sanskar back she kissed on his forehead bandage…she hold his hand and kissed them tightly happiness tears were fowling from her sujata came to her and placed her hand on her shoulder Swara turn to her and hugged her mean while other member also entered in the room…
Swara broke the hug and asked how this happened…

Sw: mom

Suj: Han

Sw: doctor said ke sanskar she couldn’t even say the whole sentence and how can she even dare to say that word which made her life he’ll in nanosecond

Suj: even we thought we lost him (saying this she caressed his hair mother love) but…


When swara got unconscious while screaming sanskar name that time another doctor came out of operation theater and went to sanskar bodyguard making other confuse ramta were crying and arnav khushi held swara meanwhile laksh brought another stretcher for swara they made her lay on bed before they could move they heard doctor talking with sanskar bodyguard…

Doc: (to bodyguard) he is fine now but still unconscious he will gain his consciousness in few hours inform his family member also (he was about to leave but arnav stopped him)

Arn: (confuse) about whom are u talking


Ramta who were crying on someone else body hearing this were shocked and removed the sheet from that body and saw that he is not their sanskar the people who were crying for losing sanskar are now shedding happiness tears for having him back
(This sentence is also for my reader????????)(now let me clear as we know in one operation theater 2 operation can also happen in my country it happens dint know about urs the 1st doc thought the person who died is family member of mm that why said sorry and 2nd came to bodyguard because they brought sanskar)

Before going doctor told them they will soon shift sanskar in normal ward so they asked doctor if they can shift swasan in one room because they very well knew when swara will get up she will ask about sanskar as she fainted in shock after waking she will be still in shock and make her belive that sanskar is here they shifted swasan in one room…

Flashback end…

Swara looked at sanskar lovingly and sat beside him while the other left because they know she wants to be alone with sanskar…she was looking at him deeply her sanskar is alive but still the word doc were somewhere in her mind even that death body of someone thinking she held sanskar hand tightly and caressed with one hand his hair and face…

Sw: (lovingly) u can’t belive me sanskar u scared me like hell just took my life within nanosecond you made my life hell with the thought I lost you now see again having u near my life became heaven (smile cupped his face and kissed on his forehead then cheek one by one) Jaan ho tum meri without you I can’t even think of leaving (held his hand) I won’t let u go even where ever u go I will be with u and only u (he is still unconscious) now open your eyes I can’t see u like this please na open your eyes (she pleaded him but he is still unconscious) your princess is waiting sanskar saying this she placed her head near his hand and slept holding his hand tightly never letting him go…

Precap: new journey


Coming to today episode guys I thought 1st not to add this twist but I have to do and don’t worry guys ur swasan will be together as u all know till now sanskar needed second chance but now it’s swara turn to get a second chance so let’s see what will happen….

So let’s start….

Swara was sleeping while holding sanskar tightly it’s been hour’s sanskar was still unconscious sujata wal in the room and saw swasan sleeping she went near swara and caressed her hair lightly duet she woke up and immediately looked at sanskar who was still unconscious making her sad she turn to sujata and looked at her sadly even rp joined them he hug swara from side and caressed her hair…

Rp: don’t worry he will woke up

Sw: (looked at sanskar) hmmmm

Suj: (remember she didn’t eat something) come with me swara

Sw: where mom

Suj: you have to eat something

Sw: no mom I can’t

Suj: u have swara or else sanskar will be angry on u (looked at sanskar) not for us at least for him

Sw: hmmm only for him but I will be here

Suj: ok u sit here I will bring something for u

Swara nodded her head in yes ramta left to get something for swara to eat as she didn’t had anything since the time sanskar left swara set beside sanskar again and pecked his forehead then lips… she hold his hand and kissed her hand lovingly she heald his hand near her lips a lone tear escape from her eyes seeing him like this… she know how much she is controlling herself not to break down in front everyone a smile crept on her lips while remembering their moment…

Kyon Ki Itna Pyar Tumko Karte Hain Ham
Kya Jaan Loge Hamari Sanam
Kyon Ki Itna Pyar Tumko Karte Hain Ham
Kya Jaan Loge Hamari Sanam
Kyon Ki Itna Pyar Tumko Karte Hain Ham
Hamare Dil Ki Tum Thodi Si Kadar Kar Lo
Ham Tumpe Marte Hain Thodisi Fikar Kar Lo
Fikar Kar Lo

She looked at him with teary eyes with hope that he will wake up soon…now she can’t wait to see him opening his eyes it’s killing her inside…

Kyon Ki Itna Pyar Tumko Karte Hain Ham
Kya Jaan Loge Hamari Sanam
Kyon Ki Itna Pyar Tumko Karte Hain Ham

She kissed his hand once again remembering their meet and how she doubted him on thinking That he is not mad…

Tune O Jaana Deewana Kiya Hain
Deewana Kiya Is Kadar
Deewana Kiya Is Kadar
Chahat Mein Teri Bhulaya Jahaan Ko
Na Dil Ko Kisiki Khabar
Na Dil Ko Kisiki Khabar

(a smile came on her lips thinking that how much innocent he was looking That moment truly he was dam cute that moment if she had known she will fall for him she would
Have kept that moment with her instead of ragini she would had taken care of him she lough Thinking how he made her eat kheer which she wanted him to eat)

Rago Mein Mohabbat Ka Ehsaas Jara Bhar Lo
Ham Tumpe Marte Hain Thodisi Fikar Kar Lo
Fikar Kar Lo
Kyon Ki Itna Pyar Tumko Karte Hain Ham
Kya Jaan Loge Hamari Sanam
Kyon Ki Itna Pyar Tumko Karte Hain Ham

She looked at sanskar then remember how he saved her from mohini that day she came To know his reason behind his revenge if he can take revenge from his family for kavita what will He do if something happen to her why she is thinking she already know what will he do Even he proved that her when laksh misbehaved her and also on that day when laksh badmouthed About her the way he punched laksh…

Tumse Hain Saansein Tumse Hain Dhadkan
Tumhise Hain Deewangi
Tumhise Hain Deewangi
Rab Ne Hame Di Hain Tumhare Liye Zindagi
Tumhare Liye Zindagi

She remember their fake marriage which turn into love marriage she lough thinking this can anyone imagine that their fake marriage turned into love marriage the man who wanted take his revenge and even try to destroy her life now became her life…

Wada Sang Jeene Ka Tum Jaane Jigar Kar Lo
Ham Tumpe Marte Hain Thodisi Fikar Kar Lo
Fikar Kar Lo

His simple confession which he did on that night when she ask him to marry her…after marriage how he made her fall for him the way he protected her from everyone this action of him made her fall for him fully then their confessions and union night…

Kyon Ki Itna Pyar Tumko Karte Hain Ham
Kya Jaan Loge Hamari Sanam
Kyon Ki Itna Pyar Tumko Karte Hain Ham

While she was thinking all that she felt his hand moving little bit seeing this she smile whole heartly finally he is awake…he slowly opened his eyes she held his hand more tightly tears welled up in her eyes seeing him finally waking up….

Feeling pain in his head he closed his eyes tightly swara got worried for him when he closed her eyes she cupped his face lovingly feeling someone touch sanskar again opened his eyes and looked at swara…

Sw: (happy) sanskar (he looked at her) thank god u don’t know how happy I am (she kissed his forehead then gave peck on his lips shocking him) wait I will call doctor

Saying this she run to call doctor while sanskar was still shock and get in thoughts soon swara came with doctor and looked at sanskar smiling but he didn’t react even little but this was not notice by swara…

Doc: (to swara) Mrs maheshwari (swara looked at doc while sanskar was again shock) can u go please outside I have to check Mr maheshwari

Sw: (don’t wanna leave sanskar) doctor he is my husband so why I can’t stay with him (sanskar eyes winded on hearing swara word)

Doc: please Mrs maheshwari

Sw: (looked at sanskar sadly) fine (and went out)

Doc: (went near sanskar to check him) u know Mr maheshwari u are very lucky to have a wife like her u know she was here whole the time and didn’t leave u alone for one second I must say she loves u a lot (while doctor was speaking to sanskar he notice his confuse face then stop talking and ask about him) what happened Mr maheshwari

San: who is she

Doc: (confuse) what are u saying Mr maheshwari she is ur wife

San: (confuse) wife (he looked at doc) but I don’t remember her

Doc: (he got doubt hearing this) Mr maheshwari what u remember

San: (held his head) don’t know doc I just remember I was going on meeting

Doc: on which date

San: 28 august it’s so confusing doctor how I am here I was in Mumbai and when did I got married

Doc: (now sure) I think Mr maheshwari u don’t remember what u did in those 6 months

San: 6 months

Doc: yes 6 months it’s been 6 months (took calender) see here I have to inform ur family

San: (stoped doc) no u won’t doc.

Doc: but Mr maheshwari

San: please

Doc: and what ur wife

San: I will handle her so please u won’t say anything

Doc: hmmm

San: (monologue) I am married how can I do this I loved kavita then how can I marry someone else but doctor told me that she is my wife even she had wore mangelsutre and sindoor (her mangelsutre got repaired) ahhh it’s so confusing but how I came her how I got married and what is her name I just don’t remember what should I do should I tell her no no sanskar u can’t what if she is doing acting to get my money let’s see is she really my wife and does she really love me huh love I never thought I will let someone take kavita place then how I could I do this to her stop thinking all this sanskar 1st u have to find out who she is and how u come here…

While he was lost in his thought he heard door opening sound and looked towards door found swara and arshi there seeing arshi with her he was now sure that he must have married her but still he wanted to know what happened in those 6 months that he married that whom he doesn’t even remember…

Precap: beginning of new journey

To all my reader swasan will be together so chill

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