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Swara pov

After I finished my work I head to home directly, Sanskar will be impatiently waiting, to my surprise they were all awake… and having what I would call late meal…

Uttra: bhabhi, finally you are here… there is something ragini bhabhi wants to share with all of us, and was waiting you only…

Swara: I am not that interested…

Sujata: at least be a good girl and listen, we all waited for you because your sister wanted this.

I sighted and give look to Sanskar but he also seem not to get anything at all. We were all seated on dinner table and ragini, uttra and me served food then we set. i had no wish to eat at all, so I didn’t

Ragini: swara why you are not eating?

“I have no appetite”

Nikil: swara try some, I know you better and I am sure you ate nothing at all.

“I did in the party” I lied. Yes I barely eat these days, but it’s like my stomach is feeding itself and I am never hungry even if food smell would make me water.

Sujata: just leave her, perhaps our food no longer fit her new character.

I rolled my eyes and said nothing till I felt a hand over mine under the table, I looked and it was for my dear husband, his thumb circling softly over my hand assuring me and soothing, but he wasn’t even looking, playing all normal and eating his food.

Sanskar draw his hand back and type something on his phone, instantly my phone viped in my lap

“Remind me to punish you badly. You are skipping your meals riskisly, I don’t like it”

I smiled to my phone and replied

“do you think you have this ability? Do you have The strong heart to punish your love lady?”

I glanced him while he read then he gave me a side smirk

“it depend on the type of the punishment”

I felt my face heated up badly, perhaps steam going out my ears… then I felt Sanskar hands on my thigh rubbing up and down…

Uttra: bhabhi are you ok? You look uncomfortable…

“nahi, nahi, I am ok… TOTAL ok” I glanced Sanskar and try to move his hand to stop but when he didn’t I pinshed his hand and he jerked up moving it…

Sujata: kya hwa Sanskar?

Sanskar: nothing ma, something sting me, fly maybe… its ok.

I hided my smile so no one notice me, our relationship is being so adrenaline pumper.

Annapura: ragini, what did you want to talk to us about beta?

Ragini: its just news badi ma, actually, I am.. i.. I am pregnant…

I was shocked for a second and I felt every one took a deep breath. Ragini is pregnant! I heard it right, na? suddenly I felt my heart doing a hell Punjabi dance, my dear is having a small baby.

Annapurna: are.. are you sure beta?

Oh god how someone will miss such news yaar..

Laksh: ragini.. yo..uo.. nm. jfkfdn. jjihjpfvj

Hahah I don’t think laksh speak words any more, letters were rolling his lips with no meaning, I felt to laugh quit high. Everyone was happy saying congratulations, laksh was over the clouds, happiness was all over us.

I hugged ragini “I am so happy for you di, may you have best child ever”

“you can at least try to do like her and give your husband a baby also”

The words went straight to my heart and killed me, an ouch indeed, sujhata ji words stapped me deep down.

“MOM” Sanskar shouted to stop her, but I knew it wont stop her.

Sujhata: don’t shout at me, did I say anything wrong ah. See even now ragini will give a baby to the family, while you wife didn’t till now, perhaps she will never do.

Sanskar: mom, please stop this.

Sujata: just know something chori, if you don’t give my son a baby too, I will look for him a bride who can.

Fire went through me, Sanskar and another woman make my blood boil.

“you spoke as I will just open my womb and put one baby in sujata ji. This is a matter in hands of god”

Ragini: swara don’t tell words like this…. Sorry ma…. Promise she will be good bahu and give you …

Suajta: don’t sorry to me beta, just teach you useless sister how to have a baby…

I reached my point, I was boiling

“ohh please sujata ji, I don’t need her to tell me, I know exactly to have a baby.”

I felt the shock all over there face, except one, only one was smirking, my devil husband was smirking, he loved my reply. I didn’t wish for more so I went up, but hearing my husband shouting I watched from above…

Sanskar: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU RAGINI? Good bahu! Wasn’t she good bahu for long enough?? Didn’t she save you from your wrong doings? Didn’t she save us all? Didn’t badi papa call her his own daughter… good bahu!!!

Sujata: if she can’t give a baby beta then…

Sanskar: TELL ME HOW THE HELL SHE WILL GIVE IT???? BY WIFI… weren’t we separated? Aren’t we back only month ago and we still fights… then???!!!

Annapurna: then why ragini pregnant first?

Sanskar went silent for moment fisting his hand, he was trying deadly to control his anger

Sanskar: here is the mandir badi ma, go ask god why? Cause I don’t have an answer to this one. How could you bring such topic…

Ragini: Sanskar understand your mother please, I am not against swara, but I understand mom too she is…

I saw Sanskar burst in laugh almost madly

Sanskar: you aren’t against swara ragini I know. YOU ARE JEALOUS OF HER. Always was and always be.

Laksh: watch your words Sanskar…

Sanskar: to hell, I have better things to do.

I saw Sanskar storming out from house and I head to room and when I was alone I smiled; his words spoke my heart out loud. yet sujata ma was right, perhaps I can’t be a mom, before separation, why I didn’t get pregnant? I sit to the floor hugging my knees to my chest.

“you can at least try to do like her and give your husband a baby also”

even now ragini will give a baby to the family, while you wife didn’t till now, perhaps she will never do.

if you don’t give my son a baby too, I will look for him a bride who can.

Swara POV over

Sujata taunts and words were playing in swara’s head again and again slipping tears over her cheeks. Sanskar on other hand knew how badly swara will be hurted, he was driving his car…

Sanskar POV

IDOTS, all of them. Mom, she is a woman and still brings such topic like that. What shall I do to her?!, she is my mother damn it. But tomorrow, just tomorrow all will be taken place, and maheshwaries you better pass my test or I swear you will see the worst of me.

Oh my lovely swara… just hour back we were full of joy, and now huh. Wait… I stopped my car at one spot and feel my lips turn to half smirk… oh I know how I will rectify my baby lady mode.

It was total late when I came back to MM, good, I didn’t want to face anyone, or to be interrupted…

I head to my room fastly and locked the door then searching my lady love, she was sitting on a corner chair, she had that silk kimono dress on her again, why she wear it again? I got closer to her, I clearly saw her swelled eyes and how they would seem tired when she open them, her cheeks had visible tears path, her lips was almost curled down in sad face and slight frown lines between her eyebrows.

A tear slipped the corner of her eye and bleed my heart along with it, I kissed the tear sucking it softly and taste the salty pain on my lips. Swara frown got loosened a bit but it was still there. I bit on my own lips, she will love this awake.

I trail kisses softly from her jaw line going up to her cheek, her wet eye lashes and drank her tears away, her forehead and her frown till her frown was long gone and I can feel her breaths getting quicken, she is awake.

“woke up my princess?”

“I wish I never do”

“why you would say that swara?”

“cause I was having a beautiful dream, a dream that I wanted to come true”

“what was it??”

I saw her bite her lips corner closing her sweet doe eyes, then smiled

“is that what I am thinking I am smelling??”

“hahaha your nose is never mistaken”

“paaaani puuriiiiii, give me”

Yes, pani puri, that is what I brought to my princess, I know how much she love it and would bring her mode up, that’s is why when I find that stall on road I stopped immediately and buy for her.

“arri Sanskar why are you keeping it away, give it na”

I stayed away “not so fast smart swara!! What I will have in return hm’

“Sanskar stop this yaar, it will get cold. Give na”

“no… tell me why you wear that dress again?”

She smirk and I got some romantic vibes running throw my spin

“give me the puri and I will tell you”

“tell me and I will give to you”


“swaaaraaa…” I thought a while and the naughty teen inside me danced “let’s challenge swara” I sat on bed edge with food bag beside me “five steps from your place to me, if you took them to me, you can take your hot and amazing pani puri” I cave her my naughty smirk… “and I can have my amazing way …….. with you”

She also gave me a typical smirk of mine “and if you took them??”

“then I am yours to do whatever you want”

And just then I knew what trouble I put myself into as her evil smile hugged her lips like a merciless demon

“you should have chosen your words well, MR. Sanskar”

I sat on bed with my elbows over my thighs and lend my chin to rest on my intertwined palms and watched her as she played her hairs playfully, her eyes never leaving mine.

“you see mr. Sanskar, you have made a mistake challenging me. Specially such challenge as 5 steps. And let me give you a hint about your question’s answer. Why did I wore the kimono again. Hmmmmm”

While she spoke I cursed myself 1000 times, why I made such stupid challenge, her whispers were so attempting and seductive. Just whispering Sanskar, get yourself together, damn how can i?

“Do you know Sanskar, kimono is made from the finest silk so that it touch women body softly, making them feel very, very specially”

f**k me hell, I am very stupid. She took 1 step to me, I looked confused to her deep brown iris, but only confused as she continuous her talks…

“same time silk defines women body completely giving their mine good view all the time”

She took another step and winked me and hell I am flushed and gone. I wanted to hold her right away, want her right away, mark her right away, but I can’t lose yet.

“But they would look shamless if they done that, and other men will see them too, which not accepted, so they had to figure something out.”

She took her third step to and I feel my fists turned pale as I press them so hard to control over the hot tingling every nerve in my body. Her scent reached my nostrils and played magic in my mind, her perfume was so attempting and arousing, her shampoo smell f**ked the hell out of my brain, I just wanted to smell her rest of my life if this was any near possible.

She finally stood rooted, reading my eyes… did it show my love? Sure it did, it always do, but I didn’t want to show my desire for her yet. So I try to relax my face giving my nick another position away from my palms, stretching them to let blood through them. After seconds I stopped breathing

“that’s why, beneath kimono, women wear another two layers of cloth” she whisper his seductive voice removing that tie on her waist “this is called obi, to tie there waist so hard” she throw that piece to fall slightly and I mentally heard the first several walls of my control crush down. Hell. I keep curse myself again and again, that kimono was now like a rope and she yet had another white silk dress over there, but the way it warped around her…. Divine.

“sanskaaar” I snapped my eyes to her face again “keep your eyes on my eyes.. if… you… can… you don’t want to make this easy on me, naaa?”

I growled and my beasts were roaring inside me, I was aching for her, hell she got me warped between her fingers. My wifey. Yet again she crushed all my control when she uttered next words in her most devilish whispery low s*xy voice ever, actually I would write a long poem about her voice only in this moment alone…

“yet Sanskar, good women in kimono, for their dear tired husbands… when they come after long working day…. They would be warped in kimono…. Inn..er..less


I stood up and took the 5 steps in 2 crushing her body to my own and kissing her neck madly, damn me.

Her laughs echoed softly and I reached her ear “shshshsh we don’t want to be interrupted, do we”

“I win … Sanskar”

Just before i would smash more of her

“And i am so happy, over the heels elighted that you did… my swara”

Sanskar POV over

Swara POV

Hahahaha poor my husband… I have been playing him all along, his beasts were roaring under his skin out loud for me but he still had manage to control. Poor he.

I knew what he is doing, but now I don’t want to think of it as he attacks my neck and then now my lips. It was rough kiss matching his rough lips, kissing with all his might as he crushed me to his body picking me few inches of the floor and moving around in circles. But would I let that go that simple???….


Maybe not

Before I think I was thrown softly yet hard on bed, just beside food bag, but not before Sanskar peeling the pink kimono off me and throw it away… I pushed him away…

“I won Sanskar, now you will do all I want”

He knelt to his knees “you owe me already moment you remind me of my true self”

His word touched deep my heart and melt me, shatter me to million pieces then mold me one more time… I opned the pani puri bag and make one then sign him to eat

“nahi swara, this is for you only…” he didn’t finish as I forced it to his lips, he begin to eat only to find his lips sealed by my lips chewing his lips along with the food.

Air was filled of so much heat, desire, love and passion, it was filled that you can even the air had a taste on our tongues when we are free from our pani puri kisses.

With my last piece of mind I thought of my last tease as we lend our foreheads together to breath each other breath heavily

“Someone told to me and I quotes remind me to punish you for skipping food”

“well you just accelerate the process princess, but really swara you are being ruthless about it”

“I just eat with you… naaaa” I wink him and his eyes heated more if it was possible, the second layer of my clothing didn’t hide anything, and each detail of me was exposed to him coverly.

“let me show how my punishment is… your highness”

He pushed me further till my back flat the bed and he tower me with his flawless wide body that make me feel like small trapped bird. Hours past, and I mean it, he was such a tease, making love all the night, keeping me on edge for hour then slide me to float on clouds. We kissed until our lips was swelled; at least mine was as he used kisses to muffles my voice, drawn many hickeys as making sure I will be will covered in my dress for days. It was magical, and a tease, a big tease like hell, he let sleep only after begging him as I was hell sleepy as the sun start to cast very light of blue shade over the sky.

Yet at the moment we laid still sleep was far from me. All what happen the past hours, all these love and passion and tease from him was only to distract me from what sujata ma said, and I knew it, and part of me want to be distracted but as soon as distraction is gone, thoughts drift me again.

“what you think about shonna?”

I felt his voice deep and warm, his chest vibrated under my palms as I place them on it, our legs tangled together. His one hand was on my back, his fingertips stroking my skin up and down in most feathery way. Just the fingertips on my skin, it was warm, soft, amazing, and safe while his other hand was under my head resting over my shoulder.

“jaan?” he asked again and I left my eyes to meet his, so sweet, so deep and so kind.

“about your mother’s words”

I felt his hand over my shoulder tighten and his stroking stopped…

“nothing about these word you could think about jaan”

“but Sanskar, why I didn’t get pregnant yet? Don’t you ask yourself”

“hmmm no… when we are ready we will have one, god will give us one, then why over react about it… please jaan don’t think of that way…. Ok??”


“hmmmmmm” he hummed warning me “no buts, no if… just…”


“just love my princess”

Sanskar lend and gave me most lenient, sweet kiss he ever gave me, our lips didn’t even suck, just melting softly and molding in slow motion till I felt myself sleeping his kiss knowing that he wont mind a bit of it.

Swara POV over


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