SWASAN -Sajna Tere Bina [Part 2]

Part 2 

Hi I am back … and sorry for my poor English in advance
Epi stars with uttara

Uttara(patting swara’s cheek)- please open ur eyes bhabhi please……..sm1 please help us please(crying)

Just then a man and girl in mid- twenties comes to them running who was seeing everything from other side of road

Girl- what happen
Sujata-u both pls help us she is. My dil she is not wellplease drop us to our home please I join my hands in front of u please do help us….

Girl- (remove her hands)aunty please……u don’t worry we for sure will help u just tell us where we have to drove u

Uttara- (sobbing) m..m.ma….maheshwari mansion

Man- okk

he pick swara in his arms and carry her towards his car, sujutt and the girl was coming behind him…..he place her on backseat sujutt sit with swara and drove to mm…….
They reach mm on stairs 
Sujata- uttara ja jaldi dactor me phone Kar (uttara go fast and call doctor)

Listening sujata’s voice ev1 mean mf who was in hall chit chatting happily turn there gaze towards swauttsujj and the girl and man they were shocked seeing swara unconscious and sujutt crying, ragini runs upstairs towards swara

Ragini– chachi ji kya hua Swara ko sab thek hai Na (chachi ji what happened to swara is everything alright)
Sujata who was already worried and in pain burst out on Ragini

Sujata-(angrily) apni aankhon se dekh kar samajh nA aaraha hai ki sab thhek hai ki nai Bewakoof jaise sawal kar rahi hai(can’t u see urself and understand if everything seems alright to u asking stupid questions idiot )

Ragini– Chachi Ji I did not mean that I was just saying(interrupted)

Sujatha- dekh chhori tu ……..

Uttara- maa please leave her first we take swara bhabhi to her room and get her checked

Sujata- yaa u r right(to man who helped them) u please cm with me to room
They leave with swara to swasan room
After half n hour whole mf was standing outside swasan room doctor was checking swara inside
Aftersm time doctor cm out

Sujata- doctor what happened to swara she is fine Na

Doctor- there is nothing to worry she is fine and just fainted due to shock will be fine soon 
Sujata-joining her hand and eyes closed) bhagwan thara lakh lakh shukar hai mari swara bilkul theek hai…..aapka bhi bahut-bahut dhanyabad dactor Sahab(hey god many– many thanks to u my swara is alright…… thanks to u also doctor)
Doctor- no need to thank it’s my duty
She leaves
Sujata goes in to see swara after sometime others also go
Sujata was standing emotionless she was not even crying
Ap(hold sujata from both the shoulder)sujata now at least tell what had happened now even swara is fine so tell na what’s the matter


Ram- sujata tell na why r u silent what had happened just say

Ragini– Chachiji please speak

Sujata- what should I say jiji what’s remaining there to say.. . ….. what’s remaining(sniffing)
Falls on her knees on floor

Ev1 was shocked

Ap- sujata what had happened why r u saying like that

Sujata- (break down) what else should I say jiji what else…..my son left me once again .. .he again left me jiji but this time for forever…… again he left one letter and leave me forever

Ap sit and side hug sujata

Ap-sujata what r u saying sanskar left u again but when and why
Uttara gives sanskar’s letter to ap

Uttara- Badi maa take this u will get to know everything

Ap- uttara what is this

Uttara- maa it’s the letter Bhai had left before leaving(crying)

Laksh- what……..give it to me
He takes letter and open it

Uttara- read it aloud
Laksh read the letter all were shocked by listening it

Ram-(shocked) (tears flowing from his eyes) ke sanskar ne suicide kar liya na Jena ho sake hai…………uttara tu jhoot bol rhi hai na je letter jhoot hai na …..hai na uttara ………(shaking uttara by shoulder) uttara bol na ki je sab jhoot hai [whatttt sanskar had done suicide no not possible……. this is not possible……… uttara u r lying na right uttara ………..(shaking her from shoulder) uttara say na it’s all a lie its not true say na(break down)]

Uttara- (crying)(consoling ram) (choking) no dad it’s true …..its all true Bhai had left us …….he left us dad for forever… foreverrrr he will not come back never ahhahhh(sniffing)

Dp- (angrily) I had never knew sanskar is that much coward that he will do suicide and that to just because his wife choose her family over him I am ashamed to say that he was son of my family

Sujata- (shocked) what r u saying bhaisa how could you blame my sanskar like this

Ap- so or what else he should say sujata tell what ever he is saying is true only ur son was coward only and if he was not then y the hell did he attempt suicide …..speak speak sujata

Sujata-(angrily) (shouts) enough jiji
just enough now not even a word against my son and he is not coward get ittt and what’s this was-was ha he is not was but still my son not was he is ……and what you said you r ashamed to call him son of this family…yaa ur right even I am ashamed that my son belongs to THIS family .. the family of spineless peoples 
Laksh+(shouts) chaaachiiii how dare u say this

Sujata-(shouts with same anger) so what wrong did I say what all i say is truth only a bitter truth

Laksh- Chachi you(interrupted)

Dp- leave her laksh this woman had become mad in her son’s death let’s go from here

Ap- yaa lash ur dad is write leave them

All leaves

Man & girl who had help sujutt were in hall

Girl -we should leave now

Man- yaa let’s go
They were leaving when they see raglak’s picture on wall and were shocked they reach on stairs

Just than mf (raglak dp ap) come there 
Dp ap goes to their room raglak sit on sofa ignoring them ragini put her head on lux shoulder

Ragini– offo laksh what’s all these new drama first because of that sanskar we were separated from 6 months and now we get together so this

Laksh- aww Mera bachcha don’t be sad OK let’s go to our room and rest 
Ragini nods

Man and girl were shocked they leave 
Outside door

Girl- I am not understanding anything what’s all this I am not getting even a single thing

Man punches the wall angrily

Man- what the hell is happening here
And how these all family members r reacting

Girl- even I not understanding anything dont  andinow what had happened to shona and why the hell was that laksh was so calm even after seeing Shona’s state and was with her sister(rags) enjoying

Just than they hear some one sobbing sound they go in that direction and see uttara crying there behind tree

Girl- uttara

She turns
Uttara- aap log(u)(wipe her tears) umm thanks for helping us

Girl-it’s Okk
Uttara sees them thinking something

Uttara- do u want to ask something and how do u know my name

Man- yes actually we want to know something

Uttara-(confused)yaa ask what you want to know

Girl-actually we want to know that what had happened to shona and why laksh was with her sister ragini and instead of caring and worrying for Shona he was enjoying with ragini after all shona is his wife so how could he be so careless about her

Uttara- (shocked) what ….. what r u saying u r misunderstanding

Man-what do you mean

Uttara- yaa a wait a minute how do you know our names and Shona(cut)

Girl- actually my name is CHAKOR and he is my husband SURAJ and we r Shona’s friends actually we and Shona had studied in same school when we were in 9th to 12th and she was 1 year junior to us in hoogly school and then in same college for her 1st year after that she return back to Kolkata but she was in touch with us but from last sm months we had no contact with her after her and laksh marriage and she had sent us all urs photos so we recognize u and had never came. Kolkata so don’t know Shona home

Uttara- ohh actually many things has been changed vo my real brother my Bhai and ragini bhabhi……(tells them every thing till now)now she was crying badly

Chakor– what …..oh my god this much had happened and sorry we didn’t knew that ur brother had done suicide

In swasan room

Swara was unconscious and moving her eye balls and get up with shout and sweating

Swara- sanskaaarrrr
Sujata was sitting on floor emotionless and listening swara scream come in sense and goes to her and hugs her

Sujata-swara (patting her head) swara calm down beta Calm down shhhshh

Swara-(crying) mom….mom wo wo San.. sans.. sanskar mom wo

Sujata-shhhh sh sanskar is fine he is fine don’t worry

After sm time

Swara become normal
Swara-(crying and stammering) y he left me mom y if he angry and hurt by me then he could have punish us but not this way mom not this way ….how could he left me like this he can’t punish me like this
Sujata was saying nothing just patting her head

Suddenly swara get up and wipe her tears

Swara-no mom he didn’t leave me he can’t leave me ever I know my sanskar mom he is not like me he can never left me as I do he can’t

Get up from bed 
Swara- i am saying right na mom he can never left me ma never ever

Sujata -(seeing her state) u take rest I am going to get food for u
And left

Guys sorry I know it’s boring and post next part in some hours yaa right in some hours….

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