Swasan- Pillow Story (TS) part 1

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Swasan – A Pillow Story.

Pillow’s pov.

I have been kept from many days in a single store, many people come and go looking at me, touching me and some dont even feel my presence. I always witness different people here… 

I have many friend’s the various covers, quilts, blankets.. many are kept packed..

The older ones getting replaced with the new ones.

On a one fine day many children came in the shop with a guardian and started selecting things.

I saw a girl of about 9 looking at me from a long time.

She is cute, sweet and looked like a fairy with her big eyes and cute nose..

She slowly came towards me and picked me up in her arms. She is so cute and was looking at me with her blinking eyes.

She went towards the guardian.

“Miss Can I take this, Pliccchhhhhhh?” She asked innocently.

Her guardian looked at me as if she will kill me with her eyes but I was happy to be in the arms of little angel.

Her Miss nodded.. she jumped in happiness and clapped her hands due to which I fell down…

Oucchhh. Crazy girl. It hurts??.

She picked me up biting his lips.

“M cholly pillow. I was over excited. Chollllyyyyy.” She said sweelty and held her one ear. I felt as if I am living and she can feel my presence but she is a kid…

I was then kept inside the bag. Everything inside me went blank but still I was able to hear some laughing and talking sounds.

Slowly I went to sleep??. Huhh. Dont look like this??. Even we need rest??..

Then when I woke up I found myself in a room.. a very clean room.. it was having 2 single beds. And many more things.

A girl came towards me.

“Swara, What will you name it?” That girl asked pointing towards me.

“I dont know. Help me.” Same girl who bought me said coming closer to me.

Oo. So her name is Swara.

But I wonder what this place is?

I dont think its her house then may be Hostel. Yeah it can be hostel.

She kept me near the window. I saw sun setting down and moon coming up. I love this view that was so beautiful.

After some time they came back to room.

Swara came towards me. The other girl switched off the lights. She took me in her arms and took me with her and cried half of the night.

I dont know I felt so bad to see her tears…

She cried without speaking a word.

Some days passed.. she used to go to school in morning and then later lock herself in the room doing stuff. She never talked to someone and never went to spend time with some friend.

After 4 years… she was 13 by now. Her 13th bday.

She never told anything to me just used to cry all night.

I wanted to confront her and ask her the reasons but she never said a word and cry until she feels better.

But today she came to me and held me close to her heart and hugged me.

“Pilloa…you know..”

Pilloa..?? wah. She called me pilloa… is it my name? ? I loved it…

“Pilloa. You know… I want to go to my family…. I miss them soo sooo much…” she said and her tears drop fall on me.

I felt bad….

But where is her family? How can they send a small child to hostel… Huhhh???… whole cotton inside me is burning with anger….??

“But its okk. Miss always say they have important work so.. i wont trouble them much… Will you celebrate my bday with me… Plichhhhhhhhhh..” she said..

Awww… I wanted to pull her cheeks..
Soo cute..

“Yipppeeee… Thanks Pilloa. Come with me..” she move holding me in her arms..

I smiled seeing her happy…

She took out a small veg cake from her bag and placed it on table.

I looked at it and thought how she got his and why after 4 years..?

She cut the cake and placed it in two plates…

Ummmm… It looks soo yummy… I wish I could have it. But?? ….

Understanding that I cant eat she take plate which was infront of me and ate the whole…

While my mouth kept on watering seeing it.

She ate it whole and looked happy…

She talked with me whole night and didnt cried and told me about a new friend she made in school and how he helped her.

“You know he saved me from the other boy’s who were teasing me. They always tease me but he was the one who saved me. He is so good. His name is Sanskar.” She said and narated the whole incident happily.

Huhhhh.. I hate this Sanskar. But she is happy with him. But I am her friend from before….. I am jealoused but I know he must be looking like a Chimpanzee…??

She slept after some time with a smile on her face…

After that day. She always used to talk to me and tell me everything she did that day and also about that Sanksar??..

After 4 years… ( 17 yrs)..

She is 17 by now. Mature enough.. i thought she will stop talking to me and will think me useless and rubbish but nothing happened the way..

She loves me more and still tell me everything and I am with her always.. but today I am so sad.

She is going to a school trip…

Leaving me for 4 days.

I know she dont need me there and also I dont have any needs that she will stay back with me.

I am sad today I dont want to talk??…

I slept and thought to hibernate for 4 days.

But suddenly I felt a movement in myself… I opened my eyes and saw her placing me in one of her bags…

But why is she doing so?

“What you thought Pilloa? I will leave you… huhh never. I can never leave my best friend…. I Love You na… come lets go…” she said.

Awwwww…. she loves me…

Sometimes I do feel she is able to hear me and feel what I wanted to say…

To be continued..

Do comment if you liked it and if you want next part.?

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  1. Nagamanasa

    Interesting dear….continue soon

  2. Wow.. That was so cute..

  3. Awesome..

  4. I am a silent reader but your ff was just mind blowing so I thought to comment. comming to story it was very nice and I loved it. Please continue ?

  5. Kakali

    Throughout the whole part,i was just imagining my Doraemon Side pillow… gosh i was grinning like an idiot..!!
    Ridhima,, it was too cute to read.. !! i LOVEd it dear.. !!;*
    Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*
    well i have a question,, Ridhima, r u the same #Ridz of FB page?

    1. Anisha

      No babes! She is Ridhima, I mean #Ridhi?
      Ridhima Gupta! Outstanding! ?
      Though I read it yesterday, I wanted to comment here?
      You toh don’t read my stories! ??
      Toh mene hi privilege le liya??

  6. Semran

    Hey it is awesome. This is the first time I am reading a story like this. Please continue and post soon.

  7. its so cute?????

  8. Awwwww
    How cuteeeeeeee

  9. Aashi

    Cuteeee…. A really new concept!!! And really swara-pillow bond…wow…
    Next part soon please??

  10. Scooby

    Awesome loved it.. huhhh if tears had color my pillow wud b having different shades… nly my pillow knows my pain..

  11. Rj12

    Aw!!! So cute love the pillow’s and Swara’s bond

  12. Vyshu10

    haha….pillow will witness swasan’s love later. Update ffs too

  13. Seebu_s

    aww….this is ff is more than cute

  14. Awesome ??

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    such a cute story❤…..awsm loved it?
    Plz also post the tenant one ff……

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    Awesome dr…..
    Nxt one soon..

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  23. cuteee..i loved it..

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