Swasan: HIS PAIN TS (Part-2)

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Part 1 Here

Part 2

After sometime she left towards their while runing…she looked around in room to find but he was no where…she saw Balkony door open she thought maybe he is there thinking that she went towards Balkony…
Seeing that sight infront of her Broke her completly never in her dream she thought she will see sanskar drinking beacuse of her….she was looking at him with teary eyes while he was busy in drinking….

Sw: (shocked broken) SANSKAR

Hearing her voice sanskar looked at her and smiled but she was only shocked seeing his state he was full drunk…he start walking towards by walking he stumble seeing him stumbling she held him and made him entered in their room…she made him sit on Couch and she kneeled down infront him…

Sw: (with teary eyes) why did u drink sanskar

San: (fully drunk act being shocked) u dont know I drink everynight hahahah

Sw: (shocked) whaaaaatttt u drink everynight and why I dont know about this

San: (sad n pouted cutely) beacuse u never have time for me

Sw: (shocked Tears start fowlling down from eyes) sorry sanskar I am really sorry will u forgive ur swara (she said holding his hands)

San: (confuse) my swara

Sw: (hurted seeing him like that) han ur swara

San: but where is my swara (said making swara shocked she looked at him with wide eyes) u know I am missing her badly very badly but dont know I think I lost my swara (tears falling down from her eyes hearing him????) will u bring my swara back to me and tell her her sanskar is missing her very badly (even his tears falling down from her eyes)

Sw: (hurted with his word and cupped his face) sanskar look at me (he looked at her) I am ur swara

San: (jerked her hand and stood up) no no no (pointing towards swara) u are not my swara no no u are not my swara

Sw: (???) I am ur swara

San: noooo u are not if u were my swara she didnt have left me (hearing this she remembered how she left him…Sanskar came near her said her something which Broke her more) u know my swara she said me that she will never leave me and she also promised me after getting her back from sahil when she lost her Memory and even before falling from clif she said me that we will be toghter no matter what happend that is my swara but u are not my swara

Sw: (hurted) to phir main kon Hu sanskar..
(Then who i am sanskar)

San: (smiled happily) you are THE GREAT SWARA (shocked hurted) han u are the great swara u know u are a great DOUGHTER who can fight to unite their parents by hook or crook…u are great SISTER who can forgive her sister who tried to KILL u who snatched ur 1st LOVE who SEPRATED their parents who tried to Prove u CHARAKTERLESS infront everyone who even did ur SHARAD even U left for her ur HUSBAND….U are great DOUGHTER IN LAW who can fight for their in laws no matter how much they INSULTED u and DISTRUST u…U are great SISTER IN LAW who fight for uttra even u risked ur life for her haaaan u are THE GREAT SWARA

Hearing his word swara stumbled back his each word hurted her badly and now she was crying badly…?????????????????

San: in each and every relationship u are perfect swara except one relationship OUR relationship swara OUR  relationship u tried to mend every relationship but u forgot our relationship why swara why…u know I am not angry at u beacuse even it was my mistake also i hurted u alot even I should be sorry swara really I am sorry for hurting u badly (cupped her face lovingly n looked at with cute pout) did I really hurted u sooo badly that u didnt have any time for me swara (tears start fowlling down from his eyes) u know how much I missed u swara nooo u dont know to forgett u I drank everyday from past 6 months to forget u and till now i am doing each and every Moment spend with u I wanted to forget…seeing u with nikil I felt hurted u were loughing with him and was soo free around him that I couldnt control myself seeing u with someone else it hurted me alot do u know where  (swara looked at him and he Pointed towards his heart and said very cutely) here it hurted very badly but After getting u back I thought we will be toghter but no u didnt had time for me u have to time for everyone I am Not saying u didnt took care of me but I dont want that having u near me seeing u here i am happy but i felt alone this room is haunting me swara our silints is killing me before i loose myself
I want my swara u know she loved me the way I loved her but u DONT..she had always time for me she was always there when I needed her she had time to listen to scold me whenever I forget my Vitamin Tablett she understand me before i say something to her…she always said that she can read my eyes but (point towards swara) u dont soo u are not my swara u even dont love me (he said sadly) I want my swara han (went near swara said inoccently ) can u bring my swara who love more then anyone plzz bring my swara back I want my swara

Saying this he fainted on her shoulder hearing his pain swara was shocked never in her dream she thought she will hurt her sanskar soo badly that He will put a mask being happy infront of her and she couldnt be able to read him…Did she lost him in those 7 months she remembered its been weeks since she is back and they didnt even have spent sometime toghter she was sooo busy in her own World that she forgot she have someone who is waiting for her day and night..

She made him lay proparly on bed and covered him with blanket..she sat near him and start crassing his hair tears were fowlling down nonstop how blind she became to make every relationship good she forgott her relationship with sanskar…
While crying she slept hugging him thigtly today his outburst made her relized her mistake..she thought to talk to him early morning and will clear all misunderstandig between them…

Next morning sanskar woke up early he was having headach and couldnt sleep duet headach proparly…
e looked at swara and smiled seeing her hugging him thigtly and peck her forehaed lovingly…

(note: guys sanskar dont remember what He told swara being drunk)

He Got up went towards washroom after getting fresh he packed his cloths and left a Note for swara that He is leaving for buisseness Trip will be back After 2 week…he thought to take her but like always she refused him once again he pecked her forehaed n lips…and left for his buisseness trip…

To be continue…

One question what u want guys should swara go behind sanskar on his Trip or wait for him 2 weeks…

  1. Nice..should go to sanky..tc..

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    this outburst is needed even in da show..loved dis epi.. i think she should go behind him atlest dey could get some time for demselves ..waiting for nxt

    1. Rabia0032

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  5. yes she has to go behind him

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  6. If swara tries to persuade sanskaar still let him be angry on her (pretending). She should go to the trip and apologise bcs two weeks will be hard time for both her and sanskaar.

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  9. Yes swara should go behind sanskar. Its awesome. U rocked it. U are too good in writing. I love this part. Finally sanskar’s outburst make swara realise her mistake. Waiting for swara’s reaction, when she comes to know sanskar left without telling her. Please post the next episode as soon as possible. …..☺☺☺bless you

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