SwaSan- Pain Hurt Care and Trust few shots (Shot 11)

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SwaSan getting down from the car r shown really angry while swara had some tears in her eyes too!…
Seeing this tht swara was having tears in her eyes sanskar felt a pinch in his heart… He felt to wipe her tears and never let a tear come in her eyes.. But before tht he had to do something of the ladies who were standing in front of the Oberoi mansion and taunting shemish..
“huh sumi ji whole city knows u and we all respect u but ur daughter….”said one lady..
“exactly i knew this would happen one day.. Swara always wears such exposing clothes…” said another lady..
“yah agree and also she always talks with Boys..” said another one..
“if u would have married swara before only na this wouldnt happen” said the lady 1
“its gud its a teaching for every girl to behave properly and cover herself also not to step out of house and meet boys” said the ladies…
Shekhar and Sanskar were the two people who were the most affected their blood was boling like hell… Sumi just went near swara and was just supporting her daughter…
All the jounrnalists were present there as the maheshwaris and oberois were always the talk of town and famous..
Just as sanskar and shekhar were going to say.. They hear a bitter laugh which caught not only their attention but also of all the ladies and jounrnalists…
Thet turn around only to find swara who laughed bitterly..
Sanskar entangled his and Swara s hand and they both went near where the ladies and media people..
“firstly my dear aunties i didnt get ur logic.. I mean wht the hell if i cover up myself then i wont have got raped like seriously (she laughed alil painfully).. Hmm if this was the reason then many coservative people wouldn’t have got raped..” swara shouted..
She closed her eyes in pain..
” and talking abt boys we r living in 21st century stop being in 19th century atleast now.. Huh and (pointing to the lady) i have seen ur son so many times with girls.. I guess he is going to rape them now right!!” shekhar angrily spoke and the lady had no words to speak…
“u people r no one to tell us when we should make our daughter marry get it?! She is independent and its her choice we dont interfere in our matters right (folding her hands) so plzz stay out of it” sumi said with tears in jer eyes..
Shekhar and swara were happy plus shocked seeing this side of sumi as they never saw her this angry…
Sanskar was feeling happy tht they were supporting swara this much…
“and this is the reason y our country is not developing now (pointing to the ladies and media)and u all r the biggest reason for this.. The criminal rapes a woman but the woman is blamed for this.. Dare u point finger next time on any woman then u will see the hell out of me”Sanskar spoke as his anger reached its peak…
Media and ladies were not able to face them… They felt really guilty…
“swara beta plz forgive us.. Sorry” the ladies said..
Swara smiled with pain in her eyes… “aunties u guys pointed finger on me but my parents (seeing sanskar with respect and love) and My husband supported me.. But their r so many girls i have known who have the same condition as mine but some people like u all make their lives hell.. And they have no one to support and many commit suicide too.. “swara said breaking down…
Ladies heart broke listening this..
” i request u(folding her eyes) never Judge a girl.. Like this.. Plzzz”swara said..
The ladies getting a new lesson and change in themselves moved from their… And media too
Sanskar proudly saw swara holding her eyes he assured her through her eyes tht he is there ane whtever she did was right..!
Shemish were standing a lil far and watching them..
Sanskar got a lil nervous but still bringing his fingers near swara s cheeks he wiped her tears..
This was their first touch.. Like this which made shivers run down them…
Both were getting 440 volts of current.. But it was an awesome feeling which both were getting…
Swara closed her eyes feeling hos touch..
He wiped his tears and smiled to her..
Swara opened her eyes and saw him with full respect and gratitude towards him..
“no more tears from now get it?” sanskar said to which swara happily nodded and smiled… She felt so special tht time..
Shemish who were seeing our SwaSan thanked god tht they got Sanskar in swara s life as he was perfect for their daughter.. And prayed to keep both of them like this nd happy…
Swara who saw her parents went to them and hugged..
The trio were hugging each other while sanskar was just shaking his head looking at this super amazing family..
Sumi chuckled and smiled seeing sanskar..
Swara too noticed him standing there and adoring them..
“do i need to call a special invitation or wht mr maheswari!” swara said lighting the environment..
Sanskar chuckled and tightly hugged all of them…
Breaking the hug sumi went inside and did aarti of swasan..
They all went inside and had a great time having food and enjoying.. Now they were two teams in the house.. As usual shekhar and swara and other was sumi and sanskar…
Sumi found a son in sanskar and was really happyyyy…
SwaSan then left from their aftet sometimes and reached maheshwari house..

Precap-party in the house

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