Swasan OS: Your eyes are sea of emotions and your voice is my dream

Hi guys, I am back. This concept was revolving in my mind since so much time and I hope that you also like this.

Introduction of characters…

Maheshwari family

ACP Sanskar Maheshwari: A 26 years old strict, honest, brave ACP…an angry young man. Hates lie, hates those people who are coward and do not answer him properly. He is obedient son and great brother of his sister. He also loves his nation and can do anything for it. And obviously girls are mad after him because of his personality but sanskar doesn’t gives any heed to them.
Ramprasad Maheshwari: A 55 years old Ex-army officer, great father and husband. He also loves his nation. He kind hearted and a mentor for Sanskar. He is really proud of Sanskar
Sujata Maheshwari: A 53 years old Fun-loving, understanding wife and mother. She is really proud of Sanskar. She wants him to marry a girl who can understand Sanskar and his work, who can love him and his heart.
Uttara Maheshwari: A 18 years old cute girl who loves her family. She is an apple of everyone’s eye. She sometimes behaves maturely and sometimes behave like a kid.

Gadodia Family

Shekhar Gadodia: A 54 years old Ex-army officer and a loving father of his daughters and great husband of shomi, proud of his daughter but sad for his younger daughter.
Shramishta Gadodia: A 52 years old Understanding and kind wife and mother. She is proud of her both daughters but sad for her younger daughter
Swara gadodia: A 22 years old Younger daughter of Shemish, a bubbly, matured, kind hearted and beautiful girl. An incident changed her life.

Singh Family

Ragini singh: A 25 years old Elder daughter of Shemish and loving sister of swara. She is married to Laksh singh, who is also a police officer, she has a son. She is an obedient daughter in law. She also feels really sad for her sister because of that incident. But still she always support swara.
Laksh Singh: A 26 years old police officer, childhood friend of Sanskar, husband of ragini and a brother for swara. Swara is like a little sister for him. He is fun-loving person.
Ayyan singh: A 4 years old naughty son of raglak, the best buddy of swara.
Annapurna singh: A 54 years old widow of durgaprasad singh. She is great mother and grandmother of laksh and ayyan. She loves ragini like her own daughter. She also takes care of swara like her own daughter.

So let’s start…

On a busy road, a black SUV coloured car suddenly stopped because a girl of about 22 years old was sitting on her knees.

The driver of the car got really angry, “What the hell”

He came out of the car with blood shot eyes. He went towards the girl and held her one shoulder really tightly. The girl jerked and turned her head towards the man. She got little scared by seeing his anger. (and she was swara gadodia so you guys might have guessed that man is ACP sanskar maheshwari)

Sanskar shouted: Stand up!

Swara stood up.

Sanskar: What the hell were you doing…if I would I have hit you then.

Swara was quiet and blinking her eyes. Sanskar got more irritated and held her both shoulders really tightly.

Sanskar: Are you deaf, can’t you hear me and listen I don’t like those people who don’t answer me at once and I don’t ask one question again.
Swara’s arms were hurting, some tears brimmed in her eyes. Sanskar got really angry and said, “Oh my god, typical girls”

Saying this he sat in his car. Swara moved aside and sanskar went to this police station. Here swara slowly sees towards her hand and there is a little bird in her hand chirping. Swara smiled and she released the bird. She saw the bird flying. She just stood at the corner waiting for her mother. In the other hand, Shomi was walking fastly but she suddenly collided with another lady.

Shomi: sorry behenji, I am really sorry.
Lady: it’s alright

Suddenly they saw each other face and got happy and hugged each other.

Shomi: arey sujju, how are you? (yes it’s sujata maheshwari)
Sujata: I am fine shomi, how are you?

They released the hug.

Shomi: I am good too, where you went away ha, didn’t even call us. And how’s ram bhaiya, sanskar and Uttara.
Sujata: Calm down, shomi so many questions at once. Actually we had to move towards rajasthan because your ram bhaiya got transferred there. I also lost my phone so I couldn’t call you. After few years, sanskar got transfer here permanently so we resided here. We went to your old house but you weren’t there.
Shomi: actually we moved because we sold that house as the school for swara and ragini was far away.
Sujata: oh, and your sanskar has became ACP you know
Shomi: Really, congratulations…Actually I heard about him and I thought it must another sanskar
Sujata: by the way how are your daughters.
Shomi: Ragini, got married to anu’s son and swara is also good
Sujata: what! She married with laksh…great, see my prediction was good, I told you few years ago that these will marry each other
Shomi: hehehe true… she even has a son now
Sujata: oh ho, nani..congratulations
Shomi: come let’s go to my house, and swara is just standing at the other end.
Sujata: I would love to but Uttara is going to come from college soon and sanskar just dropped me here as I had to buy some household stuff.
Shomi: then why don’t you come at Sunday with your family for lunch, even anu is coming this Sunday for lunch at my house.
Sujata: sure, I will meet swaragini, laksh, anu and your grandson also.
Shomi: okay come on time
Sujata: yes

Sujata and shomi went away. Shomi reached swara and she saw swara was keeping her hands on her waist and frowning at her.

Shomi: Sorry shona, I met my friend after so many years.

Swara smiled and signed it’s alright (you guys might have guessed that she is dumb) Shomi and swara and went to home. Shomi informed this to shekhar and he got happy as he knew ram very well as they did protected their nation together once.

Here in police station sanskar is getting really angry and a criminal tried to bribe him. He beat that criminal and then he went into his cabin. He sat their and angrily asked for tea.

Sanskar: Raju…bring tea for him..fast

Laksh who worked in same police station went into his cabin

Laksh: what happened, today again the arrogant ACP is erupting
Sanskar: Because of a girl
Laksh: OMG….Sanky you are dating someone
Sanskar: shutup lucky….i am not

(guys I want to clear something… sanskar and laksh knew each other when they were in school…they didn’t know that their mothers were best friends. When sanskar came back from rajasthan, he met laksh again. But they still don’t know about their mothers being friends)

Laksh: but you just said a girl made you angry
Sanskar: Actually I was coming to police station and then…(sanskar tells everything about his encounter with swara)… I just hate these type of people I mean why the hell she wasn’t answering to me and she was crying as if I have shot her.
Laksh: calm down sanky… don’t get hyper

Sanskar sighed.

Whole day passed and at night in swara’s room….

Swara is putting ointment on her arm where sanskar held her tightly. As soon as ointment touched her skin she hissed in pain. She somehow applied the ointment and slept not knowing what this destiny has written for her.

Days passed and Sunday came.

Everything was hustle and bustle in gadodia house; Annapurna, ragini and shomi were preparing lunch together in the kitchen, shekhar and laksh were talking and swara and ayyan were running around the house.

Ayyan while running: Mashi…paklo paklo (masi…catch me)

Swara was smilingly running behind little ayyan. Shekhar was having moist eyes.

Laksh: papa, what happened?
Shekhar sighed and said, “My shona…I am seeing this smile after so many days. I know that she fakes the smile infront of us but with ayyan…she become that old swara who used to smile everytime wholeheartedly.
Laksh: Everything will be alright uncle.
Shekhar: I hope so.

Swara and ayyan were running and went towards the main door and she suddenly collided with someone and was falling down but someone caught her by her waist. Swara held his t-shirt tightly and was closing her eyes tightly. The man frowned a little by seeing her…yes it was the volcano…i mean sanskar, he was wearing sky blue t-shirt and grey coat. But his frown vanished when he was memorised by seeing her cute face. Swara slowly opened her eyes and saw sanskar holding her. They had a little eyelock which was broken by shekhar.

Shekhar: careful shona beta.

Sanskar made her stand up and swara just smiled, gesturing thank you, towards sanskar. (Sanskar still doesn’t know that she can’t speak).

Shekhar: Namaste Bhabhi…
Sujata: Namaste bhaiya
Shekhar: Ram…long time ha

Shekhar and ram hugged each other. Sanskar and Uttara took blessings from shekhar.

Shekhar: so you are angry young man ACP sanskar maheswari

Sanskar smiled then suddenly he saw laksh.

Laksh: oye, what are you doing in my house
Sanskar: your house..
Laksh: I am son in law of this house so it is my house…right papa
Shekhar: correct son.
Sujata: You guys know each other.
Laksh: yes aunty…we are langotiya yaar….we studied in same school and now working together.
Sujata: OMG..i can’t believe it. You mum, I and shomi were best friends and here we didn’t even know that our sons are also best friends. (she turned towards swara)..you must be swara right.
Swara nodded and she bend down to take blessing but sujata stopped her and said, “what are you doing? Daughters don’t bend down…you are like my Uttara..so you should hug me.”

Saying this she hugged swara. Then swara took blessings from ram also. Sujata was impressed by swara but was confused as she wasn’t speaking anything.

Uttara: hi swara di

Swara waved at her.

The maheshwari family were little confused by swara as she wasn’t speaking anything.

Sanskar (monologue): oh god, this much attitude…doesn’t even have manners

Swara went inside the kitchen and signed ragini, ap and shomi and maheswari have came.

Ragini: ma, you both go I will make tea for them.

Suddenly swara signed that she will make the tea…asked ragini to go

Ragini: but

Swara put her hands on her waist and raised her eyebrows

Ragini smiled at her little sister and said, “okay meri ma..i am going”

Swara started to make tea

In the hall ayyan was pulling sanskar’s pant. Sanskar saw him and bent down.

Ayyan: hi…I am ayyan luch shingh
Laksh listened to ayyan and said, “Mere baap, apne introduction ke chakkar mein tuh mera naam kyun bigadta hai (Why do you ruin my name while introducing yourself)
Ayyan giggled.
Sanskar: hi mr ayyan luch shingh…I am ACP Sanskar Maheshwari

Saying he also giggled

Laksh: oh god….why does this happens to me?

Till then ap, shomi and ragini came into the hall and met Maheshwari family. All of them were sitting and talking then suddenly Uttara asked, “aunty, where is swara di”
Shomi: beta, she is preparing tea.

Sujata: shomi, if you don’t mind then can I ask you something.
Shomi: yes sure ask
Sujata: is swara alright…I mean she isn’t speaking anything since we came

Gadodia and singh family got upset. Shomi was having tears in her eyes.

Ragini: aunty…who..actualy few years ago…(then she got quite and was having tears also)
Laksh: aunty, few years ago one of girl, who was jealous of swara melodious voice, gave he a powder mixed in water….which made her…dumb.

Everyone was shocked specially sanskar who was really guilty now for his deeds.

Shomi: Singing was her passion, her dream…she wanted to become a famous singer but that girl…you know sujju…shona was very kind, innocent, she never thought wrong for anyone…not even for her enemies. But fate snatched her voice…which used to fill this house with happiness.

Swara who was standing with tray was getting teary eyes, sanskar saw her teary eyes and got really guilty. She wiped her tears and cleared her throat to gain everyone’s attention. She smiled and went towards everyone to give their tea. When she went towards sanskar, he looked at her but she wasn’t even looking at him. Everyone were having their tea then shekhar said, “shona, ragu, lucky…go and show sanskar and Uttara our house…I will show Bhabhi and ram later.

Swaragini, sanlakutt stood up and started to roam around the house. Suddenly ayyan called ragini and she went. Later laksh got a call from ragini then he also went away. Only swasanutt were walking.

Uttara: Wow di, you house is so beautiful and good.

Swara smiled, they were going towards swara’s room but suddenly Uttara got a call from her friend.

Uttara: bhai, di…I will just come, you guys carry one.

Swasan went inside swara’s room. Then suddenly sanskar said in a soft voice, “Swara”

Swara turned around and looked at him.

Sanskar: I am really sorry swara, I should not have shouted without anything….i am really sorry…i shouldn’t have shouted like that on you. (like this sanskar kept apologising and swara was gesturing with her hands that it’s alright but he wans’t seeing her hands)

Swara got frustrated and kept her palm on his mouth to make him quite. Sanskar was startled at first, current passed through swasan’s body. They had a cute eyelock. Suddenly swara removed her palm from his mouth, went towards table and picked up a pen and a notepad. She wrote something and gave it to sanskar. Sanskar read it and smiled.
It was written that, “it’s alright, you didn’t know that I am unable to speak, I forgave you long time back. I can understand as I came infront if your car suddenly…I was actually saving a little bird who was on the road”

Sanskar: thank you for forgiving me.

Swara smiled

Sanskar: So can we become friends. (saying this he forwarded his hand)

Swara hesitated first but later she shaked hand with him. He also exchanged numbers with her (swara does video calls if she talking on phone). Swasan went downstairs and everyone enjoyed the time. Sujata and ram were really impressed with swara and wanted her as their DIL even though she couldn’t speak. Sanskar was also falling for her nature, innocence and cuteness…the way she does gestures with her hands, way she makes those cute faces, way she plays with ayyan and her eyes expressed her emotions really well.

Days passed…

Sanskar used to chat with swara in his free time, he often video called her, he had difficulty first but slowly he started to understand her, specially through her eyes. Whenever he saw her eyes, he understood what she was trying to say. He started loving her. She did had feelings for him but she didn’t want to say it as she thinks that she doesn’t deserve him. Sujata, ram, laksha dn Uttara noticed the change in sanskar, he was becoming a prankster and funny person with them. Finally, Sujata and Rp decided decided to go to swara’s home for marriage proposal as sanskar confesses to them that he loves swara and wants to marry her.

Gadodia house

Shomi: come in bhaiya, sujju

Ram, sujata, Uttara and sanskar sat on the sofa

Shekhar: what are these ram, I mean…are you going somewhere for marriage proposal
Sujata: no bhaiya, we were coming to your house only for marriage proposal
Shomi: what
Sujata: yes shomi, we liked your daughter swara since we first met her….now I want to make her my DIL.

Shemish got teary eyes.

Shomi: sujju, what are you saying, you know that she can’t…
Sujata: shomi, everyone is not perfect in this world and I loved her good qualities that’s why I want her as DIL and…
Rp: and sanskar also loves her so there is no problem.

Shemish smiled but it vanished when they swara who was crying.

Shekhar: shona

Swara ran towards sujata and gestured that, “I can’t speak and I don’t want to ruin someone’s life because of this weakness…please find someother girl who actually deserves your son”

Then she ran towards garden.

Shomi: shona!
Sanskar: Aunty, calm down…I will go

Sanskar ran to the garden and he saw her sitting under a tree and crying. He went towards her and sat beside her. He tapped her shoulder. She looked towards swara and she lifted her to gesture something but sanskar caught her hands first.

Sanskar: shona, listen to me first.

Sanskar cups her face, “shona, I know that you are able to speak, so what, your eyes speak a lot. I can understand you through your eyes. Shona, I love you, I love you because of your innocence, golden heart and cuteness. You are not ruining my life instead, you will make my life more colourful and beautiful. What did you say, you don’t deserve me…shona, you are the only girl whom I love and will always love. I will be the luckiest person in the world to get you.”

Swara was just looking into his eyes where she can see lots of love and respect for herself. Sanskar kissed her forehead and swara closed her eyes. Then sanskar looked into her eyes and said, “you know what else your eyes convey to me.”

Swara shaked her head in a no

Sanskar: that you also love me.

Swara was shocked, she composed herself, she stood up and started to run but sanskar caught her and pulled her. Swara’s hands were on his chest and sanskar’s hands were on her waist. Swara started to struggle. The more she moves, sanskar tightens his grip more and pulls her more closer.

Sanskar: Where will you run shona and for how much time will you run, you have to accept someday that you love me then why not today? So tell me you love me right.

Swara’s head was down because of shyness.

Sanskar: shona, don’t blush this much, otherwise I will end up doing something which should not happen.

Swara blushed more and was breathing heavily. Suddenly Uttara came and saw them really close.

Uttara: Bhai, I thought that you are still cosoling her but here you are romancing with my Bhabhi…that too before marriage…not bad

Sanskar released swara suddenly and she ran towards the house.

Sanskar: oh…so you are teasing me…now wait

Saying this he ran towards Uttara and Uttara also ran towards the house. When they reached inside the house, they saw everyone sharing sweets happily and swara was hugging shomi shyly. Sanskar was smiling, swara saw him and sanskar winked at her and swara blushed again.

Next day they did the engagement. Throughout all the functions, sanskar was trying to meet swara as he wanted to see her gesturing, ‘I LOVE YOU’ but Uttara and laksh didn’t let him meet her. They teased him that the great arrogant sanskar maheshwari is becoming romantic sanskar maheshwari but he didn’t pay any heed to him. The marriage day came and swasan became husband and wife.

(guys I don’t want to drag this marriage part)

First night…

Uttara took swara to her room and made her sit on the bed.

Uttara: Bhabhi, are you ok
Swara nodded
Uttara: good luck Bhabhi
Swara smiled nervously

Uttara went outside the room and saw sanskar coming… but Uttara standing near the door

Sanskar: Uttu, let me go
Uttara: no unless you give me neg
Sanskar: you want new phone….right
Uttara nodded…

Sanskar took out a new phone and gave it to Uttara. Uttara jumped in happiness and hugged sanskar and went away. Sanskar came in his room and closed the door. As he was coming near the bed, swara was getting more nervous. He sat on the bed and kept his hand in her hand. Swara clutched her lehenga and closed her eyes tightly because she did love him but was not ready for this because she still needed adjustment.

Sanskar: shona, I know that you don’t want this now…am I right
Swara was shocked as he again read her mind..she nodded in a yes.
Sanskar smiled and said, “I have something for you but first change your clothes.”

Swara nodded and she changed into a simple blue colour anarkali suit and sanskar also changed into his night dress. Sanskar went towards the cupboard and brought a file. He gave that file to swara. Swara took the file and start to read it…tears started to brim in her eyes.

Sanskar: Shona, I got to know that singing is you dream and passion and how can I not complete it so I talked with Dr Malhotra, he is a specialist in these types of cases. You have few chances to get your voice back. Then you will be able to sing again, talk again like you used to do before…I also know that you really want it.

Swara hugged him really tightly and cried. Sanskar reciprocated and said, “shh shona, calm down…you I am eager to eager to hear my name from your mouth. Now sleep properly as tomorrow afternoon is the appointment.”
He laid swara on the bed and he started to go towards the couch but swara held his hand. He looked towards and swara and she gestured him to sleep here. Sanskar smiled and slept beside her. She hugged him tightly by keeping head on his chest and sleeping in his embrace.

Sanskar (smiled naughtily): waise shona, we are sleeping on one bed, will you be able to control yourself?

Swara widened her eyes and hit his chest. Sanskar giggled and slept.

Next morning…

Sanskar is sleeping on the bed and swara just had her bath. She was wearing dark red coloured saree, she put sinddor in her maang. She went towards sanskar to wake him up. She didn’t how to do it, she got a naughty idea. She took her wet hair and rubbed on sanskar’s face. Suddenly in few seconds she was beneath sanskar. She widened her eyes, she saw sanskar who was looking at her intensely. He leaned towards ear. Swara closed her eyes, feeling his hot breath near her neck.

Sanskar (huskily): Shona, you are looking beautiful in this saree and specially in this sindoor and mangalsutra.

Swara blushed.

Sanskar: you look more beautiful when you blush and you also know that I won’t be able to control myself when you blush this much.

Swara started to breath heavily.

Sanskar: waise, you did a mistake by waking me up toh you should get a punishment.

Swara looked at him innocently and raised her eyebrows…questioning him about the punishment.

Sanskar smirked naughtily and slowly put his hand on her bare waist. Swara widened her eyes…she started to wiggle around. As she was moving, sanskar was tightening his grip and more sensuously he was moving his hand from her waist till her bare belly.

Sanskar: Till when will you escape shona…you should starte getting habituated to all of these things now. You have seen the arrogant strict ACP Sanskar Maheswari and you know that no criminals can escape from my clutches. Now you will see a romantic sanskar maheshwari and you will never be able to escape from this one sanskar…so get habituated soon. (he whispered this in swara’s ear and then he winked at her)

Swara understood that she won’t be able to escape this time. She stopped and looked towards sanskar who was slowly leaning towards her. Swara closed her eyes. He was leaning towards her lips…their lips were an inch apart then suddenly Uttara knocked on the door which made them jerked.

Uttara: bhai, Bhabhi…good morning. Please stop your morning romance and come down.
Sanskar: Uttara ki bachi…

Uttara giggled. Swara got the chance, then she pushed sanskar and ran to the door and opened it.

Uttara: Bhabhi…come downstairs soon

Swara nodded.

Sanskar slept again while murmuring, “everyone is enemy of my romance”

Swara slowly went towards him and kissed on this cheek. Sanskar opened his eyes with a jerk and touched his cheek. Swara smiled and went downstairs…

Recap: thinking about it

That’s it guys, I will post the second part for this OS soon…till then keep commenting and keep smiling

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