SwaSan One Shot : Age VS Love By Goldie

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Hello Guyz. M Bak agn bt this Time wid An OS ( One Shot ) on One n Only Our Searesr n Bestesr Couple #SwaSan i.e #Swara_Sanskaar.This is Ky Second OS..My First.OS was on #Tu_Mera_Humsafar wich U all Loved it n While Writing this OS M Totally Blank bt still Strting to Write..Hope U will Like it n it Comes Out Good *FingersCrossed*…

So Here We Go wid da 2nd OS of Mine ??..

••••••Age VS Love••••••
••••••One Shot••••••

Shregil Law Office

A Big Yet Beautiful Office n A Man in Early 30s Yet Handsome Man was seen Working in His Cabin wid A Young n A Bubbly Girl of Around Early 20s Sitting beside Him..As da Man was Working V Seriously da Girl on da Other Hand was feeling Bored n thot to Irritate Her Boss Naughtily making da Girl to Smirk Naughtily n Secretly..

Girl : ( Screams Loudly ) Aaaahhh Sir..Cockroach…Cockrach.. ( Holds da Hands of da Man n Giggles Secretly ) Plzz Save Me..Aaahhh ( Acts )

Man : ( Smiles n Understands ) SWARA…Stop ur Drama..I knw U r Acting..So Stop it n Concentrate on Ur Wrk nw .U nw na We have One Case to Solve by Nxt Month.. ( Bzy in Work )

( Yes The Young n Bubbly Girl is Our Shona..SWARA BOSE abb Soccho Ladka Kaun Hai ?? )

Swara : ( Release da Hands n Makes Faces ) Offoo Sir..Y r U alwyz Soo Boring n Workholic Haa ?? Enjoy da Life too..Itna Boring Hona is Harmfull to Health ( Giggles )

Man : ( Serious ) Coz M SANSKAAR SHERGILL…The No 1 LAWYER of Kolkata n Moreover M U r Senior n U are My Junior n Doing Ur Internship Under Me since 2 Yrs..So I Very Knw U ..n U also knw Sanskaar Shergill dnt Like Fun n all.Fr Me My Work n My Cases r Everything..Ryt ?? Nw come on Dnt Waste Ur Time n get Bak to Ur Wrk…. ( Still Bzy in Work )

( Bingo!! The Man is Obiviously Sanskaar Our Hero ?? )

Swara : ( Makes Faces ) Huh..Fine.. ( Murmurs ) Swara tu bhi na..Whom r U Prancing on Haa ?? This Khadus Boss..Huh..Do ur Wrk warna He will Strt His Lecture agn ( Gets Bzy in Work Agn )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) I Heard it..

Swara : ( Shocked ) Mm Soorryy Sir ( Fears )

Sanskaar : ( Shakes His Head Unbelievably ) Huh..She Wont Change at all.. ( Smiles Slightly )

As Both Swara n Sanskaar were doing Wrk Seriously,They Heard A Knock on da Door making both of them to Look towards da Door n Welcome da Person wid Professional Smile on their Faces..

Man : ( Smiles Bak Professionally ) Hello Mr Sanskaar Shergill ( Shakes Hands wid Sanskaar )..n ( Shakes Hands wid Swara too ) Hi Miss Swara Bose..

SwaSan : ( Shakes Hands too ) Hello/Hii.. ( Smiles Professionally )

Sanskaar : Yes Mr SAHIL..U here ??

Sahil : Yes Mr Sanskaar I have a Case fr U..n i feel yeh Case aap dono ke Elawa koi nhi Solve karsakta..So came Here to seek yr Help..hope its all ok wid U ?? ( Smiles )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Bak ) Ohh Off Course..Y nt..after All U r da Son of Well Knwn Business Man Shekhar Gadodia..Y wud I have any Prblm wid it Haa ?? Plzz Have a Seat ( Sits too )

Sahil : ( Laughs n Sits ) Nyc..Nyc Sense of Humour I must say..bt anywyz Jokes Apart..I have a Case fr U Both..n if U Agree i wi tell u da Case..

Sanskaar : Yes Sure..U cn Proceed wid da Case..Whose Case I have ?? N wats da Case all abt ??

Sahil : Hmm Well Case is abt ME n I have been Accused fr A Murder Case.. ( Sees SwaSan’s Shocked Expressions ) Aahh Well dnt Panick..Its all False..Nthing is True in it..U knw na Being A Relative of A Famous Business Man or any Famous Perosnality Its all Common..so its da same in My Case I have been Falsely Accused fr a Murder wich i have nt Done only..n to Prove Myself Innocent i need Both ur Help..Will U both Plzz Help Me ??

Sanskaar : Yes Sure Mr Sahill We will surely Help U..bt b4 that We nee ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Hesitatedly ) Hmm Sir B4 U Accept this Case..If U dnt Mind ..I need to Talk to U..Plzz ( Pleading Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Angry bt Controls ) Bt Swara wat da Matter ?? U cn tell Me ur Thing Later na..Let Us Discuss ds Case of Mr Sahil nw..Ok ?

Swara : ( Hesitatedly ) Bt Sir..Plzz..Its Really Imp..Plz ( Requests )

Sanskaar : ( Angry bt Controls ) OK Fine..Ckme ( Gets Up n to Sahil )
Hmm Will U Excuse Us Mr Sahil fr some time..if U dnt Mind ( Embarrassed )

Sahil : ( Smiles ) Off Course Its Absolutely Fine Mr Sanskaar..dnt be soo Formal..Its Ur Right to Discuss anything wid Ur Assistant b4 taking any Case..Go Ahead..M Here only ( Assures )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Thnk U Soo Much Mr Sahilm.Jst 5 Minutes Haa.. ( To Swara Sternly ) Come Wid Me.. ( Leaves )

Swara : ( Fake Smile ) Ohkk Sir.. ( Follows Sanskaar )

Soon Both Swara n Sanskaar Leaves da Place n Goes in a Corner Where Sanskaar is seen Angry while Swara is seen Lil Scared n Worried seeing Sanskaar’s Anger making da Sahil Smile Professionally n Normally..

Sanskaar : ( Angrily ) What’s this Swara ?? Is this da Way to Handle A Client ? It was soo Embarassing..anywyz Bolo abb kya Baath hai ? ( Sternly )

Swara : ( Stammers ) Mm Ssoorryy Ssiirr..bt B4 U take this Case I will like We shud Enquire abt the Case Background..coz according to My Experience i m feeling this Man is nt Good.. ( Fears )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Wat Rubbish ?? Nw U will Tell Me wat to do b4 taking any Case ?? Dnt Forget M 12 YRS ELDER dan U n Well Knwn Lawyer too..n wat U said Experience Haa ? M much more Experienced dan U..Wen U were nt in this Field na frm that Time m Doing Law..n I knw wich Case I shud take n wich i shud nt..So dnt U Dare to Intrefere in My Wrk..U r My Junior so Be Junior dnt Try to be My Senior..Ok ?? ( Leaves Angrily )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Ssoorryy Ssiirr ( Follows Sanskaar )

As Sanskaar Left Angrily Swara too Follows Him wid Teary Eyes bt b4 Coming infront of Sahil both Sanskaar n Swara Composes themselves n Making dem both Look Normal n Fine..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ahmm M Sorry fr the Late Mr Sahil..Well We will Fight Ur Case dnt Worry..U jst Send Us ur Case Details n other Imp Related Details We will Go through it ( Assures )

Sahil : ( Happy ) Ohh Thnk U soo much Mr Shergil..it means alot..The No 1 Jodi is going to Fight My Case den Winning is Obivious..Koi nhi kahega ki U both have Such a Big Age Gap of 12 YRS..U both have soo much Understanding..Thnks Once Agn..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Its Ok Mr Sahil..its Our Duty to Fight fr Justice n if U r Innocent We will surely Fight n Win fr U.. ( To Swara Sternly ) Kyoun hai na Swara ? ( Signals to tell Yes Strictly )

Swara : ( Scared ) Yeess Sir.. ( Fake Smjle )

Sahil : Thnks Once Agn..( Shakes Hands ) So will Send u da Case Details asap Dnt Worry ( Shakes Hands ) Ok den See U Soon ( Smiles ) Bye..

Sanskaar : ( Shakes Hands too ) Ur Welcome..( Smiles ) Bye..

Sahil : ( Shakes Hands wid Swara too ) Bye Miss Swara.. ( Smiles )

Swara : ( Shakes Hands too ) Bye Mr Sahil ( Fake Smile n Feels Uncomfortable )

Soon Sahil Leaves frm thr Happily while Sanskaar n Swara gets Bzy in Their Own Wrk Angrily n Wid Teary Eyes Respectively making No Effect on Sanskaar n His Rude Nature..


1 Week Later

Time Passed n da Sanskaar Kept on Studying Sahil’s Case Csrefully while Swara Helped Him wid No Option Left..As Time Passed Sahil too became A Good Frnd of both Sanskaar n Swara..While both Swara n Sanskaar were Bzy in Studying Sahil’s Case,Sahil tried to come Closer n to Increase His Frndship wid Swara more making Swara Uncomfortable while making Bzy Sanskaar Feel Weird n Jealous Unknowingly bringing An Slight Smile on Swara’s Face..

Sahil : Hmm Waise Swara..I must say haa U r Beauty wid Brains Haa..Matlab see na Itne Saare Cases U Handle at A Time n Each One U give Equal Importantance n Solve them too..Impressive Haa..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Thnk U Soo Much Mr Sahil..Its My Duty n its all Coz of ( Sees Sanskaar Lovingly ) Sanskaar Sir Who Taught Me too Handle da Cases Cleverly n Smartly..All Thnks to Him ( Proudly )

Sahil : Ohh Thats Soo Nyc..iska Matlab U both myt have A Good Bonding too na since U both r Wrking together fr Last 2 Yrs..Ryt ??

Swara : ( Smiles ) Yes..We do.. ( Blushes )

As Swara was Blushing Slightly wid all Her Happiness,Sanskaar who was Bzy in His Wrk Noticed Her Blushness n Smiled Slightly Unknowingly Showing His Unknown Feeling in His Heart bt as Sanskaar was Smiling,Sahil’s Nxt Word Made Him Come Bak to Reality n Engross in Own Wrk Yet Agn wid All Seriousness n Sterness making Swara Sad n Upset..

Sahil : Wow..Amzing..12 YRS ke Long Age Gap ke baad bhi Itni Strong Bonding..Its Amzing..Must Say..Warna Aajkal ke Girls Like Ur Age Likes Same Age Boys na.Bt M sure U myt too have some feelings Inside to Have A Partner of Ur Age Ryt ?? Like Me ?? ( Winks Naughtily )

Swara : ( Confidently ) No Mr Sahil..I dnt have any Feelings fr My Age Boys coz fr Me AGE Doesnt Matter..What Matters is to Me is Honesty..Care n Sincerity in da Boy chahe Woh Young ho Ya ( Sees Sanskaar wid Teary Eyes ) Kitna bhi Bada Ho mujhse ( Stares Sanskaar Lovingly )

Sahil : ( Impressed ) Nyc..Impressive..( Holds Swara’s Hands Suddenly ) bt Swara Hw Long will U be able to Manage An Oldy if U Marry An Old Guy ?? All these r Good in Films only nt in Reality.. ( To Sanskaar ) Hai na Mr Sanskaar ??

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Blankly ) Hm Haa..Right.Age is V Imp b/w Life Partners..it shud be Managable..Nt soo Near nor too Big ( Unknown Tears Falls frm His Eyes ) Well Excuse Me.. ( Wipes His Tears Immediately ) I need to go fr an Important Wrk..U Guyz Carry On wid da Wrk ( Leaves Immediately wid Teary Eyes )

Soon Sanskaar Left His Cabin wid Teary while Swara who was all of a Sudden Shocked n Uncomfortable wid Sahil’s Touch Frees Her Hand Immediately n Goes Behind Sad Sanskaar wid A Slight Smile on Her Facr Leaving Sahil all Confused n Shocked..

Swara : ( Happily ) SIR…

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Swara U Here ?? ( Serious ) Y r U Following Me ?? Dnt U have any Discussions wid Mr Sahil abt His Case ?? Or any other Important Wrk ??

Swara : ( Smiles n Hugs Sanskaar’s Suddenly ) Kaam hai isiliye toh I came to U ( Tightens da Hug ) Thnk U Sir..Thnk U soo much fr making My Feelings More Strong fr U..I knw U too LOVE ME..Like I DO wid U..By Showing Ur Tears to Me U made Me More Firmed in My Decision..Thnks alot ( Happy )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Angry ) WHAT THE HELL SWARA ( Jerks Swara Angrily ) What Rubbish r u talking Haa ?? R U in ur Senses ?? Or Lost it Completely? ?

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) SSIIRR..( Angry ) Yes M in MY FULL SENSES..n I knw Wat m telling..I LOVE U n I knw U also LOVE ME Unconditionally like I Love U..n Today U have Proved it wid ur ( Takes His Tears in Her Hand ) these Unknown Tears wen Sahil was Touching Me..tell Me this is False ..or jst My Imagination..Haa.. ( Smiles Winningly )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Ohh Plzz Swara Stop it..Stop ur Nonsenses..Y wud I feel JEALOUS n Feel Bad seeing U n Sahil soo Frndly..its nthing like that..Its ur Imagination only..Get it ?? ( Frustrated )

Swara : ( Smiles Winningly Agn ) Jealous ?? Maine kab kaha ki U r JEALOUS seeing Me n Sahil Together..I jst said Y U Felt Bad..Chalo U only Accepted ki U feel JEALOUS seeing Me wid someone else..Watesle I want to Confirm abt Ur Feelings abt Me..Ur One Sentence made Clear.. ( Tears of Happiness ) Thnks alot..

Sanskaar : ( More Angry ) SHUT UP SWARA…Maine Kaha na..I DNT LOVE U..its jst ur ATTRACTION or MADNESS towards Me wich Every Girl of Ur Age Feels wen they Find someone who Talks Frndly wid Them..n thats Exactly the same wid U..Maine kya tumse Frndly baath karli U r thinking I Love U..Ridiculous..n waiee bhi thr is nthing same or Compatible b/w Us
.M Rich..U r Middle Class..M Matured n Ur Kiddo..n most importantly We HAVE A HUGE AGE GAP b/w Us wich cn never Let Us Unite ( Closes His Teary Eyes bt Composes Himself ) Suna Tumne. . ( Angry ) I dnt Love U..Jst.Get Lost n Mind Ur Own Work fr wich U r here..Understood ??

Swara : ( Angry ) Ok FINE MR SANSKAAR SHERGIL…U dnt wanna Confess Ur Love na ?? Then its Absolutely Fine bt ( Points Her Finger towards Sanskaar Angrily ) it doesnt mean i will Bak Off frm OUR LOVE..2 Dyz ke ander I will make U Confess UR LOVE fr ME n U will only Come to Me n Hug Me..Its A Challenge of SWARA BOSE..Jst Wait n Watch ( Teary Eyes ) Warna Samajh lena M DEAD.Suna Tumne M DEAD fr U ( Cries n Runs )

As Swara Ran while Crying Miserably,Sanskaar too Felt Bad n Cried Silently bt somehow Controlled His Feeling n Went towards His Cabin After Composing n Making Him Presentable n got Engrossed in His Own Work to Avoid or to Divert His Mind n Tears frm Recent Incident making Him More Angry n Frustrated..


2 Dayz Later

2 Dayz Passed n its Almost End of 2nd Day wen Swara’s Challenge was going to End making Her Feel More Shattered n Broke..As Time Passes Sanskaar too Feels Restless n Worried fr Swara wen He was Out fr some Work related to Sahil’s Case..While He was Enquiring abt Sahil’s Case to some Ppl in His Area An Old Man came n Explained Sanskaar abt Sahil’s Case making Sanskaar Shocked n Numb.

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) No Kaka..This cnt be Right..Hw cn this Possible ? U r telling Lies na ?? Sahil toh Told ki ( Intrerupted )

Old Man : Ki He is Falsely Accused fr a Murder..

Sanskaar : ( Stumbles ) Hhaa..bbbtt ( Intrerupted Agn )

Old Man : Bt Kya Beta ?? Dnt U Below Me Still..Ok Wait.. ( Calls Someone ) Yeh Lo Talk to SAHIL’S DOCTOR..He will tell U Everything.. ( Gives da Phone ) Take Talk to Him.. ( Hands da Phone )

Sanskaar : ( Blank n Takes da Phone ) Hheelloo Ddoctorr..

Doctor : Hello Mr Shergill..M Doctor Gupta..Sahil Gadodia’s Doctor..Yes Mr Shergill Kaka is Ryt..Sahil is Suffering frm Some Madness n He is A PSYCHO..He Behaves Normal infront of World as it He is has nt Done anything..bt in Reality He is a Murder n A BIG PSYCHO..He Traps Girls in His Talks n then RAPES da Girls n den Murder dem..n Aajtak Uspe Pure 20 Murders kiye hai n wenever Sahil Gets Arrested Shekhar Gadodia Winds da Case Up by Using His Power n Status..bt Last Case was Really Messed Up fr both Sahil n Shekhar as Sahil Raped n Murdered daDaughter of another Famous Business Man n His Partner..so dats Y this Time Sahil came to U to Seek Help by telling Wrong Info n ( Tells da Entire Truth )

As da Doctor was Telling Sanskaar da Entire n Actual Truth of Sahil,Sanskaar who was Listening to it was Totally Shocked n Numb wen all of A Sudden Something Striked His Mind making Him to Stumble Bak wid A Shock making Him More Shocked n Horrified..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Drops da Phone Suddenly ) Ohh No..SWARA toh SAHIL ke saath hai USKE FARM HOUSE main.Wich Means SWARA’S LIFE is in DANGER Ohh Noo ( Horrified ) Damn..Maine yeh kya kardiya.Shit ( Sweats n Blank n Runs Towards His Car immediately )

Soon Sanskaar after Remembering Swara is wid Sahil,He Immediately Rushed towards da Car n Calls Swara’s No Several Times bt it was Switched Off making Him more Worried n Restless wid Tears of Guilt n Restlessness Flowing frm His Eyes Continously n Non Stop Forcing Him to Think Few Recent WORDS by SWARA making Him More Shattered n Broken..

“I LOVE..I Really LOVE U….2 Dyz ke ander I will make U Confess UR LOVE fr ME n U will only Come to Me n Hug Me..Its A Challenge of SWARA BOSE..Jst Wait n Watch ( Teary Eyes ) Warna Samajh lena M DEAD.Suna Tumne M DEAD fr U”

As The Recent Words were going on in Sanskaar’s Mind Sanskaar Immediately Increased His Car’s Speed n Rushes towards Sahil’s House making Him more Determined to Save HIS LOVE HIS SWARA on Time n ASAP..

Ye Dil Tanha Kyun Rahe
Kyun Hum Tukdon Mein Jiye
Ye Dil Tanha Kyun Rahe
Kyun Hum Tukdon Mein Jiyein
Kyun Rooh Meri Ye Sahe
Main Adhoora Jee Raha Hoon
Hardum Ye Keh Raha Hoon
Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai
Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai

Andheron Se Tha Mera Rishta Bada
Tune Hi Ujaalon Se Waaqif Kiya
Ab Lauta Main Hoon Inn Andheron Mein Phir
Toh Paaya Hai Khud Ko Begaana Yahaan
Tanhaayi Bhi Mujhse Khafaa Ho Gayi
Banjaron Ne Bhi Thukra Diya
Main Adhoora Jee Raha Hoon
Khud Par Hi Ik Sazaa Hoon
Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai
Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai…


Sahil’s Farm House

Soon Sanskaar Reaches Sahil’s Farm Home n as soon as He Reached His Farm House,Sanskaar was all Shocked n Numb seeing da Whole Farm House all Scattered n Messy wid Flower Vases n Other Expensive Show Pieces Broken n Fallen on Ground into Several Pieces,Wid SWARA’S DUPPATA FALLEN on Sofa in a Crumbled Way n wid HER BANGLES SCATTERED N BROKEN into Pieces wid Few Drops Blood Fallen on Ground making Him More Shocked n Horrified..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) KKHOONN.. ( Blank ) Nnnoo..Aisa nhi hosakta..No..Nthing cn Happen to Her..Nthing. ( Teary Eyes )

As Sanskaar was all Blank n Blabbering to Himself,He Hears Some Noises frm Upstairs making Him Lil Happy n Relieved bt soon His Happiness Flew Away Hearing Swara’s Scream n Shouting fr Help in A Very Miserable Way making Sanskaar More Shocked n Worried..He soon Reached Upstairs n Peeped inside a Room n was More dan Horrified Seeing HIS Swara in a Terrible n Most Horrified State wid Her Sleeves Tored frm Side of Her Shoulders n frm Front Slightly Exposing Her Front Parts,Wid Messy Hairs All Over Face Covering Her Pale n Weak Face Eyes Hiding Her Blood Oozing frm Her Every Part of Her Lips n Hands Tied to A Chair Leaving A Tight Marks on Her Soft n Delicate Hands Showing Her Pain n Paled Face..

Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai
Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai…

While Sanskaar was Horrified seeing Swara in this State,He was More Numb seeing Sahil Moving All Around Swara n Touching Her Every Body Parts Lustfully in His Madness making Sanskaar more Shocked n Numb..

Swara : ( Weakly ) Pplzz Chod do mujhe..Plzz Leave Me..wat did I do to U..Plzz Leave Me…Y r u doing this wid Me ( Cries ) Plzz..Leave Me..

Sahil : ( Madly ) No..No..Hw cn I Leave U..U knw Swara i was Fallen fr U da Day I saw U..U r ( Touches Swara’s Neck n Her Cleavage Sensuously ) Soo HOT…Dnt go to that OLDY SANSKAAR SHERGIL..MARRY ME.I will Keep U Happy In all Ways..Especially ( Smells Swara’s Neck Sensuously ) PHYSICALLY..I knw U LOVE dat Oldy..bt Wats the Use of Going to Him wen He is at His LAST STAGE..Dnt go to Him..Come to Me..I will Satisfully all Ur Needs..Ok ( Keeps on Telling Madly )

Swara : ( Feels Uncomfortable ) Chodo…( Jerks Sahil ) Shut Up..Stop ur Bl**dy Nonsense..Dnt U Dare anything to My SANSKAAR..He myt be Old bt He is nt Cheap Minded like U..He is A GEM nt like MAD LIKE U ( Makes Disgusting Faces )

As Swara Praised Sanskaar,Sahil who was Alrdy Mad becme More Mad n Slapped Swara making Her to Wince in Pain..While Swara was Wincing in Pain Sanskaar who was Watching all these Winced in Pain too..Soon Swara too saw Sanskaar n was abt to Scream His Name bt at A Nick of Time Sanskaar Singlled Her n Gestured Her something making Swara to Understand n Obey His Signals..As soon as Swara got Sanskaar’s Meaning She Strtd Her Plan n made Sahil Confess His Crime n the Moment Sahil Confessed His Crime Police.Enters da Room n Arrested Sahil making both Swara n Sanskaar Happy n Relieved..Soon as Sahil got Arrested Sanskaar Rushed towards Swara Hugged Her in a Bone Crushingly Hug Making Swara too Respond n Feel His Warmth Happily n Cryingly..

Sanskaar : ( Hugs Swara Tightly ) Thnk God Swara..U r Fine.. ( Release da Hug n Opens Frees Swara ) U dnt knw hw Mad I was Listening Sahil’s Truth..I was Totally Blank n Clueless..( Kisses Swara’s Face Madly Yet Lovingly ) Thnk God Kuch nhi hua..M Sorry fr Hurting U..I knw did A Mistake.I M Mad to Refuse yr Love.. ( Hugs Swara Tightly Agn ) bt Nw wen i came to Ur Life was in Danger Tumhe Khone ka Darr made Me Realize My LOVE FR U..U r Right Swara..I LOVE U..M MADLY IN LOVE WID U..Plzz Maaf kardo mujhe..Plzz Accept My Love..Plzz ( Cried Bitterly n Hugs More Tightly )

While Sanskaar Confessed His Love to Swara,Swara Jerked Him n Bursted Out Her Anger on Him.As Swara was Continously Scolding Him,Sanskaar Immediately Placed His Rough Lips on Swara’s Soft n Rosy Lips making Her Shocked n Surprised..

Swara : ( Angry ) Stay Away frm Me Mr Shergill…M Middle Class fr U na…Kiddo fr U na..So nw Hw cn U Hug or Confess yr Love fr Me..U only Said na U r nt in Love wid Me den Y did U Save Me Haa.
MAR JANE DEDE MUU ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Placed His Rough Lips on Swara’s Rosy Lips n Kisses Passionately n Brks da Kiss n Cups Swara’s Face ) Mm Ssoooryy Swara..I knw I was Wrong..I Hurted Ur Feelings bt main kya karta..Tumhre n Mere Age main Zameen Aasmaan ka Farq Hai..One Side it’s U who has Strtd Living Ur Young Life Recently n on da Other Side Its Me Who has Lived His all Life..U have Lots more see in this World Swara bt Me..Its da END of My Life..M nt dat Strong to Fullfill all yr Demands n Wishes..M jst Too Olld ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Sshh ( Places Her Lips on Sanskaar’s Lips ) Kuch Zarurat nhi hai to Explain ( Cups Sanskaar’s Face Lovingly ) Sanskaar maine Pehle bhi kaha hai n M telling U agn..Ur AGE does nt Matters to Me.Wat Matters is U..Ur Support ..Ur Care n Most Importantly Ur LOVE to Me..agr Yeh sab hai na mere Pass toh i dnt want anything..I jst Need U n Ur Love..aur kuch nhi.. ( Hugs Sanskaar Tightly n Cries ) Plzz Make Me Urs..Make MRS SWARA SANSKAAR SHERGIL frm SWARA BOSE Plzzz ( Tightens da Hug n Cries )

Soon Both Swara n Sanskaar After Confessing their Love to Eachother Both Got Engrossed in a Passionate Yet Much Needed Lip Lock Filled wid All Love n Affection towards Eachother Ducking n Biting Eachother’s Lips making their Lips to Bleed n Enjoy Eachother’s Taste n Love…

Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai
Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai…

As Both were Kissing Eachother Passionately,Both Swara n Sanskaar were Out of Breath n Broke their Kiss n Stared Eachother Intensely Showing all their Love n Affection towards Eachother..Soon Swara Lowered Her Eyes Down n Hugged Sanskaar Tightly in Shyness n Blushed Hard Turning Her Creamy Skin Cheeks into Deep Red making Sanskaar to Laugh n Enjoy Her Shyness n Blushness..Soon Both Composes Themselves n were Ready to Go bt as they were Proceeding Ahead Swara’s Heart Beat Increased n Felt Uncomfortable Raising Her to Cover Her wid Her Hands Making Sanskaar to Understand n to Cover n Wrap Swara n Her Body wid Her Duppata n as well as wid His Blazer making Swara Feel Overwhelmed n Loved.

Swara : ( Overwhelmed ) Thnk U ( Keeps Her Head on Sanskaar’s Shoulder ) Thnk U fr Understanding My Prblm ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Wraps His Hands Around Swara’s Shoulders ) Ur Welcome..N Frm Nxt Time No need to Tell any Thnk U Wank U..Frm Nw Onwards U r My Responsibility n Ur Self Respect is My Respect..So Watever I did was fr My Self..N apne aapko Favourite kiya hua koi bhi Cheez Na Favour Hota hai aur Na Thnk U bola jaata..Samjhi ?? ( Kisses Swara’s Hairs Lovingly )

Soon Both Sat in Car n Jeaded towards their set wid Full Happiness n Love Inside them fr Eachother making dem More Determined n Confident abt their Love widout any Shame or Guilt inside them..Making their Pure Love More Pure n Pious..


1 Week Later

Shergill Mansion

Sanskaar’s Room

Time Passed to dat Horrible Incident n nw Both Swara n Sanskaar were Tied in a Pious n Pure Relationship Called MARRIAGE n were Happily Wedded Couple nw..Its their First Night n Swara like anyother Brides was Sitting in Middle of da Bed wid A Long Veil on Her Face Covering Her Beautiful Face Waiting fr Sanskaar making Her Lil Nervous n Restless due Nervousness n Scareness..As Swara was Waiting fr Sanskaar Inside da Room,Sanskaarr Enters da Room n Bolts da Door making Swara More Scared making Her Clutch Her Lehenga Tightly n seeing Her Nervous Sanskaar Sighs n Goes towards Swara n Held Her Hand Calmly n Assures Her to be Comfortable giving a Big Relieve to Swara n Her Heart..

Sanskaar : ( Holds Swara’s Hands Calmly ) See Swara U dnt need to Be Scared or Nervous thinking abt Our Relationship..U cn take Ur Time..I knw We Love Eachother n got Married by Our Own Will bt it does nt means We cn Hurry in Our Relationship..U cn Take as much as Time U want..I will Wait fr U..I Have No Prblm.. ( Pats Swara’s Hands Assuringly ) Nw Come On Go n Change Ur Dress Wear some Comfortable Dress..U myt be feeling Uncomfortable n Suffocation in this Heavy Dress..( Turns n Gets Up to Leave )

As Sanskaar was abt to Leave Swara,Swara Immediately Held His Hands n Pulls Him Bak on Bed in a Force makint Sanskaar Land on Swara n Making Him Shock at the Same Time seeing Swara’s Sudden Actions..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Wat was that swara ??? Y did U Pull Me Like this ?? ( Wince inPain ) Aaooww..

Swara : ( Giggles ) Mr Shergill its OUR FIRST NIGHT so hw cn U Leave Like this widout Doing anything Haa ? ( Blushes )

Sanskaar : ( Eyes Wide Open ) Rr Uu Sure of What U r telling ?? I mean abhi thodi Time Pehle U were Nervous bt nw ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Keeps Her Hands on Sanskaar’s Lips ) Sshh.. ( Caresses Sanskaar’s Cheeks Seductively ) Bt nw m all Fine…First I was Scared n Nervous bt nw M All Fine n Comrie..after all U r MY HUSBAND Mr Shergill n M nw MRS SWARA SHERGILL so Y to feel Shy n Nervous ( Shy )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Ooo is that So…Ok den My Dear Wifey..Get Ready ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Blushes ) M alrdy Ready Mr Shergill ( Hugs in Shyness )

Soon Both Swara n Sanskaar Captuted n Strtd Kissing Eachother Lips n Strtd Sucking dem Passionately Showering all their Love on Eachother..As Both Swara n Sanskaar were Still Kissing Eachother,Sanskaar moved His Hands towards Her Jewellery frm Her Body n Strtd Kissing Each Parts Sensuously Passing A Current through Her Body..Soon Sanskaar Removed All Her Jewelry n Removed Her Duppatta frm Her Body Exposing Her Deep n Hollow Cleavages Urging Him to Dig His Face In it Licking n giving Hickeys Over thr..As Sanskaar was Bzy in Pleasuring Him Swara Tightens Her Frip onBedsheet n Moarns in Pleasure Enjoying da Best Moment of Her Making Sanskaar More Crazy b Thrust more Deeper wid All His Love n Inner Desires…

Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon
Sar Pe Hai, Kab Se Hai
Mujhe Aadat Bana Lo Ek Buri
Kehna Ye Tumse Hai
Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon
Sar Pe Hai, Kab Se Hai
Hmm.. Rokna Nahi Mujhko
Zidd Pe Aa Gayi Hoon Main
Iss Qadar Deewanapan Chadha
Dekho Na Yahaan Aake
Mera Haal Kaisa Hai
Toot Ke Abhi Tak Na Juda
Ab Sambhalna Nahi Hai
Jo Bhi Hai Wo Sahi Hai
Aao Na…

As Sanskaar was Pleasuring Himself,Swara too Enjoyed tje Most Blissfull Moment n Soon their Clothes were Lying on Ground each Upon One Another in a Messy Way Showing their Immense Love n Carvness fr Eachother..As Time Passed both Swara n Sanskaar were Bzy in their Intense Love making both Reached their Climax n Covered Eachother’s Nude n Hickeys Filled Body wid a Single Blanket getting Engrossed in their Own Beautiful World Yet Agn Marking Eachother as their wid Full Love n Rights Making da Moon n Stars too to Bless n Shower their Blessing on Them Leading them To Live their Life Happily Ever After wid Full Happiness n Love..

Tumhe Khud Se Milaane Ka Junoon
Sar Pe Hai, Kab Se Hai
Mujhe Rehne De Apne Paas Hi
Kehna Ye Tumse Hai
Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon
Sar Pe Hai, Kab Se Hai
Sar Pe Hai, Kab Se Hai…



FINALLY FINALLY DONE wid da OS..Uff..It was Really Tough fr Me to Execute dis Theme in An OS..Bt Still Tried My Level Best n Wrote it in An OS Form…Hope U all Like It..Its Quite Big n Boring also I knw..bt still Plzz Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw U Liked Todayz OS 🙂


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  1. Simin

    Awesome age doesnt matter when u love someone truly
    Post ur ff soon

  2. Scooby

    It was splendid goldie… wahh one side my nive trying to say this another side ur wrote an os.. awesone wrk goldie..

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thanks alot 🙂

  3. Pooja26

    loved it 😉 😉

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  6. Arunika


    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thanks alot 🙂

  7. That was indeed awesome.how do u get such great ideas keep writing more os and post next epi of ff soon

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Haha..I also dnt knw frm whr i get these Ideas ??..n Thnks fr Liking My Wrk..it means alot n sure will update da nxt part of my ff soon 🙂

  8. Wow its awesome goldie dii

  9. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear loved it huh how dare he can say sanskar is old…he dont know old is Gold hahahhaha loved it ? ? ?

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thanks alot :)…Indeed Sanskaar is Gold infact more dan Gold Hehe ??

  10. Nagamanasa

    Awesome dear…nice concept I loved it

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  14. Deeksha

    Awesome Goldie….

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  16. Shrinjal

    AMAZING!!!!!!!! It’s true age doesn’t matter if our love is true!!! I loved how sanky supported Swara!!!!!!!!! Amazing concept!!!!!!!!
    Btw I have posted episode 12 of tujhse hill.but there’s no romance..in episode 13 I will give romance but still pls read episode 12 also…

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thnks alot ☺..M Glad U Liked da OS…It means alot…N sure will read da Nxt Part soon 🙂

  17. Simi

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  21. Awesome marvelous & amazing os. & love u r theme.
    u can give next part of it if u have time plzz.

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thanks alot ☺..ht dear it’s an OS ( One Shot ) so cnt give another Part of it. Sorry fr Disappointing U bt hope u understand 😉

  22. Stupendous

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