Swasan: Maine dekha ek khwaab (Part 27)

Hi guys, thank you to everyone for the comments. I know that you all must be waiting for this episode so I posted it little early. I hope you all like it.

Episode starts with sanskar getting heartbroken.

Sanskar: go away kavita
Kavita: Sanskar..
Sanskar (sternly): i said to go away.

Kavita gets scared and goes away. Sanskar closes his fist tightly and bags on the wall.

Sanskar: again, again, another person is leaving me whom i love the most. Princess. You could have told me once. Then atleast I would have controlled my feelings.

Sanskar wanted to stop his tears. He ordered alcohol from a servant. He sat down started drinking alchol. But he couldn’t control his tears.

Sanskar: Why princess why did you do this to me? You were the one who broke those walls of my heart but now you broke my heart also. Looks like love is not in my destiny. you also left me. You broke my heart. But don’t worry, I won’t become one of those devils who will take revenge. If you love him then I myself will make you marry him. I will make you marry ahem.

Saying this sanskar slept. Swara came into sanskar’s room and saw him sleeping.

Swara (worriedly): what is this kunwarsa is sleeping so early without dinner. (just then she sees alcohol bottle) Alcohol, why was he drinking this. He never drinks it at daytime.

Swara come closer and removes sanskar’s shoes. Then makes him sleep properly on the bed and covers him with the comforter. She starts to away just then she feels a pull on her dupatta. She turns and sees sanskar holding her end of the dupatta.

Sanskar (murmurs): don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me.

Swara goes nears him and caress his hair, “no kunwarsa. I am not leaving you. I will never leave you. I will always stay with you.

Sanskar went into deep sleep. Swara freed her dupatta and went away.

Next day, sanskar wakes up with a headache and sees himself covered with a comforter.

Sanskar: Who covered me in the comforter? May be lucky or uttu. Today I have to go to ahem;s house and talk to him.

Saying this he went to washroom.

Here in kavita’s room, she is trying to call someone but that person is not picking up the call.

Kavita: god, this karthik. Why the hell he is not picking up the phone. I have to know the next plan. I think I should go and meet him.

Saying this she went towards hall. Swara sees kavita going.

Swara: ummm, kavita di. Have your breakfast.
Kavita: swara, you are not my mother that you will order me. I have an important work therefore I will have it later.

Swara gets little hurt but she smiles and nods. Kavita goes away. After few minutes sanskar comes to the dining table.

Laksh: what happened bhai? You look little dull
Sanskar: nothing just little headache.
Swara: What, kunwarsa. Wait I will bring medicine for you
Sanskar (ignoring eye contact): No need swara. It will be okay. Utttu, lucky i have some important work therefore i will be back by evening.

Saying this he goes away, unknowingly hurting swara because first time he called her by her name. Uttara senses the sadness of swara.

Uttara: Don’t get sad shona. Bhai is often like that whenever there is a work pressure or tension
Ragini: Ha didi and till evening he will be alright.
Swara smiles, (monologue) “Why do I feel that there is something else behind kunwarsa’s sadness. Even from today morning i am feeling very restless as if something big is going to happen. Krishnaji, please protect my family.”

Here kavita goes to karthik’s office but there she gets to know that he is in his home.

Here the scene shifts to mm. Swara is sitting in the hall, just then the landline phone rings. She goes and picks it up.

Swara: Hello
Op: Is this maheshwari palace
Swara: Yes
Op: With whom am I speaking?
Swara: I am swara gadodia.
Op: Oh..princess swara, actually yuvraaj sanskar met with an accident.

Swara face goes pale.

Swara: Whh…what, ku..kunwarsa’s accident. Where?
Op: at xyz road.
Swara: ok…i am coming.

Swara put the phone and ra towards the main door. She came out fo the palace and started looking for a taxi. Just then a taxi comes. She sits inside the taxi and taxi drives off.

Scene shifts to kavita going to karthik’s house. Karthik still does not knows that kavita came in his house. She was going into his room, just then she hears him talking to his friend.

Karthik: hahahaha….finally princess swara is in my clutches. Poor kavita, she thinks that i love swara, tch tch tch. Love my foot, i just want swara on my bed. I wanted swara to moan my name whole night (kavita gets shocked listening to this). You know that kavita and me planned that sanskar will meet with an accident. Then kavita instigate swara to go and meet some third class police officer, while sanskar is taking rest. Kavita followed swara and took their photos. Then we planned that sanskar will leave her after misunderstanding that swara loves ahem. Then I will go and give my shoulder to swara to cry. Guess what, i was planning something else. Currently that sanskar is hating swara as kavita would have told about the fake affair. Just now i called swara to xyz road and then we will kidnap her. Tonight, i will have fun. No no, i will have her for my whole lifetime. Waise bhi, sanskar will definitely throw her out after tonight then i will keep her for mu satisfaction. Because i won’t get enough from her in one night. If you want you can also come but only after my turn. Yes sure, my men will bring her to one of my old factory. That is about 5km away from mumbai so that sanskar will never know. I have already prepared everything. Ok see you soon. (starts to laugh evilly)

Kavita was totally shocked. She remembers all the moments with swara. Kavita runs out of the house.

Kavita (monologue): oh god, what did I do? Swara, my little sister. Shit kavita. You became so bad that you ruined you sister’s life by your own hands. She is so innocent. She loves sanskar truly and me. No I can’t let this happen. I have to tell sanskar before that monters lays his hands on swara. I have to repent my mistakes.

Saying this she took out her phone but it was dead.

Kavita: damnit, this phone’s battery had to be low now.

She ran towards her car and told her driver to drive the car fast.

At the same in Archana’s house. Ahem came back with gopi. Ahem was shocked to see sanskar.

Ahem: Arrey, yuvraj aap.
Sanskar: you are ahem
Ahem: ji, I am IPS officer Ahem.

Just then sanskar looks at gopi and then at ahem joshi

Ahem: umm..this is my wife gopi joshi.

Sanskar stands up and shouts, “you are married”

Ahem, gopi and archana gets shocked hearing his shout.

Gopi: ji, we are married since 2 years.

Sanskar (angry and dangerous voice): How dare you betray princess?
Ahem (confusingly): Betray, whom sir…I mean I love my wife only.
Sanskar: really, then what is this?

Saying this he shows some photos of ahem and swara and also the video where swara and ahem are confessing their love.

Ahem: Sir, these photos are real but.
Sanskar: But what?
Ahem: Please listen to me once. Would you please give me the phone

Sanskar gives the phone. Ahem zooms in to the mouth of ahem and swara. He again plays the video.

Ahem: Sir, see this clearly. The voice you are hearing and the movement of mouth does not matches together. That time I was only making shona believe that you will safe and security around you is tight.

Sanskar calms down a little and says, “what do you mean by that? And why swara was meeting you often”

Ahem closes and takes a deep sigh, “Sir, shona got scared since your accident happened so she told me to investigate about it personally. When I investigated, i got to know that it was well planned accident. Since then she is meeting me frequently about you safety.”

Archana: Aur beta, shona is like little sister to ahem then how can they?

Sanskar (monologue): it means someone else said all this in princess’s and ahem’s voice. I won’t leave you kavita
Ahem: i know that shona, didn’t tell you about it but sir, she is a really pure soul who just thinks about happiness of others.
Sanskar: I am so sorry but, princess wasn’t telling me anything and then someone showed me these photos and video so I assumed that she loves you and…I am so sorry. But who is the person who planned my accident.
Ahem: Sir…

Scene shifts to kavita in the car who is worried and crying says to the driver, “please kaka, drive faster. I have to reach palace as soon as possible”
Kavita (monologue): oh god, how can I do that? No one will forgive me now. It’s okay, I will bear everyone’s hatred but somehow I have to save her. I will never be able to forgive myself. I am such an idiot to believe that person. I should have atleast found out about him.

Soon she reaches the palace.

Kavita (shouts): Swaraa, swara, sanskar sanskar

RagLakUttHil nad Dp come to the hall and were shocked to see kavita in this condition.

Ragini and uttara ran to her and asked, “Kavita, what happened”
Kavita: first of all tell me, where is swara? Is she home?
Uttara: I am not sure as we just came from college and papa also just came from office.

Just then a servant come and says, “Rajkumariji, princess swara went outiside”

Ragini: What? Where did didi went?
Servant: I don’t know but she looked worried.
Nikhil (angrily): And you didn’t even bother to ask her once that where she is going?
Kavita: We don’t have time for this. First call sanskar. Where is he?
Ragini (worriedly): kavita, you are scaring me. What happened to didi?
Kavita: Woh…woh swara is kidnapped.
Everyone shouts: What!
Nikhil: are you out of your mind kavita
Kavita: bhai listen to me first, actually…like this kavita tells her planning to seperate to SwaSan and then karthik’s conversation.
Nikhil gets angry and was going to slap her but stops in mid. He makes a tight fist and says, “if you were not my sister then I swear I would have killed you. How can you be stoop so low? Did you even think about shona, who is innocent like hell and loves us to the core?
Kavita: I am sorry bhai. I just realised my mistake.
Ragini (sobbing): My didi. That monster, he will ruin her. La..Laksh please do something. I want my didi. Please laksh
Laksh calls sanskar.

Scene shifts back to archana’s house.

Sanskar: ohh, so its Mr Karthik Malhotra who was behind my accident.
Just then his phone rings and sees laksh’s call.
Laksh: Hello bhai
Sanskar: What happened? You are sounding so tensed.
Laksh: Bhai, woh shona.
Sanskar (worriedly): What happened to princess?

Archana and GoHem get worried about swara.

Laksh (giving death glares to kavita): Bhai, this kavita and karthik (saying this he tells everything)

Sanskar gets angry, his veins were clearly visible in his body and his eyes turn blood shot red.

Laksh: and bhai one more thing, kavita heard from karthik that he took shona to one of his old factory, which is about 5 km away from mumbai.
Sanskar: I am going there.
Laksh: Bhai, i am also coming
Sanskar: No lucky
Laksh: bhai, shona is like my sister. So please don’t stop me. I am coming.

Saying this he cut the call. As soon as he cut the call sanskar ran fastly to the car but ahem stopped him and asked him. Sanskar only told about swara’s kidnapping. Ahem decided to go with sanskar and in the way he also called some more police to the factory.

Scene shifts to dark place where swara is lying on the bed. She opens her eyes with a jerk. She sees herself on a bed which is decorated with flowers. She gets scared seeing this. She then remembers how she came here.

Swara sits in the taxi and two people wearing burkha were already present in the taxi. Suddenly swara felt a sharp pain in her neck and the next minute everything went dark.
Flashback ends.

Swara breathing heavily: Where am I? What is this?
Just then she hears a man’s voice, “you are in karthik’s heaven baby”

Swara gets scared and looks towards the direction and she sees a man standing there.

Swara (scaredly): Who…Who are you?

The man turned on the lights and sees swara with lustful eyes making swara uncomfortable.

Karthik: remember me…jaan
Swara: Ka..Karthik
Karthik (smiling evilly): han its me. Yuvraj Karthik Malhotra…
Swara: What am I doing here. And and that accident
Karthik goes closer to her, “Which accident. Ohhhh that sanskar’s. But baby, he never met with any accident.
Swara (crying): It..It means it was a lie
Karthik goes more closer and started caressing her one cheek, “yes it was a lie to make you come in my arms.”
Swara wriggles, “lea..leave me. Please.”
Karthik hold her waist tightly making swara wince in pain, “arrey. How can I leave you? Did you know that for how many nights i was waiting for you? Uff you tortured me so much. Now come one satisfy.”

Swara pushes him and went back, crashing to the headboard of the bed. She joins her hands together and says, “plea..please leave me. I am not that t..y…p…e of g..i..r..l.”
Karthik catches her legs and drags her under him he removes her dupatta and starts giving kisses on her one side of neck and says, “so what baby, i will make you that type of girl”
Swara was numb for a second.

Swara (monologue): no, I can’t let this happen. I can’t let him touch me.

Thinking this she pushes karthik with her full energy and ran away from that room. (all the guards were outside of the factory.)

Swara’s condition is not good, she is having messy hair and was sweating. She hurriedly hid under a table. Swara holds the same lord krishna idol locket which sanskar gave her.

Swara (monologue): No, I can’t let him touch me. I love kunwarsa only and only he has right on my body, my soul, my everything. Only kunwarsa has right on me. I will die but will never let that man touch me. Please kanhaji, save me from that devil. Please send kunwarsa here.

Swara started sobbing but then she hears some footsteps so swara closes her mouth with her hand to avoid her sobbing sounds

Karthik(evilly): Jaan, princess swara. Where are you? Come to me baby, satisfy me. I am waiting and if you will not come then you will see worst of me. Come on now, like a good girl come in my arms. You know that I love you..sorry sorry, your beautiful body. Don’t make me angry baby.

Swara saw karthik going away. Swara took the chance and came out.She started to run towards the door, just then someone holds her hand and pins her to the wall harshly.

It was karthik. He caressed her cheek and said, “tch tch tch poor swara, don’t you know once a girl come in my clutches then she can’t go away till I allow. And you are my need, my obsession. Then how can I let you go. Han.

Swara was shivering with fear. Karthik took her dupatta and threw it somewhere. Swara tried to cover herself with her hands but karthik held her hands and pinned them on either side of her head.

Swara (sobbing): Please…please karthik. Leave me..

Karthik was leaning towards her but just then some strong hands holds karthik’s neck from back side. The man pulled kartik with jerk threw him harshly. Karthik’s head got hit with a table and he got unconscious.

Swara saw the persona and only one word came in her mouth, “K..u..n..w..a..r..s..a”

Without wasting time, she hugged sanskar tightly. Sanskar reciprocated the hug and started rubbing her back protectively.

Sanskar (softly): Shhh, princess. Calm down. I am here.

After few minutes, he broke the hug and wrapped dupatta around swara’s body.

Swara: Tha…nk go..d you..you came other…otherwi..se h..e wa…s g..o..i..n..g to..

Swara couldn’t complete the sentence and started crying again. Sanskar hugged swara again and rubbed her back to soothe her pain. Laksh, ahema and nikhil were fighting with the goons. Just then some more goons start to come. Sanskar took swara and made her hide behind some boxes. He cupped her face, “princess, be here and don’t come out till I don’t come back to pick you up.”
Swara: n..no, don’t go..please
Sanskar: Shona, more goons are coming and I have to go and help others.
Swara: ok

Sanskar kissed her forehead and ran back to help others. Everyone were fighting with the goons and they were defeating them. Swara could clearly see them. She was just hoping that none of her three brothers and sanskar get hurt. Finally all the goons defeated.

Nikhil: Sanskar, where is shona?
Sanskar: don’t worry she is safe

None of them didn’t notice, when karthik for conscious. He slowly opened his eyes and saw sanskar standing. The only thing that came in his mind is killing sanskar. He saw a goon lying near him. He took out the gun from that goon’s pocket. All this noticed by swara.

Swara (monologue): no, i can’t let this happen. I can’t let him kill kunwarsa.

Thinking this she got up and started to run where sanskar was standing. Sanskar and everyone saw swara running towards them.

Swara (shouts): Kunwarsa!
Karthik also stood up and shouted, “sanskar maheshwari!”

Saying this he shot bullet. Everyone turned towards And before bullet could reach sanskar, swara came in between the bullet and sanskar. Therefore it shot swara.

Everyone shouted: Shona.

Tears were non top rolling down from swara’s cheeks due to pain. Before she could fall down sanskar and everyone held her. Sanskar took swara in his lap. The only thing that came in his mind was that his princess was shot. Before karthik could do anything, ahem shot karthik.

Sanskar (cryingly): Princess, what did you do?
Swara (wincing in pain): kun..kunwarsa, i d..i..d m..y du..t…y.

Recap: What will happen, will gadodia family will loose their eldest daughter again? Will sanskar loose his love, his best friend again.

That’s it. Guys, i just want to ask you all something. Do you want me to make swara confess her love now or do want me to make her jealous then confess her love. I am confused. Please do tell me.

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