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Episode 2
Thanks a ton 2 all those who commented. Guys since my exams r starting from 2morrow I might not be able 2 giv u daily updates so forgive me.
Swara got a call n 2 get signal she went out.
She saw a person hiding having gun n talking on phone 2 some1
Man- I miss d target due to d crowd n started going somewhere.
She followed him secretly n went 2 jungle n went 2 a big mansion.
She sees guards. She throws a stone in opposite direction 1 person goes while she plays a tune in her mob. Due to which 2nd one also goes, she goes n hides behind a shelf. She saw 2 persons 1 standing whom she followed n 2nd sitting she recognized him as a dangerous n wanted xyz goon there was a convo. N she recorded it.

She got 2 know that they’re targetting Sanskar as he sent him jail 4 his crime of blasting a bomb in a private bus killing about 60+ people but he ran away.
She gets 2 know dat 2night d bridge he’ll cross would’ve bomb planted n then his story’s closed forever d convo was going on
Goon 1- I want a gift 4 preparing dis bomb.
Goon 2- Ya sure…..
Suddenly Swara’s phone rang, Karthik called her as she was nowhere 2 be seen.
She jerked n kept it on silent mode but got spotted.
Goon 2- How dare u come here?
She showed a face full of rage wid courage.
Goon 2 smirks- U asked 4 a gift right I was worried 4 it but u r fortunate u got it n sees 2wards Swara

Goon 1- smiles evilly n luks at her wid bad intention
By DAT time she had taken out d memory / SD card of her mob. N kept in her pocket
Goon 2- Snatch her mob. N lock her
Servant snatched her n locked her in d dark rum n her hands were tied
She felt afraid if d dark rum.
Suddenly doors opened d goon came in n closed d door he started opening his shirt.
She starts screaming- leave me some1 sav me
He came near her untied her n b4 she could escape locked her 2 d wall n came near her she pushed him n tried 2 run but he held her hairs n they were loosened n twisted her ri8 wrist.
She started sobbing she gav a tight slap 2 him n he pushed her n then bent down.

*Precap: Swara 2 be admitted in Hosp. How will she b saved? Think think. Wat happened 2 her? N let me also think d storyline.*

Guys ur valuable comments r wholeheartedly welcomed n plz 4giv me 4 d mistakes.

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    it’s midnite here! i unable to think with my small brain!
    all the best for your exam Ans!

    1. Anshupriya

      Thankyou Mica

  3. High voltage suspense

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  5. Nice

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