SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-27}

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Hears everyone ..the scream of swara …they looks at her who is standing shock with widen eyes … They looks confused seeing her staring something in shock …Thus, they follow her gaze….as soon as their eyes falls on the scenario …they were equally more shocked

“Bhai ” ..shouts uttara in shock as she stumbles back ragini who was equally shocked
holds her

shocking laksh registered the scenario in his mind .. Tat Sanskar was laying on the floor in the pool of blood ..his torso , neck , hands were all coverd with blood
he was unconscious …it was clearly shown tat 5 or 6 bullets passed his body

Laksh immediately ran towards him …

Laksh:Sanskar …dude …

He said placing his head on his lap … Uttara and ragini also rushed towards Sanskar …

“Bhai.. Bhai..wat happen to u .. Thz blood …bhai ..get up” uttara says b/w her sobs shaking unconscious Sanskar

While swara was still standing in shock seeing Sanskar’s condition …
Just then something caught her eyes as her eyes falls on window

“Parth ” she whispered in shock .. Uttara hears thz and looks at swara and finds her staring towards the window … She follows her gaze and finds a boy running … She gets confused and again looks at swara

“Parth ..here” said Swara still in shock … She was abt to walk towards window but stops hearing laksh

” uttu don’t cry sweetheart … Nothing will happen to Sanskar we will take him hospital ” consoles laksh controlling his own tears seeing his frnd condition

Uttara nodes with tears … While laksh takes Sanskar in his arms and makes a way to the car

Uttara and swara follows him while ragini stays back with arav

“SM sir ” …whispered Johan who gets shock to see the condition of his boss who is carried in the arms of laksh

Laksh: Johan …open the car .. Hurry up ..

He looks at laksh and nodes .. Immediately rushing towards the car ..he opens it …while laksh places Sanskar on the back seat .. Uttara sits beside Sanskar with teary eyes ..

Laksh and swara sits in the front seat …soon they leaves from there



“Nothing shld happen to my frnd. ..keep in ur mind u have to make him fine .. U know him rgt he is Sanskar Maheswari u shld and must make him fine” said laksh in dangerous tone looking at doctor as they processed towards I.C.U

Doctor just gupls in fear and nodes ….while Swara and uttara were looking at unconscious Sanskar …

Doctor:(fear) plzz kindly wait outside we have to start the operation
Laksh:hmm okay … (Looks at swautt) uttu…. Swara ..come

Swautt looks at him and simply nodes there head ….uttara leaves from there with teary eyes but As swara walks…her hands touches Sanskar’s hand … She immediately looks at him and then her hand which had some drop of blood coz of his touch
Tears made a way from her eyes as she looks deeply to his face …

“Swara” laksh gestures her to come out …she looks at him and immediately runs outside

As soon she comes out …she finds uttara crying miserably covering her face with palms …
She feels sad and goes towards uttara

“Uttara” she whispers keeping her hands on her shoulder
Uttara’s eyes turned in anger as she hears her voice …she jerks and gets up from the chair she was sitting

Uttara: ? now wat do u want… U r happy rgt ..seeing my bhai’s condition u r happy na
Swara:(shocked) uttara wat r u saying ..I…
Uttara:(cuts off) ? ohh just shut up don’t act innocent .. I won’t get trapped in u like before … I know u only did thz rgt …
Swara: (tears) Dekho uttara I know I did wrong with u ..played with ur feelings but I still …I don’t wanna hurt a person like u …but ….

Uttata:(interrupts) ? but u .. U want to kill my brother ..my bhai rgt …
Swara:no..uttara ….u r…
Uttara:? (shows off her hand) just get lost from here. .. Arrey I was so happy seeing my bhai started loving u .. I was soo happy …but now I hate myself to be happy …I hate myself coz the girl whom I thought to be perfect for my bhai …tried to kill my bhai … I know u r the one responsible for my bhai’s condition …bhai loves u but u tried to kill my bhai …just get lost from here

She shouts in anger …swara stumbles ..tears rolled down from her beautiful hazel eyes seeing uttara’s haterd and hearing the blam … She immediately runs from there


“U Killed them ,they loved u , U killed them ,bhai loves u , But u tried to kill him ,u r responsible for his condition” was the thing revolving in swara’s mind

It been 6hours She was sitting on the staris in a construct site …. Her face was looking pale… tears making a way from her eyes …she helds her ears as she hears those voices again and again

“Noooooooooooooooo ” she shouts holding her head

The voices stops she calms down ..Sanskar’s face comes to her mind …she reminces their moments , their fights, their kiss, and all above his LUST OBSESSION LOVE …. Her lips unknowingly curved into a cute smile thinking abt him … But soon her smiles fades as she reminces the scenario…. Sanskar laying in a pool of blood …
She started crying miserably keeping her hand on the side of her heart …as her heart started paining remincing Sanskar’s condition

“Sanskar” she whispers in painful voice …

Just then she hears some voice

” don’t worry he would die any moment Shona”

As soon as she hears the voice she gets shock aware of the fact tat who is the owner of the voice

“Parth” she whispers looking at parth still in shock

Parth: (smiles) haan Shona me look Sanskar will die now …u will be free .. Then u and me cañ leave from here …very far u r happy rgt

Swara:(confused) wat r u telling parth and in tat party …u r the one who was running rgt
Parth: (looks at her) oh god I didn’t confessed u still na .. Haha Shona u know I LOVE u soo much and haan u r rgt I was the one who ran from there…..After Shooting tat blo*dy Sanskar

He said like physco lover touching her face ….she gets shock she never expected thz from parth …1stly she always thought him as her frnd only frnd nothing more than tat and 2ndlt he tried to kill Sanskar .. He shoot bullet on Sanskar ….but soon her eyes turned red shot as she again registers his words tat he want to kill Sanskar ….. She immediately lifts her hand and slapped him hard

Swara: ? how dare u …how dare u to harm sanskar ..parth I never expected thz from u ..

She said slapping him again … Parth gets angry and holds her both the hands pulling her closer to him

Parth: ? wats ur prblm … U don’t like him rgt … Once u were even ready to kill him don’t u remember …

She reminces the incident where she kept gun on Sanskar’s forehead … She gets teary eyes

Parth: let him die …u shldnt be bother to it

Her anger rose up as she registers his words .. She angrily pushes him

Swara:?Nothing will happen to My Sanskar did u get it ..

“My Sanskar ” he murmured in anger and pushed her in the rage ..she falls on the floor …

She gets angry and looks at him … While he stands smiling evilly …taking a locket from his pocket it was the same locket which Arav was wearing … As soon as swara’s eyes falls on the locket yet again

Some flashes comes to her mind like a A man is beating a small girl with the belt and the girl was screaming in pain and crying miserably

Girl: (cries) no I didn’t kill them .. Trust me …I didn’t …aaaaaaaa

She screams in pain & cries as he beats hardly with a belt on her hand


Parth: Hahaha

Parth laughs evilly …seeing her sweating and shivering in fear … He moves forward to her .. While she moves back ward

Parth:u always kill the person who loved u …and same happen with Sanskar u will only be responsible for his death

He moving closer to him …

“No no ..no ..I didn’t kill any one … No no ..plzzzzz ” she cries staring the locket in fear moving backwards in the sitting position

“Today I’m not gonna leave u swara ” said parth holding her leg with a evil smirk ..while she was still staring the locket in fear

Hi guys tanu here hope u all liked thz epi

Thank u all
Love u all

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