Swasan: I love u only u (epi-28)

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Hello guys with another episode I hope u liked previous one thank u so much for all ur support and love

Let’s start

Screen start with a couple are doing love at mid night 3:00

Girl: ahhh plzzz let me sleep Baby I’m so sleepy

Boy: Now way shona not today u teased me more today I can’t stop now (yes guys they our swasan who started romancing at night 3:00)

Swara: (breathing heavily) plz na Sanskar I did that at 9:00 it’s 3:00 Now this is 3rd time u r doing I don’t have energy now

Sanskar: This is ur punishment for tying me with threads

Swara: I said sry now plzzz leave me ahhhhh Sanskar (he Bitted her b*****)

Sanskar: okie I will leave U but on one condition

Swara: what’s that now

Sanskar: u have to obey my orders for a week wt ever I say u have to do

Swara: (in tiredness) okie I will do wt ever u want now leave me

Sanskar smiled and kissed her forhead and took her in embrace before Sanskar say good night she has already slept on him he smiles and slept with her closing his eyes

Next day morning

Both are sleeping peacefully in each other embrace Sanskar woke up with door knocking sound he lazily went out wearing his pants opened the door rubbing his eyes

Sanskar: wt u want uttara (yawning)

Uttara: (angrily) wt u both are doing till now it already noon time and u r asking me wt u want Haa

Sanskar: (shocked) wt afternoon U go I will come

Uttara: (teasingly) wait bhai here is ur lunch mom gave me to give u so that u won’t need come out and continue ur work to give grandchildren to mom

Sanskar blushes listening her comment soon he made fake angry face seeing this she ranned from there handing food tray to him he smiles seeing her and went inside the room locking door

He gulfed his saliva seeing his love with angry now he got clear cut that she has listened uttara teasing

Swara: (angry) I told u not love me at late night but no u will not at all listening to u didn 3 time with me at night Bcoz of that I can’t woke up early now when I go out out all will tease me mainly uttara (pout)

Sanskar smiled and was going to peck her pout but she pushed him

Swara: don’t u dare to start again Mr.Sanskar

Sanskar: but swara if I don’t do this how we will fulfill moms wish
Listening this swara blushed like tomato while she was in her own world Sanskar pinned her to bed

Sanskar: (teasingly) wt happen to Mrs Sanskar till now she was angry and now suddenly blushing
Swara again came to her angry mood she pushed his hand which on her shoulder to which Sanskar hissed in pain

Swara: (worried) Sanskar wt happen

Sanskar: ntg princess it’s just yesterday thread (whispers) u know wt is u said I enjoyed alot

Swara ignored his statement and having tears in her eyes seeing marks on his hand she kissed on both wrist and whispered sorry to him

Sanskar smiles seeing her love and care towards him

Sanskar: (diverting the topic) waise shona how u got over romantic yesterday

Swara: (blushing) vo vo

Sanskar: tell na princess

Swara: day before yesterday I saw my friend on our flat

@Flash back

Friend: hi swara

Swara: Hey hi priya

Priya: wt a plesant surprise u stay I this apartment

Swara: yes we came here recently and wt about u

Priya: I’m saying from and year okie tell me how is marriage life and all

Swara smiled and started telling about Sanskar soon in talk she saw some marks on her wrist

Swara: wt is this marks on ur wrist priya

Priya: (blushing) vo yeah leave that

Swara: y r u blushing and no tell me plz plz

Priya: okie Okie don’t tell to anyone (swara nodded her head) My husband loved me yesterday night this are the marks of that

Swara: (shocked) wt ur husband love in this way see he cutter ur wrist and u are blushing for this (angry)

Priya: (shocked) u stupid he didn’t cutted my wrist he tiered mine and tells wt happens next. Swara even u try this it will be awesome u know (whispers) I feel like heaven when he love me in his wild avthar And trust u r husband alone will love this kind of love Im sure about this

Swara was confused About her talks

@flash back ends

Swara: that’s y I tried that but see more than pleasure I gave u pain (in tears)

Sanskar: no princess who told u its paining it’s like pleasure for me I said na I Like this author of urs or I can say I loved this saying he Pecks on her lips

Swara: (innocently) really (with happy tone)

Sanskar: yes princess saying this Both hugged Each others.

Soon both break the hugged and swara left to freshen up by drapping quilt around her but now Sanskar mood is on so he removed the quilt and hugged her like that in near washroom

Sanskar: no no not come we will bath together shona saying she took her inside the washroom

Swara was unable to register anything her mind before she realise she was in bathroom now and under the shower (guys now don’t this much let them have some privacy ??)

Soon day passed like this and now Sanskar wants say thanks to Arjun so he said his PA to get their Adress

@next day

Malhotra mansion

Arjun: (angrily) papa how dare they to hurt my princess

Man: ha beta u have to show them hell how dare they are to hurt my daughter now they have to face Raj malhotra

Arjun: yes I will show them hell get ready Mr and Mrs Adarsh maheswari and shekar and parvathi gadodia

Raj: beta shekar

Arjun: ha papa I got to everything papa Now he has to face me for hurting my mom and sister
Raj smiled seeing his love towards his mother sister

Arjun: papa chalo we will go near mom we will say her full truth Mom will accept u and me whole heatedly

Voice: which truth u r talking about

Both turned and shocked to see the person at the door

Screen freezes on shocking face of arjraj….

Precap: stay tuned………

*********** episode ends***********

Keep smiling guys bye bye……

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