Swasan: I love u only u (epi-12)

Hello guys I’m back with another one I thought to post SWASAN U R ONLY MINE 2 SHOTES but On SammieR Request I’m writing this chappy Today and this chappy is only for her. If I have time I will post even swasan ur only mine 2 shots

Thank u for supporting me all the time Guys for baring me for everything

Let’s start
Swasan room
Both are having a cute eye lock Soon it broke by Sanskar
He took swara in arms and placed her bed
Sanskar: (kissing on forehead) Thank u for supporting me all the time shona
Swara about was about to say but Sanskar placed finger on her lips.Let me complete first

He kissed on eyes – thank u for coming into my life shona
Kissed on noes – thank u for this anger which controls seeing ur anger
Kissed on cheeks – thank u for loving me shona
Kissed on lips – thank u for everything shona

I love u shona I love so much thank u for coming into my life I LOVE U ONLY U u r mine shona U will never leave me na
Swara was having tears in her eyes listening him
Swara: I love u too Sanskar and I will never leave u
Sanskar was happy listening her words he know she wont leave her but still he was afraid of this cruel world
Swara saw him lost in his own thoughts her mind popped with Naughty idea

Swara slowly opened his shirt 2 bottoms and bitter on his bare chest tightly leaving teeth marks Sanskar came into senses
Sanskar:ouchhhhhh swaraaaaa
She smiles sheepishly seeing him
Sanskar: swara wt is this u bitter so hard yar
Swara: ha I did that intentionally to say u that u r also mine only mine Mr Sanskar
Sanskar smiles and pecked her lips

(guys this is 1st time I’m writing song With mature content bcoz I don’t known much Hindi movies thats y I didn’t used songs till now In my ff but it’s my 1st attempt plz if u don’t like the song forgive me)

******* MATURE CONTENT *******

Sanskar was smiling seeing her feeling his gaze on her she was feeling shy so she hugged him tightly he smiled and hugged her back

(Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se jaa uljhe
Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe
Hai rom rom ek tara
Hai rom rom iktaara
Jo badalon mein se guzre)

Soon he broke the hug and kissed her on lips passionately swara was pushing him more on her Sanskar was caressing her b***** under Saree both kissing each other has if there is no tomorrow or they won’t get another kiss he pressed her b***** with his right hand she hissed in pain taking has opportunity he entered into her mouth and exploring her fully both smiled in between the kiss soon both broke the kiss due lack of oxygen

(Ye moh moh ke dhage
Teri ungliyon se jaa uljhe
Koi toh toh na lage
Kis tarah girah yeh suljhe

Tu hoga zaraa paagal
Tune mujh ko hai chuna
Tu hoga zara pagal
Tune mujh ko hai chunaa
Kaise toone ankahaa
Tune an-kahaa sab suna
Tu hoga zara paagal
Tune mujh ko hai chuna)

Both are breathing heavily looking each other eyes slowly Sanskar started removing her pallu Now she was on her blouse only feeling his on her she felt shy and was about to close with hands but Sanskar stopped her
Sanskar:( near ear huskily) this is my right shona let me watch u completely waise bi I have already seen u with and without so no need to shy more my princess
Swara eyes got widen listening his words but a small smile appeared in her lips

(Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe

Yeh teri jhoothi baatein mai saari maan loon
Ke teri jhoothi baatein mai saari maan loon
Aankhon se tere sach sabhi, sab kuchh abhi jaan loon
Ke teri jhoothi baatein mai saari maan loon…)

Sanskar dugged his face into her neck and giving love bites to his love
Swara: (moaning) ahhhh Sanskar
Sanskar: (in her ear huskily) u know wt shona when ever I see u na I feel like to eat whole day saying this he Bitted on her b*****
Swara: ahhhhh baby then…..who…… stopped……From…. eating…….me
(whispers) by the way Mr Sanskar it gives me pleasure (winks)
This was it for Sanskar even removed all the barrier within a second before she could realise both are fully naked

(Tej hai dhaara behte se hum awaara
Aa tham ke saansein le yahaan

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se jaa uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah yeh suljhe)

Sanskar was on swara he was hugging her tightly both bare bodies where touching each other he was roaming all over her body soon it changes into his lips he was not even leaving a place without his kiss and his love bites
Swara: ahhh San….sanskar plz…. now…no more….teasing….. Plz….. Enter…. Into…. Me…

Sanskar: as u say my princess Saying this he entered into her making her moan in pleasure
Swara: ahhh….. Sanskar……. Heaven………
Sanskar was thrusting her very hard his each thrust was so perfect
Swara: Ahhh….. faster…… Faster…….
Soon both reached to climax Sanskar fell on her b***** both are breathing heavily
Sanskar: I love you shona u know when ever I make love with u na I feel like the world’s luckiest person I LOVE U SHONA
swara: I love to Sanskar saying this she hugged him tightly.
Sanskar anyone said u that u r so heavy
Sanskar: (confused) y u r asking like that
Swara: bcoz u r so heavy now get up from me always sleeps on me (pouts)

Sanskar: (teasingly) okie princess I will go another girl I’m so heavy may she can bear me
Swara holds his hair and pushed him towards her both are facing each other so closely – (angrily ? ) don’t u even dare to think that I will kill u

Sanskar was shocked for her sudden act but then he was happy seeing her love
Sanskar: I was just joking princess I can’t even think my life without u (pecked on her lips)
Swara: That’s better but don’t even say that words even in joke I can’t listen that the thought of away from u kills me (? teary eyes)

Sanskar: I’m so sorry swara I don’t mean that acha leave that come let’s sleep it’s already late
Sanskar took her in his embrace and both soon drifted into sleep

Next day morning
Adarsh: (happily) pari I got information about him I just got his company address not his home but its okie it will enough to kill him

Pari: ha Adarsh we have to kill him soon or else our property will get out from our hands
Adarsh: don’t worry no one can’t take Im here na
Pari: u r there na that’s y Im in relief
Both hugged each other with evil smile on their faces
Soon both headed to dinning table
All are having their bf silently

Laksh: papa I wanna say something
Dp: bolo laksh kya baath hai
Laksh: papa Sanskar became business man he owns a company papa
Dp: (shocked) wt laksh he own a company but Adarsh told me that he gave him fake notes to Sanskar
Laksh: wt???? Fake notes
Dp: ha laksh when Sanskar left mm

Flash back
Adarsh: Papa I want say something about Sanskar
Dp: (? listening his name) wt is that
Adarsh: papa I gave fake notes to Sanskar so that he can’t again effect our family if he has money he will definitely do something that’s y I did that if u think wrong I will send him real notes (fake sadness)

Dp: (thinking) no Adarsh u did right after this he can’t do anything to us
Adarsh: papa but wt about Chachi cha-cha ji and uttara
Dp: leave all tat I know rp if his anger get less he will only come to me I know he can’t do anything without me
Meantime ap also came there and listen their conversation
Ap: yes dp ji u r saying right if Adarsh would have given real notes na then we would have landed in a big problem again Sanskar will try to kill us
Dp: ha ap for me more than our family ntg is important
Ap: ha ji u said right we have think about our children not for others
Adarsh was having smile on his face which is unnoticed by them

Flash back ends

Laksh: if bhai has given him fake notes then how can he was owning a company that in few months span that means he again did something
I have to find out that this time I will send him jail

Adarsh: no need take tension lucky I have collected all the information his company name is SS company We have to o something before he attack on us

Laksh:(angrily) ha bhai this time I won’t let my family suffer bcoz of him
Soon all completed their bf and left to office

Swasan room
Both got up early and got ready soon bcoz of Ayush if he woke before swasan he will sure break the door with his small hands

Ayush was going to swasan room when he was about to knock But Sanskar open the door Instead knocking door Ayush hitted Sanskars leg
Sanskar: awww chotu wt happen y u beat me
Ayush: hoo sry jiju I was about to knock but u open the door (innocently)
Sanskar took him in arms and went inside the room
Sanskar: wt happen today my Chotu woke up late
Ayush: (excitingly) played with mamu yesterday night u know we played alot of vedio games in that I only won
In meantime swara came out getting ready
Swara: gud morning chotu
Ayush: Good morning di Now come I’m hungry we all will have bf
Swasan smiled and went with him
All had their bf prathap and Sanskar left to office

Screen freezes on Sanskar and prathap

Precap: stay tuned…….

****** episode ends*******

I hope u all like this chappy once again sry for my late update guys

Keep smiling guys ? ?

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