Swasan: I love u only u (epi-11)

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Hello guys another chappy is back for u all thank u so much for all ur comments

Let’s start
*******episode 11*******
Screen starts prathap entering to Sanskar cabin
Prathap: Sanskar all Set
Sanskar: smiles and says yes mamu all is set 5min we will leave to venue
Both of them left to venue

Both reached at venue both directly went to conference room there already laksh and Adarsh is present There

Prathap and Sanskar enter into room and took there seats in front of laksh and Adarsh both are shocked to prathap and Sanskar in front of them

Sanskar was having ? smile on his face laksh was staring Sanskar In ? and but Adarsh was still in shock

All companies are present on the conference all are trying hard for this project

Soon conference gets started PA of that company asked the them to show the presentation (sry guys I’m not getting wt company name to give)
PA : good evening to ladies and gentlemen Thank u for coming and all the best for all of u I start with goinka company

Goinka company completed their presentation soon it’s time to Maheswari company and Ss Company (swara Sanskar company New company of Sanskar this is the 1st project of that company and even prathap had some share on that)
Both completed their presentation laksh was throwing dagger on Sanskar but he was just ignoring him
After the completion of all presentation

PA: thank u for all ur presentation results will be announced in 2 min
After 2 min
In all presentations there are 2 best presentations that mm and ss company so we decide to open the tender amount even
He opened tender amount
He announced the name of the company that is non other our hero company

All congratulated to Sanskar but 2 ppl are burning in anger that is our adrlak Both went outsude the conference
Sanskar: mamu we did it mamu
Prathap: ha ha Sanskar now chalo we will leave to home already ur wife would be waiting for u for the good news
Sanskar: yes mamu chalo

Sanskar and prathap where leaving to home but laksh came in front of him
Laksh: Sanskar I thought u would have begging On the roads but u gave me surprise to me great
Sanskar: leave the way laksh I don’t want to disturb my mood
Laksh: ahh Sanskar wt u think with this project u can do anything It’s just a small project for me don’t think u can do anything with this small project

Sanskar Was silent but not prathap
Prathap: (getting anger listening his talks)?s that’s true laksh it’s just a small project but u r not even capable of getting this small project y u will get big projects (tauntingly)
Laksh got angry on prathap
Laksh: hey u who r u anyways u don’t know about him he can do anything for money he can even sell his family for money

Prathap got more angry on him and about to say but Sanskar took him and left the place without paying head to him
Laksh: Hey Sanskar y r u talking him don’t u think even he has to know the truth
But Sanskar left the place with prathap (in all this Adarsh was not he went aside to call the goons to attack on Sanskar but to his bad luck Sanskar left the place he didn’t even saw prathap was with him He just thought both came single)
Laksh also left the place in anger and felt insulted listening prathap talks

Prathap: snaksar y u got me here I would have show him the correct place of him
Sanskar: mamu relax I don’t want to spoil my mood on his stupid talks
Prathap: but still Sanskar at least I would have scolding him na
Sanskar: mamu u know wt swara is also same like u may be she got ur heredity
Prathap: ha tho wts wrong in that like me like my daughter ??

Soon they reached home
Swara already prepared mothichur laddu for him
Sanskar: mom maa papa mami swara Dida all come out fast
All came out from their rooms and respective places

Sujata: aye chore kya hua
Sanskar: good news I won the project
All gets happy listening his good news and this S my 1st deal to my new company SS

Lakshmi: SS matlab
Sanskar: swara Sanskar company
AlL gets happy seeing his son love swara blushed listening this
Dida: Sanskar beta but no one said ur starting a New company
Sanskar: bcoz no one don’t know this only I and mamu know that we are going to start a company

Prathap: acha leave all this doll I know u prepared sweet for Sanskar now serve that dish to all
Lakshmi: all are only for u
Prathap: tum naaa leave it doll u get the dishes na I’m waiting for it
Lakshmi: o hello master no sweets for u don’t forget u have diabetes Dr strictly said not give sweets to ur husband
Prathap: no no this cheating

Lakshmi: oy stop complaining like small child okie
Dida gave “I’m so sry Poor kid” look
Swara: (whispers) arey mamu don’t worry I will give sit silently
Prathap smiles and make a fake sad face and sat on the sofa

All are having sweets but prathap make pout seeing this slowly swara came near prathap and gave one sweet to him secretly
He ate that in seconds but he want one more Again swara gave but to his bad luck Lakshmi has seen them

Laxmi: swaraaa
Both get shock and seen her is fear
Laxmi: I know this will happen this mamu and mamu kids chamcha na never listen to anyone Now throw that sweet
But he kept Sweet in mouth and say arey lucky (Laksmi) U only said don’t waste food that’s y I ate that

She got angry and about to scold Him But interpreted by Dida
Dida: chodo na lakshmi he already ate that we can’t do anything not stop chalice will have dinner
She nodded head but she glared at prathap he gulped in fear

Soon All completed their dinner Went to their respective rooms And pralak to their flat

Swasan room
Swara entred the room after completing her work in kitchen snakes read standing near the window
She went near him and back hugged him
Swara: now tell me wt Is bothering u
Sanskar: bothering ntg like that swara chalo we will sleep I’m tried
Swara: stops him Sanskar u know that u catnt say lie to me now say to me wt is bothering u

he hugged her tightly not even air can pass through it swara also rresponed in same passion
Sanskar: (broke the hug) I don’t wanna share with u now bcoz I have another work swara
Swara: wt work u have u said u are tired and want to sleep right
Sanskar: ha I’m tired but before that I wanna make u also tired my baby (huskily)
Her eyes got widen listening
Swara: sanskar u r becoming shameless day by day
Sanskar: wt to do Mrs Sanskar ur love is making me like this
Swara hits him playfully

Mm mansion
Laksh came to home furiously and left to room ragini saw this and went after him

Raglak room
Ragini entering the room wt happen laksh
Laksh: he came ragini again he came into my life I wanna kill him
Ragini: who laksh
Laksh: that Sanskar
Ragini: (shocked) Sanskar but how where u saw him
Laksh: u know na today I’m going to presentation in that Sanskar company is also there
And he got that project wt he think of himself it’s just a small project with this project he can’t do anything to me To my family
Ragini: laksh relax saying she gave water to him he drank whole water
Laksh leave it ntg is going to change and ntg will happen to our family
I won’t even let them To touch Us now come we will have dinner
Laksh nodded his head and left to had their dinner

Adapari room
Adarsh also came in same position furious
Pari: wt happen Adarsh
Adarsh: pari today project is won by Sanskar pari
Pari: wt (shock)0
Pari: how can he got that project and that to where he got that much money I thought he was begging but how he bought his own company
Adarsh: I don’t know but I said goons to catch his address and kill them
Pari: don’t worry Adarsh he will definitely die with our hands only now chalo we will have dinner
Both left from there
Both laksh and Adarsh Told dp and ap about today’s incident they both Also had cheater feeling on him till now

Screen freezes on mm

Precap: swasan romance

Stay Tunned…… To angel for further story ?
Keep smiling ? ?
And don’t forget to comment plzzz

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    sorry dear for not commenting from the 7th epi, i read from the 7th epi now only. its really getting interesting, its awesome, i am loving it.

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u Rania

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    Amazing yar I loved it what an impact just too good

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      Thank u so much rosey

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    Awesome waiting for next part

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    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u dear

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    Nice dear

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    Awesomee dearr anddd they all need severe punishmentt and dont make them forgiven by swasan becoz broken trust cant be gained again

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      Thank u rabia

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  12. awesome.. and sorry for not commenting on previous parts…. dont show swasan to forgive them give them punishment

  13. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear plzz dont let swasan forgive mm family plzz yaar..
    Keep thrm away

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