Swasan- His Love Her Strength (chapter 22)

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Chapter 22

After all the Drama, Laksh slapped Ragini to bring her back in her senses. She stumbles but he held her and made her stand properly. While the clients excused themselves and left the place and Ap nd Dp stood there embarassed and Rp family dont have any expressions and looked unbothered.

Laksh: (held her from shoulders): Ragini? Are you fine? What the hell do you think you were doing? (He said shaking her shoulders).

Ragini: laksh g you slapped me.(holding her cheek). How could you? I love you but you slapped me.. (she started to cry childishly). Aaaaaaaannnnnn.. he slapped me.

Everyone became shocked on her behaviour???..

Laksh: Ragini.. ragini.. are you fine? What happened? What the hell did you ate? (He said shaking her).

Ragini: why? Now you will not allow me to eat even. Aaaaaaannnnn… u r not my husband you are my enemy?????.. you dont love me…

Ap: Laksh she is not in the state to talk. Take her to your room.

Laksh nodded and held Ragini from sideways and started to move but she was struggling to free herself.

She slightly pulled herself back and turned towards Laksh.

Ragini: You laksh g stay away from me. What are you planning to do with me? Youuuu.. youuu.. enemy??.

Uttara and Sanskar looked at each other and started to giggle making sounds??.

Swara glared them.

Sujata: Sanskar chup ho ja. Sun ne de. Popcorn bhi la de.. bada maza aa rha hai.. (she whispered in his ears).

Sanskar started to laugh more loudly???.

Now Laksh turned towards him.

Laksh: Shut up. (He roared).

Sanskar kept his finger on his lips making a pout, seeing him Uttara started to laugh holding her stomach.

Swara was trying her best not to laugh?.

Laksh picked Ragini up in bridal style and moved towards the stairs.

Ragini started to hit him on his chest and move her legs.

Ragini: You dushman spera leave me.??

Laksh: What?? (He was confused on her words).

Ragini: Huhh.. idiot didnt you heard.. main teri dushman, dushman tu mera.. main nagin tu spera…

Everyone in the hall burst in laughter while Ap and Dp left the place ??.

After about 10 minutes, they somehow managed themselves and stood straight.

Swara looked at Sanskar but he turned his gaze, she was again hurt and became sad.

Sujata: chlo sab ab khana kha lo. Drama khatam ho gya aaj ka??.

Everyone starts to move towards the dining table.

Swara: Mom. I am not hungry and have also to so some work. So you guys carry on. I will leave. Good night.

Before Sujata can say anything, Sanskar came forward and dragged her to dining table..

While RamTa and Uttara smiled seeing it..

He didnt utter a word but fill her plate with the food and kept in front of her and sat beside her, eating his own food… while RamTa and Uttara joined them.

Sujata:(in mind): Haye mahra chora. Gusse mein bhi kitna pyaar krta hai Swara se.. kisiki nazar na lage inhe.

Swara:(in mind): Huhh.. gussa toh dekho??.. 2 word bol deta toh kuch ho jata? but meri glti v hai?.. i should have told him myself.. swara you are an idiot when you know your husband is James Bond.. he will find it then why to try it??, but ab bachi se glti ho gyi toh maaf kr de?. Bt sir ka ego?.. huhhhh

Swara ate a bite or two and left the place when no one was seeing her.

Same time Sanskar looked at her going then her plate and cursed her.

He went behind her angrily…


Same time Laksh got a call and he went inside the balcony of his room after laying Ragini down as she slept after Drama.

“What? Are you serious? This much big contract?.. but M sorry for whatever happened in my house and really thanks for this.” He cut the call and was smiling from ear to ear.

“Wow..!! This contract will change my life. If I will deliver it correctly, I will get 200 crores and can do anything??..” he thought dreamingly..

He looked at the sleeping figure of Ragini and became confused.

“What happened to her suddenly today? O Shit.!! Did she take drugs? I have to remove it from house otherwise it will cause trouble. I cant let anything happen to her.” Thinking this he went towards her and placed a gentle kiss on her forhead..


Same people who came at MM was seen talking to someone.

“Boss. We did the work.” Said a one among two.

The person turned towards them, he wore a black mask.

“Good. You can leave and tell me when he will place the drugs in that apartment.” Said the masked man and then the two people left.

After the two left, the masked man bolted the door and removed the mask and he is revealed to be ANSH?.

Ansh: Wah yaar!! Mera toh sapna pura ho gya??… how much cool it is to become something like this.. a masked man and others following you. I am feeling I am doing a Action film.. i can make a great actor. I am handsome, smart, talented.. akhir kami kya hai mujhmein?.

His mind: Beta abhi tak nhi hai. But if you will not tell Sanskar then You this handsome face will be filled with bruises??.

Thinking this he immediately called him and the phone was lifted after the third ring.

“Hello, who is this?” Came the voice from other side listening to which he became shocked first and then in a dreamland?❤.


Swara was about to close her room’s door when Sanskar kept his hand between and pushed it lighly..

He entered inside and bolted it.

Swara became afraid seeing his red eyez??.

(Re baba bhagwan Swara ko bacha lena).

Sanskar: lets go and complete the dinner.

Swara: Sanskar I am not hungry. You go. I am fine.

Sanskar: Ya right. Why cant you listen to me once? Come.

Swara: Why should I listen to you??. I was trying since morning to talk but no you were ignoring me na. Why does it matter now. Go go shuuu… (she said cutely, Sanskar melted completely seeing her cute expressions).

He was angry in morning but then he thought maybe what Swara did was right as he also hid the fact of Shekar from her so did she. As both of them were scared for each other’s reactions.

He thought to talk to her but suddenly she went all cold with him and then Ragini drama and now Swara’s cute antics. How in the hell can he be angry on this cutest creature?

She was continously blabbering something or the other turning other side.

He held her waist and pulled her to him in a swift moment and placed his lips on her’s forcing her to stop her blabering.

His one hand on the back of her head and another on her waist and he was kissing and chewing her lips while she stood shocked.

Precap: ???? (bachon dur rehna??).

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