Swasan: love rekindles intro

Hey guys in back with another ff I know I’m already writing one but what to do I can’t stop my mind so hear I am

Let’s begin
Sanskar kapoor:well know business man loves his son sparsh and daughter shweta alot and stays with his parents and children he is a divorcee loves his eldest daughter samaira who lives with her mom swara an arrogant yet sweet personality

Swara mehra:a hotelier by profession loves her children alot stays with her daughter samaira alone in mumbai misses and loves sparsh and shweta alot a divorcee

Samaira kapoor:a fashion designer by profession helps her mother in the managmet of the hotel loves her alot loves her father and siblings also misses them knows the reason why her parents separated a kind hearted person fiance of fiance of karan birla soon going to get married

Sparsh kapoor :only son of swasan loves his parents and siblings alot misses his mother and sister Haven’t seen them since 15 years a response person treats his younger sister as princess

Shweta kapoor:apple of everybody eyes loves her bhai alot Sanskar doll and misses her mom and sis she’s a modern girl with traditional thought

All about the story :
So guys this story is about how season separate before years and how they meet eo after years in their beloved daughter marriage and tell due their love I’ll show their love story and reason of divorce in flashback

So guys do tell me howz my idea and plz comment and tell me should I continue or not

  1. Interesting

    1. Summaya

      Thanks swasan

  2. AnuAnn


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      Thanks veena

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  3. interesting…

  4. Simi

    It’s interesting

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  5. Arshaanya

    Bt dey r sprtd for 15yrsss ?? yeh thoda jyada h ??..
    Intrstng cncpt

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  6. intresting continue they seperated for 15 years and meeting in there daughter marriage for her sake…
    i found this intro like show itna karo na mujhe pyaar .. in that serial also neil and ragini seperated for 15 years and met in there daughter wedding.. want to see swasan how you will show update next part soon

    1. Summaya

      Thanks anu and yes my concept is an idea from the same serial but I would show different things in it

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  7. Interesting & different concept
    Update soon!!

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      Thanks vyshu10

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