SWASAN: If this is your love, my Prince… Then, please hate me! [Episode 24]

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WARNING: it’s the second part of the 2 chapters I’m posting today… so don’t miss the chapter 24 before this one or you’ll not understand the leap in the story lol.
Again, I’ll be happy to know your take about the story and the current track… I’m having doubts that you’re getting bored by all this drama and I don’t want to lost your precious support, so let me know if you want that we directly pass to the end of the story or you want to enjoy Swara’s pregnancy?

When she opens her eyes, she’s surprised to the image her eyes are giving… smiling inhaling deeply from ease, she says wakening completely:
“- Mr Maheshwari… I think that this the first time ever I find you awake when i open my eyes…”
Sanskar smiles lovingly to her approaching and says:
“- who said that, Mrs Maheshwari… you know why you always have a tiring time trying to wake up your lazy husband?”
Sitting at her side, he leans to her plunging his eyes in hers, she just nods in no as a response… her husband’s approximacy became a turning head returning back sensation.
“- because I spend part of the night staring you, princess…”
She blinks surprised, feeling heat raising up to her cheeks, he caresses her with the back of his hand and says:
“- kya karo?… you have a strange power on me… this face is hypnotizying me since you landed magically in this small room… even before I knew it was love”
His husky voice, his breath brushing her face, his darkening with desire eyes… what power is he talking about she has on him… it’s absolutely nothing face to his overwhelming presence… just like now, his securitizing eyes detailing every pigment of her pupils, every curve of her huge eyes and every feature of her face… lating on her lips curves and texture making them redden just by his gaze, she wets them feeling her throat drying and just when she thinks he’s about kissing her, he leans back breaking his charm over her. She didn’t know that she has stopped breathing until she takes a big gulp of air from the distance he put between them. Her heart’s racing beats try to regain a normal rhythm.
She sees him trying to hide his small smile so proud of his effect on her but before she has the time to be angry on his playful skills, he clears his throat and says:
“- you wanted to go to the Academy, hai na?”
Her enthousiastic look makes him smile wider, he staright himself on the bed when she asks doing the same:
“- what time is it?”
The curtains have been closed, she has no idea how much time has she spent here, he looks to his watch before replying:
“- evening… challo lazy girl… go and fresh up quikly and we’ll be able to be there before the end of the day…”
She wanted to protest, what will she do in the Academy at the end of the day? But honestly, she feels in need to just go out and breath some fresh air.
“- Aree… waiting for midnight, Cinderella?”
His teasing voice presses her to move on and go to the bathroom before he changes his mind and asks her to stay at home resting again… she gets up rapidly and move by his side when he catches her hand, she turns to him frowning:
“- do you need some help there to finish quickly?”
She widens her eyes pushing on his chest throwing him back on their bed:
“- Sanskar Maheshwari… you’re the most shameless husband in the world!”
“- be happy he’s shameless with his wife only… otherwise…”
He’s surprised that she leans back over him looking straight in his eyes and asking menacingly:
“- otherwise what?”
He swallows hardly blinking few times before replying:
“- nothing… we’ll be late…”
A bright smile illuminates her face when she says:
“- much better, husband!”
And surprisingly, she prints a swift light kiss on his cheek before running to the bathroom letting him dump stunned in place.
At Bade Papa demand, the whole family has gathered in the living room when Sanskar comes down with a expressionless face, he has changed into a formal black shirt and suit.
When he arrives, he bends down taking blessings from him, Bade Ma, his dad and Mom… he looks to Laksh and Ragini who nods to him discreetly.
In the afternoon, the three of them have had a sort of discussion resuming in shouts, blaming and asking forgiveness… Laksh’ who tried to make him understand that he was the only one able to change the current track of events, saving his wife and himself, has turned to calm down the both of his brother and his wife who in their heated debate about the solution open the old closed injuries…
“- so if I understand, Ragini… you’re saying that you care more for Swara’s life than me!”
“- ha I do!… at least I don’t chose the promises I have to fulfill, Sanskar!”
“- Ragini!”
Laksh’ grips her elbow, he doesn’t know why are they arguing when all of them want the same thing, Swara’s safety!
But Ragini was furious that Sanskar asks her to stay out of the baby’s issue and let him handle the situation the way he wants. At her last words he smirks before replying :
“- really, Ragini!? Let me be a bit doubtful about that!”
“- Sanskar! What are you saying!?”
Laksh turns to his brother surprised at the words he just heard from him, Ragini escapes his grip and faces her brother in law:
“- let him Laksh’… bolo na, Sanskar… make your point clearly!”
“- Ragini! I don’t want to fight with you… but you can’t come and put a judgment over my feelings toward the sister you so called love!”
“- this is really cheap from a husband who made his wife live hell on earth just when she was going through cancer!”
“- she chased me from her life then for your sake! But your where there… What have you done to her!? How the hell could you be blind to her suffering when you were living with her? Or you were too much caring about your beloved Laksh’ to even care about her …?”
She chokes at his words, making a step back she looks away overwhelmed by her tears, Laksh tries to plead:
“- Sanskar… it was my fault… my mindless behavior not thinking about the consequences of my disappearance… I’m sorry bhai… Maaf kar…”
“- what should I do with your asking forgiveness now, Laksh!? Tell me!?… What can I do!?… if you never disappeared, we would never be separated for months… if Ragini could be as careful toward her sister as her sister was toward her to see her illness, at least we could avoid this unexpected pregnancy… so no one, I mean no one can come and blame me for his own errors… I have my account of done ones and I have enough to deal with, getting my own error’s guilt!”
He was fuming with rage, his eyes reddened with dried tears… breathing sharply, he palms his face to calm down before adding:
“- deko… blaming each other will not change anything… so please, I’m sorry Ragini… sorry Laksh… let’s just close the topic and move on…”
Ragini looks back to him her face drowned with tears, she tells him angrily:
“- ha Sanskar… let’s not talk about it … let’s all act like you, happy and cheerful until we lost her…”
Laksh wipes his nose approaching her, he says:
“- Ragini please… can’t you see how much he’s suffering too?”
“- all I see is that he’s the only one able to stop all this drama but he doesn’t do anything… Laksh… can’t you see what are we going on?… illness is already consuming her weak body slowly… don’t you both understand that having this baby will achieve her?…”
She looks to Sanskar whose eyes were lost in the void and says:
“- I used to think that nothing is more important to you than Swara’s life… I was wrong, maybe… you could make her believe that she’s the reason of your death and let her live hell on earth in the aim of protecting her but you can’t be a man and take a radical decision to save her life…”
“- RAGINI!!!” Laksh’s shocked voice make her look to him… he’s angry at her too by now, how could she be so insensitive to his brother’s tumult… he asks her forcefully:
“- you can’t say things like that, Ragini!… Sanskar is…”
“- unaware of the consequences of his decision now, Laksh… he’ll know when he’ll handle his baby in front of Swara’s dead body…”
Sanskar closes his eyes tightening his fist to control himself while Laksh makes Ragini turn to the home’s entry:
“- stop it Ragini… this discussion is pointless… all we’re win is hurting each other more, so just go from here…”
He was both hurt for his brother and scared from his reaction, he more than anyone, knows the madness of Sanskar whenever this subject is said in front of him. But he’s surprised to see his brother’s hand catching his to release his wife’s arm, he looks to the two of them one after the other then inhaling sharply, he says:
“- you think that this baby is killing her?… you don’t know Swara then… because all I see when I look to her is that she’ll die if she loses this baby too!”
The tears he was repressing for a moment blooding his eyes… flow freely over her face when he adds:
“- Ragini… the guilt of losing a baby one more time and just because she’s ill will consume her more than this blo*dy cancer! Why are you all asking me to kill her by my own hands?”
When he breaks down, Laksh holds him in his arms crying as much as him, Ragini closes her eyes registering his words while images of that awful night of her miscarriage flow in her mind again… her voice reasons at her ears bitterly making her shiver…
“- I failed Ragini… I failed being a sister… I failed being a wife and most of all… I failed being a MAA Ragini…”
Sanskar gathers himself rapidly, he wipes his eyes and nose childishly just like Laksh. Then suddenly he asks on a determined voice:
“- you want to help me?”
They both nod to him hopeful, what he tells them after that had to be a secret between just the three of them… no one should know about it, especially his princess.
Laksh takes Ragini’s hand smiling to his brother reassuringly while Durga Prasad announces that he asked all of them to be here on Sanskar’s demand.
Sujatta asks eagerly:
“- kya hua, beta? Have you decided about the abortion intervention?”
Annapurna stops her as her usual frowning at the lack of tact of her sister in law:
“- Sujatta! Bas please… let him speak first… ha beta… we’re listening…”
“- thank you Bade Ma… I’m not here to give a long speech and moreover it’s pointless as all of us know exactly what’s going on in our life… I just want to tell you that me and Swara are not interrupting this pregnancy… and from now on, no one should talk about this subject, never!”
“- what are you saying, choree??? What a stupid decision… jiji talk to him you, he’ll listen to you… this choree will definitely kill me before his wife!”
“- Sujatta!”
“- ha ha… shup karo… what have I said anyways… I’m just anxious about my sweet becchari Swara and… and who can handle this choree when…”
“- MOM!!!”
“- Sujatta! Can’t you stay quiet for a moment!?”
This time it was Ram Prasad who stops her at the relief of everyone, he nods to his son asking him to continue:
“- the second point is that there is no reason to change our habits and lives… Swara is ill yes, but she’s pregnant and as much as I remember your words all, a pregnant woman needs to be kept from stress and sad things… so please… I join my hands pleading you, no one will act like if she’s having her last days with us!… I don’t ask much… just that life continues like it has always been…”
They all stay silent for a moment looking to him his hands joined at her chest height waiting; Durga Prasad’s voice cuts the imposing silence:
“- you’re right beta… Swara isn’t need of our pity looks around her… she needs us to support her in the difficult path she’s taking on… don’t worry, Sanskar I’m sure everyone here is assuring you what you’re asking”
They all nod in agreement, Uttra can’t stop herself from hugging her brother sobbing:
“- sorry baihya… if only we could do more”
He hugs her back patting her back reassuringly then looks in to her face which he wipes from tears nodding in no and says:
“- don’t worry, Uttara… I promise that everything will be fine… ok?”
She shakes her head agreeing when she sees his face’s expression change, a smile curves his lips instantly as he looks upstairs…
There was Swara in a sublime fair pink sleeveless gown, a golden scarf wrapping her shoulders and arms assorted with the pearling work all over the dress’ fitted bust and the ending of the low large made of heavy veiling drapes… her silky long artfully curled hair garnishing shoulder at one side while the clear other one discovers see the long gold earrings pending a diamond which sparkle are reflecting on her face’s skin magically… she looks like a fairytale princess…
Precap: Swasan arguing on the landing area where they met on the last night before Sanska’s fake dead.

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