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Hello everyone..
I know u all r ready to kill me..but what to do I am gng for an internship due to which I am unable to write…Sorry for the inconvienence…I will try to post soon from now but can’t be sure…

Now without any delay leta go to the next part..

Precap:Swara’s past revealed..


Swasan r still in each others embrace..Swara is crying and Sanskar is consoling her…Soon swara realised her position and broke the hug…Situation became awkward between them..Swara is avoiding eye contact with him and spoke..

Swara:Sry Sanskar woh I troubled u..

Sanskar:Nothing like that swara…I can understand ur condition…So no need to tell sry..

Swara smiled lightly at him and asked:So sanskar what is ur decision abt this marriage??

Sanskar:Swara I already agreed for marriage na..then why r u asking again…

Swara:Sanskar woh I am asking whether u agreed for this marriage with your own will or by families force..

Sanskar:Swara I agreed for this marriage for my..sry our family..I still love kavitha and I will be loving her my whole life..But I promise u swara I will be truthful in our relationship and will fulfill all my duties towards u…

Swara smiled hearing him and spoke:Same with me also sanskar..I agreed for our families but I promise I will also fulfill all my duties as a wife and daughter in law…

Sanskar also smiled hearing her and spoke:Swara I know we both agreed for this marriage for our parents sake but after marriage we need to stay together for life long..we can’t stay like stangers right..so can we be friends??

Saying this he extended his hand towards swara hoping for a positive response..Swara looked towards him then towards his hand…then she smiled and shaked her hand with him and told


Sanskar smiled at her…Like this they talked with each other for some time..Then they left to their houses with smiles on their faces…

Engagement day

Time passed and finally the day of engagement of our swasan…Gadodia mansion is decorated beautifully for the function..Soon Maheswari family arrived and they r received by SheMish..

Swasan r made to sit on stage beside each other…They passed a smile to each other…Soon it is time to exchange rings..Swasan r made to stand opposite to each other..Raglak gave rings to swasan..Swara slid the ring in Sanskar’s finger and sanskar also made her wear the ring..Family members and guests showered flowers on our couple..Family members r having tears in their eyes seeing them…

(*Sry if u didn’t like the engagement part..plz maaf kardo iss nanhi si jaan ko*)

Next day


It is again a beautiful day with many hopes and expectations…Sanskar is found sleeping peacefully with a smile on his face…But but his peaceful sleep is disturbed when Ansh came into his room with babtmy steps..He slowly went and sat beside sanskar and started pouring water on his face with his water gun.. (*Baccha hai na..cant pour water with bucket na..so he adjusted with water gun*)..Sanskar opened his eyes for to water on his face and found Ansh standing there with mischevious smile on his face..He frowned looking at him and spoke

Sanskar:u little devil…what is this..

Ansh(with wide grin):Nothing chachu..Dadi told me to wake u up..so I did

Sanskar:Is this a way to wake up any1

Ansh:Not any1 chachu…only for u

Saying this Ansh started to run but stopped at door and towards Sanskar and spoke

Ansh:Dadi is asking u to come down..so come fast

Saying this he ran away while Sanskar smiled at his antics…Soon he took his clothes and went to get ready..

He came down after getting ready and sat for bf..Ragini is serving him while Ansh is sitting on the table grinning widely..Sanskar saw towards him and asked

Sanskar:U little devil what r u planning against me

Ansh(shrugging):I am not planning any thing

Sanskar:then why r u laughing like that..I know that in this house u only find me to play all ur pranks..

Ansh:He he chachu but today dadi is planning against u

Sanskar looked towards Ap and asked:Maa what is he telling..

Ap:Nothing Sanskar..jst u need to go for shopping with swara

Sanskar (shocked):Maa what r you telling u know na that I don’t like shopping and all..then why r u asking me..

Ap:Sanskar this is ur marriage so u shld only accompany swara for shopping and u both select ur clothes together..Get ready and go..she must be waiting for u..

Sanskar tried to reject but seeing Ap’s face he gulped and went towards his room to get ready…Soon he came out of his room ready and drove towards swara’s home to pick her…


In GM already Shomi told swara abt going to shopping with Sanskar and she agreed..She got ready and is waiting for Sanskar to come…At that time there is a knock on the door…Swara opened the door and saw Sanskar standing there…Both passed a smile to each other…sanskar went inside and took blessings from SheMish..Then both swasan bid bye to SheMish and left for Shopping…

The whole journey to the mall is silent..None of them spoke a single word to the other…Soon that reached the mall..Sanskar parked the car and both went inside the mall…Finally our swara broke the silence and told

Swara:Sanskar u go and select ur clothes and I will go and select mine…Once I  finish my shopping i will call u..

Sanskar:Ok swara

With this both went in their own directions…

Here in swara’s side she is seeing lehangas..She tried many but didn’t like one..Finally after long search she found one..She liked it instantly..She purchased that lehanga and paid the bill (*Think that lehanga as the one swara wore for her marwari marriage with sanskar in serial*)

She then called sanskar..

Swara(in call):Did u complete ur shopping??

Sanskar:No swara…I still didn’t select my dress

Swara:Ok then I will come there..


Swara took her bags and went towards Gents section..She saw sanskar standing there with lots of sherwani’s in front of him..Swara went towards him and asked

Swara:Sanskar what is all these..did u select ur dress or not..

Sanskar(confused face):No swara…I don’t know what to take..

Swara laughed seeing his face and told:Sanskar did u ever do shopping in ur love

Sanskar:No swara..Mom always does my shopping..This is the first time I am coming for shopping…

Swara:Whatt..u disnt even come once for shopping before..

Sanskar:No swara

Swara(slapping her forehead):Ok then come I will select ur dress..

Sanskar:Ok come..

Saying this she started searching sherwani for swara..Finally she liked one dress and asked Sanskar..Sanskar saw that dress and told.

Sanskar:Woww swara ur selection is too good..from today u only select my dresses..


With this they took that dress and went out from the mall..then they went to nearby restaurant for lunch…After lunch they did jewellery shopping…Then Sanskar dropped swara home and went towards his home…

Screen freezes



Uff!Finally done with this part…Sry if u feel bored with this part..my brain is not working…I literally don’t know what i wrote..but I promise u all that I will be back with next part soon..

Sorry to all my readers that I am unable to reply ur comments..But I read all the comments..I felt very happy reading ur comments…Thanks to all my readers who commented..Thanks to my silent readers too..I would feel happy if u break ur silence..love u all my lovely readers..????

Let me know ur views abt this part through ur valuable votes and comments..Till then

Keep smiling-:)
Take care

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